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The Official Signature Check Thread, version 2.0 - CHECKER APPLICATIONS CLOSED

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li'l help please?
Just to make sure it isn't too large.
I had to cut it because it exceeded the character limit.


JamieGreenan: It's fine.
Drake Poketrainer: It's fine, assuming you made the second image.
Mewluvr200: It's fine.
sig check plzy


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Mr. Yoshi: It's fine.
Nightning: It's fine, but also credit Teppo for the art used in the banner.
°oO Kamatari Oo°: It's fine.
raglflagl: It's fine.
Munchy.42: It's fine.
Sig check please! Banner made by me...

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Signature Check Plz and thanks


i cannot believe
Hn, my first sig check for 2009, so sig check please! =D

Just a few notes. Credit is the link of the banner. And, I believe that's 5 colors in total. I'm just not sure about the maximum height. I checked it in Fireworks, and the banner is smaller than the max height. But, still not sure though, so I'm making a siggy check. Thanks~ =)


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Is my sig ok?
Not open for further replies.