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The Official Signature Check Thread

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Nine one six ~
I thought my sig is okay but I am not very sure now, so please check.


Is also a Naruto fan
Check my signature, please! I just wanted to make sure it's okay.


Selia: It's fine.
Pokefreak437: It's fine, assuming you made the banner.
Master Windfish: It's fine, assuming you made the banner.
Visual: Banner's too big and needs to be split.
Empoleon Bonaparte: Chewbacca picture is too large.
Spoinky: It's fine, assuming you made it.
XxpikapikaxX: You have too many colors in your sig. The maximum is 5 (including default).


Staff member
Super Mod
^ you're fine.


mai husbando
Check please, the credit for the manga coloring is linked to the banner. I wasn't sure if the comic's artist was needed to be listed as well, but it's listed too just in case.


Staff member
Visual: It's fine if you made the banner and the art within it.


Addict of the Knife
Is my signature alright? The banner has a link when you click it to give credit to the artist who made it.


Addict of the Knife
Alright, I split the image. Did that work properly, or do I need to go back and work on it some more?
Signature Check Please. I made the banner myself. Do I have to give credit for the Arkeis art? I have seen people using it without credit but if that isn't right I would be happy to give credit. Thankyou ^.^


Cyber Cyclone: I believe you still have to give credit to Arkeis. After all, you are using fan art. Otherwise, it's fine.
Not open for further replies.