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The Official Member x Celebrity Claiming Thread


Demon Child
♥~♥~♥ The Official Member x Celebrity Claiming Thread ♥~♥~♥
Bringing sexy back!

Welcome to the brand new Member x Celebrity Claiming thread!

In this thread, members can ship of themselves with their favorite celebrity.
Please take the time to read this post, so you’ll know exactly how to go about claiming a couple!

The list, as well as the strike/ban list, will be contained in the post below this one. Please check the list before claiming!

♥ All SPPF and Shipping Community rules apply
♥ You must be a member of SPPf for at least a month.
♥ You can claim two shippings per month (31 days). You don't have to claim that many, but no more than that.
♥ There's no limit to how many people can claim a shipping with the same celebrity. Think of it as claiming the ship, not the celebrity.
♥ Please use the forms provided correctly. Failure to do so will result in you not receiving the claim.
♥ First come, first serve. If there is already a ship with your name, don't complain. There are over a million words from different languages you could use for your ship. How to see if the name's taken? The list is in alphabetical order, but if you're lazy, simply use ctrl + f to search for the name.
♥ You can only change or drop your claim every 31 days.
♥ Do not bash any couples or members. Those that fail to respect this rule will be punished accordingly.
♥ BE PATIENT. Many of us have responsibilities outside of SPPF. We will add your claims when we can.
♥ Do not ask to be a helper. We will appoint someone if or when we need one.

If you break a rule, you receive a strike.

One strike = 3 days ban
Two strikes = 1 week ban
Three strikes = 3 weeks ban
Four strikes = 1 month ban
Five strikes = Perma-Ban

If you post while you are banned, you will receive another strike. After five strikes, you will be perm-banned from posting in this thread, so you have been warned.

Basic Claim Form
[B]Ship's name[/B] - [i]Celebrity's name[/i] x [i]Your Username[/i]

SweetheartShipping - Carlos Pena Jr. x xEryChan
SpringShowersShipping - Nathan Sykes x xEryChan

Please replace "Celebrity's name" with the celebrity of your choice and "Your Username" with well...your username.

And that's it! Feel free to include a story about the ship with your post.

Username Change Form

Old Username: *insert previous username here*
New Username: *insert your new name here*
Ships: (just the ship names)

Old Username: xEryChan
New Username: henderparker
Ships: Sweetheartshipping

Ship Name Change Form

Old Ship name: [Type the ship name here]
New Ship name: [Type in the new ship name you wish for here]
Ship's name: [Type in the name of your ship and then the pairing, following the proper format]

Old Ship name: SpringShowersShipping
New Username: AprilShowersShipping
Ship's name: SpringShowersShipping - Nathan Sykes x xEryChan

Claim Drop Form

Username: *insert your username here*
Dropping claim(s): (just the ship names)

Username: xEryChan
Dropping claim(s): SweetheartShipping, SpringShowersShipping

Other Shipping Threads:

The Official Couple/Poly/Crossover Claiming Thread
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Got any questions or concerns? Contact Meowth City or xEryChan



Demon Child
The List
AdversityShipping - Leonardo DiCaprio x Mrs. Oreo
BelugaShipping - Jason Derulo x SerenaForTheWin
BesameShipping - Carlos PenaVega x xEryChan
BlackMagicShipping - Jade Thirlwall x Mizz Nikki
BlankSpaceShipping - Sean O'Pry x Meowth City
BoulderShipping - Dwayne Johnson x SerenaForTheWin
BubblegumShipping - Meghan Trainor x SerenaForTheWin
ChainShipping - Nick Jonas x xEryChan
ChamaleonShipping - Tatiana Maslany x Afrodisiac
Cheershipping - OMI x SerenaForTheWin
Complicatedshipping - Avril Lavigne x Vycksta
CondolenceShipping - Paul Walker x SerenaForTheWin
ConspiracyShipping - Shane Dawson x Mizz Nikki
DaddyShipping - Adam Levine x SerenaForTheWin
DarlingShipping - Haruka Tomatsu x SerenaForTheWin
DelacourAmourShipping - Angelica Mandy x Satoshi & Touko
DiscoShipping - Justin Timberlake x SerenaForTheWin
DivergentShipping - Kate Winslet x SerenaForTheWin
DriverShipping - Kendall Schmidt x Mizz Nikki
Electricshipping - Carlos PenaVega x Victorian Rush
ElizAnna Shipping - Elizabeth Lail x PrismaticPrincessAnna
Endlesslyshipping - Floor Jansen x Vycksta
FanonMagicShipping - Selena Gomez x Satoshi & Touko
FestiveShipping - Mariah Carey x Afrodisiac
FighterShipping - Ryan Tedder x SerenaForTheWin
FlawlessShipping - Nick Jonas x Afrodisiac
FlyerShipping - Dakota Fanning x Satoshi & Touko
FujoIntensifiesShipping - Aoi Yuuki x Airi-Chan
GangnamShipping - Psy x SerenaForTheWin
GirlPowerShipping - Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomanii) x Mizz Nikki
GloryDaysShipping - Jesy Nelson x xEryChan
GloucesterShipping - Nathan Sykes x Mizz Nikki
GoodThingsShipping - Nathan Sykes x xEryChan
GrapeSodaShipping - Bonnie Wright x Satoshi & Touko
HarmonyShipping - Camila Cabello x Flo
HelpingBenShipping - Sydney Sierota x Sp1derp1g
HermioneLoverShipping - Rupert Grint x TikTok13
Imaginaerumshipping - Anette Olzon x Vycksta
IrresistibleShipping - Henry Cavill x Afrodisiac
JamShipping - Kim Kardashian x Flo
KawaiiShipping - Aya Hirano x SerenaForTheWin
KeyboardistShipping - Adam Young x SerenaForTheWin
KingShipping - Lebron James x SerenaForTheWin
KPopShipping - Ga-In x TheGuyWhoLovesMay
LeviosaShipping - Emma Watson x TikTok13
LollipopShipping - Jessica Jung x SerenaForTheWin
LondonShipping - Ed Sheeran x SerenaForTheWin
LonelyWolfShipping - David Thewlis X TikTok13
LowShipping - Flo Rida x Mrs. Oreo
MadnessShipping - Kanye West x Mrs. Oreo
Magicalshipping - Emma Watson x Dawn+Serena Fan
MaterialShipping - Madonna x Flo
MelancholicShipping - Fryderyk Chopin x AmericanPi
MercyShipping - Shawn Mendes x Mizz Nikki
Mixershipping - Jesy Nelson x Mizz Nikki
MJ-KatyKatShipping - Katy Perry x PrismaticPrincessAnna
MoonShipping - Ross Lynch x MoonSong
MusicalShipping - Greyson Chance x SerenaForTheWin
NavyShipping - Rihanna x Flo
NewGirlShipping - Zooey Deschanel x Mrs. Oreo
Nightwishshipping - Tarja Turunen x Vycksta
NostalgicLoveShipping - Katie Leung x Satoshi & Touko
PadmaPatilShipping - Afshan Azad x Satoshi & Touko
Pandorashipping - Cara Delevingne x Vycksta
ParvatiPatilShipping - Shefali Chowdhury x Satoshi & Touko
Phaseshiftshipping - Britanni Johnson x Vycksta
PhillyShipping - Meek Mill x Mrs. Oreo
PlutoShipping - Björk x Mrs. Oreo
PopShipping - Charlie Puth x SerenaForTheWin
PopstarShipping - Ariana Grande x SerenaForTheWin
PrisonerShipping - Tom Parker x Mizz Nikki
QueenShipping - Saori Hayami x SerenaForTheWin
QueenOfDisasterShipping - Lana Del Rey x PrismaticPrincessAnna
RamShipping - Austin Mahone x SerenaRulez
RapShipping - Iyaz x SerenaForTheWin
RegalShipping - Natalie Dormer x Meowth City
RepublicShipping - Ryan Tedder x Crimson Penguin
RoarShipping - Katy Perry x Kawaiiconcept
RonDiedShipping - Emma Watson x Kitt Geekazaru
RusherShipping - James Maslow x Victorian Rush
SecretShipping - Candice Swanepoel x lexya428
SepticShipping - Sean Mcloughlin x Kawaiiconcept
SillyLoveSongsShipping - Adam Levine x Bubchan
SkeletonShipping - Johnny Depp x Mrs. Oreo
SkyscraperShipping - Demi Lovato x Mizz Nikki
StitchesShipping - Shawn Mendes x xEryChan
StylishShipping - Harry Styles x Mizz Nikki
SugarButterFlourShipping - Sara Bareilles x Crimson Penguin
SweetieShipping - Normal Reedus x Ho-Oh the Rainbow Pokemon
SwiftStarShipping - Taylor Swift x Mizz Nikki
TakenShipping - Liam Neeson x SerenaForTheWin
TeenWolfShipping - Tyler Posey x Meowth City
TexasTimeShipping - Logan Henderson x Mizz Nikki
ToxicShipping - Britney Spears x Mrs. Oreo
TroubleMaksershipping - Akon x SerenaForTheWin
Trueloveshipping - Jaejoong Kim x Angeling
UptownShipping - Bruno Mars x Flo
VeelaShipping - Clémence Poésy x Satoshi & Touko
VelocityShipping - Vin Diesel x SerenaForTheWin
VictoriousShipping - Victoria Justice x Victorian Rush
VolaráShipping - Alvaro Soler x AmericanPi
Weirdoshipping - Satoshi Ohno x Angeling
WorldwideShipping - Kendall Schmidt x xEryChan
WorshipShipping - James Maslow x Victorian Rush
YoloShipping - Drake x Flo

Strike List
No one! Yayy ~

Ban List
None. Let's keep it that way.


Demon Child
Approved and added to the list. :)


Now it's time for me to get mine in.

WantedShipping - Nathan Sykes x xEryChan
WorldwideShipping - Kendall Schmidt x xEryChan
SweetieShipping - Norman Reedus x Ho-Oh the Rainbow Pokemon

Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
I think I have one more ship since I only did claim one shipping before?

TexasTimeShipping - Logan Henderson x Mizz Nikki


Yusarin >_<
MusicalShipping - Greyson Chance x SerenaForTheWin
KeyboardistShipping - Adam Young x SerenaForTheWin

the last time i claimed i only claim one, but since you mentioned you can claim two ships after every 31 days - can i claim two this time?