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The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Golden Pure, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    I've seen it suggested that the exclusives of Let's Go Pikachu have an "Ash Theme," with Mankey (Primeape) and Grimer (Muk), while Let's Go Eevee has more of a "Team Rocket theme," with Meowth, Ekans, and Koffing. If this really was intentional, then that would be another reason for swapping Ekans.
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  2. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    I just had a thought. Perhaps the reason Nintendo’s been holding off the anticipated January Nintendo Direct this year is because they’re planning a Pokémon Direct in February to announce Generation 8. They did Pokémon Directs in 2013 and 2016 to announce Generations 6 and 7, so it is possible.
  3. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    ^Yeah, pretty much.

    Though there is also the fact there isn't much to introduce for this period. Switch's drought period has officially started and will continue on for a while, and that has nothing to with Pokémon.
  4. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    You could say that since LG Pikachu is more in line with Pokemon Yellow, that the TR Trio wouldn't be available like the original game. However, I think it was more to do with fining an Alolan compliment to Meowth (and restricting Ratatta would be weird). Though, this can be a double purpose that just works extremely well.
  5. XXD17

    XXD17 Draco rex

    although partially true, that gaping mouth and the way it flops in the air in a lot of the 3-d animations suggest that it is also based on a windsock. In Japan, a lot of windsock are made in the form of carp called Koinobori. They were traditionally used as a symbol on Children's Day, which was traditionally known as "Boy's Day". These socks are supposed to represent little boys because the legend of the carp symbolized a little boy's vitality, energy and potential alluding to the legend that magikarp/ gyarados is based on where it's strength and perseverance allowed it to become a dragon once it leapt over the dragon's gate. In that sense, the flying type actually makes a lot of sense besides just a balancing issue.
  6. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    With the exception of Kanto, the new remakes of regions come out in the generation double to where they originally came from/on a once in two gen basis. HGSS was Gen 4, ORAS was Gen 6...so we can probably expect a Diamond and Pearl remake in Gen 8
  7. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    Not that I don't think we're getting Diamond and Pearl remakes this generation, but I can promise you that what you pointed out is nothing more than a coincidence.
  8. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Less a coincidence, more I think it takes about that time for it to become nostalgic
  9. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    If it's about time, then the number of years should matter more than the number of generations. Generation is a somewhat arbitrary measure of time, as each generation has a different lifespan. And if time is what matters, then right now, in Generation VII, it's been the same amount of time since Diamond and Pearl came out (12 years) as the time between Ruby/Sapphire and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Longer than the time between Gen II and its remakes (10 years) and even longer than between Gen I and its remakes (8 years).

    Much more likely is that both generations that skipped a traditional remake so far (V and VII) are generations that came out at the very end of their respective console's lifespan. In both the cases of Gen V and Gen VII, they clearly wanted to end the generation fast, so that they could get on to the 3DS and Switch respectively as soon as possible. In the end, remakes are "filler" content that help extend a generation. If Game Freak wants a longer generation, then they make a remake. If they want a shorter generation, they skip a remake.

    Obviously time matters, but it is clearly not the only factor.
  10. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    I am not really sure where should I post this, I just want to give my 5 cents about something I watched today: it is about "potential" Let's Go 2: Johto or something.1 year ago when news about LGPE came around; I kinda predicted that GF/Nintendo wants to make previous Pokemon games into new style aka XY style. DP remakes are on the way very likely. BW remakes would come too, but what about Gen 1 and 2? That's when LGPE arrived and those were Yellow remakes. I thought that they'd put Johto region there aswell as "DLC", but they obviously didn't. And recently, I watched something about LGPE sequel in Johto which would maybe come out next year or so. It got me thinking next: That sequel would be 1 game, aka it'd be like third game to LGPE. It makes no sense to call it: "Let's Go: Gold and Silver!. Or Let's Go: Togepi and Elekid or whatever because there are not Yellow-type games for Gen 2 and ownards. Only logical solution would be: Let's Go: Johto! and I predict that would suit for third game like we used to get them: Crystal, Platinum, Emerald, because we didn't get those since 2008. That would mean LGPE would serve as "its own entity/games" because there's no third game for Yellow.One difference would be that we would get third game after new gen because we always get 3rd game or sequels within certain gen.
    So, if this happens, I think dates would be: November 2019: Gen 8, November 2020: LG:J(third party for LGPE)!, November 2021: DP remakes, November: 2022(maybe break) or Gen 9). That would mean Gen 8 won't have sequels or third game like Gen 6.
    Also one more thing if LG J is a thing , I just hope 2 things: Gen 4 remakes and Gen 5 remakes are not LG: Unova and LG: Sinnoh, because it'd be bad. Everyone wants good remakes) and 2. Hopefully they don't make Gen 3 LG because we had Gen 3 remakes in new engine like 4 soon 5 years ago.
  11. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    And what leads you to this conclusion? If Game Freak think that Let's Go worked, why wouldn't they do, as you say, "Let's Go Togepi and Elekid?" Why would they only do one? More specifically, what would make the next Let's Go game a third version to Pikachu and Eevee? It seems much more likely that they would simply be a Let's Go-type adventure set in the Johto Region. I'm failing to see where your problem comes in.

    I wouldn't worry about it. Game Freak made it very clear by their language that Let's Go is new sort of thing that they're experimenting with, and they very well know that there are "hard-core" fans who want more traditional games. Let's Go will only be supplement our games, not replacing them.

    If Pikachu and Eevee are any indication, the plan might be to give us Let's Go games during years that would traditionally be gap years. If so, they could easily give us both traditional remakes and Let's Go games in the same generation.
  12. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    I think I already explained. LG: Togepi and Elekid(per say) wouldn't work because: 1) there's no 'Yellow' version of Johto aka fourth game. LGPE had been done based on starters in Yellow( Gen 1) which are Pikachu and Eevee. There are no other starters in any other main games except main starters.I also don't see LG games to be named like: Let's Go Chikorita, Let's Go Totodile, Let's Go: Cyndaquil(That'd be 3 games). I also explained why would it be one: because of LGPE would be treated as standalone entity and not as "remake".. so LG:J would be third game like Platinum, Crystal and Emerald. Third game to LGPE would be Let's Go: Johto to complete the cycle of remaking every gen into new engine aka XY engine.
    "It seems much more likely that they would simply be a Let's Go-type adventure set in the Johto Region".
    I never denied that, I just simply said it will be LG game in Jotho just it'd be 1 game based on facts above: no yellow version of Gen 2 and above,titles wouldn't make sense because only Gen 2 starters are; Chiko, Toto and Cynda,unlike in LGPE which are Pikachu and Eevee, so two titles etc etc.

    I am pretty sure LG is a one-timer as in it will appear once or twice( that's why I said Johto LG will appear and that's it). I don't see it past that.
    Gen 4 and Gen 5 are the only left to be remade. I don't see Gen 6 being remade because Gen 6 is already in new engine. And I don't see LG past hypothetical Johto one because of reasons above and you forgot sequels/third games of new gens. Pretty sure many people would rather see sequel as B2W2 than seeing LGPE. Also, don't forget breaks that we can easily get between years, sure now we didn't get them, but that doesn't mean Pokemon won't have breaks and doesn't mean we will have CoD/Assassin's Creed-esque stuff from now on( aka games every year).
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
  13. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    Why does that matter? The Partner Pokémon was a fundamental element of Let's Go's unique design. If Let's Go was considered successful, and Game Freak wants to make more of them, what's to stop them from picking two new Partner Pokémon? Just because there's no Yellow Version-like game to base them on doesn't mean they make something original. Yes, Yellow was the origin of Let's Go, but it doesn't have to be the end-all either.

    But why would this hypothetical game(s) be a third version? Why wouldn't it be more like a remake? It doesn't even make sense to call it a third version, as it would be a completely different game from Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, where third versions are enhanced versions of the original games, but still essentially the same game.

    Game Freak have stated that they are interested in turning Let's Go into its own series. This would imply that they would continue to make new Let's Go games for as long as they sell well.

    By the time we even get to the point where it's even plausible to talk about Gen VI remakes (a minimum of three generations away), we pretty much certainly will have a new engine. If anything, we'll probably get a new engine in Gen VIII, and suddenly you'll need to add X/Y and Sun/Moon to your list of games that need to be remade.

    I never even brought up third versions, and certainly never meant to indicate we would get Let's Go games instead of them. The entire point of my statement was that Let's Go can coexist without replacing anything by being released during gap years, just like Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee were.

    That's the thing though, Gen VII is now the first generation to not have a gap year with no new game released, thanks to Let's Go. It's, of course, not a certainty, but if we assume Let's Go games are easier to make than any other type of game, then they become a relatively easy project for Game Freak to put out during years that traditionally wouldn't have anything. Am I saying it will happen for sure? No. Am I say it could happen? Sure, if Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee are any indication.
  14. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    I never said anything is stopping them to do that. I just said I don't see them do it because there's no Gen 2 and ownards Yellow versions of the game.Sure they can make original stuff for that, but I don't see that because there are more important games to do( sequels, remakes of games that need it like Gen 4 and 5, third games) than remaking already remade games. Also when they do something original, it's a new gen. Also, LG is not actually original. It's just upgraded version of Go which was original. Original would mean something unique like Pokemon Coloseum was or PokePark, but these are not main games.So, I don't see them creating a partners for upcoming gens. I'd rather have them called: LG: Johto, or Hoenn.

    It'd be a remake and third version... Remake of Johto and third game of "LG entity/series".

    It's just an idea. I don't see it past Johto. We already had Gen 3 remakes in 2014. So, you're telling me after hypothetical Johto games, we'd get in like 5-6 years Gen 3 remakes again? I don't see it. Unless LG turns out to be something else but to not interfere with main superior traditional games and sequels/thirds. I simply don't see Gen 3 remade again for LG and Gen 4 and 5 will be remade as traditional remakes and not LG. Only way I see LG series continuing is my making new region. That means we'd have new Pokemon every year or two, which is far less likely. Thus me believing that LG las game would be Johto ones to remake Johto to be in new engine.

    False. 1. New engine per gen doesn't indicate games to be remade automatically.Why didn't Gen 1 and 2 get remade in Gen 4 engine, or Gen 5 engine? Because those are small jumps between engine. Based on your logic, every Gen should be remade in engine that comes in 3-4 years which is laughable. It's visually obvious that the huge jump in engine was from Gen 5-> Gen 6. Gen 1->Gen 5 progression had small jumps between gens, while Gen 5->Gen 6 was huge. From Gen 6-> now there HASN'T been huge jumps. It's really obvious. When Gen VIII comes out it will be just upgraded version of Gen 6, when Gen 6 came it looked like entirely different game from Gen 5. Not just that, I believe there won't be huge jumps anymore, I believe because I don't know what should go above what we have now except better graphics( which is small jump). Plus, if next jump happen I am pretty sure it won't be next gen, but it will be way later. It took us 5 gens to jump from Gen 5 to 6 and now we're at Gen 6 'era' which can easily last for 2-3 more generations.But, still I don't know what would that big jump look like, I can only think like it'd be like that FF game that came out not too long ago, but I believe that'd be " too human" for Pokemon.

    My point still stands that we shouldn't get LG; Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 5 etc because of reasons that I already explained. 4 and 5 should be done in traditional way and 3 was already done in 2014 and because we would already have all games in Gen 6-present format until huge jumps kicks in which could be in Gen 10 or something.

    Of course they're easier to make because they're remaking old stuff, literally no thought is put into that. That's why I am against it. If it's like original LG, then I wouldn't have any problem with it but I wouldn't be against it.
  15. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    I'm going to have to disagree with that, at least personally. It's been just as long since we've been to Johto as since we've been to Sinnoh. Because of this, I think Johto is in need of a remake just as much as Sinnoh is. The point of a remake is to bring old content to new audiences, while also bringing that old content up to date. Just because Johto has had a remake already does not mean it needs one now any less than Sinnoh. There are just as many new audiences who haven't played a Johto game, and it needs just as much of an updates as Sinnoh does.

    Are you saying that if they did Let's Go games in Johto and made two random Partner Pokémon, that that would make it a new generation? That's all I meant by doing something original. If so, that's a bizarre stance to take. The games would still be based off of Gold, Silver, and Crystal just as much as Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee were based off of Red, Blue, and Yellow, they'll just throw the Let's Go elements, such as Partner Pokémon on top.

    That's not even close to true. It has Go's catching mechanics, and was inspired by Go's success, but otherwise it is nothing like Go. Go is an augmented reality, GPS-based, collection game on phones with little to no actual video game elements. Let's Go was a semi-traditional, albeit somewhat stripped-down, Pokémon game. While Let's Go was made to cater to the Go audience, it is in no way an "upgraded version."

    But why would it be a third version. You have yet to answer that. What about it would make it a third version?

    To put it a different way, how would a "Let's Go Johto" have any different of a relationship with Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee than Gold and Silver had with Red and Blue?

    In six years it will have been ten years since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came out, which is nearly as much time as what separates the original Ruby and Sapphire from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. So yes, plenty of time would have passed to get another set of remakes.

    Because those games had still been remade relatively recently when those generations came out.

    That's not what I said at all. Of course it would be too soon to remake X and Y in Gen VIII, but assuming we get Gen IV remakes in Gen VIII and Gen V remakes in either Gen IX or X, then we wouldn't be getting X and Y remakes until Gen X or XI at the earliest, and that's 8-12 years away from now. By that time, technology will have significantly advanced, and X and Y will be old games in need of a remake. My point was that technology continues to grow, and while we may not need an X and Y remake now, by the time Gen V is remade, we will.

    We're about to get our first main series Pokémon games designed from the ground up for a home console instead of a handheld. What gives you the idea that it would only be a minor leap?

    Technology is also advancing at a faster and faster rate. Ten years is a very long time when it comes to technology. There's just no way to guess what things will be like then.

    This statement confuses me in many ways. I'm sorry, but I'm really not sure how to respond. Are you saying Let's Go is easy to make, or not?
  16. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    Comparing the two, I disagree because Johto is done once and Sinnoh is never done. So if they wanna do both, I think Sinnoh should be done first.But as I said I wouldn't have problem with Johto being done because as I said to complete the cycle of all gens being done in new style.

    I didn't say that. I said something original is new gen aka RB, GS, RS, DP, BW, XY and SM. That means remakes( including LGPE), sequels , third games are not original in main Pokeverse. In spon-off verse: MD, Pokepark, Coloseum are all original. But remaking old gen and changing the title and first 20 minutes of the game is not original. Neither is LGPE. LGPE is literally mix of two original ideas(GO and Gen 1). So would my hypothetical LG:Johto! be based on GS just there's no new partners( so in that game you choose Chiko, Cynda or Toto) with Go elements.Just it'd be one game, GF did release single games, no one forces them to release double games.

    So? That doesn't change the fact that LGPE is not original. It's a mix of two original ideas into one. LGPE is a cashgrab or lazy rather than original. I mean so are like ORAS but at we needed remake of Hoenn, we didn't need like 3rd remake of Kanto. If they remake Hoenn again like I said LG: Hoenn that would be bad.

    I already answered that but here you go again: "To complete LG series as one entity/series with 2 games + 1 sequel/third game. Same like DPP.That's like one entity or one "full story". B2W2 is not really connected to DPP and it felt like each main and sequels are like standalone stuff.So that would be like a "trilogy of LGPE". Because there wouldn't be remakes of Gen 3, 4,5 etc done in LG style.

    So, you're the type of guy who'd be extremely happy to get constant remakes? Like to play same region and style stuff( Kanto) like 100000x times? I didn't know some parts of Pokemon fanbase turned into CoD fanbase aka same stuff different package. But the thing is, you probably won't play it as well, because they'd pander that to the new kids, of course. Kids that played LGPE are like 8-9. If new Kanto remakes comes in 10 years per say, newborn kids will play it and kids that played it are now 18-19, so of course they won't play it. It's lazy, they're just remaking same stories for 1000x times so new kids who never knew about Pokemon will play it.If that was to happen, GF would receive backslash from everyone except little kids. I mean LGPE recieved mixed reviews already from OG fans.Imagine if those gens are remade like 10000x times.

    But you said: "we'll probably get a new engine in Gen VIII, and suddenly you'll need to add X/Y and Sun/Moon to your list of games that need to be remade." Which implies that SM and XY what is done in 2010's would be added to remake because of Gen 8's new engine. Which logically would mean why didn't Gen 1 get remade in Gen 4 "engine"? But to answer your question: Gen 3 didn't come out recently when Gen 5 was made. It was like 8-10 years? Gen 1 didn't come out when Gen 4 came out. BTW, in Gen 4 GS was remade which is not Gen 1.

    You do know what we need Gen 4 and 5 remakes because they'd be the only ones not done in new Gen 6 style? X and Y doesn't need remaking because they're already done in that style. The only way I can see X and Y being remade is if it's completely new style which I don't think it will happen. Reason is: I don't know what could go beyond. Everything I think of is "too human" for Pokemon. Far Cry like style: too human, FF-like style: too human too.If they do it,then it would be in next 20 years or so. Because we got major jump from Gen 5-6. So technically you're correct with Gen 10->Gen 11 but only if we see major leap like a different game like it was Gen 6 to Gen 5. And yes we would need XY remade if we get major leap( we don't know that if it will happen), but that doesn't mean we would need Kanto remakes again after that big leap. You said: "once we get new leap/new style or when certain period of time passes be prepared to get new set of remakes( which is Gen 3, Gen 1 or Gen 2)", we don't need them especially Kanto again. What we need is original new content and remakes of games that haven't been remade; which is Gen 4 ownards.

    Umm, you do know that those were LGPE? And LGPE looked like "better-graphics" Gen 6. Same way how Gen 4 is "better-graphics" Gen 3. It's not that much. However ,Gen 6 is like a completely new game than Gen 5. Gen 8 won't be completely new game from LGPE, it'd be same and LGPE is not different that much from Gen 6.I don't know if we will get another major leap, but if we do it'd be Gen 10-> Gen 11 probably.

    Problem is I don't know what would go beyond what we currently have.Anything I think is too human for Pokemon.Humans in Pokemon don't look like humans( eyes, nose). Imagine Snake from MGS as some guy in Pokemon verse. Imagine young Clementine from TWD as MC you control. It would be major leap way bigger than Gen 5-6 but it would feel too "human" /"real" for Pokemon.

    Every remake is easy to make including LGPE. If they continue using LG( every gen) to remake Gens, every fan would be pissed. Imagine Gen 4 remake(traditional) in Gen 8 and LG: Sinnoh remake of DP again in Go style in Gen 10.That means we would get RS LG remakes in gen 9 and we already had ones in Gen 6...That's why I don't like LGPE and style of LG. It'd be a whole different story if they make actually something original with LG like PokePark of Dungeon or Conquest. If they do this( remaking in LG old gens), many people wouldn't have anything nice to say to GF except it turned into Disney where it has no original ideas just remaking old stuff.
  17. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    Okay, but why does that prohibit them from adding new elements, such as new Partner Pokémon? If it's a fundamental aspect of the Let's Go series, why wouldn't it be added to a Johto Let's Go?

    Of course not. I'm not saying they have to. However, they clearly prefer to. And the only time they ever don't do paired games is for the third versions, and what you're describing, no matter how much you claim it to be, is fundamentally not a third version.

    I can only say it so many times, Kanto was just as outdated as Hoenn was, and therefore just as much in need of an update as Hoenn was.

    But why does Let's Go need a third version when Fired Red/Leaf Grean, Heart Gold/Soul Silver, and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire not need one?

    And if it did for some reason get a third version, don't you think it would like other third versions, and take place in the same region with the same story, just upgraded?

    Remaking a game once every 10-15 years is not constant. But yes, I enjoy having an old outdated game updated to modern standards and reintroduced to a modern audience. I don't see how that's a bad thing, especially when it gives us more games than we would have otherwise.

    I played Let's Go Pikachu and enjoyed it just fine. It may have been far from the perfect Pokémon game, but it was still fundamentally a Pokémon game, with most of the aspects of the franchise that I enjoy.

    I brought up the new engine thing because you seemed to treat the engine as the absolute determination of whether or not we should get a remake, and I was pointing out how a new engine negates that argument.

    I was actually just agruing this before you came in, but I would explain not getting Gen III remakes in Gen V because Game Freak was in a hurry to move on to the 3DS. Gen V came out at the very end of the DS's lifespan, and it would only be natural to want to move on to the bigger and better system. So, in order to speed things up, they skipped the remakes and left them for the next generation. The same thing could be said about Sinnoh remakes in Gen VII.

    I said first made for the Switch from the ground up. It is clear that in order to keep things quick and easy, Let's Go was made with an upscaled version of the 3DS engine. While not yet confirmed, it is a safe bet that they will design an entirely new engine for Gen VIII.

    You are making some very arbitrary assumptions here.

    Did you not even read what I said? I said, "There's just no way to guess what things will be like then." Of course you don't know what would go beyond what we have, because you can't predict the technology.
  18. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    Because there are 5 starters in Gen I ( 3 main + Pikachu and Eevee) while in every other gen it's only 3 main? I mean they can add it, but I don't see it. Maybe it'd be called Let's go Lugia, Let's go Ho Oh( I can see this and Let's Go Johto than Let's Go Elekid and Togepi for example).

    They can and they did broke patterns, so everything can happen now, including making Johto game as third game to LGPE.

    I don't have anything against every gen being remade once or twice( that twice if big jump happens like it did with Gen 5-6), but I have problem with every gen being upgraded like 100 times.
    Kanto has been done:
    Gen I (1996)
    Gen II(you go to Kanto) ( 1999)
    Gen III(2004)
    GenIV( in HG/SS you go to Kanto) (2009)
    GenVII (2018)
    likely Gen VIII(if they do LG Johto and you will go to Kanto there)(2020 or 2021)
    So, Kanto 6 times will be done and based on your logic: Gen X( Kanto(LG) will be outdated so it needs to be added to the list of remaking it again. Lmao.That's why many people don't like this.And to answer your question: Hoenn wasn't re-visited once by then. Kanto was visited 3 times by then.So no, Kanto didn't need any remakes until we get Gen 3( we got it), Gen 4 and Gen 5. Especially 4.Also, since Kanto last appeared in 2009. It wasn't outdated. Lol.It was more recent than Hoenn ( 2002).

    Because: LGPE was more 'successful than them? And because GF was interested in continuing LGPE series.And because as I said patterns can be broken.I mean Gen 1 and 2 can be treated as one gen in gen 2 you can go to Kanto, later.So, that's also why I can see it as third game.

    Patterns can be broken, and Gen 2 takes place in Gen 1 since you can visit Kanto after you beat E4.Also, third game9Let's Go Johto) can also be a sequel just without 1 more version(again patterns), or to be sequels like I said: Let's Go Ho-Oh and Let's Go Lugia.

    It is a bad thing because it takes away opportunities for Pokemon to go forward, it's stuck in the past. We want new content; new spin offs like PokePark, Coloseum and yet GF decides to remake same gens 100 times.I said I don't mind once or twice, but more than that is laughable.And those remakes are taking slots of new content(like LGPE took away slot that GF could easily remade DP that needed it or make new PokePark or Coloseum or new spin off)Why don't that modern audience play old games, why it must be modern version of those games? They can find them in many stores it's not like they vanished.And those modern version will never be as good as old classic ones. Imagine a movie Titanic.How would you feel if you watched a remake of Titanic( just better equipment and new actors and everything is same; plot, same lines) in the year 2004 and then year 2018 and then very like in 2028( as you said 10-15 years) then again in 2038 etc etc. So you watch same plot, settings 4-5-6 times just upgraded version. Look how stupid that sounds, why not just watch 1997 version and that's it. Or maybe one more in 2018 and that's it. No need for remake every 10 years. If you guessed it, yes that that's Gen 1/Kanto pandering.My point still stands that they shouldn't remake same gens 100 times, you can agree to disagree, but that's my opinion.Not only that they made that remake and added LG elements in it. And for me Go shouldn't mix with traditional games.

    Good for you. I played one remake that Gen I needed which is FireRed and played HG which is Kanto again, those games are timeless and will always be played up to moment that I will never look for Gen 1 remake again. The only way I would look for Gen 1 remake is if and only if Gen 1 was done way differently than just a "remake". Like new Pokemon, Kanto's landscape is changed, gyms are different, routes are different, E4 is different, TR is different, Pokemon are different..Cities are different. Like it's AU of Kanto we know. Then, I'd be interested.
    Well, it seems it is because Gen I and II were remade before big jump and after big jump they seem to want to make all gens in new style( 3 is done), after 3 comes 4, so why did we get Gen 1 instead of Sinnoh remakes in 2018? So, I think it's kinda obvious they want to remake all games in new style. Next is 2, 3 is done in 2014, so 4 will be after 2 and 5 after 4. Then will probably new style come out and we would get gen 1(AGAIN), Gen 2, Gen 3. I just hope Gen 1 when it's remade again in the future is AU version aka literally everything different then that would spark many interests.

    The only thing I'd say her is: BW was released in 2010 and B2W2 in 2012. They could've easily made Gen III remakes in 2011( so there wouldn't be break) as they did with LGPE ( in 2018 we would've gotten a break if LGPE wasn't made). Gen 8 will be just better graphics than LGPE that's it. It won't be big jump like 5-6 was. That will likely happen in Gen 10-11.Yes, we will see what big jump will look like.

    The new style that I can think of is this one( and this style looks IMO very more "real" - "human" for Pokemon):
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  19. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    I am expecting Meltan to evolve differently in future games, mainly because of how obtuse it might be to constantly have to transfer a Melmetal from Pokemon GO. Feebas got two evolutionary methods because of the issues with Contests, Eevee got items to become Espeon and Umbreon in XD because there wasn't a day/night mechanic, so I'm expecting something for Meltan

    I am also wondering how third versions would handle Cosmoem's split evolution. With the regular two versions you can apply the same principle with Sun and Moon, but if they do a third version again it might get complicated. Perhaps there it will depend on the gender of the player character, so it's still determined practically from the start and they don't need to do some practically random dynamic(see: Wurmple) or item taking up room
  20. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    The simplest answer that works within the lore would be to make it a day/night evolution. Same goes for Lycanrock.

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