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The Official Signature Check Thread

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If you're unsure that your signature complies with the rules, post here and either an authorized signature checker (listed below) or any SPPf staff member (mod, mod+, smod, or admin) will tell you if your signature abides by the SPPf Signature Rules.

Non-SPPf-Staff Signature Checkers

Trial Non-SPPf-Staff Signature Checkers*
Golden Pure

*They are still signature checkers and can do everything the same. The only difference is the trial checkers are new to the checking team, and will be moved into the other group after they have more experience.

Please read over these notes before posting here:

-This thread is for asking about if your signature (or future signature, if you want to put something in a post and ask if that would hypothetically be okay) follows the rules. This is not for asking for help about how to create a signature. The FAQ has some information about how to do various things with your signature. If you need help with something else, look around in Newbie Lounge, as there are many threads with lots of good information about signatures. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you may send a private message to either me or someone else who checks signatures frequently in this thread, and we will try to help you with your question.

-Do not try to check someone's signature if you are not a checker. In the distant past, anyone was allowed to check signatures and this led to a lot of people telling others wrong information, which led to chaos. This is why we have specific people who are allowed to check. If you try to check someone's signature and you are not a staff member or on the allowed list, you will be warned or infracted. Also, if you see someone else doing so, don't mini-mod and tell them, use the Report button or PM a moderator of Newbie Lounge.

-If you need to split/resize a banner or image in order to make it follow the signature rules, you can easily do so on Paint (which comes on every PC, though unfortunately not Macs) yourself. You can PM someone who checks sigs often in this thread either to have them do it for you or teach you how to do so yourself. If you need splitting, you can also use this neat online tool that will make perfect splits for you.

-While you cannot be "striked" right away after asking for a check in this thread, this does not give you permanent immunity. If you do not follow what a checker tells you to do and change your signature within two days, you will still receive any punishment you would have. Also, this does not count if you ask for a check then change it to something else (which breaks the rules) after getting it checked, you will still get the strike no matter how much time has passed.

Note that mistakes do sometimes happen. If you receive a strike when you were still on your "safe" period, or if a checker told you incorrectly that your signature was fine when it wasn't and you received a strike, contact me or another mod+/above and we will resolve it for you.

-We may accidentally skip you, especially if you posted at the same time as we were. If you get skipped and the checker who posted after you doesn't edit their post to include you soon after, calmly say "Hey, I was skipped, can I please get my signature checked?" or something. Don't be rude about it. We make mistakes sometimes too.

-Please don't ask to become a checker. When checkers are needed, the staff members who check often will either ask people individually to be checkers or create an open test for anyone who wants to be one to take. Right now, none are needed, so there is no reason to be asking.

-This doesn't exactly go here, but I've had enough questions about it, so here we go. If you see someone with a rule-breaking signature (not posting in this thread), you can PM it to me or another mod+/above to deal with. Using the Report button doesn't always work because not everyone who deals with reports has the power to edit signatures.

Well, that's all for now. Happy checking!

Mimori Kiryu

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Check please.


Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
fixed it, the banner links to proper credit.... thanks :3


Sig check please. Btw, I've saw people with more than three of the gpx images in thier signature. Do they count towards the overall limit of three images in your signature or not ?


Master of the Ground
Tis sig ok?

Calm PokeMaster

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Why does it say"Can upload Images for signature-no" in my signature permission?
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Torosiken: I would remove the spoiler, because you're pushing the maximum height. Just be sure not to add anything else. Otherwise, it's fine.
Mimori Kiryu: It's fine.
Mr. Joker: It's fine.
zhanton: It's fine.
Mi10ticFan: It's fine.
I'ma_penguin_95: Yes, they do. Also, if you came here for a check, it's fine.
LiteBlue-: It's fine.
Calm PokeMaster: Is that still the case? Because the image in your signature is too big - you'll have to re-size it or remove it. You also forgot to credit where you found it.

Red Globe

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Well, is it?


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PKMNfossilfreak: The banner is too big.
Witchan: It's fine.
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