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The Official "If Pokemon Were Real..." thread

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Hydrohs, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Hydrohs

    Hydrohs 安らかに眠ります、岩田さん。 Staff Member Super Mod

    These threads pop up a lot, so rather than have a hundred threads discussing the same thing, it'll all go here now.

    Use this thread to discuss how a world where Pokemon are real might be, such as:

    • How people go about their daily lives
    • What effect Pokemon would have
    • Do people eat Pokemon
    • How people might use Pokemon
    • etc.

    This thread is not for discussing what you would do if you had Pokemon, that goes in this thread.

    Make sure to stay on topic, we'll be watching closely.
  2. Murder Doll

    Murder Doll Button Presser

    I'm pretty sure everyone would eat Magikarp...
  3. Magikarp have been considered in-universe to not taste good. Octillery calamari would be pretty good, though.
  4. Murder Doll

    Murder Doll Button Presser

    Cursed Body though...eating a Frillish would give you indigestion for weeks.
  5. And, you know, the fact that calamari is squid and not jellyfish. I'm an idiot :p

    Well, if the Frillish had Water Absorb there wouldn't be much issue.
  6. Murder Doll

    Murder Doll Button Presser

    Octillery though...look at the size of them tentacles, plenty of meat to go around.
  7. Blaziken.Babe

    Blaziken.Babe Cowabunga, dude

    what do we do with the fainting pokemon? i mean, were going to be trainers right? as trainers were going to fight wild pokemon, and they'll perhaps faint. we will probably have bushes full of fainted pokemon :[.
  8. They'd come back to consciousness like any normal creature, or predators would take advantage of the opportunity to get some fresh meat. It wouldn't be much of a concern.
  9. Joth

    Joth Back from the Dead

    I would never swim in a lake again for fear of a Gyarados.
  10. Mudkip Oshawott Piplup

    Mudkip Oshawott Piplup Krazy KrazyShipper

    My main Pokémon would be Mawile, and I'd Mega Evolve her on occasion. I'd also have a Shinx, Glaceon, Vulpix, Leavanny, Leafeon, and occasionally an Excadrill.
  11. PETA wouldn't allow us to treat Pokemon the way we do in games.
  12. Blaziken.Babe

    Blaziken.Babe Cowabunga, dude

    that'd just be scary, man. Imagine Gyarados biting your leg off.

    I agree with this. Pokémon battles would literally be the same as those dog fights where you bet on dogs to multiply your money. I forgot what it is called, but yeah.
  13. Urrnge

    Urrnge A Dandy Guy in Space

    If Pokemon were real we'd all be boned. Steel dinosaurs, fire breathing dogs, ghost lurking in your shadow, soul eating Pokemon, heart shaped fish?! Nah man, I'm not having any of that.
  14. Milennin

    Milennin *hugs Absol*

    The better question would be: Do Pokémon eat people?

    Like would a wild Pokémon like Mightyena, Ursaring, Pyroar kill and eat a human if it's hungry enough? I think they would. :D

    Also I bet that every Pokémon that learns Teleport would be our transportation slaves. Or... maybe the supersmart Pokémon like Alakazam and Metagross would turn their powers against us and enslave mankind. :(
  15. minerswhocraft

    minerswhocraft Misty Come Back!

    In our world our lands are littered by roads and cars. Imagine all the dead rattata we'd see on the side of the roads! Along with stantlers, bidoofs, etc.
  16. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Wars throughout history would get...rather creative
  17. dragontamer44722

    dragontamer44722 Pokegyms Owner

    I imagine some POkemon would be used for transportation. A person who has a Braviary could just fly to school or work instead of taking a train. a person could cross a river with their Lapras instead of a ferry. Perhaps if pokemon were real there wouldn't be as many cars in the world, just ride your Arcanine everywhere xD
  18. Babaganoosh

    Babaganoosh Member

    Bouffalant burgers do sound mighty tasty.

    Having Pokemon as pets would be interesting too. I'll bet burglary wouldn't happen often if people had Arcanines and Houndooms around.

    I definitely wouldn't want to see spiders the size of Ariados though. That's a whole lot of nope right there.
  19. Fossildude747

    Fossildude747 Fossil Fighters Fan!

    We would be able to leave school when we became 10. But it would be hard to sleep with all those ghosts pokemon. Then again if you can't sleep get a jigglypuff. Also jobs would be easier with some pokemon, miners could use digging pokemon like excadrill, police could easily stop criminals with pokemon. Also we would be able to survive pokemon attacks like in the show because if pokemon were with us since humans first existed (which they would have been, because of prehistoric pokemon) then human bodies would adapt to be able to take the attacks most likely. Sure it would still hurt, but you wouldn't die from it. So it could be good and bad.

    But PETA wouldn't let us battle. I mean I like animal rights but PETA should stop making rip offs of FAKE games and start saving some REAL animals. They don't know how many times the show and games say to treat pokemon fairly and that they are not slaves, seriously one of the main themes is friendship. Sorry I got a bit off topic there.
  20. Titangilas

    Titangilas Member

    If pokemon suddenly showed up in the world right now? Humanity would be screwed. I'm quite certain a good 70% of pokemon would either kill or eat humans, many of them would be heavily resistant to human weaponry, and they can breed incredibly fast. If a tyranitar angered can level an entire mountain, imagine what an army of them could do.

    If it was like the show where humans and animals alike look cartoony, there is no blood and we never age or die? That would be cool I guess.

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