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The Official SPPf Alternate TCG Recent Pulls Thread


{5D's Elite Duelist}
I got Gold Series 4 in the mail today. Here's what I got:

Gold Rares:
Morphing Jar
Royal Oppression
Trap Stun

Commons of interest:
Millennium Shield
Injection Fairy Lily
White-Horned Dragon
Toon Dark Magician Girl
Orichalcos Shunoros
Toon World (JP Pegasus Structure Deck artwork)
Sage's Stone
Magic Formula

I got pretty good cards.

Nice one

I got some Nordics

Tanngrisnir (2)
Gleipner the Fetters of Fenrir (2 Ultra, 1 Ulti Total = 3)


I went to the Sneak Peek yesterday and ended up with these good cards.

Steelswarm Roach ScR
Number 34: Terror-Byte UtR
Quill Pen of Gulldos SR
Blue-Blooded Oni SR

And I won the random playmat too. :D
Bought a Hidden Arsenal Special Edition.

Cards I didn't have:

Genex Army
Fabled Dyf
Evolution Burst

Then I bought a Hidden Arsenal 2 pack by itself

Cards I didn't have:

If you're curious, the secret rare in Hidden Arsenal 3 was Naturia Cliff (Yay, I have three now.) The secret rare in the Hidden Arsenal 2 by itself? Genex Army. x_x


Justified Trope
A few weeks ago, when I last bought a card back, I got two Shooting Star Dragons in one pack. o_o
A few weeks ago, when I last bought a card back, I got two Shooting Star Dragons in one pack. o_o

Wow, I've never gotten more than one Ultra in one pack. On two occasions I have gotten 3 Supers in the same pack, and on one occasion I got two packs that each ended up with 5 Normals (I should buy packs in Nevada more often; two of the two I got there had really good results).

When I went to the Generation Force sneak peek, I got only one Ultra rare, Wonder Wand. I got many trade offers for it, but decided to wait until I got home to see how valuable it really was before deciding to trade it. Every sneak peek it's the same thing: one extremely valuable and/or highly sought-after card that everybody keeps pestering me about until I crack and trade it just to make them stop asking. This pattern has gone on for quite a while and included such things as White Night Dragon, X-Saber Darksoul, Naturia Bamboo Shoot, Scrap Twin Dragon, Ghost rare Odin, and now Wonder Wand.


{5D's Elite Duelist}
Friend pulled 2 Ultimate Glow-Up Bulbs from 5 packs.

I hit him after he pulled the first (from his 2nd pack)
Then I nearly killed him when he got his second (last pack)
Bought my first two Generation Force packs. Let the bad luck begin! Cards are posted from front to back, of course, just to show my bad luck:

Pack one:

Explosive Urchin
Wind-Up Soldier
Phantom Magician
Peeking Goblin
Sea Lancer (Rare)
Thunder Short
Mask Change
Utopian Aura
Crashbug Z

Pack two:

Wind-Up Soldier
Phantom Magician
Peeking Goblin
Ghost Ship (Rare)
Laval Magma Cannoneer
Legendary Wind-Up Key
Poki Draco
Poseidon Wave

What. The. Hell.
I was getting at the fact that three of the cards in the second pack were doubles pulled in the exact order as the first, and I don't have a use for any of those cards.
In Yugioh... I have a Raiza coming in from a friend.

In MTG, I got, recently:
-Falling Star
-Ashes to Ashes (The Dark)
-Vengeful Pharaoh
-Grave Pact (Tenth Ed)
-City of Brass (Chronicles)
-Dread Reaper (Portal)
-Caged Sun
-Goblin Grenade (M12)
-Smallpox (M12)
-Copy Enchantment
-High Tide (Fallen Empires: Amy Weber)
-Skullclamp (Darksteel)
-Sol Ring (Commander)
-Living Death (Phyrexia vs. Coalition)


Yesterday I went to my local card shop and bought all of the GENF cards I wanted, and a few others. Here's a list of what I got.

Lonefire Blossom SR
Call of the Haunted SR (Now I have 2)
Summoner Monk GLDR (Now I have 2)
Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon SR
Leviathan Dragon GHR
Leviathan Dragon UtR
Leviair the Sea Dragon UtR
Lost Blue Breaker ScR

That and last week I bought a ScR BLS for $20 before it went up. XD
I just bought a box with 24 packs of Generation Force:

Leviathan Dragon
A Hero Lives
Piercing Moray (Ultimate)
Raigeki Jar (Ultimate)
Pain Painter
Vision HERO Trinity
That two-headed shark XYZ monster
Super Crashbug
Infected Mail

Then I got 5 more packs because I had gotten a discount on the box (I had come prepared to spend about 20 more for the box than I did anyway):
Another A HERO Lives (this one Ultimate)
Masked HERO Vapor


Better then you
I also got a box of GENF

Orient Dragon x1
Wonder Wand x1 (ultimate)
No.17 Leviathan Dragon x2 (1 ultra 1 ghost)
Wind up Factory x1
Masked Hero Trinity x1
Time Escaper x1
Surface x1
No.34 Terror Byte x1 (ultra)
Gagaga Magician x1
My third Generation Force pack!

The rare was Jawsman.
And... got an ultimate rare Number 34: Terror-Byte. The moral of the story is weekend pulls are better than weekday pulls.
-Skullclamp (Darksteel)
what is the point in even owning this card, it's banned in everything.

i did a few drafts with friends a few weeks ago. i don't really remember what i got, but i know i managed to grab garruk, primal hunter. others were sutured ghoul, manabarbs, and i don't even remember what my som / mbs / nph rares were. i know i opened two dual lands from m12 but didn't pick either of them. one of my friends managed to get flameblast dragon AND gideon jura, so he did pretty well.