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The Official Signature Check Thread

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signature check please. i made the banner.


Big Shot Trainer
is my sig following the rules? Im not sure if the xbox sig is allowed, and if its not allowed sorry in advance.


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Sig check please

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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My signature told me to get it checked here, so I thought I should.

Also, just wondering...why don't bans for small reasons like signature offences expire, like infractions do? I mean, I can understand if they did something really bad, like alt. accounting, but being banned for 3 weeks due to having a banner only a few pixels over the limit seems a bit harsh...especially as it's only my 5th offence over five years...a warning PM saying something like "We have found your signature to be [x] amount of pixels over the limit, if the problem is not addressed within 7 days then you shall receive a ban" I think that's only fair considering how strict this forum's signature rules are, and I'm on other forums with other rules, and I make banners to use on all forums, not just one...

oh well, anyway, sig told me to get it checked.
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Calm And Hyper
The part of my signiture showing my friend code keeps changing size without me doing anything. Is it ok at the moment, because I'm not sure if its a mod that changed it or me accidentally.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
The part of my signiture showing my friend code keeps changing size without me doing anything. Is it ok at the moment, because I'm not sure if its a mod that changed it or me accidentally.

Remember that the size limit is Size 4 and under, if it is Size 5 or higher, then it would not be allowed. Tbh, if a mod just simply edited the size, that's far much better treatment than others have had....


true love
Ampy: the banner is too big. Please resize the banner.
junpearl63: it's fine if you made the sprite.
Pamizard: it's fine.
Lil Crickee: the banner is over the limit, please get it resized or split.
Flurried Rains: it's fine.
Mel-Girl: it's fine.
Double-oh-Platypus: your signature is over the maximum height, please get rid of a few lines.
venra77: cite the source of the Azelf image properly as well as the bottom image.
Infernape Rulez: the banner is over thel imit, get it resized or split.
frostypookie: the first banner is over the limit so get it removed asap and resized / split.
Rosemary: it's fine.
Lucariofan-atic: it's fine.
zhanton: it's fine.
Darkrai00: it's fine, but if you add another userbar, it might get over the height limit.
Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior: it was a moderator who edited your signature and the message to get it checked meant for your future signature design(s). Bans for signature offences do end, but the strike remains on your profile for other moderators to keep track of and serve as a reminder for you not to commit the same offence again. You had FOUR reminders before your fifth one came and each strike after the third increases the ban by a week, but now you cannot have a signature anymore. Also, no need for you to respond to the other user. I'm quite sure a moderator would not modify someone's signature to be rule breaking.
CAH: please lower the entire sentence about your friend code. If you really tried to put it to three, then I will manually edit it to size 3. That is too much for size four. It should be fine now, but if someone asks you to remove the quotes, please comply.


Staff member
Holy ****. Sorry in advance if I miss someone, this is a LOT of sigs.

Ampy: You definitely did not make the art inside the banner. You need to give credit for it.
junpearl63: It's fine if you made the image.
Pamizard: It's fine.
SHINY CATCHER: Well you're banned... so come back when your ban is over.
Lil Crickee: The banner is too big.
Flurried Rains: It's fine.
Mel-Girl: It's fine if you made the art in the banner.
Double-oh-Platypus: It's too tall.
venra77: You need to give credit or properly link back to the sites the images are from.
Infernape Rulez: The banner is too big and you need to give credit if you didn't make it.
frostypookie: The top banner is too big and you need to give credit if you didn't make the bottom one.
Rosemary: It's fine.
Lucariofan-atic: It's fine.
zhanton: It's fine.
Darkrai00: It's too tall.
Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior: That's a default message, if you're sigbanned, you're not allowed to change it so there's no point in checking. As for the rules, every single person is expected to read the rules and know them, they really are not hard to learn, and this thread exists. Warning PM's are a complete waste of time on the part of the staff because we don't have time to baby people and check up on them to see if they changed it. It's your own responsibility. Being a member for so long you'd think you'd know the rules by now, no? Also don't spam up the thread by replying to other people, thanks.
CAH: It's fine how it is, and since it's only size 3, I don't know why a mod would change it. It's most likely that you did it yourself, since if you break the rules, you will get a message in your signature saying so and a usernote recording your offense.

EDIT: Awww, Eefi beat me with that huge load lol. Oh well, I'll leave it up here anyways since it took forever :B


Light The Stars
^ 300 x 160 = 48000 doesn't it?

The Mismagius is official artwork, so I guess I can give credit, but the background artwork came from an art program so I don't know who to give credit too :/


true love
Ampy: and the limit for banners is 46800 pixels. I have absolutely no clue what your image had been. No, I don't think I should memorize it either.
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