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The Official Signature Check Thread, version 2.0 - CHECKER APPLICATIONS CLOSED

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~Heaven Help Us~: It's fine.
Dramatic Melody: It's fine.
Competitive5910: No need to post again...don't worry, it's fine.
acenarutokyubi: It's fine as long as you made the banner yourself. If not, please credit who did.
GalladeRocks: No, because if you have another banner, you will not be able to keep the image.
Takaru: The image is fan art. If you don't know who originally drew it, you cannot have it in your signature - so please credit the artist.
kirby8933083: It's fine.


This is a title.
like i said i always made the pic!
is it fine..?


DarkHonchkrow: It's fine.
tom-tom: It's fine.
SteelMetagross: It's fine broham.
Torosiken: The images are too big.
Blue Mew22: It's fine.
xMehx: You have too many colors in your sig.
2Bizzle: Too many images, max is 3.


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Mr. Joker: You need to credit the person who made the icons, not just the site you found them on.

And with that, this thread is closed! The new one will be up in a few minutes.

New thread.
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Not open for further replies.