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The Official Signature Check Thread

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♥Tea for Two♥
Torpoleon: You would have to resize the original pic, split it to images under 40K pixels if needed, then you may put that other pic in your sig. Otherwise, I can't think of another way. D:
Dark Eevee: You're fine as long as the sprites you used on those banners are made by you. Otherwise, give the proper credit(s).
Double-oh-Platypus: You should split your Terriermon banner. It's over the 46800 pixels for a banner.

Flame Haji

Dark Type Trainer
Sig check please? And Thanks!!!


Staff member
Double-oh-Platypus: It's fine.
Infernape Rulez: It's fine.
Dark Eevee: The image is too big.
AquaMilotic: It's fine.
Mr. Joker: It's fine.
kirby8933083: It's fine.
Flame Haji: It's fine.


Signature check please ^^


Sparkling Star
sig check please


kyuusou: it's fine if you made the sprite assembly thing.
electricbluewolf: yeah it's too big and is gonna need to be split.
rosemary: you have four images, one needs to be taken out.
BUG: it's much too large.

Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
Is mine all right?
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