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The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Golden Pure, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    You know. It's weird that this little fan animation of Pokemon Adventures reminds me more of my childhood with Pokemon than the anime. I know I called the very first episode of the new Pocket Monsters anime my favorite episode but to be honest, I don't think the anime will ever recapture that magical feeling of Pokemon I felt as a kid. I'm not sure why to be honest but every time I go into those episode discussion thread, I don't ask myself if I like the episode. I ask myself if at least the kids will like it. I think it's a yes for them but for me and certainly for others who complain constantly about the anime these days, it's probably a don't know. It's like that sense of magic and wonder the anime offers is long gone. Hopefully it's not the same for kids these days. Anyways, here's the link to the vid below. Apparently people cried a bit when watching this video. Don't know about that but it definitely captures a sense of wonder.

    The video.
  2. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    There are some forms/Pokemon that should've been Pokemon but they're not but they're in the games( so made by GF), So, I gave them purpose and types
    1.Substitute Doll. https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/a/a1/Substitute_artwork.png
    I know this is a move but it move could be done like in anime:

    So this could be like Toy Pokemon ,similar to Banette just cute and not haunting. The name would be Gojon because it kinda reminds me of Godzilla, like tiny Godzilla. No evolution and it'd be introduced in Gen 2 because that Gen introduced many non evo Pokemon at the time. Also, I'd put it to change forms if it's day to be like Toy and Night to be small dragon( art similar to that tiny dragon seen as statues in the gyms).
    So Day form: Normal. Night Form: Dragon. Not Leg/Mythical.

    2.Void Shadows. https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/8/88/Void_Shadows.png

    Now, these debut in Mystery Dungeon which is still a game territory despite not main games, still games. These little things could be Ghost type introduced in Gen 4. (Not Leg/Mythical). Also they could do something about Darkrai similar to Unown living in other dimension where Dialga/Palkia are. I'd call them Shadling. Shad= Shadow and ling like Chingling ( ling) which could be something like small or baby which they kinda look small and baby-like Ghost types.

    3.Dark Rust. https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/0/09/Dark_Rust.png

    4.Dark Matter https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/1/17/Dark_Matter.png

    5.Bittercold https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/4/45/Bittercold_PMDGTI.png

    Now I know these 3 things don't even look like Pokemon but some Pokemon don't like Pokemon either especially UB's and some Legs/Mythical. These things appeared in Rumble and MD which are still games. I think they should've been Pokemon. Now, I always thought of having like Virus Pokemon, I don't think we ever had one maybe Deoxys is(?) and that's about it. But these could be like Virus trio: one is making all technology go ape ****( Dark Rust , like computer virus), Bittercold makes Pokemon and Human have cold( like virus does) and Dark Matter IDK can maybe emit dark energy like virus to turn Pokemon and people "evil". So these 3 would be like Mythical trio. Dark Rust would be called: Rustent( I know bad name if someone can come out with better name for,I'd be glad), Psychic type( because of computer virus), Dark Matter: Negotent( same as Rustent; bad name, I came up with negative so Nego, I added tent lmao): Dark type. BIttercold:Glacitent ( Glaci because I am tired of Ice-freeze names, same as above if someone has better name fire it up), it's Ice type. I'd say these would be introduced in Gen 5 part of B2W2, IDK, I saw that gen 5 has a lot of Legs/Mythical so I went there.)

    Ok now for remaining Pokemon I dug up Pokestar Studios opponent which are "fanmade" Pokemon yes but some of them could be treated as Leg/Mythical and UB's and they're "fanmade" Pokemon created by GameFreak itself, so they could've easily been actual Pokemon.

    6.Brycen's Jet https://peardian.tumblr.com/image/93371726278

    I know this sounds super dumb but hear me out on this one. This Pokemon would've been introduced in Gen 5 in B2W2. I'd put that Team Plasma wanted to do similar thing to Kyruem which they have done in BW2 aka fusion. I'd put a story that they did some experiments with regular Pokemon, so they created thing thing, called Jetsorb( lol, Jet and sorb because it can absorb types)), like they took Togekiss, Tyranitar and Gengar and made it into one + some modifications. Seeing how it turned great they put some modifications on Kyurem so it could fuse with Z/R. This Jetsorb thing is Normal/Fire but can use ability which his Normal type changes to whatever type opponent has( except Fire because it can't be Fire/Fire). Example You send Emboar( Emboar is Fight, so Jetsorb is Fire/Fight, Samurott; Water/Fire, but if you choose dual type Pokemon that isn't fire like Noivern, Jetsorb gets a type that is Noivern's primal type which is IIRC Flying so Flying/Fire.(not Leg/Myth)

    7. UFO. https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/c/c1/Spr_B2W2_UFO.png

    Now ,there are some PS opponents that won't be here like Mecha Tyranitar, Monica, Black Belt etc. Even though this thing looks like Cascoon, still it's different and could be like Leg/Myth of Gen 6. It's like Alien Legendary Pokemon like Deoxys just in Gen 6. Now, tbh I don't know what he would do in games but I only thought about in anime. If someone watched XYZ, in the end you have that Megalith thing. https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/7/7f/Giant_Rock_2.png

    I am now thinking that this UFO thing ,which I'd call him:Ivasol( because of Invading), since he's like alien invading the Earth, is replacing this the rock thing as in Lysandre wanted this Pokemon to be like Zygarde strength(like this Giant Rock) by giving him Mega energy Alain gathered because thing UFO thing has radiant energy inside already.( maybe in main games this UFO thing could be like reason for Mega or something). I'd put this Invasol to be Steel/Psychic(Legendary). SO basically, everything is same just think Invasol is that Giant Rock.

    8.Old Statue https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/0/04/Spr_B2W2_Old_Statue.png

    9.Majin https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/c/ca/Spr_5b2_Majin.png

    10.F-00 https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/4/4e/Spr_5b2_F-00.png

    11.F-00(2) https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/6/68/Spr_5b2_F-00_2.png

    12.Humanoid https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/5/5c/Spr_5b2_Humanoid.png

    13. Monster https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/5/5b/Spr_B2W2_Monster.png

    14. Black Door https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/9/98/Spr_5b2_Black_Door.png

    15. Transport https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/1/1a/Spr_5b2_Transport.png

    16. Alien https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/9/94/Spr_B2W2_Invader_Alien.png

    So, all these things kinda look like UB's(except F-00,F002) they're weird so I decided to put them on Gen 7.Some in USUM, some in SM. This Old Statue thing: I call him Totemass( because of Totem + mass), I'd put him to be Water/Fairy UB Right side is water, left is Fairy and that ball would be like its life energy(also there's no Water and Fairy UBs). Majin ( the best looking non Pokemon, IMO) I'd call him Toxiboo( Toxic and Boo because it looks like Ghost), hence typing would be Ghost/Poison UB. F-00 and F-002. Now I'd call them artificial Pokemon like Magearna created by Lusamine and her stuff just like they created Silvally and Type Null. My story would be: they wanted to create a being who could battle UBs but they created this F-00 thing and he could evolve but it failed so they dumped it.And created Type Null( much more powerful + Legendary( F-00 is not Legendary)). So F-00 would be called Robbotix and is Steel type, and he evolves into F-002 who would be called Robobroke( because it's broken Robot again bad name) and is Dark/Steel type.

    Humanoid and Monster look like Humanoid evolves into Monster so I put it to be like Poipole > Naganadel. Humanoid would be called: Ventripa( idk how I got that name, Ventripa probably from ventriloquist (Ventri I just added pa) and it'd be Normal UB( since UB's are lacking Normal types so I made it that way),it evolves into Monster which would be Ventrioctod( Same as Ventri + octod because that thing is like Octopus) and it'd be Ground/Psychic, also notice how Humanoid's legs go into a ground which would turn into this Octo monster. Lol. Black Door. I had called it : Walondor( idk why it just sounds cool). Type: Grass/Fire because that's what type it is in PS xd. Transport. Temport( port because it could transport people and Pokemon and tempore means time in Latin I think). Type would be :Electric/Ice( no Ice UB Pokemon and lack of Ice Pokemon in Alola) and finally Alien, which I call:Bealiette( idk, maybe because of Beauty), Type: Psychic. Also,maybe in story there would be 4 UB Titans: Walondor, Temport, Toxiboo and Totemass which Bealiette calls so you must go to each island and beat them together with guardians like Tapu Koko and you vs Toxiboo on Melemele.

    As of forms; I found currently not counting SH/SW only 3 Pokemon that deserve more forms based on what it's been said around here: Castform, Wormadam and Rotom.
    1.Castform has 3 forms: Sunny, Rainy and Snowy based on weather. But there are 4 more weathers. Clear Sky which I put it as Normal( aka original form), Sandstorm ( I put it as Rocky form as Ground type, there's Foggy areas; I put it as Foggy form and Ghost type, and finally there's Windy stuff or like Sky battles, where I put Castform as Flying type.
    2.Wormadam has only 3 forms based on environment: Plant, Trash and Sandy: Plant is on Water/Grass stuff and it's Grass/Bug,Sandy is on rock/Ground areas so it's Ground/Bug, and Trash is in Cities,buildings, sewers etc , Steel/Bug. But there's more, I found 3 more environment which can be used and those are by moves like camouflage,Nature Gift/power because I couldn't articles about environment: so forms would've been: Snowy/Ice area: Bug/Ice, if it's Volcano area: Fire/Bug and if it's Burial Ground or Sky battles(Windy) Ghost/Bug. There's more like some grass/Water variants but those go under Plant/Sandy Cloak also there's Space and US but those don't count for Wormadam.
    3.Rotom:He's Electric/Ghost. He can go to many household items and such: So 1.Heat Rotom( Fire/Electric)(oven), 2.Wash Rotom(Water/Electric)(washing machine), 3.Frost Rotom(Ice/Electric)(fridge),4.Fan Form(Flying/Electric) Fan, 5.Mow form( Grass/Electric) lawnmower, I am thinking about these:6. Toxic form( Poison/Electric) coffee maker ( like coffee inside turns purple like poison, 7.Computer form( Psychic/Electric) Laptop, 8.Sound form( Normal/Electric) Boombox, 9.Zap form (Bug/Electric) ZappBug Heater,10.Jack form( Rock/Ground) Jackhammer, 11.Blend form( Steel/Electric) Blender,12.Brawl(Fighting/Electric) arcade/slot machines, 13.Shade form( Dark/Electric) Lamp/Chandelure, 14.Candy form( Fairy/Electric) Candy maker.Dragon makes no sense and Rock is similar to Ground.
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  3. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    Sorry for double post; but I have a question since, they kinda confirmed they won't make LG games anymore, what do you think where will we see Johto region in those new graphics.
    Kanto : LGPE
    Hoenn: ORAS
    Sinnoh: DP remakes (probably almost confirmed)
    BW: logically to come after DP remakes)
    That leaves poor Johto to not get anything.
    So I thought,maybe Johto will be a post game in one of the games, maybe Gen 9.
    I think DP remakes will come before Gen 9. So logically like ORAS and XY: gimmick in Gen 8 will be in DP remakes.And according to one NPC in the game: Dyna/Giga can only happen in Galar. So I think , if DP remakes happen, post game will likely be MC going to Galar in order to Dyna/Giga Torterra, Empoleon, Infernape and probably more new Pokemon.

    So, I think when Gen 9 comes that post game you can travel to Johto so can Gen 9 gimmick be connected to poor Gen 2 starters. Or maybe they will add Johto region as DLC to LGPE in upcoming years. Or maybe Gen 8 will be 4 years and they add Gen 8 sequels or third game where you can visit Johto and maybe Johto got hit by something so Dyna/Giga can happen there too.
    So 2020: DP remakes, 2021: break, 2022: Gen 8 sequels/third version where Johto is included( that means we would see Gen 2 starters Dynamax). 2023: Gen 9.
  4. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    Probably 2021 or 22 if I had to make a guess

    Another note, looking at all this fanart of Brendan, the majority of them often depicts him with black hair, not brown hair. Must be because of the Pokemon Adventures manga depicting him with the same hair color as Norman's but what I think is interesting is that if you look very closely at the much older official game artwork of Brendan during Gen 3, you can see he sports black hair just like his Adventures counterpart. Funny how that changed in the ORAS years.

  5. Auraninja

    Auraninja Gre-nin-ja!

    You know, I'm really looking forward to Detective Pikachu 2 for Switch.

    As simple as the first game was, there were fun things you got to do, like come up with the right Shuckle Berry Juice. It certainly had its moments.
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  6. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    Detective Pikachu was the best Gen VII spin-off... Oh wait...

    Jokes aside, even if Detective Pikachu actually had any competition in the Gen VII spin-off department, it was still a really solid spin-off showing. My personal favorite next to Mystery Dungeon and Rumble (the real Rumble games, not those free-to-play ones). It wasn't much in the gameplay department, but I loved the story, and I loved seeing the world of Pokémon through this new perspective. I can't wait to see hoe the sequel improves upon the original.

    On that topic, I really hope we get some real spin-off games this generation. I was so disappointed that all Gen VII gave us besides Detective Pikachu was a smattering of free-to-plays and a Switch port of a Gen VI spin-off.
  7. Siddhar

    Siddhar Yoom...Tah!!

    Hi there! About the spin-offs, I hope we get another Mystery Dungeon. Something that doesn't overly focus on circles, of course! I haven't yet played Super Mystery Dungeon, but from what I've heard, it seems to be good enough! So, yeah, that's all I've got to say at the moment.
  8. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    What do you mean by "overly focus on circles"? Are you perhaps confusing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon with Pokemon Ranger? I do hope that we'll get a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon installment for the Switch, though. I still need to finish Super Mystery Dungeon first, but I'm eager to see the new Gen VIII Pokemon involved in a future Mystery Dungeon game.
  9. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    What if all pokemon lines had signature moves?Like,revamp the whole system.Scrap all the moves and just give signature moves to every pokemon line,moves that increase in power as the pokemon evolves.

    The thought just came to me when I realised that a lot of pokemon might look different and are supposed to act different but if they have the same type as another or same type combination,they might learn the same moves and are literally just carbon copies differentiated by a slight alteration in stats and design.

    I feel like,now,most importantly,with the Switch,they should focus more on SIGNATURE MOVES.

    What do you think?
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  10. Bguy7

    Bguy7 The Dragon Lord

    To be fair, Gen VII and VIII both introduced large amounts of signature moves and abilities. Nearly every evolution line introduced in Alola or Galar have either a signature move, ability, or both.

    I like the idea of giving every Pokémon a signature move, but that would probably be way more work than it's worth. Also, I don't think the traditional move system should be replaced, as it is the foundation of Pokémon's battle system.
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  11. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Since Gen 6 onwards they're cutting back on new Pokemon introduced, compensating with different forms(super forms and regional variants), it makes me wonder how long until we reach the 1000 mark
  12. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    Wow this story flew completely under my radar. Not quite sure it counts as "news" (it's more rumors/speculation than actual news), so I'll just post it here for now:


    Game Freak has recently updated their website, and strangely, Creatures Inc. has been removed as one of their business partners. For those not aware, Creatures owns a 1/3 share in The Pokemon Company (and consequently, the Pokemon IP) and are primarily responsible for designing the models in the games, managing merchandise for the series, and some spinoff games. So this is a pretty striking omission on Game Freak's part. Could a shakeup in Pokemon's business structure be on the way or is something else going on?
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
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  13. Mr.Munchlax

    Mr.Munchlax Thunder Trainer

    I was going to give competitive battling a try this generation, but I decided not to after seeing that Smogon & other metas banned Dynamaxing. I can understand some of the other reasons for the ban like some pokémon being too broken, but I’m completely against banning it due to the unpredictability factor since that’s why I liked the mechanic in the first place. I was never a fan of Smogon since they have to follow everything down to the letter and just reuse the same teams/strategies over & over again. Dynamaxing felt like a breath of fresh air since it made battles revolve around a mix of strategy, luck, & unpredictability like they do in the anime.

    I’d rather just stick to my own causal battles and use Dynamax rather than use a format that bans the mechanic -_-
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2019
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  14. Ubermuk

    Ubermuk Sticky & Sweet

    Even when we do reach the 1,000 unique Pokemon mark I bet that future games will have less than half of those Pokemon in them if Dexit is any indication. -_-
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  15. Which pokemon mobile games/ main games could be expect in 2020?
  16. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    We have Pokémon Home planned for Release some time in 2020. I'd say March, as Gen 7's Global Link will be down by then, but the Febuary 27th Date is an important one for Pokémon.

    Pokémon Sleep on the other hand is expected some time in the year as well.

    There was a hint of Detective Pikachu Switch when the above games where announced in May 2019, but we don't know when that will be. Hopefully not a few years like the first game was.

    I'd half expect that we should see a big game in November, but I'd wait until then.
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  17. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    Pokemon's Silver Jubilee is next year. I wonder what the plans are.
  18. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    You mean the 20th anniversary of its release in the United States? Considering that Japan didn't do much last year for Gold and Silver's 20th anniversary there [as far as I know, anyway], I find it hard to believe that TPCi will do anything special for the English version's anniversary.
  19. A direct interesting
  20. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    It is too early for a new main line game to be announced, but Pokémon Directs have always shown a main-line game.

    Probably this will cover mostly HOME and Sleep and we will get a short teaser for the next game like USUM. The only other alternative is some sort of DLC pack for SwoSh, but that only makes sense if they are announcing alongside the long awaited bug patch a la KH3 Re:Mind.

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