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The Official Signature Check Thread

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Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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Holy ****. Sorry in advance if I miss someone, this is a LOT of sigs.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior: That's a default message, if you're sigbanned, you're not allowed to change it so there's no point in checking. As for the rules, every single person is expected to read the rules and know them, they really are not hard to learn, and this thread exists. Warning PM's are a complete waste of time on the part of the staff because we don't have time to baby people and check up on them to see if they changed it. It's your own responsibility. Being a member for so long you'd think you'd know the rules by now, no? Also don't spam up the thread by replying to other people, thanks.
Notice how it says to get my signature checked and to read the rules...yet mine will be disabled soon...I don't see a point in that. One could see it as patronising, as they CAN'T check their signature because they won't have one.

and is it wrong that I try and help other people by pointing something out, which in fact saves you guys more time, and allows you to focus on the more complicated ones? SPAM is a Stupid, Pointless and Annoying Message....it wasn't stupid, it wasn't pointless, all it was, was a message, trying to help.


Staff member
It's a default message given to anyone whose sig I edit, and almost all of the higher-ups have their own default sig message. And people who aren't authorized signature checkers are not allowed to post in this thread apart from asking for a check or saying thank you. It leads to misinformation and pointless posts. Now stop posting here before you get an infraction.
well, if the banner is too big, could someone be kind enough to split it for me? the computer i have access to atm only saves as bitmap, and i wouldn't want it to be deleted by the time i had access to my computer.


true love
Lil Crickee: here are the split images: [noparse]http://i28.*******.com/2zyzr06.jpghttp://i29.*******.com/2ajx4k6.jpg[/noparse]

Please upload onto your own server (hosting site). I will be deleting them off my account tomorrow.


Calm And Hyper
Thanks for the help


Well-Known Member
Oh sorry! I edited out a few lines and stuff so can you please check it again? I'm pretty sure that it's just inside the limit now. Thanks for the help ^^


New Member
excuse me, i've created myself a signature in paint and saved it as a GIF file. can someone please tell me how I would go about getting it into my signature?

Flurried Rains

~No Day But Today.
Just a few questions. Is that kissing image that is faded into the background of my banner going to be a problem or anything? Also, is crediting art from deviantArt with the link "image credit" in my banner appropriate as well. I had to put both of the artists links on another post since I already had two external links in my banner. Thanks in advance.


♥Tea for Two♥
Ash^_^: The banner is too big. Please split or resize it. If you didn't make the banner yourself, please credit the original maker.
Double-oh-Platypus: You're fine.
Crowey793: Upload it to photobucket or *******. After that, get the image link and put it in the [*/IMG] tag without the *.
[B]Flurried Rains[/B]: Er I guess it's fine? However, won't the post be counted as SPAM then? :S Fyi, you are allowed 5 non-Serebii links. If you have included some serebii.net or serebiiforums links, they won't count towards that 5 limit. If you have a google link, then any links inside that google page won't count as well as it will only appear as one link in your sig here. ^^; Thought that might help you out a bit.

Erik Destler

cool cool cool
zandgaia ~ Your banner is 3900 pixels too large. :) Please resize it so it's not larger than 46800 pixels. :(


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Sig check please! Thank you!


♥Tea for Two♥
zandgaia: It's still too big. ^^; Resize or split it.
Torpoleon: That image is way too big. Please resize it. Also that image causes your image to break the 420 pixels sig height limit as well.
Ash^_^: Please resize or split the banner. It's over 46800 pixels.
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