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The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

I find it funny that the pokemon are opposites they are hard to evolve at an early stage and transform into some of th strongest pokemon ever
Mainly because Magikarp is far more common than Feebas. You could only find Feebas in two locations before Gen 5, Route 119 in Hoenn, and Mt. Coronet in DPPt. Magikarp was, literally, everywhere.


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Feebas was hard to find before so when you finally got it into a milotic you felt happy.
Meanwhile Magikarp kept making annoying sounds and dying in battles

Mew The Gato

They both are special in their own way and both of them signify the reward for having patience. Both of them require patience to evolve - Magikarp is hectic to level up because it cannot fend for itself, while Feebas has to maximize its beauty.

They do have similarly low stats, but Feebas is much more rare, while Magikarp is common. (Inverted in Unova, if you do not count the salesman who gives you the Magikarp, as you have to complete your Unova Pokedex to catch one otherwise in B2W2, while it is impossible in BW.) Feebas can learn TMs, which is an advantage over Magikarp, which kind of makes up for its ugly appearance. Upon evolution, though, Gyarados has a better movepool than Milotic when it comes to variety, but cannot use all of them well.


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Despite both families sharing similar stas, I think Feebas theme is more about an ugly Pokemon that becomes beatiful if given a chance.
It's basicly a Magikarp for Pokemon Contests.
What this post has said.


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Who here likes water types?! Aren't they amazing! Btw, I'm new to Serebii Forums :)


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So on the Feebas/Magikarp subject, who do you like better?
Milotic or Gyarados?

In my opinion, Gyarados is better. Reminds me of the good old days where you didn't have to be a Dragon type to be a dragon.


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For me, its hard to choose. Both are really awesome. But I would have to pick Gyarados because he is nostalgic. :)


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I do like both Gyarados and Milotic a lot, but I'm gonna have to say I like Milotic a tad more, just because it is a little rarer, and I think it's more interesting.

And water_master64, after searching in the clubs section of the forums, I found this:


Its the forum's club for people who like water types as much as you seem to do. Check it out if you want.