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The Official Member x Celebrity Claiming Thread

Meowth City

Staff member
^ Approved and added to the list!

I checked and the spelling of her name is correct.

Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
Old Ship name: WarzoneShipping
New Ship name: GloucesterShipping
Ship's name: GloucesterShipping - Nathan Sykes x Mizz Nikki

I hope I did this right.


Yusarin >_<
CheerShipping - OMI x SerenaForTheWin
TroublemakerShipping - Akon x SerenaForTheWin

OMI's name is all caps lock so i think i'll just follow his name as it is

Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
Mixershipping - Jesy Nelson x Mizz Nikki
BlackMagicshipping - Jade Thirlwall x Mizz Nikki

My newest obsession: Little Mix love them