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The Official G/S/C SHINY Thread


^ where it all began
I live in Los Angeles, and have the Pokemon Yellow & Blue virtual consoles downloaded on my 3DS. I am looking to download Crystal too, but really hoping to do some shiny breeding in Crystal, since shiny Pokemon have a 1/64 chance of hatching a shiny offspring as long as it is the opposite gender as the shiny parent. If anyone is interested in trying this, you can start with the shiny Gyarados, and breed with ones that are compatible with it. Sadly Charmander is compatible but unobtainable. If anyone is in Los Angeles and has the Virtual Consoles of the Gen 1 games, I would be willing to trade you Gen 1 stuff (including any Gen 1 starter or legendary -- literally any, or version exclusive Pokemon) to either your Gen I or Gen II console games if you are able to help me with receiving a Charmander in my Crystal game. Message me if interested!

What do shinies look like in Gold & Silver?

Check them all out on the Serebii.net Gold/Silver Pokedex. A lot of them look really different and many are even better, in my opinion, than how they do in the modern games, especially ones like Typhlosion! a shame they did not decide to keep that beautiful purple fire


I failed to get the only shiny (aside from Gyarados, which doesn’t really count since it’s a freebie), that I ever encountered. This was at least a couple of months ago, and it was a Ditto of all things. Suffice to say, I wasn’t prepared for that and the result was painful...

Shiny Venusaur

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About a week ago I was casually breeding my Feraligatr to send a Totodile to another game for dex purposes. Hatched a shiny Totodile about 5 or so eggs in. Was a cool little surprise. I am breeding with a shiny Ditto so odds are greatly reduced (1/64 as opposed to 1/8192) but I wasn't going for this shiny at all which made it neat.


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Very nice! How long did it take to soft reset for?