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The Official Signature Check Thread

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Fire_Pokemon_Master_271: It's fine.
interstellas: The banner is too big and needs to be split.
Flurried Rains: It's fine, assuming you made the banner or credit is in the link.


Arukate Énigme
Edited my sig so check for the last time plz.


Is my signs okay? Or I have to get rid of 1 o.e? I thought it would be okay to have two signs because I saw a banner that was bigger than both of my signs together o.e


true love
9dragonbreed: cite the source of the trainer card somewhere and it'd be fine. If you made the trainer card, it's fine.
swampsperts: you were not skipped by me, I said there were no images but it's fine now. Though cite the source of the image somewhere.
Wassay: goodness no, the first image and the banner below it are WAAAAY over the limit. And you cannot have more than three outside images so you should remove the oversized banners / images and one userbar.
zandgaia: cite the maker / source of the icon and it'd be fine.
junpearl63: the banner is over the limit and lacks proper citation to maker.
Oet-Oet: the banner is over the limit so get it resized or split into two images.
/\/iels: the first banner is over the limit and the second lacks citation of source / maker.
cybermew: cite the maker of the banner or if you made it, it's fine.


Well-Known Member
Sig check please, and if it's OK, let me know how many more lines I can put in please.


Slightly inactive
I need a check.
Not open for further replies.