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The Official Luckyshipping Thread

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Lord Dialga, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Lord Dialga

    Lord Dialga The Deity of Time

    Hi, everyone. Due to some false misunderstandings, I am AGAIN restarting our Luckyshipping thread.

    What is Luckyshipping? Well, Luckyshipping is the fictional romantic pairing of Red and Blue(girl) from the Pokemon Special manga. Basically, we talk about why we like Luckyshipping, post links to videos we feel represent Luckyshipping in its fullest, and if possible, we show fan art that expresses Luckyshipping in color and creativity.

    To start us off, I like Luckyshipping because it's a shipping I have always believed could be possible. Red was shown to harbour romantic feelings and admiration for Blue in Vol. 2, and has always been quick to help her in her time of need.

    Hopefully, this thread will stay open, so more members of Luckyshipping can come and join in the fun. Luckyshipping 4EVER!

    Lord Dialga
  2. Waterpokes

    Waterpokes Well-Known Member

    Well this looks like a good thread.

    Luckyshipping looks cool since I can see the picture of Red and Blue(girl) together. Anyway this are cool, and they match perfectly. Main characters from Fire Red and Leaf Green, totally match. From it all, Luckyshipping is one of the cooler shippings.

    Luckyshipping= Pure awesomenes.
  3. LuckyShipper8816

    LuckyShipper8816 RedxBlue ftw! =D

    I like LuckyShipping because, well, I find it kinda cute, and one of the first Pokemon realted dreams I ever had was a LuckyShipping one, in a warped sort of sense...

    Also, I get really strong vibes from this ship. I don't think you'll understand what I mean by that, so I'll explain. I can kinda sense which two people get together in the end. I'm not too sure if it works all the time, though.

    Still, LuckyShipping has hard evidence, so, I <3 LUCKYSHIPPING! xD


    P.S. 10 days till the ending of the Emerald saga!
  4. kaikallana

    kaikallana Ruby's in the HOUSE!

    Hi...Im kaikallana...the theluckyshipper from youtube...

    I first found out about this shipping when i was 11-12 years old...

    I support this becauses its rare, complex and awesomely awesome....

    Uh...that is all...thanks...
  5. Lord Dialga

    Lord Dialga The Deity of Time

    Welcome back, kaikallana! Since you're back, I'll say again that it's great having Luckyshippers like you on board! I hope the Luckyshipping video updates aren't too pressuring. I mean, every one you make is masterful. My favorite is the one with "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" in the background.
  6. LuckyShipper8816

    LuckyShipper8816 RedxBlue ftw! =D

    Hey, Lord Dialga, do you mind posting the link here? I really wanna see it.

    I'll post one of my favourite video's links:


    It's not completely LuckyShipping, but the song is nice and the choice of fanart is pretty awesome too.
  7. Lord Dialga

    Lord Dialga The Deity of Time

  8. Mega Heroes

    Mega Heroes I'm gonna Brawl!

    I agree. They match as video game counterparts. I also have a question: I know this is Luckyshipping. But can we also mention Burningleafshipping? Cause that is the relationship between Red (manga) and Leaf / Blue (Game). And it is connected with luckyshipping right?
  9. LuckyShipper8816

    LuckyShipper8816 RedxBlue ftw! =D

  10. Mr.Pong

    Mr.Pong Cousin Of Gold

    Lord Dialaga... I praise your courage. Anyways, I can still see this ship happening because there was a strong hint in the FR/LG saga when Blue was cheering up Red because he lost a battle to Deoxys. A lot of people think that Blue was just feeling guilty about Red. But, hey! Do you know what she said?

    She said, "Kimberly told me about the whole thing, how you stood up and fought for me when I fainted from the shocl of seeing my parents vanish before my eyes. You learned a new ultimate skill and selflessly went up against a strong foe for my sake!" (Ch 282 pg 4)

    Come on, is this what you call guilt? I think this means a lot more. And it makes the shipping become more stronger, because this hint was FAIRLY RECENT.
  11. LuckyShipper8816

    LuckyShipper8816 RedxBlue ftw! =D

    Yes, yes! Mr.Pong is a genius! That's one of the strongest hints in the history of LuckyShipping. At least, in my opinion.

    Another strong hint would be from volume 2 when Red reads the note that Blue gave him along with the (fake) badges. He was staring after her as she flew off on her Jigglypuff. I'm not too sure of the chapter and page no. because I don't have my volume 2 with me. It's a pity that the badges were fake ones in the end. It would have been even shippier if the badges were real...
  12. Marikunin

    Marikunin AuraBluePassion

    Oh wow. I don't think I've ever thought of this, but it's awesome. *raises hand, wishing to join*
  13. Lord Dialga

    Lord Dialga The Deity of Time

    Welcome aboard! We're happy to have you with us.

    Also, I've taken up drawing comics again, so I might post my first set of comics in the Fan Art section. I wanna get some Luckyshipping comics draw up, too.
  14. Mr.Pong

    Mr.Pong Cousin Of Gold

  15. LuckyShipper8816

    LuckyShipper8816 RedxBlue ftw! =D

  16. invisible-chan

    invisible-chan ポッキ の かみ

    For some reason, your post seems really sarcastic to me. Oh well, whatever. I'm not much of a fan of LuckShipping, but I do like BurningLeaf for some reason. Their personalities don't really match, to me in the manga, but in the game they seem absolutely adorable to me. I guess I'm just weird.
  17. Mr.Pong

    Mr.Pong Cousin Of Gold

    seeing as how we have 5 days before vol 29 comes out, I have a very crucial topic.

    What will the next lucyshipping hint will be?

    There will probably a situation where Blue is in danger again hopefully Red will save her again.
  18. Mega Heroes

    Mega Heroes I'm gonna Brawl!

    BurningLeaf is Red from Manga with Leaf/Blue (Jp)/Green (US) from Game, if you didn't know that. Red's personality is like that of Ash, but than more mature. Leaf has the neutral personality of a girl and a protagonist.
  19. invisible-chan

    invisible-chan ポッキ の かみ

    I'm pretty sure it's referring to Red/Fire and Blue/Leaf from the game because that seems most logical. BurningLeaf. I agree with what you said about Red/Fire, but Leaf is usually portrayed, from what I've seen anyways, as more innocent and kind of naive. I've also seen Red/Fire more on the cool side and Green/Blue as the more relaxed one. Either way, I think that the two in the game make a cute couple. In the manga, however, their personalities don't seem to really compliment each other.
  20. LuckyShipper8816

    LuckyShipper8816 RedxBlue ftw! =D

    What will the next luckyshipping hint be?

    Hmm, that's a tough one. I agree with you, for sure, but it may also be such that all 10 of them have to go help the Sinnoh trio and maybe they split up in the middle and possibly Blue and Red are in one team and some minor shippy hints appear.

    I'm saying this cause I saw a Prinplup in the preview of some of the sketches for volume 29.

    Speaking of which, we have only 3 more days until the ending of the Emerald saga is released! Yay! =D
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