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The Official Member x Celebrity Claiming Thread

Meowth City

Staff member
^ Approved and added to the list!


break up w yo gf, im bored
Old Username: GreenEyes
New Username: Afrodisiac
Ships: FestiveShipping, FlawlessShipping

Also claiming:

IrresistibleShipping - Henry Cavill x Afrodisiac
ChamaleonShipping - Tatiana Maslany x Afrodisiac

Satoshi & Touko

Peanuts aren't just a nut.
NostalgicLoveShipping - Katie Leung x Satoshi & Touko
GrapeSodaShipping - Bonnie Wright x Satoshi & Touko

Satoshi & Touko

Peanuts aren't just a nut.
ParvatiPatilShipping - Shefali Chowdhury x Satoshi & Touko
PadmaPatilShipping - Afshan Azad x Satoshi & Touko

Three guesses how I decided on these ship names ;)


Frosty the Ninetales
MoonShipping Ross Lynch x MoonSong