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The Official SPPf Alternate TCG Recent Pulls Thread

The Admiral

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Traded for two Blind Obediences, a Stomping Ground, a Kaalia (since I had to sell the old deck running her a while ago), a Time Stretch, and some other various crap.


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I haven't posted here for a very long time. I got a Cosmo Blazer Special Edition pack as a birthday present from one of my brother's friends. I pulled a ZW - Leo Arms and a Mermail Abysstrite from the packs. For the Special Edition promo, I pulled a Blade Armor Ninja.


My last booster pack purchase was of three Raging Battle packs. I pulled two Rares (Torapart and Moja) and a Super Rare (Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis). Nothing of worth basically.


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My last purchase I know of was a booster of Shadows Over Innistrad. I pulled an Obsessive Skinner and a Town Gossipmonger, which captures the worst of humanity, and Avacyn's Judgment. Me. Gusta.


I call you honey
Pulled a Secret Rare Firewall Dragon out of a discounted Code of the Duelist pack. Feels good man.


Paladin of the Snow Queen
Pulled Z-ARC and one of his gates out of a random pack


Walked into my local supermarket, bought one of the newest pack, got Trickstar Bouquet and Gouki Master Ogre.
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Paladin of the Snow Queen
Pulled Borreload Dragon out of a random pack, also Got Crusadia Magus and Dragunity Lyun in a separate one, as well as Trickster Light Arena, as well as Knightmare Phoenix and Ghost Bird of Bewitchment.

EDIT: Got the Crusadia Field Spell as well.
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