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The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!


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Well it has a squirrel tail! It's entirely possible, you never know with GF.


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As Pokemons are monsters, it's not weird for me that Squirtle is part squirrel.
This. Yes, it is a turtle, but it does have a squirrel-like tail. No biggie, it is a turtle nevertheless.


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It is said its tail resembles that of a squirrel's tail... but I think it looks more like a wave pattern...
I mean I dunno if they picked the squirrel's tail b/c of the squirr~ word and the resemblance to the tail...
Wartotle's tail somewhat confirms it but I dunno...


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I've heard the claim that Squirtle is squirrel+turtle, however It makes more sense if it's squirt+turtle in my opinion.


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Could be both "squirt" and "squirrel". The Pokemon franchise is well known to be full of incredibly punny names.
Yes. The pokemon franchise run out of names (at least by now I bet!) so they make some random name that well... isnt that "creative" and then other names are WOA....

There is also a meme for this squirtle thing.

Cover the tail: Turtle
Cover the body: Squirel

In that meme it mentions the tail being a squirel tail then again it also means squirt like u said Honeyichigo

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Squir is probably from squirrel and not squirt. The clue is Squirtle's tail. If it wasn't its tail, we would say that it is Squirt.

So, yes, Squirtle is a mix of a turtle with a squirrel, being said that it is more turtle than a squirrel. The only squirrel feature it has is its tail.
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Squir is probably from squirrel and not squirt. The clue is Squirtle's tail. If it wasn't its tail, we would say that it is Squirt.
That's highly unlikely. "Squirt" makes sense and fits in with "Blast" in Blastoise's name. Squirtle does have a tail, but it isn't a bushy one like that of a real life squirrel, so it isn't a sure thing that this was inspired by a squirrel. "Squir" COULD be both "squirt" and "squirrel" but the games, series and no other translations of the Pokemon's name even mention a squirrel at all, nor does Squirtle show any Squirrel like characteristics (e.g. living in trees).

So it seems a huge stretch to me to even class Squirtle as a squirrel.


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GPD rule #2, no thread about a single Pokemon, please. This thread is just about Squirtle, which means it's about a single Pokemon.

I'll merge this thread with the Pokemon Discussion thread.



Am I the only one who cannot comprehend the fantastic nature of this pokemon?


I've never seen anyone fall in love with a Pokémon within such a short amount of time
It is so cute doe D': All I know is it is going to be on my team forever.
One thing I don't get.

We're all familiar with Magikarp, which many believe is the worst poemon ever. What ever happened to feebas? Feebas is pretty much an uglier version of magikarp...


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Feebas can learn TMs, magikarp can't. (I think)

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Despite both families sharing similar stas, I think Feebas theme is more about an ugly Pokemon that becomes beatiful if given a chance.
It's basicly a Magikarp for Pokemon Contests.

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is a metaphor
Magikarp is more... I guess classic?

Feebas is more well-known for the fact that it's difficult to find, anyway. Training a Magikarp in-game is more widely known to be difficult, since it's found earlier and unlike Feebas, people are actually willing to do it.