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The Official Member x Celebrity Claiming Thread

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Meowth City

Staff member
Old Username: King Infernape the III
New Username: Kitt Geekazaru
Ships: RonDiedShipping - Emma Watson x King Infernape the III
Approved! The list has been updated to reflect this.

Meowth City

Staff member
Old Username: ~SkyHigh~
New Username: Victorian Rush
Ships: Rushershipping, Victorousshipping

Did I do this, right? It says just the ship names, please tell me I did.
Yeah, that's fine. The example in the first post is misleading, so it's been changed.
Approved and updated!

FauxFabulousShipping - Austin Mahone x Lorde
AnacondaShipping - Nicki Minaj x Lorde

My 31 days are over.
Approved and added to the list!

31 days is over here

DarlingShipping - Haruka Tomatsu x SerenaForTheWin
PopstarShipping - Ariana Grande x SerenaForTheWin
Approved and added to the list!


Demon Child
LittleLiarShipping - Shay Mitchell x xEryChan

FeelinGoodShipping - Lucy Hale x xEryChan

Meowth City

Staff member
^ All of the above claims have been approved and added to the list!

My claims:
1989Shipping - Taylor Swift x Meowth City
BlankSpaceShipping - Sean O'Pry x Meowth City


On my way...
HelpingBenShipping - Sydney Sierota (Girl from Echosmith) x Sp1derp1g

I realize she's not 18 yet, but it's a long term plan... */lamebuttrueapology*
Not open for further replies.