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The Official Signature Check Thread, version 2.0 - CHECKER APPLICATIONS CLOSED

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Shadow Tepi 8

Prince of Blue
I got a new banner in my sig so a check please!


I srsy am a Shinx
I needs a sig check.


Mel-Girl: It's fine.
Shadow Tepi 8: It's fine
Mr. Joker: It's fine if you have permission from LSA.
ShinxesAreCute: It's fine.


♥Tea for Two♥
Shuam. ;A;


Shadow Tepi 8: You're only allowed 5 colors max including default. Please remove one of the colors or re-color the default color using one of the already-existing color.


Foreva and alwaez...
sig check please!


miken park: It's fine.
Shining Vortex: It's fine if you've made the banner.
Pyrax: It's perfectly ok if you've made the image.
Babey blue: You are allowed only 2 pics. Your Butterfree image is 300x200, you should make it 2 images of 200x200 next to each other and remove the other 2 if you want to keep that one, or if you want to keep the other 2, remove the Butterfree one. Also credit the pics if you haven't made them yourself.
Sig check please :D


Back I guess??
shiny arceus - You're missing the credit for the Peach banner. If you made it, then it's fine!
pkmnhippy - you're fine!


♥Tea for Two♥
=[ One Correction ~ **PLEASE READ**

Babey blue: Other than what Slowking said about the 300 x 200 image, you are overstacking your sig. You are only allowed to have a height of 420 pixels and not more than that. (One other thing I need to correct beside the point is that, you are allowed to have 3 images | 2 banners | 2 images + 1 banner, not 2 images. ^^; Sorry for the possible misunderstanding~)


Yonowaru In Chaos: Assuming that one of those links in your sig link to credit, or that you made the banner, it's fine.
mi10ticFan: It's fine.
shiny arceus - You're missing the credit for the Peach banner. If you made it, then it's fine!

The banner links to the person who made it. But just making sure, is it still fine?
Not open for further replies.