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The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Golden Pure, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Elnava

    Elnava The Successor!

    The Nazca lines in Peru
  2. GyaradosxMilotic

    GyaradosxMilotic Flygon used Outrage!

    hello guys.. umm. can u give tips about Flygon?

    any moveset, nature or stat will do.. currently playing emerald
  3. Moneyy

    Moneyy INACTIVE

  4. EXEDarkmegaman

    EXEDarkmegaman New Member

    Hello, could help me with something. if anyone does know a move I could replace for Recover in a Sword dance Adamant Cradily? for my Pokemon W/B
  5. Benjamin.C

    Benjamin.C Magikarp Magic

    Epic Pokémon...

    I like most of the Pokémon out there, but I like mixing them even more! Haunter and Lucario where old but my first was Typhlosion Deoxys and Scizor mixed... It was pretty good too. Now I'm doing Duosion and Pikachu together. I don't get my Idea of this much, but atleast I know what I'm doing! You people should try it. You can make any pokemon you want! I'm gonna say this too, but my wierdest fusion was Dialga Palkia Arceus Groudon Kyogre and Rayquaza. It was weird. Try it. It will make you anoyed at some points, but it is still fun!
  6. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    I'm new since yesterday but been a pokemon fan for years. Hydreigon is ny fave, but ifernape is second as I had him first. I think your first starter becomes a fave most of the time.
  7. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!

    1. oh my gizzle! you have 60 posts in one day?
    2. this is why starters are overrated. I develop bonds with them, too, but they always do well in the Pokémon Survivor thread because everyone has “special connections" with them. then again, who am I to talk since Typhlosion is my favorite Pokémon
  8. ysmr97

    ysmr97 Well-Known Member

    Do you mean Pokemon spriting?
    Last edited: May 6, 2013
  9. GioRocket

    GioRocket Team Rocket Forever

    When Pokemon first came out back in the day, myself and all my little friends at school were convinced that Rapidash was the fastest Pokemon of them all(all 150, of course). I am not sure if we thought that because it was fastest stat-wise in gen one games(was it?) or it was just that we had seen that Rapidash racing episode the day before...but was this a popular assumption back then? Or was it just my school weren't very clever? Lol
  10. UbersSuck20

    UbersSuck20 #FreeGenesect

    So Meganium is overrated?

    I think the new professor from XY should give you a Life Orb once you beat the E4.
  11. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    Of courses magainium isn't overrated, I hate the thing. Many people dislike it.
  12. Mijuwott

    Mijuwott Poppstar Sunshine

    Well to be fair Meganium is just a pokemon who got a bad...stats spread...

    Miju v-v
  13. I have all lvl.100
  14. HMMM... Well, my most favorite pokemon is typhlosion! ^_^ xD It was my first pokemon! Well, my first pokemon was cyndaquil, but y'know what i'm saying... Anyway, yeah :3 i beat gold version entirely with him xD i remember i named him Sparky ^.^ He was the best typhlosion ever, and still is! The only time he got beat up was when i battled Red at mt.silver... But he was still a beast! xD I loved him so much...
  15. jrs

    jrs Dragon Master

    I was wondering how many evs do you get when u defeat a watchog
  16. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!

    1. go to serebii.net
    2. go to serebii.net's bw pokedex
    3. find watchdog in the bw pokedex
    4. read through its page until you find what you are looking for
    5. read the first post of every thread before you post in it

    i did the same thing, pretty much. i just gave up on my other pokemon in pokemon crystal and used typhlosion. that is my favorite pokemon for many reasons
  17. jrs

    jrs Dragon Master

    I did read the first post and I asked about watchog
  18. jrs

    jrs Dragon Master

    Also my favorite pokemon is rayquaza because it was my first lv 100 and I beat emerald with my first rayquaza ever via trading. I called it ray
  19. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!

    are you referring to my typo? my bad, your highness. also, double posting pisses off the mods, so my friendly advice is not to do that... or you'll piss off the mods
  20. Enjolras

    Enjolras Master of the House

    The short answer is one for Attack.

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