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The Official Pre-Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by MYSTERIOUS MISSINGNO, Jan 9, 2007.

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    MYSTERIOUS MISSINGNO I am watching you...

    This thread is similar to the normal trading thread, except you post what you will trade BEFORE you get the game.

    So if you're waiting to get a Japanese copy, you can post what you will trade when you get it. If you're getting the American copy, do the exact same thing!

    Here's a form to make it easier to read:

    What version you're waiting for:
    Pokemon you're trading:
    Pokemon you want:
    You're trading website (if you have one obviously):

    EXCEPTIONS: Obviously you can post a picture only if you have all the info on the post with the picture (so it can be on the picture)
    You could just post a link to your trading website.
    You could say something like "Look at my sig".

    1. Currently only one rule, please only post once per page, so as not to clog up the thread with the same people

    Okay, I'll start


    Click it to be taken to my trading website
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2007
  2. TheMimePenguin

    TheMimePenguin KudoKid

    well MM
    ill gladly trade you a legit mew with either of the berries you have there ( i have both) for something yet to be decided...

    MYSTERIOUS MISSINGNO I am watching you...

    I'll trade!

    I PMed you with details.

    Anyone else want to trade?

    MYSTERIOUS MISSINGNO I am watching you...

    ^That one is for People waiting for English D/P only.

    this one is for ALL people who don't have D/P yet

    MYSTERIOUS MISSINGNO I am watching you...

    Please stop SPAMMING up my thread.

    And have you checked here

    All the people there have Japanese D/P.
    Some are getting the Australian Version.

    I made this thread to help people.
  6. are you an aussie? what state if so? welllll i have the every pokemon except deoxys,mew,celebi,entei,lugia and ho-oh almost all are lvl 100 but i dun wanna trade all of them so ilkl have to think about the ones you want but i will wanna trade almost all of them. and how you get every single poke except mew and deoxys?
  7. Sparkyperson

    Sparkyperson Light Ball Collector

    Nope, i think he comes from New Zealand......For now......
  8. sausagewalls

    sausagewalls Well-Known Member

    dragonstonerocks i would be interested in one of your lvl 100's ....how about ....dragonite and dusklops...........i can 2 out of these pokemon.......

    lvl 100 blaziken
    lvl 100 alakazam

    if you are wondering then yes all my pokemon are legit

    p.s. i have evry single pokemon all legit.....i just trade with freinds who went to events or i go to events.....i obtained neraly evry single event pokemon from the 10th annaversary in england...
  9. pokemon master alan

    pokemon master alan CRIP 4 LIFE

    Sausagewalls i have a shiny beutifly, if your intrested pm me
  10. ok im looking at your mew and deoxys for my dragonite and dusclops any nick name you want? cause you know you cant change it
  11. Oathkeeper

    Oathkeeper Pursuer of the Past

    I believe me and MYSTERIOUS MISSINGNO have a trade set up. My official Mew for his Celebi and Ho-Oh/Lugia.

    I have terrible luck or something, but I have no shiny pokemon. However, I can trade Jirachi for Latias, Suicune, or Raiku.
  12. ill trade a Latias Suicune or Raiku for your Jirachi
  13. ill trade a Latias Suicune or Raiku for your Jirachi
  14. I have all Oddish Evos and Oddish in Shiny, Level 100 Rayquaza, And I'm looking for Dexoys (Well, I will be when D/P come out in english)

    And I'm going to get Diamond because it have more Pokemon in it, But I don't want Diaruga, Its over rated, Parukia is better, So I'm willing to trade a Diaruga for a Parukia
  15. sausagewalls

    sausagewalls Well-Known Member

    no thanx i dont realy want nicknames.....
  16. Ho-oh Master

    Ho-oh Master Well-Known Member

    I have all 386 legit Pokemon except Deoxys. I don't trade with cheaters and I have a shiny Hariyama and a Calm Celebi. I am wanting legit exclusive legends like arusouse also. Please PM me if you want to trade.

    I'm getting English Pearl and latter Diomond.
  17. AerialAce!

    AerialAce! Inconceivable!

    [size=+3]Closing Trades...I have met my needs[/size] :) If you're desparate for one of my Pokémon, you can still PM me.

    Hey all, just wanted this somewhere on the forums. I will be updating this information HERE at my Wi-Fi trades site.

    I trade clones of rare Pokémon so I don't lose my originals. I cannot clone any fourth-gen Pokémon that I catch. I ONLY clone Pokémon to share those rare Pokémon that others cannot catch, and so I can trade for shinies. Any normal Pokémon that I trade will be bred and/or caught (including Feebas)

    Pokémon I have:
    --All first through third generation Pokémon, excluding Celebi and Deoxys
    --Good-natured Feebas
    --Shiny Whismur
    --Shiny Linoone
    --Shiny Unown M
    --Shiny Kakuna
    --Shiny Illumise
    --I WILL have Fione eggs when the game comes out... I've got Pokémon Ranger beaten and I'm waiting for Pokemon.com to release that flipping code. I can't trade Manaphy unless someone finds a reliable cloning glitch.

    Items I have:
    --Light Ball
    --Master Ball
    --PP Up

    Pokémon I want:
    --SHINIES, preferably with good natures.

    Items I want:
    --Soul Dew
    --Lucky Egg

    Planned Trades:
    Zipzap713 @ SPPF: (my Shiny Charmander w/ MasterBall for Darkrai, my Mew w/ MasterBall for Sheimi)
    Metagross @ SPPF: (my Ho-oh, Lugia and Mew for Deoxys X 3)
    Korinku @ SPPF: (my Shiny Charmander for Aruseus)
    rescue team powerpokes @ SPPF: (my Shiny Whismur for Celebi)
    Chadi @ SPPF: (my Mew for Shiny Swampert)
    Charizard Champion#06 @ SPPF: (my Shiny Charmander for a random Pokémon w/ Soul Dew)
    cybermew @ SPPF : (my Mew for Deoxys, my Shiny Charmander for Shiny Crobat)
    donovantxeevee @ SPPF : (my Bulbasaur w/ Magical Leaf and Grasswhistle for Shiny Oddish)
    pokeAjvmon @ SPPF : (my Shiny Kakuna w/ MasterBall for Celebi w/ Lucky Egg)
    pokemon master alan @ SPPF : (my Shiny Whismur for Shiny Golem, my Shiny Illumise for Shiny Beautifly)
    Ho-oh Master @ SPPF : (my Shiny Unown M for Celebi)
    Arbok Starship @ SPPF : (my Shiny Unown M for Shiny Torchic)

    snowdog4691 @ PWFW: (my Shiny Charmander for Deoxys)

    *All Pokémon and items I have are legitimate, and I would prefer to keep it that way.
    *I do not EV train most of my Pokémon, and those that I do are not up for trade.
    *Don't ask for Shiny Charmander, I'm limiting the number of clones I make for such a valuable, hard-earned shiny.
    *PM me if you want to set up a trade... I probably won't look here very often.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2007
  18. Nukada

    Nukada Kyogre Trainer

    What version you're waiting for: Diamond (GO DIALGA!!!)
    Pokemon you're trading:
    Pokemon in any nature:
    Feebas/milotic (yes I will evolve it for you w/o giving it any EVs)

    Pokemon available in one nature:
    Entei (all from colo)
    Kyogre (Non-ev trained, modest, 31 sp. at IVs, this guy took me more than 300 tries to get)
    Sceptile (Modest, EV trained for Speed and special attack, perfect special attack IV, and high everything else (except att.))
    Mewtwo (modest, trained for speed as special attack)
    Mew (neutral nature from TRU)
    Metang w/ refresh (from Pokemon Rocks 2005)
    Shiny Poochyana/Carvahna

    As an added bonus all pokes that I trade come with the Pokerus

    I have Enigma berries only availble via e-reader (IDK if you can trade these)
    Any TM you want (1-50)
    BP prizes from the BF

    And if I get a really good offer I may turn on my colo and pick up a stat-raising berry.
    Soul Dew

    Pokemon you want:
    Manafi (IDK if I'll ever get ranger) From what I have seen (I don't have it) Ranger is a game that has a singular storyline and unlike the main line of pokemo games it has a definate ending. I would be willing to trade anything above for one of these because of the time it takes to beat, considering how you can transfer one manafi per new game right?
    Good natured Deoxys for defense form
    Good natured Mew
    Any Celebi
    Any shiny legendary

    Items that I want:
    Lucky egg
    Master ball (before I finish the storyline of diamond so I can get the legendary trio of the nature that I want)

    Will only trade/trade for LEGIT/CLONED pokes. No exceptions. I don't have Aruseus on my list because there is currently NO legit way to get him.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2007
  19. DSlite

    DSlite UlTImaTe pIkAChU!

    Well Nukada, I have about 4 shiny Quazas all w/ Masterballs. I would like either the Kyogre or Mew, Idc if it's cloned, and I'm getting Pearl. I would also like to setup Trade/tradeback for getting Elekbile, Buuburn & Dosaidion w/ any honest player.
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