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The Official Signature Check Thread, version 2.0 - CHECKER APPLICATIONS CLOSED

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Wi-fi Trader
Need a signature check please, I'm doing a few trades these holidays so I might as well update my signature, and seeing it's nothing special it's obvious that I made it myself >_>
I have a question about signatures, it isn't clearly in the rules so I figured out I could ask it in here. Do images (like those egg things) also count to your maximum image limit if they're under a spoiler or not?

Thanks in advance.


♥Tea for Two♥
Shiny qwilfish of doom: It's . . . probably at the borderline? @ quote. Some people can find that in the verge of rude/offensive/etc. Other than the quote, it's fine.
Matty_G33: As long as you made the banner yourself, you're fine.
Drake Pokétrainer: They count to your max number of images whether or not you place them under a spoiler tag.


Still Dirrty
Is this fine?


waterballoon: It's fine.
§Suicune§: It's fine.
CyberBlastoise: It's fine.


Brains for brawn
Making sure that this is okay.
Links to the source btw.


Atoyant:It's fine.


dragon trainer
Hi... I got a message on my signature saying that I have too many pictures.... I have less than 8..... Will that message count as a strike? Can I now take that message off my signature? Can someone please check my signature?



mai husbando
Signature check please and thank you. :D Credit is linked to the banner of course, I split the banner also but that doesn't really have to be noted on credits.
Not open for further replies.