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The Official Signature Check Thread

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am i okay??

p.s. i like peanut butter

p.s.s smam is the new spam

p.s.s.s SMAM?


is mine alright now? and also is this banner to big or would it be fine to stick in there if i took one of the other pics out.



Staff member
Ash^_^: It's fine if you made the image.
megacool8: You have too many outside images and you need to give credit if you didn't make them.
Darkrai00: It's fine, and you could add that as long as you did not break the height rule and gave credit.


Expect theUnexpected
Is my new, hopefully not violating sig okay?

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
I am pretty sure it is okay.... I am worried that I have to meany outside links though =( thanks!


Playing White 2
Sig check please.

Im damn sure its fine, but as usual, better safe than sorry :p
How's mine? I thought, since it's been a while since I've changed it and my GIMP skills are getting a bit better so thought I might change the Pokémon featured in my signature. So is it okay?


Hail to da king baby
I'm not sure maybe mine's too long...the team part...is it okay?


sorry but i want another check. instead of the other banner i put this one in, and i wanted to make sure its still ok and under the height limit. i made the ursaring one so no credit needed i dont think.


♥Tea for Two♥
FilipeKC: You're fine.
~Dragon_Master~: Please split the image into two or resize it. A banner is 46800 pixels max and a regular image is 40000 pixels.
SmoG878: Please resize or split the image. It's too big.
Cyber Cyclone: It's fine.
KingRaichu: The banner is too big.
Darkrai00: You're fine.
Mr. Joker: You have too many outside images. Please remove one of them.


The Next Legend
I've split the image, is it okay now?

And SmoG787, the image is still to big, you need to resize it or split it like Kiori said. Just a heads up.


SmoG878: The banner's too big. The maximum sizwe should be 46800 pixels. So you have to resize it or split it. And credit if you didn't make it yourself.
~Dragon_Master~: It's ok if you've made the image. Nice btw. :)


probably elsewhere
Sig check. Icon linked to maker, and I've checked the colors to be just 5.
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