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The Official Popular Ships Survey Study (RESULTS ARE IN~!)

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Encyclopika, Mar 25, 2013.


Which ships do you actively ship?

Poll closed May 24, 2013.
  1. Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty)

  2. Contestshipping (Drew/May)

  3. Advanceshipping (Ash/May)

  4. Pearlshipping (Ash/Dawn)

  5. Ikarishipping (Paul/Dawn)

  6. Palletshipping (Ash/Gary)

  7. Rocketshipping (James/Jessie)

  8. Wishfulshipping (Cilan/Iris)

  9. Comashipping (Ash/Paul)

  10. Negaishipping (Ash/Iris)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Hello everyone! So, you like to ship, but have you ever wondered how this community changes through time? Maybe not, but I have. I've been in this section since I joined almost ten years ago (how did that happen?!?) and I've witnessed not only changes, but things that have made Pokemon shipping history books, and I am actually in awe of the longevity of some ships. That's what this thread is all about.


    So anyway, on to what you need to know in order to partake in this study. There are rules to be followed and if you do not adhere to the rules, your vote will not be counted - I will have the poll set to show the names of those who vote. Again, I want true honest answers here.

    -First of all, this is not a popularity contest. I need you to answer the poll and the following questions as truthfully as you can, with a given set of things to think about while answering - that will be given later.

    -The ships in the poll have been chosen by a biased system - sorry. I am only looking at ship longevity, and judging from my decade-long tenure here, I know that the most popular "mainstream" ships are the ones that have this longevity I want to study. The ships chosen have passed some or all of the following criteria, under the spoiler:
    -They include straight, human pairings (except for 2) that have two characters that were/are main characters (Ash, his companions and the rockets) or were integral to the main character's development (like the recurring, plot-centric rivals) in the Pokemon Anime (the Manga has been cut out to save space and make the study more concise).

    -They have/had an entire thread dedicated to them and that thread has lasted more than 3 pages, with more than 2 people talking.

    -They have an unproportional number of fics compared to other ship's fics. (This was determined looking at the Big Fic Catalog and the notion that popular ships have more fans who would then generate more fanwork).

    -The fanfiction supplied is written by more than one person (showing that it has a lot of fans, not just one talented one).

    -The ship was considered extremely popular according to threads and polls concerning the subject (Which Misty ship? Which May ship?)

    -Concerning "old" ships, they are still noticeably kicking (fanfic generation continues, still included in polls about a character in the ship and/or threads still alive/lively). This would show that it's not forgotten.

    -Based on my personal experience since 2004.

    -The poll is consolidated into the ten most popular ships under these criteria, since that's the max the poll can show.



    --Please answer the poll with what ships you actually SHIP, not just support, or think are plausible. When answering, think about how invested you are in the ship. Think of the following, and see if you answer yes to all of them, demonstrating that you are a real shipper for the ship:
    -Have you done fanart of this pair?
    -Have you written fanfiction for this ship?
    -Are you active in this ship's thread?
    -Do you rewatch episodes that have hints for this ship?
    -Do you know all this ship's hints?
    -Do you go looking for fanart/fanfiction for this ship?
    -Are you a part of any groups (anywhere) for this ship?
    -Do you consider this ship an OTP of your's?
    If you answered yes to all of this, or most of it, you're a shipper - check off that ship.
    --Please be aware that you do not have to check off more than one ship on the list - multiple answers is set to "on" for those who would be unable to make up their mind otherwise, and it limits the chances of this becoming a popularity contest.

    --Voting is fun, but posting is where your opinion and experience really shines. Please answer the following questions about each ship you picked on the poll:
    1 - Why do you support this ship? (For instance, is it just the fanart that captures you, or is it the undeniable chemistry between the couple? Are they adorable together? Do you believe the writer's intended it to be canon? Is it the hints?)
    **Truth matters here, as does a serious reason, but by all means, squeal and gush about your ship here. I can go through it later and consolidate the points you were trying to make.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen? (For example, Contestshippers may find that they only recently started shipping it, when they hadn't thought much of it while May and Drew were on-screen. An Advanceshipper may find they've loved AS since AG001. Like that.)

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not? (With this question, I aim to demystify what makes a ship last so long, even after it's dead in the anime, so being truthful and specific is KEY.)

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    -I'm sure you may be nervous to answer this, given all these specifications, but I assure you, the more who answer, the better looking these results. However, here is an FAQ (kinda) that I believe may be helpful to you when considering this task.

    Q: Okay, what was the point of this?
    A: To find out what makes certain ships outlast others. It is also a way to see how shipping changes through time - do old ships get outclassed by newer ships, or are they truly timeless? It is also a tool in which to see, out of the hundreds of ships, which are the most popular and why they are popular.

    Q: Why only heterosexual, couple ships? That really excludes those of us who like homosexual/poly ships!
    A: I understand that, however, as hard as it is to bear, most homosexual or poly ships do not last throughout the ages, and so they are moot in this study. Sorry. :( This goes for COTD ships, and other characters that have no long-lasting position in the anime.

    Q: Why no manga?
    A: Well, first and foremost, I'm not very familiar with the manga. And second, manga ships still pale in comparison with anime ships in terms of longevity and popularity. Sorry, again.

    Q: Why is *insert shipping* on the list?
    A: Because it has demonstrated, through either fanwork, thread liveliness or by various polls, that it is still insanely popular, even if it is old or very new.

    Q: So, basically, these are all Ash ships...
    A: It would appear that Ash is a member of most of these ships, but it seems his being the main human character of the series would warrant him a lot of ships that have an edge in becoming timeless. Again, sorry. I'm not the one rolling the dice, here.

    Q: Why is your experience the only one being questioned in terms of the popularity of ships?
    A: I run both the Fic Catalog and the Request shop, so I'm constantly aware of which ships have the most attention and which fade into oblivion. I've been an active mod, so I've personally experienced the rise and fall of ships through the ages. And to top it all off, I've been doing those things for 10 years. Plus, I made the thread. XD

    Q: Well, I used to like Pokeshipping back when it was big, but now I wouldn't consider it an OTP like I used to. Should I still put it on the poll?
    A: No, absolutely not. If you don't care about a ship you used to like, then it has no place in this poll. Please pick only the ships you'd stay up way past your bed time to read a fanfiction for, today.

    Q: I wouldn't consider Contestshipping an OTP, but I've done almost everything on that list in the past, and I'm still active in the thread. Should I put it on the poll?
    A: Yes - you obviously still care about the ship, and you've invested yourself and your time into it beyond nodding your head in understanding of it.

    Q: I'm a die-hard Advanceshipper that finds that they also like Contestshipping! Should I put them both down, even though they're rival ships/have a shared character?
    A: Yes, this isn't a competition to see who's most popular. Given that they are on the poll means they are both equally popular. Also, all ships are considered separate from each other.

    Q: Do I need to answer all of the questions on the questionaire?
    A: I would like you to, to the best of your ability. You need to answer at least one of them in order for your vote to count, though.

    Q: Are you going to infract me if I do something wrong?
    A: No, I'm not that much of a jerk. XD I just want everyone to answer as truthfully as possible, because that will get us the very best results.

    Q: When is the poll closing?
    A: In 60 days. Lots of time to gather your thoughts and give me some great answers.

    Q: What will become of all of this?
    A: Graphs! Lovely, beautiful graphs we can really pull apart and analyze and find out the mysteries of Pokemon shipping! Together!

    Q: You're starting to sound like a scientist with all this "study" mumbo jumbo...
    A: That's because, come May, I will be one! :D Seriously, no joke!

    I hope the above is helpful, and of course, if it doesn't do the trick, please PM or VM me with questions. I'd rather you constantly message me than be less than truthful on the poll.

    Above all else, have fun - this is shipping, guys!
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2013
  2. pokesimmo

    pokesimmo Well-Known Member

    I'd love to share my opinion about my favourite ship!
    I answered yes to most of the criteria about 'your favourite ship', so all there is now is to answer the questions!

    I support Pokeshipping 100%.

    I support this ship for many reasons (everyone has probably heard these reasons before, and I can probably explain it better in person than on a thread, so forgive me >.<)

    First of all, Misty was Ash's first human companion on his journey. It's a milestone in a journey; making your first friend. Even though he stole her bike and she was pretty angry about it, she seemed to forget about it as the seasons progressed. Anyways, back on track...although they were arguing, they had this chemistry. They were always so supportive of each other and usually saved each other's life. And, since I'm a 90's kid (grew up with Ash, Misty and Brock), I think it just sorta imprinted onto me, I couldn't see them with anyone else, it just seems natural to me.

    Secondly, Misty (and Brock) were coaches/mentors/role models to Ash (even though they were learning things themselves), which enhanced their friendship more. I mean, Ash looked up to them so much; without them, he probably would not have gotten as far as he did. And over the 5 or so seasons they were together (and all the movies), those three went through so much (all that saving the world sorta thing). I don't mean to offend any other shippers who ship Ash with someone else but to me it seemed like Ash was acting like the mentor for other characters such as May, because they/she were just starting out, since he had 'been there, done that', and because a bit of Misty and Brock's maturity rubbed onto Ash, I believe it only seemed like May and Ash (+ others) were a good couple because he was looking after them the way Misty looked after him.

    Also, the fact it always seemed to be Ash who called after Misty if she was in trouble or Misty who cried or went after Ash, also exemplifies this shipping. Or when Jigglypuff sung its song and they were always sleeping with each other.

    Next reason would have to be ALL THE HINTS - the quotes, the jealously, the scenes where it shows either Ash or Misty looking at each other fondly, and anything else, it just seem so bloody obvious!

    'I've never known anyone like him. He really does love Pokémon.' - Misty
    was the first real hint for me, it just seemed like she understood who he was and why he had stolen her bike.

    There a heaps of other quotes and moments but I'll share my favourites:
    - The Ghost of Maiden's Peak: when Ash looked at Misty in her pink dress as though ;), than she took his hand and they danced together.
    - The Tower of Terror: when Ash pulled Misty into the air by her hips and when Misty though Ash had died, she began to cry, only for him to wake up and say her name, making her blush
    - Poke Ball Peril: even Team Rocket get the idea! Brock leaves Misty and Ash, then, they are captured my Team Rocket in a cage, only to be mocked by Team Rocket: 'I think we may have captured a pair of romantic creatures in our little cage,' & 'they're lovebirds!', they both denied it...while blushing!
    - Navel Maneuvers: even Danny picks up on their relationship:'I can see the two of you are pretty close,' & 'what's that saying...you always hurt the one you love...' Ash also seemed pretty peeved Misty was fawning over Danny.
    - Get Along little Pokemon: Misty falls over during the storm and Ash goes back and helps her up, keep his arms and eyes on her as they shelter from the storm.
    - Misty Meets her Match: my favourite episode where Misty's feelings for Ash are highlighed. Even though she was courted by Rudy, she still picked Ash, aww <3
    - The Perfect Match: I just loved the fact they were set to battle each other; they shook hands, but they were shocked that they would be facing off against each other, and Misty won, yay!
    - For Crying out Loud: Misty, Pikachu and Marill go missing after she topples over a cliff to save the two Pokemon, and Ash vowes that he will find her.
    - Foul Weather Friends: Ash saves Misty from being sucked away by a tornado by grabbing onto her waist.

    Oh my god, the episode 'Gotta Catch You Later' was probably the saddest episode (besides Butterfree and Pikachu's goodbye episodes), and to me summed up Pokeshipping. Misty was devastated that she had to leave, and it appeared Ash was happy she was going (I think he was just happy because she was offered a great opportunity). But in the end, even though Ash still came across as dense, I think what he said to her about 'it wasn't a coincidence I met you of all people', 'we'll see each other again, I swear' and 'we're best friends', made you think there was more to Ash than met the eye, and even if he doesn't understand his feelings or what love is yet, that was a pretty good way to leave things with Misty, and I think Misty thought that to, showed through her quote 'I finally know how you feel about me Ash'.

    There's so much more I can harp on about, but I suppose you/youse get the idea.

    Well I first begun watching Pokemon in my early years (5 or 6?), and during that period, I never really took note of any 'shippings', I purely watched it for the entertainment, pokemon battles and because I liked Ash's character. I was more hooked on the games anyway so, I never got far with the seasons (I only watched up until season 2 I think), and I had seen most of the movies.

    However, during high school, I began to reminisce on the 'good ol days', and sure enough started playing the games. But, I also got seasons 1-8 to watch, and as I watched on, the entirety of it screamed Pokeshipping. There were hints! So many hints and 'suggestions', I don't think any young kid would've picked up on, and now looking back I can't believe I was so blind. So by the time I caught on to the whole Pokeshipping thing, Misty had left the group :( So yes, my support of Pokeshipping developed after it was over on-screen.

    Yes, forever. I can't really explain it, but it's going to be with me for the rest of my life. It's simply something I grew up with, and it just feels right to me.

    Many things that Misty and Ash have said to each other just seemed to stick in your mind as something special; an ordinary 10-12 year old wouldn't say things Misty and Ash said to each other! I already mentioned some hints before, and there's plenty more, but I think it's just the fact Ash refers to her, even though she's not there anymore, (in Jirachi Wishmaker: 'a good friend left me, and I miss her everyday, but I know we'll always be friends forever.') and the fact Misty stills talks about him and supports him (a scene showed her watching him battle on TV) and there's the motifs: the bike, the lure and the handkerchief!

    Well I hope this is alright, I hope everyone understands what I mean, and I hope I didn't offend anyone :)
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2013
  3. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Ooh, interesting. This poll is already much more thought-stimulating than the others haha.

    1 - Why do you support this ship?

    Pearl - It's their chemistry, for the most part. Ash and Dawn have so many sweet and touching moments together, and their friendship/bond is very tight and honest. They also have many cute scenes together not only in the anime but in the movies and anime-based mangas as well, it's just too much to bear. *OTP* <3

    Wishful - Again it's the chemistry. I love their constant banter and all the running gags, and I guess what appeals to me the most is the light-hearted humor the two of them always bring out with their interactions. Despite the fact they're opposites, they still get a long wonderfully and manage to have sweet moments together as well.

    Coma - It's hard to explain... It just feels right, you know? There was something meaningful about their relationship, which was supported in canon quite clearly. As friends and as possible lovers, they complete each other. Paul pushed Ash, and Ash trained hard to catch up to Paul's level to impress him. In the end Paul warmed up to Ash by A LOT. Also all of the sunset scenes, omg. <3 How is that not adorable?

    Ikari - Despite the fact it has barely any hints, I JUST LOVE THE POSSIBILITIES. Do I have to explain any further than it's just cute? Fanworks made me LOVE this ship. It doesn't have OTP status but I still ship it.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?

    Pearl - A handful of episodes after DP started airing in the US. I subconsciously shipped from the beginning though and I didn't fully ship it until later haha.

    Wishful - Same as Pearl, but around the time the Dwebble episode aired in Japan. I didn't even consider it until then honestly. Now I'm hopelessly enamored with it. ;-;

    Coma - Sometime during DP, I'm not sure.

    Ikari - Same as Coma.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    Pearl - Um YES. As for why? Well, every time I feel as though the ship is starting to slip from my attention, I suddenly remember EVERY moment between Ash and Dawn, and go back to rewatch certain episodes, and think to myself, "How could I ever stop shipping them??" It's impossible I tell you. orz

    Wishful - I believe so, yes. I put it up high with Pearlshipping as a forever OTP of mine for the same reasons.

    Coma - I don't see why not. I've shipped it ever since and I can't see myself NOT shipping them anytime soon.

    Ikari - Not sure. I wouldn't doubt myself to gradually stop caring for Ikari over time, but then again it's hard to constantly remind myself that I love it with evidence like I can with Pearl, since there's barely any for it. :/ But hey, I've shipped it for this long so we'll see how much longer it'll last.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    Pearl - Ugh I CAN'T PICK JUST ONE. I want to throw in High Touch! but to some people it may not seem like a "hint" so... Well, when both Kenny AND Zoey separately asked Dawn to travel with them after the Grand Festival (Kenny even set up conditions for if he beat Ash in a battle, which he won), she refused them both for the same reason: Ash. And he was the ONLY reason. Also when Lyra continuously observed them and basically concluded that they were perfect for each other (more or less), which Brock agreed with. I'd pick another hint but I'm afraid my bias might show and I'd end up listing too many for this questionnaire. XD

    Wishful - When Iris called Dento a pain in the (second) Cubchoo episode, and HE HEARD IT FOR THE FIRST TIME. HE SULKED SO BADLY FOR THE REST OF THE EP. The best part? He didn't cheer up until Iris said that "even though your friends may be a pain, it's what makes the journey more fun" (or something like that). He was ECSTATIC. C'mon, that was too adorable.

    Coma - Anytime Cynthia quoted the "when one life meets another life something will be born" line whenever Comashipping was concerned. Also their final goodbye, which was absent of any malice or anger or annoyance. It was full of mutual respect, and PAUL SMILED. It was so sweet.

    Ikari - I don't consider this a true "hint", but that scene at the league when Paul and Dawn were alone, and he opened up to Dawn about why he didn't like Ash in the first place. She was the only person he divulged such personal information to, and he wasn't rude to her at all, which was a first. It at least made Ikari more plausible as a real ship, not just a crack one. And yes, when this scene happened I fangirled pretty dang hard, ngl.


    Sorry for the wall of text! I always have so much to say when it's past midnight. x_x
  4. I am Lu

    I am Lu Well-Known Member

    I'm not at all original. I actively ship the cliché overly-popular ships: Poké, Contest, Ikari, and Wishful. I like several other pairings on the list, such as Rocket and Coma, but I wouldn't call myself an active shipper of those two particular couples.

    As for the questionnaire:

    1 - Why do you support this ship? (For instance, is it just the fanart that captures you, or is it the undeniable chemistry between the couple? Are they adorable together? Do you believe the writer's intended it to be canon? Is it the hints?) **Truth matters here, as does a serious reason, but by all means, squeal and gush about your ship here. I can go through it later and consolidate the points you were trying to make.

    Let me begin by addressing whether the author's intended certain pairings to be canon or not. I wrote about author intentionalism last week in a Tumblr post, which you can read here. In sum, though, I believe the only ships in the Pokémon series that have definitive authorial intent behind them is Poké from Misty's side, Contest from Drew's side, and Penguin from Kenny's side. However, I also explain why author intentionalism is not and should not be the sole factor in shipping pairings. Reader-response criticism, or your interpretation of a pairing, is just as important a factor.

    Pokéshipping: Their bickering never failed to make me laugh, and I adore their explosive chemistry. I know Ash has wonderful friendships with all the other Pokegirls -- probably more stable friendships with all the other Pokegirls, too -- but Misty is the only one with whom I can see him ending up.

    Contestshipping: I cannot get over the rivalry dynamic; it's one of best written relationships in the show. Drew was written to be a catalyst of May's growth as a coordinator and, more generally, a character. The romantic subplot was a very nice touch that added an extra layer to their relationship.

    Ikarishipping: I'm a sucker for the 'opposites attract' trope, and I hate myself for it. I know this one doesn't have very much evidence to back it up, and the evidence it does have is pretty shaky, but it's my favorite of the Dawn pairings.

    Wishfulshipping: Another 'opposites attract' trope, but this pairing actually has a little more credence since Iris and Cilan are actually friends. The writers really play with the opposites idea with these two, though, him being a gentleman, her being a wild child, him believing in science, her believing in the supernatural. Despite all their differences, however, it's clear they do care about each other, and that's why I really like these two as a couple.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?

    Pokéshipping: I began watching Pokémon when I was 6 years old. I did not read into Ash and Misty's relationship at that time; I was too young for it then. But by the time the second movie came around, I was older and more attuned to that type of thing. With Misty growing jealous over Melody kissing Ash, her saving him from drowning, etc. that's when it clicked. I went online at started to come in contact with fanart, and that's how I became a shipper. I think Ash and Misty may have actually been my first ship?

    Contestshipping: I watched the first episode of AG and was so upset Misty was gone that I stopped watching the show for a while. At some point -- several years later -- I stumbled across this pairing in several really well-done AMVs and grew interested. Then I found a video that was literally a compilation of all their "hints." That's when I went back and began watching AG episodes, because I thought they were cute together, and I believed they had real backing.

    Ikarishipping: Initially, I actually shipped Cavalier. Like AG, I did not watch DP through and through while it aired. Then I found fanart for this pairing and heard of Dawn's volcanic meltdown over Paul not remembering her name in DP016. So that's when I started to like this one.

    Wishfulshipping: I casually watched the early parts of the first season of BW with mild interest, and I knew this was a pairing, and I half-heartedly shipped it. Then I read some well-done fanfiction, and I started to take it more seriously, especially after watching BW014.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not? (With this question, I aim to demystify what makes a ship last so long, even after it's dead in the anime, so being truthful and specific is KEY.)

    I doubt I will ever bend on Contestshipping. It's my OTP of Pokémon pairings.

    The other three will always be my favorites for those particular characters, but I'm also willing to ship them with other people. For example, I also like Againstshipping, Penguinshipping, and Appealshipping -- all of which would "oppose" Ikarishipping. I really can't bring myself to ship May or Drew in particular with any other characters, though.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    Because of the way the question is worded, I'm mainly going to discuss this in terms of author intentionalism. I again point to this post.

    Pokéshipping: The staff really pressed the gas pedal for this pairing during the Orange arc. The scene in EP083, in which the TRio teases Ash and Misty as "lovebirds" after they've been captured, begins a romantic subplot between them throughout the whole season. Catalyst characters like Rudy and Danny are introduced to test their relationship, and it's fairly clear the writers weren't just making it an ambiguous friendship event. Their teasing of Misty and Ash was painfully obvious. I don't think Ash was mature enough to consciously reciprocate, but Misty's feelings eventually became pretty clear -- culminating in the next season in EP273.

    Contestshipping: Drew and May's relationship was another obvious tease by the writers. Their rivalry had definite romantic subtext, with the roses and such. However, I think authorial intent is only absolutely clear from Drew's side -- May undoubtedly became his romantic interest. May's feelings are a little more unclear, but my personal interpretation is that she eventually began developing feelings for him, albeit much later than he did. Only did she begin to possibly question or even acknowledge their existence in AG162, when Brianna literally asks her if she likes Drew. AG162 is also the most writers' most obvious tease of this ship, with blushing throughout the entire episode and Brianna acting as a catalyst.

    Ikarishipping: No clear authorial intent behind this one. Personal interpretation, however, is that he generally speaks more calmly to her. DP186 also presented us with the pleasantly surprising conversation between them in which Paul opens up about why he dislikes Ash. Then we've got Dawn blushing for no clear reason; I don't know what the intent behind it was, but personal reader-response criticism dictates that she became flustered about the fact she was hanging around Paul and didn't want the others to get the "wrong idea."

    Wishfulshipping: No clear authorial intent as to whether these two are intended to be a romantic pair -- save maybe that one magazine scan in which they're holding hands -- but they're very obviously supposed to represent two sides of the same coin: Zekrom and Reshiram. This is really pushed in BW084, when they literally dress up in fire and thunder face paint. This is also the same episode with that odd scene in which, when pulled out of context, it looks like Iris is kissing him.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2013
  5. PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)

    Keep in mind that all of this is personal interpretation, not facts. I hope this post won't offend anyone.

    1 - Why do you support this ship? (For instance, is it just the fanart that captures you, or is it the undeniable chemistry between the couple? Are they adorable together? Do you believe the writer's intended it to be canon? Is it the hints?)

    Well, I like everything about PokeShipping. It's hard to describe, but I'll try. First of all, the hints are very convincing to me, and I don't support shippings without hints, they have to make sense for me to support them. I also think Ash and Misty look adorable together, but that's not a main reason for me to support it. I also like the chemistry, they argue but still love each other. I often say this is the beauty of PokeShipping: no matter how much Ash and Misty argue, they'll never break up. The love is stronger than the hate, the love overcomes all flaws and arguments. And about canon: that's hard to say. I don't think the writers intend any shipping to be canon, I don't think any shipping will be canon. However, the deleted trailer of the first movie showed that PokeShipping was probably intended to happen, back when the writers didn't know Pokemon was going to air outside of Japan, and didn't know that Pokemon wouldn't end after that movie. And the hints are very obvious, especially from Misty's side. And other shippings with Ash and/or Misty don't have solid, obvious romance hints like PokeShipping has (physical attraction, jealousy). Also, Ash showed things for Misty that he didn't show for those other girls: he cried when Misty had to leave, and not when the other girls left, and he was extremely protective of the Misty lure, the gifts from other girls didn't have that kind of moments.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?

    When I was 5 years old and started watching Pokemon in 1999, I already started noticing PokeShipping. Sure, I didn't know about terms like "shipping", "PokeShipping" etc., but I did start seeing Ash and Misty as a couple at very young age. Of course I didn't notice much hints at such a young age, but I did notice more obvious moments, and also just how they often slept close to each other when Jigglypuff was singing. They just looked like a couple to me, even though I didn't have any deeper understanding. And then, when I was six years old, in 2000, I saw the Lugia movie, which gave me the final confirmation, thanks to Melody's teasing. I didn't understand Misty's anger about Melody's kiss back then, but Misty's way of denying made it obvious to me that she loves Ash. Then, when I was about eight years old, I also started noticing stuff like jealousy. Anyways, I noticed it and started liking and supporting it during its run.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    Yes, this shipping is just too awesome to ever lose interest in. I really liked ContestShipping in AG, and I still support it now, but not as much as I used to during AG. That never happened to me about PokeShipping: in all those years I support it, my interest never went down, not even a little bit. This makes me feel that I'll never stop supporting it. Pokemon is my life, it's incredibly important to me, I know I'll never stop loving it. And as long as I'm invested in Pokemon, I'm invested in PokeShipping.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    Well, Ash shows physical attraction to Misty in "Beauty and the Beach". Sure, he also showed physical attraction to Giselle ("School Of Hard Knocks") and Melody ("Pokemon 2000"), but those are minor characters. Ash never showed physical attraction to May, Dawn or Iris, that's why it's a significant hint to me, it's something PokeShipping has that rival shippings lack. But of course it's not the most important hint. The denial in multiple episodes from Ash and/or Misty ("Poke Ball Peril", "Navel Maneuvers", "A Date With Delcatty" and the Pokemon 2000 movie) is a clear hint, because of the blushing, and they just clearly try to hide their secrets, it's not genuine denial. When Misty gets shipped with another guy, she never shows this kind of denial, but calmly denies it. This implies that she doesn't get mad, because she doesn't have to battle her feelings, there's nothing for her to hide, because she doesn't have feelings for any other guy than Ash. And the hint that makes it most obvious to me is jealousy. Every time another guy flirts with Misty, Ash gets mad. And every time another girl flirts with Ash, Misty gets mad. Ash never got jealous when other girls received male attention, Misty never got jealous when other guys received female attention. What also makes it most plausible is that Ash and Misty still have feelings for each other at this moment: Misty showed hints in Chronicles and her cameos, while Ash had the lure moment in DP.
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  6. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    //FFFFFF, I hope those of you who have voted, but not responded, are very carefully writing your response and so are just taking a long time to post. I'll probably VM/PM everyone who doesn't answer, a week or two before I decide to make the graphs. I REALLY need those answers guys. :( //

    Anyway, I'm going to do my shipping answers. Anyone who is nervous about making their post can look at mine, or anyone's post above me who has already posted. Everyone who has answered the questions has done a really great job already. :)

    Contestshipping as the OTP; Ikarishipping as a second (Dawn) OTP

    1 - Why do you support this ship?

    CS - I support Contestshipping as an OTP. I'm a sucker for ships that have that "opposite's attract" thing and this one takes the cake. May and Drew threw a lot of hints towards each other throughout AG and the BF, and it all boils down to a really adorable ship. I feel like it was obvious from the get-go that this ship had some actual footing in canon - I'm almost certain that what we saw in AG is continuing in Johto. I love the hints, the fanart, the fanfiction, really everything about this ship. <3

    IS - I don't feel as strongly for this ship as I do for CS, but I've done my fair share of fanwork and I still look for artwork of these two. I don't believe there are many sufficient hints, but again, I love an opposites attract pair. I have to say what I like most about this ship is the fanwork. XD

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?

    CS - Pretty much, the moment Drew's expression changed during May's first official performance, and then handed her a rose afterward, that's when I first started shipping it.

    IS - Not as obvious, but I shipped it during its run and beyond. :p

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    CS - This is my OTP forever. Definitely. Judging my how I watched all of the hint episodes last week is order, one after the other, I can say this with confidence.

    IS - I'm not sure. I think I'll always like it, but the intensity of my like way wane and disappear.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    CS - The roses, the Wynaut ep, Drew's protectiveness of May during the Hoenn Grand Festival, when he saved Ash and friends specifically for May (and even said so as well), when he comes to watch her at her contests, even though he's not competing, May's blushing over, and teasing Drew, how May was "thinking" about him in Unbeatable Lightness, the way she looks at the rose he gives her after the Kanto Grand Festival - dude, ALL the hints.

    IS - I don't find it canon or plausible. The only true hint it has - when Paul opened up to Dawn - is the holy grail for this ship, unfortunately.
  7. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    Aaah I'm writing I'm writing! DX I voted for Wishful just because this is the ship I'm most devoted to, like ever in Pokemon (though Contest is another one and after I clicked just Wishful it was a "WHY DIDN't I VOTE FOR CONTEST TOO??!?" And then proceeded to sulk in an imaginary corner on my couch as I read the other answers (though ultimately I do think Wishful outweighs Contest for me. So everything's fine~)

    1 - Why do you support this ship?

    I have a lot of reasons, and it mainly hones in on how they are opposites, and how both seem to have a love for nature (in their own way). Mostly however, it's the mild x wild thing they have going on. I love comedy duos, and that's how I see them. They keep each other in balance. In earlier episodes, Iris would often try to use her "sixth sense" as a compass, and Dento would just sort of give her one of those "You're using non-scientific thoughts again >.>" with an exasperated sigh. At different times (I'm sure we know those), Iris would be the one keeping him in balance with the "You're such a pain" gag. But they also sort of have a buddy-buddy feeling going on. While Iris is embarrassed by Dento's numerous antics, she did help him find the wind. What I liked was how they sort of blended, despite being different. Other than that, I find their personalities and chemistry to be unique from many other ships (I could be bias and probably am) but all together I find it enjoyable shipping them.

    2- When did you start shipping them?

    Before, and During:

    It all started when I was F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D (it was my rebel month with Pokemon anime, don't judge me! D; )with the Pokemon anime. I told myself I was done and I'd stick to Pokemon Special and follow it. The very next day I told myself that I went to the local library and just decided to check on the new Pokemon anime that was coming out and I saw a poster with Dento and Iris. I just thought to myself "Hey he reminds me of Ruby, and she reminds me of Sapphire" (which reminded me right away of Franticshipping, and Pokemon Special so it gave me a nice warm place to associate myself with). I wasn't so sure on shipping them though, at that point I just played with it in my mind. But I laughed at "Oh lol Ruby and Sapphire. Maybe the writers may try some new trends." Then, as I was getting a bit more curious about the two of them as a couple I saw the what would be the Wishful thread and saw they were trying to pick out a name. There were a lot of names--Wishful, Disharmony, Yin and Yang--but the one that stood out to me the most was "Grapeshipping." It was suggested (but was actually already used for another couple) because grapes "come from vines, and can also make wines." I laughed so hard at that. Like seriously, and then I really began to think of them as a ship. I thought of Dento being vain, trying to teach Iris how to eat with a fork, and Iris teaching Dento how to loosen up.

    It wasn't until Dento's debut and episode 11 where they looked into each other's eyes during that romantically lit fire did I seriously support them.

    Also might I add, it was also some of the fanart that got me to heavily support them. In the beginning, I was really unsure (I was torn between all of the BW ships. XD; ) until I saw the picture of Dento sweetly carrying a tired Iris, with her hair hanging elegantly to the side and holding his vest as a blanket did I really make up my mind.

    And then there was all the cracky situations on the thread...

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    Yeah I think so. That's what re-runs are for. ^^ And most likely I'll still be working on fiction for them by the time their run ends. ._. judging by my pace.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    I'd have to agree with Pat on this one and say the second Cubchoo episode. It showed that Iris didn't truly think negatively of Dento's antics--in fact she found them fun. Double the fact that when Dento "digested" the fact she called him a "pain" he sulked about it in a little pit of woe, only until SHE told him (with a bit of a sheepish grin) that "that's what makes things fun; right Dento?" and he just ran over like a little, loyal puppy dog, literally saying: "snsksjskdnsaksjnsksosjdsjsjsjs YES!!!"
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  8. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Since I'm in a writing mood, I guess I"ll give down reasoning for the shippings I chosen. Out of the shippings available, I choose ContestShipping (Anime OTP), and PalletShipping (EX-MxM OTP. Sorry Pallet, but Nameless won me over XD) .

    1 - Why do you support this ship?

    Contest- Let's see here for why I support Contest. When I first watched through AG, I always liked the rival dynamic of May and Drew, that the two were complete strangers and were able to form a complex rivalry after a few, short meetings. I can see May be the more affectionate one out of the two, personally. I feel like they played this Kuudere relationship off well, as Drew is our typical Kuudere, cold on the outside, but he has a heart on the inside. I remember the episode when May asked Drew why he wasn't participating in the contest, and he told her he wanted to stay by his Roselia's side, or something of that like. Heck, Drew even plain out said to the group in one episode he only saved them all because of May. While May's hints aren't as defined, I feel these two had one of the best relationships in the anime series. Heck, she even chased after him in Johto!

    Pallet- Ahh Pallet, the fist ship I really shipped. Yes, I still hate Ash with a burning passion, but this ship is practically the only exception. For these two the rival dynamic was more of an actual rivalry, with one of them constantly bagging on the other, but still tried to beat them, and the other constantly trying to overcome them. These two do have a lot of hints, especially there were childhood friends. ALso, the Johto episode where they make up? Priceless. Also, for this ship, I remember in a Chronicles episode when Oak asked Gary if he missed Ash, and travelling around, and Gary did promptly reply yes, and then hastily told his grandfather why he prefered to be a researcher. Sure, Gary has been forgotten by recent canon, but the two share a strong bond.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?

    Contest- I've only recently started recently shipping it, actually. I was re-watching some of the old Advance saga episodes and I started to notice the same relationship dynamics between the two of them. That's pretty much it, sorry for a bland answer here

    Pallet- The week before Christmas break in 2011. I was staying up late one night and I noticed an AMV of it on Youtube, after watching AMV after AMV, then looking at Fanart, I was hooked. I started reading FanFiciton of it, and rewatching the episodes of it. THat was also the start of shipping for me.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    Contest- Most likely not, as I might actually start watching the anime again once the X and Y saga starts, and I might get a new pairing I like, but overall I'm pretty sure I'm going to try and stay with Contest. It might fluctuate, but I'm going to try and stick with it.

    Pallet- I know my like for it is fading, so no I'm not. I think I still ship this just because it was my first ship I ever shipped, but besides that I know it's going to fade one day.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    Contest- I have to say just Drew in general. Considering some major episodes for Contest, it was practically going to be canon before it wasn't even touched again. Sure, this is a weak argument for it, but I can see this ship working out in the end.

    Pallet- It's certainly plausible, Ash was obsessed over Gary. Gary admitted he did sort of miss Ash, and they made up after there rivalry made a rift in their friendship. That's all I can say on the matter.
  9. JetshipperKekkaishi

    JetshipperKekkaishi High School DxD Fanatic

    Well I ship Pearlshipping,Contestshipping,Pokeshipping,Wishfulshipping and Negaishipping.
    Why do you support this ship?

    Pearl-Because I love their bond together. They act such like good friends. Helping each other to reach their goals make me love it so much that I would talk for hours on Pearlshipping. To some degree It was easy for me to think that Ash and Dawn could have been canon. But Pokemon was about friendship more and I saw that their freindship was the strongest I have ever seen in Pokemon yet.I also liked the hints that they implied.

    Contest-I like this one because of the hints in AG Two complete opposites people work well together is shocking for me. And I guess the fanart got me to liking it as well. I like contest but not as much as Pearl.

    Poke- The first Pokemon ship that I liked as a kid. I thought that Ash in some degree liked Misty but I was wrong. XD I never knew of his complete clueless when I was young. I just jumped the train when I saw them together. I was a big fan of Pokeshipping back then. I never knew that it was called Pokemon just Ash and Misty.The hints in OS make me love it for reasons I can't explain. They are such good friends that I had to ship

    Wishful- The reason is the hints and the fact that they are polar opposites that it is funny to me. Iris and Dent are very good friends who look out for one and another. And Iris keeps calling Dent a pest or annoying everytime he getting into his tasting time mood.

    When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was on-screen

    Pearl- It was during it run.When it started to get popluar then I was getting on board with this ship.

    Contest-I shipped this after AG ended. After that moment when Drew said he was going to Johto,May decided to go as well make me love the pairing so much.

    Poke-During when Pokemon 2000 was shown. I guess that make jump start the pairing.

    Wishful- I shipped this before it had it run. I thought that this would be a good pairing to ship.After seeing the posters of them together.

    Do you think you'll will feel this way about this shipping? Why or why not?

    Pearl- To this day I still feel this way about Pearlshipping. I guess it is the fanfics and fanarts that keep me glued to this.

    Contest-Somehow I don't really know. With the same fanart and same storyplot for this pairing making me unsure but that just me.

    Poke-Same as Pearl. The fanart and fanfics keep me liking it.

    Wishful- Yeah on the same boat as Pearl and Poke

    Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausiable in your eyes?

    Pearl-High Touch. That song shows so much on how their friendship bond is so strong.And the fact that Dawn chose to travel with Ash by asking him instead of following or stalking him. And the strong belief in each other.

    Contest- I think it was all Drew. It was so easy to tell that he liked May and her blushing a lot.

    Poke-The adventures during the Orange Islands. There were so many hints keep popping up so many times.

    Wishful-Their battles of supernatural vs science make me think that this pairing is canon.
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  10. melodyh8807

    melodyh8807 Active Member

    Pokeshipping is my number one, and only, ship.

    1 - Why do you support this ship? (For instance, is it just the fanart that captures you, or is it the undeniable chemistry between the couple? Are they adorable together? Do you believe the writer's intended it to be canon? Is it the hints?)

    Well, for one, I began watching Pokemon from the start when I was 10, and it was just the original trio: Ash, Misty, and Brock. I love and miss them, they were great together. I support
    Ash and Misty together because of the simple fact that they obviously care a lot about each other, and the way they argue is so funny and cute. Misty is always pushing Ash to do his very best, and Ash always comes through for Misty on the rare occasion when she is in trouble. Also, no matter how much they argue, it is quickly forgotten and they still consider each other best friends. I think their arguing is their own way of bonding, if that makes sense. Especially since Misty is a stubborn tomboy, she's not going to embarrass herself by acting all lovey dovey, and that's what I like a lot about Misty. She is not this girly-girl. Ash is also stubborn, and I can't see him with a girly-girl (he also didn't seem interested in the other girls, who were more girly than Misty). They have such great chemistry, and anyone who watches can tell. I believe the writers did, and still do, intend for them to be canon. Why else would Ash only cry when Misty left and not the other girls? Why else would Ash talk about Misty to the other girls? Why else would Ash keep his lure with him at all times? It's because even though it might not happen for a long time (or at all :(), the writers originally intended for Ash and Misty to be a couple. If you ask me, they pretty much already were, and are, a couple on the show, I mean, look how they always walked together, they always sat together. Wherever one went, the other followed. They sure argued like a couple. And not to mention, the obvious jealousy they displayed when someone was flirting with their crush. I mean, who knows, maybe they are together and talk on the phone everyday off camera, but we just don't see it. That's what I like to think. Well, those are just some reasons why, but there are many others I haven't listed.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen? (For example, Contestshippers may find that they only recently started shipping it, when they hadn't thought much of it while May and Drew were on-screen. An Advanceshipper may find they've loved AS since AG001. Like that.)

    Well, I didn't really start shipping Ash and Misty (Pokeshipping) until recently actually. I didn't really know or care what shipping was when I watched the show during the first five seasons. I was only ten or eleven when the show came out, and by the fifth season I was already like 14. When I was eleven or twelve the second movie came out (Pokemon 2000), and I did notice a little bit what was going on. However, I didn't really care about, or like the idea of romance, in the show at the time. I mostly just watched the show to see Ash, Brock, and Misty, and see what Pokemon they catch and battle with. I watched until the fifth season. After the fifth season, I stopped watching because Misty and Brock left. I tried to watch a couple episodes from AG, but it just wasn't the same. I eventually forgot about Pokemon all together because I became busy with school, and a job, etc. Recently, like in the last few months, I got bored one day and watched a couple episodes. Then I watched the movie Pokemon 2000 for the first time since it came out. That's when I finally noticed all of the hints. I finally put it all together, and realized what I missed out on as a kid. Now I'm a diehard Pokeshipper.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not? (With this question, I aim to demystify what makes a ship last so long, even after it's dead in the anime, so being truthful and specific is KEY.)

    I will ALWAYS feel this way about the ship because this ship has the most hints, and is the most interesting. It's kind of like how they say you will always remember, or have a thing for, your first love. They were the first friends, and I grew up with them. They are like my first love, and they will always feel special to me. Now, don't get me wrong, some of the other shippings would be kind of cute, like Pearlshipping, but it still doesn't have the same feel as Pokeshipping does for me. Not just that, but it also has the most chemistry, and I think it's what the writers intended to be canon. Ash and Misty will be together one day. Whether it is shown or not, it can most definitely be assumed. Those two care more about each other than anyone else. I mean, you didn't see Ash crying when he left Brock, Dawn, or May, or even his Mom! He only cried when Misty left. And Misty was devastated as well. That is why I will always ship them. Not to mention, they are the original.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    Okay, there are so many hints that are my favorites, and that are very good. However, probably the top hint or hints in my mind from Ash's side are the scene in The Tower of Terror when he picks Misty up by the waist in the air and holds her for a little bit. That was so sweet. It was also sweet to see him wake up when he saw she was upset about him almost dying. My other favorite is in the episode Get Along Little Pokemon. In that episode, Misty gets exhausted just as a lightning storm is about to happen. She falls down, so Ash goes over, and helps her up. He helps carry her to a cave where he helps her sit down, and not only that, keeps his arm around while looking at her in concern. That was sweet of Ash. Why wouldn't Tracey do that, but Ash did? Because Ash does care a lot about her.

    As for Misty's side, obviously one of my favorites is from Pokemon 2000 where Misty utters the line that launched a thousand fan fictions, "Ash will never really be alone, because he's got...me." Then she dove in the water and saved him. That line, though, was, in my opinion, Misty coming to terms with how she felt about Ash to Melody. Melody was teasing her the whole movie, and when she finally said that, it was like she got over the teasing and just accepted that it was true. My second favorite hint is from the last episode with Misty in Gotta Catch Ya Later, when Misty has that flashback with the really pretty song. I think that flashback with her song was pretty conclusive to her feelings. And not only that, she was really upset when she ran out of the Pokemon Center when Ash was excited she got her bike back. Then later, she has a long, emotional goodbye with Ash, but what about Brock? We start to think that Ash and Misty are about to kiss, because when Brock cuts in to say he has to leave too, they are scared and surprised he's still standing there, like they have something to hide or are embarrassed about something. Hmm, Ash and Misty, what's the scared and embarrassed look for? If you were just saying goodbye, then why did Brock startle you?? Hmmm? Exactly. :)

    Anyways those are my favorite, most canon hints, in my honest opinion.

    --Melody (Yes, that is my name, and when Pokemon 2000 came out, I felt really special hehe)
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  11. Hikatoshi26

    Hikatoshi26 Well-Known Member

    Pearlshipping is the shipping for me!

    Why do you support this ship?

    I support this ship because i love the relationship between Hikari and Satoshi. They drew so much power and friendship from each and compared to other shippings there were so many hints that just showed they belonged together. I also love to write Fanfics with this shipping and the fanart is wonderful. Satoshi is of course his normally dense self especially when it comes to girls and anything romantic which puts up a barrier with most female characters also while watching the shipping developed in the original japanese anime It seems much more plausiable that Hikari is Satoshi's preference and Satoshi is Hikari's preference especially after seeing how much Hikari and Satoshi influenced each other throughout the series they were so much closer to each other than SatoshixHaruka and SatoshixKasumi.

    When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was on-screen

    I have been a pearlshipper since the series began. I remember watching the show and loving Hikari for her name and the fact she was cute with long blue hair. As the series progress I began to notice that this pairing is just so much closer than the others and not in a familial way at all. So I became increasingly intrigued and I still ship to this day.

    Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    I will always feel that pearlshipping is the shipping to stand the test of time. They're too many hints and subtext that makes me believe that it will stay also it is the only Main shipping that still has a door open to be revisited in the anime and that alone makes me have hope.

    Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    They're too many hints to talk about but they only won I need is the fact that Hikari and Satoshi are the only shipping to get a opening sequence about each other. High Touch! for those who doesn't watch the original anime. It is a song about Hikari and Satoshi and there friendship and possibly more. Also, there are so much more instances of flirting between the two like in Movie 12 in the beginning they were splashing each other in the water while Takeshi was nowhere near it was just them and splashing water is a popular form of flirting. That's just 2 of my biggest clues that makes this ship canon and plausible.
  12. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    I would really like it a lot if everyone posted on here, answering at least one of the questions. We're going to have a very skewed and inaccurate reading if people don't. :S
  13. airisuflower

    airisuflower upupupu


    1 - Why do you support this ship?

    There is definitely undeniable chemistry between the two; Cilan always seems to capture Iris's attention with his words. I always thought that they were adorable from fanart and screencaps, but I also feel like Iris would want someone that isn't too much of a kid: so she would definitely go for her "pain," Cilan. I love that running gag between them as well. Really the banter between them is cuter than it is mean and as much as I don't think it was the writer's intent to make them canon, I think there are hints.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?

    Admittedly, I loved it before I watched the anime. It was what got me into watching the anime, but even then I wasn't as avid about it until I got to specific episodes that really made my shipper heart feel content.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    Oh, I really do. I normally stick with a ship to the end, especially when I find very few faults with it. I mean, there are faults with every ship if you look for them, but Iris and Cilan are adorable together. They could be happy together. I fall in love with characters and want the best for them and I honestly think both of them are that for each other. There are ships from other fandoms that I will still write and/or read because I'm still not over how plausible they are and how cute they act around each other. It is really hard for me to stop feeling this way when I've loved it since the beginning of it.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    There are times at which Cilan is protective, but not in a way that makes you think Iris is weak; he never appears to doubt her strength, but knows that everyone has their limits. Rocking the Virbank Gym, Part 2 has some beautiful hints in it. I love how Iris paints Cilan's face and they have their moment when they just giggle and blush. Really this was a special thing for them even if it was microscopic in the scheme of Pokemon. I also think that Iris's attentiveness towards Cilan is a slight hint because she doesn't seem as attentive with others as often as she is with him. There are more hints, but it is early and if I think of them I will edit this post.
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  14. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Going to be honest here, I'm not a big shipper for anything on the list. (Not that comes off as a surprise to anyone.) However, this thread and its questions haven't left my mind for a while now, and I figure I might as well reply with my answers as truthfully as possible without coming off as... I dunno, “desperate”?

    So of all the listed shippings, I will go ahead and go with Rocketshipping.

    1 - Why do you support this ship?

    There's just something really quirky about these two, and yet they're like the best of friends, probably closer than Ash with his Pikachu, and I can't think of any other pair in the show like this. I may not have watched the anime past Advanced Battle, so I don't know what really happens afterwards, but from what I would see from them, they were never, if ever in a rare moment, separate from one another. Everything they did, they were together with Meowth. They are inseparable.

    And they are adorable. It could've just been Eric Stuart and Rachel Lillis' great portrayal of them, but I swear Jessie and James have some of the most perfect chemistry in fiction (I haven't really watched any of the episodes in Japanese, so I don't really know how they actually are, but I could get an idea through their theme song). They would just bounce off each other naturally. Even with all the yelling Jessie did, and the whimpering of James, when they had their quiet moments with each other, they were genuine, and in a way, it was almost intimate. It reminds me of Mulder and Scully's relationship, only if they were goofy and a bunch of screw-ups. Whenever they had a moment to themselves, it's almost as if we were intruding on something, and I just want to look away and give them their privacy for a while—make of that what you will, I just always assume they will talk late into the night about everything that's on their minds.

    Yes, I think they're amongst one of the funniest duo (and trio if you count Meowth) that I think has ever grazed the anime world. They were pretty much the reason I continued to watch the anime until it moved to cable. When Ash failed to properly deliver, it was Team Rocket who came in to save the day.

    And yes, the fan-art is amazing. Freakin' love the fan-art. Some Rocketshipping fan fiction are great as well, I've read my fair share (but have of yet to write my own).

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?

    I'm not entirely sure. It probably wasn't until after I found these forums and looked around. But I remember the Team Rocket's Rockin' website back in the day, and there was a section talking about this pairing. After reading through it, I guess it got me to adore the pairing. Despite all they did, they did it together, and acknowledged they did it together. They always took the time to be serious and be goofy together where needs be. They are loyal, and I admire that in a pairing like I do in real-life relationships.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    I fall in-and-out of this pairing, actually. Not that I don't think they don't go well together, they really do, it's just not my main interest lol I broke a rule. So every now and then, I'll get bored or get that desire to look up the two, and I'll get all dreamy-like and stuff and go, “Yes, I do like these two as a couple very much.” And then I'll move on elsewhere when I've been satiated for the next few months. Will I actually fall out of it for good? Who knows. It's obvious that it's pretty much canon (at least in The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga), and I can't deny that. So even if I do fall away from the ship, I will always defend it from the Anti-Rocketshippers.

    And that is the truth.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    Everything I've listed above, pretty much. I can always name off episodes like “Holy Matrimony!”, “The Ghost of Maiden's Peak”, “Princess vs Princess”, and even the movies like “Pokémon 4Ever” (even though I hate that movie) and “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”. But honestly, everyone's already named them, and gave good reasons for each of them. And I agree.

    Also, the term “fear-hug” is cute.

    So... yeah. Not as big and detailed as I would've liked it, but I am kinda... occupied at the moment as well, and I feel a little rushed. Now if Mewshipping was on the list or at least a possible option for “Other”... But do believe me when I say I do like the pairing, even if it's not my OTP. It's high up there, of course, but it's not my all-time favorite. I like it more than Pokéshipping, though, so that should be something.
  15. neocontester

    neocontester Cup of Tea

    1 - Why do you support this ship?
    May and Drew have a relationship that is like a normal teenage relationship. As kids, we are told that boys that pick on us do it because they like us. So it would be natural for May to grow a crush for Drew when all he does is pick on her, and how she trains. There are also so many hints that it would be hard to deny it.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?
    When I first started watching Pokemon as a child, I didn't really ship people together, other than Ash and Misty, who were meant to be. Contestshipping didn't happen for me until I was older and went back and re-watched the series and started noticing the hints.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?
    I think this ship will last because no matter what, the roses had an impression on people that made it seem more than a friendship, even though in the beginning, he said they were for Beautifly. As long as the series continues the ship will remain alive.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?
    The roses. That's what did it for me. The fact that he gave her roses, implying that they were for Beautifly, signifies something.
  16. karczx

    karczx Well-Known Member

    I'm basically going to do this for Pearlshipping.

    1 - A mix of chemistry and fanart really. I've always thought of Hikari as a girly-girl version of Satoshi, so they get along well naturally with each other, even if they have their disagreements. And the fanart tends to be on the cuter side of things.

    2 - Since the very beginning of DP. I've always noticed that there was something between them, but the later episodes and movies made it more clearer. And then came the all sorts of fanart and fan comics, and I was slowly but surely convinced. Rewatching the episodes over and over again even further cements my views.

    3 - I think it's pretty much almost an OTP of mine, since this is pretty much the only ship which makes me grin widely whenever such a moment happens. Pearlshipping would still be a viable ship for years, and it isn't just some kind of bandwagon ship (even though it was for a while when DP was still on the air)

    4 - There's just too many hints being thrown around by the writers and promoters of the series, it's as if some of it were intended to be overtly obvious when it comes to their friendship (the high fives) but the rest of it is intended to be implied. Almost every episode was loaded from ship tease to ship tease of their relationship. I'd say that throughout Gen 4, this was the most promoted ship.
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  17. gohan5

    gohan5 Irisboy

    1 - Why do you support this ship?

    Negai - My OTP, I support it for a majority of reasons. Yes the fanart is cute and I like the way they look together, but I think the main reason is the hints and evidence of chemistry. What it represents to me is a show of growth. What began as a rocky relationship has come to blossom, where you can see how much faith they have in the other. It's not simply, they look great together or they are best friends or whatever, they actually feel realistic and I never feel I have to look for reasons to support it. Another thing, I always feel like they are equals and not that one has to watch out for the other or hold back for the other's sake.

    Advance - What can I say? I've always had a certain fondness for this ship ever since watching AG. Nothing else really clicked in my mind. I liked how Ash influenced May and how she in turn, had an effect on him. Again, this is a ship I always felt grew as I watched it, going from just a basic teacher/student thing to becoming great friends and equals in more than one way.

    2 - When did you start shipping it? Was it during its run or after it was over on-screen?

    Negai - Since I first started watching the series. Their early interactions made me laugh while also giving me warm feels, which honestly I think is the main reason I held onto the anime this long (having dropped it after AG, and literally knowing next to nothing about it until watching BW001 & 002). Admittedly, I didn't really realize I shipped it until Ash's gym battle in the Striaton gym and the subsequent forming of the group afterward.

    Advance - Again it was from the beginning. I was still fairly young, but I think I could recognize that I liked it back then. May's reaction to traveling with Ash made me laugh too lol.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship? Why or why not?

    Negai - Yes I do, because I feel I support it for reasons more than simple aesthetics. My shipping intensity may waver at times, but I always drift back to it and never let conflicting views deter me.

    Advance - I'd have to say it's the same as above. While I might not be nearly as active in my love of this ship, it does and always will have a special place in my heart.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?

    Negai - What makes this ship plausible? It's the subtle clues and progression of their relationship that stands out most. Ash always supports Iris, even when others question her judgment (The Dragon Master's Path, The Lonely Deino, Iris and the Rogue Dragonite, A Village Homecoming). And while Iris hasn't always been truthful about her feelings, she has opened up to Ash about a myriad of things. Often times she's been willing to put herself in danger due to wanting to save Ash, like in Movie 14. Recently, since BW is still airing, Iris has shown quite the interest in Kanto multiple times. Also, when Ash decided he would make his way back home after the League and defeat of Team Plasma, she immediately looked distraught at the idea and made it quite clear that she wanted to continue traveling with Ash longer (since she had no idea if Cilan would also continue with them back to Kanto). While her reasons are subjective, it's more than Iris has ever outwardly stated in reference to her companions before.

    Advance - I think "The Bicker the Better" and "Love, Pokemon Style!" were good hints. Also, the Terracotta Contest is a big one. The splitting of the ribbon and how both knew what the other was thinking was really sweet. Plus I found it a nice parallel to another contest, where (if memory serves), the winners were a couple. I'm not sure if they make the ship more plausible, but they're the first that come to mind. Oh and if you consider movies canon, then Movie 9 says it best; nuff' said.
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  18. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    1 - Why do you support this ship?
    I like all of the ships listed above. When I say like, I mean that I can tolerate it. The only ship I strongly despise at the moment is not from pokemon, so that's not too bad. Everyone would know me as a big multishipper and my ship taste always comes and goes all the time. So I've only voted for one ship on the poll and that is wishfulshipping. The reason I support wishfulshipping so much is because I think it's one of the best mainstream ships I have ever come across.

    Eye-catching fan art, sweet amvs and fan fictions are just the icing on the cake. I like how Iris and Cilan's personalities blend together. I like how they can mix numerous shipping cliches such as opposites attract and similarities spark and has it's own special charm to it that helps it become sweet.

    I think it would be lovely if wishfulshipping was canon. It's the only pokemon ship that I have a plausible passion for that makes me feel this way. I also like how laid back their chemistry is, which brings another stream of adorableness.

    Also Cilan and Iris in the anime and manga have different fates and different personalities. But even in different worlds they can still be fantastic because it's both a mainstream and obscure ship at the same time. And there's something about wishfulshipping that reminds me of my first ship, Takari from Digimon.

    2 - When did you start shipping it?
    I honestly have no idea. I think it started like any other ship for me and then my liking for it just developed into deeper love. When Iris was announced as the BW2 Champion that made me grow even closer to the ship even more.

    3 - Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship?
    I think I will because I love Iris and and I love Cilan because they're both my favourite gym leaders and Iris is one of my favourite champions. I think they've got amazing personalities and I think this shipping will be a great tribute to their personalities. And I wrote a wishfulshipping fic that I'm really proud of. Wishfulshipping motivated me to write, so I think I will be sticking with this pairing for a while.

    4 - Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?
    Hints are subjective. Holding hands may be a hint for one shipper but mean nothing to another. But some of the screenshots with Cilan and Iris together make me feel fuzzy inside. An example of this would include this picture: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/1/1d/WishfulShipping.png/800px-WishfulShipping.png

    Here are some quotes from the Bulba page for wishfulshipping. They're some of my favourite shipping hints.

    I think this shows that both Cilan and Iris inspire each other.

    This hint is evidence that Iris fully trusts Cilan and even though she's got an extreme fear of ice pokemon (which I think can be developed and explained a bit deeper) it opened a great opportunity for hints. It makes me think of someone hiding behind their partner because they're scared of spiders.

    This feels very realistic to me. Iris is acting like a dreamy young girl and Cilan shows a more timid side. Overall wishfulshipping is a lovely ship and a refreshing getaway from the Ash harem.
  19. SmellYaLater

    SmellYaLater Well-Known Member


    Apologies if i didn't reply to the poll early so i guess i will sum up why i choose pearlshipping as my favorite.

    Why do you support this ship?
    Ash looks more closer to Dawn than he does to May or Misty. The hints that have been included look like they are mostly cannon and not added in there by mistake. The two have a very strong relationship together and even when the fight, the say sorry to one another. Also there both clumsy and alike.

    When did you start shipping it?
    Just recently actually after i finished watching all the DP episodes. It was more obvious that these two would end up together and sometimes i think even Brock would think Ash and Dawn were close like in the 12th movie when Ash and Dawn were splashing each other with water and Brock looked at them in a funny way till he was splashed.
    Pearlshipping might not of clicked on to my head in earlier episodes but after a while, i couldn't see why they would not be a good couple :p

    Do you think you'll always feel this way about this ship?
    Honestly i think nothing would change my mind about these two being together. I did however first consider Ash and May but they looked more like a brother and sister couple and also the hints don't stand out as much to me unlike the pearlshipping ones.
    If im honest, i don't think we will see another Pokemon character be as this close to Ash like Dawn was. She even cried when Ash left to go back to Kanto.

    Which hint(s) make this ship canon or most plausible in your eyes?
    Hmm i would say Dawn cheer-leading for Ash in his gym battles. No one has ever gone this far for him and i don't think anyone else will. Also cheer-leading for a boy isn't a thing that a normal friend or best friend would rarely do :p
  20. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    This is great, we're getting a lot of answers here. Still have people who have picked a ship on the poll but haven't told us why...
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