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The Official SPPf Member x Member Shipping List

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Meowth City, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    ♥~♥~♥ The Official SPPf Member x Member Shipping List ♥~♥~♥
    All claims from the previous thread are now null and void.

    Welcome to the brand new Official SPPf Member x Member Shipping List!
    In this thread, we keep track of all the shippings between members of SPPf! Whether it be canon, friends or crack and such, this is the place to list them! Please take the time to read this post, so you’ll know exactly how to go about claiming your couple name!


    The list, as well as the strike/ban list, will be contained in the post below this one. Please check the list before claiming!

    ♥ All SPPF and Shipping Community rules apply
    ♥ You must be a member of SPPf for at least a month.
    ♥ YOU have to be a part of the ship that you are posting here.
    ♥ When you post, please explain why you named the shipping the name you did.
    ♥ First come, first serve. If there is already a ship with your name, don't complain. There are over a million words from different languages you could use for your ship. How to see if the name's taken? The list is in alphabetical order, but if you're lazy, simply use ctrl + f to search for the name.
    ♥ Please use the forms provided correctly. Failure to do so will result in you not receiving the claim.
    ♥ Do not bash any couples or members. Those that fail to respect this rule will be punished accordingly.
    ♥ BE PATIENT. Many of us have responsibilities outside of SPPF. We will add your claims when we can.
    ♥ When listing canon ships, please bold the the ship name to let us know. (We're also offering color services so, if you want, please specify which color for whichever ship.)
    ♥ If the member in a ship you're going to list down has already put you and him/her in a ship of their own, you will not be allowed to have the same ship with a different name. It seems a little selfish.
    ♥ If you notice any mistakes in the list, simply send a PM to either one of us and we'll fix it for you.
    ♥ Do not ask to be a helper. We will appoint someone if or when we need one.


    If you break a rule, you receive a strike.

    One strike = 3 days ban
    Two strikes = 1 week ban
    Three strikes = 3 weeks ban
    Four strikes = 1 month ban
    Five strikes = Perma-Ban

    If you post while you are banned, you will receive another strike. After five strikes, you will be perm-banned from posting in this thread, so you have been warned.

    Basic Claim Form
    ______shipping: member x member
    If you're somehow confused or something, change the underscores ( _'s ) with the shipping name you want. Along with replacing member with the EXACT names of the members in that ship (mainly you and someone, and if a polyship, other people).

    If it's a polyship you are claiming, then all you have to do is add another x member into the form.

    If it's a canon ship, just bold the "___ship: member x member" when you post. You can color it too, but that's optional.
    No color and bold: Non-canon ships
    Colored and bolded: Canon ships
    Bolded: Canon ships

    And that's it! Feel free to include a story about the ship with your post.

    Ship Name Change Form

    Old Ship name: [Type the ship name here]
    New Ship name: [Type in the new ship name you wish for here]
    Ship's name: [Type in the name of your ship and everyone in it]

    Username Change Form

    Old Username: *insert previous username here*
    New Username: *insert your new name here*
    Ships: (just the ship names)

    Claim Drop Form

    Username: *insert your username here*
    Dropping claim(s): (just the ship names)

    Username: Meowth City
    Dropping claim(s): SomeShipping, OtherShipping

    Other Claiming Threads:

    The Official Couple/Poly/Crossover Claiming Thread
    The Official Member x Fictional Character Claiming Thread
    The Official Member x Celebrity Claiming Thread


    Got any questions or concerns? Contact Meowth City or xEryChan

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2019
  2. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    The List
    AcquaintanceShipping: Spectro889 x SerenaForTheWin
    AdventuresShipping: TopGengar999 x Benny+Lilia+Ash
    AdviceShipping: matthew11 x SerenaForTheWin
    AirFlyheadshipping: TRUE DOOM MURDERHEAD x Deku_Link
    Amieshipping: SerenaForTheWin x BubChan
    AssistanceShipping: SerenaForTheWin x esm8m
    ATRLShipping: Lorde x Dax
    BeautifulSoulShipping: PrismaticPrincessAnna x Meowth City
    BestWishesHolicShipping - Airi-Chan x Benny+Lilia+Ash
    BishieShipping: 1rkhachatryan x ~CallOfTheIndie~
    ChineseShipping: Matthewthemeowth x SerenaForTheWin
    Commonwealthshipping: Mister_SGG x Rezzo
    Confectioneryshipping: SerenaForTheWin x DarkLucarioADV
    Confidentialshipping: SerenaForTheWin x torterra_4_the_win
    Encountershipping: Huhadude x SerenaForTheWin
    Fanficshipping: SerenaForTheWin x Porygon-Z7727
    FateShipping: MonMonCandie x SerenaForTheWin
    FirePerformerShipping: Dawn+Serena Fan x Cresselia92
    FireSideShipping: Ofcorsola x Pokegirl Fan~
    HotGuyshipping: xEryChan x Schade
    HuggableShipping: Bulbasaur3 x SerenaForTheWin
    InLoveShipping: BubChan x Torterra_4_The_Win
    KalosQueenshipping: Serena61033 x Dawn+Serena Fan
    MagicShipping: Huhadude x BubChan
    MarvelShipping: torterra_4_the_win x ~CallOfTheIndie
    MewYearShipping - xEryChan x Victorian Rush
    NeoSinnohshipping: TopGengar999 x torterra_4_the_win
    NitelightShipping: Midnite♪ x SilverLanayru
    NumberShipping: SerenaForTheWin x Vycksta
    OfCrushesOfFriendsShipping: BubChan x SerenaForTheWin x torterra_4_the_win
    PlatonicShipping: AwesomeGrovyle x Bubchan
    PlushieShipping: Sheepy Lamby x SerenaForTheWin
    PrincessAndHerEscortShipping: matthew11 x SerenaForTheWin x Spectro889
    RegisFlowShipping: Regi_Rocks x Flo
    ResistanceShipping: TopGengar999 x DarkLucarioADV
    ScarfMentalityShipping: Dragalge x ~CallOfTheIndie~
    Serenashipping: Dawn+Serena Fan x SerenaForTheWin
    ShippersNationShipping - TopGengar999 x Chianti
    SquabbleShipping: Inferno792 x SerenaForTheWin
    SuggestionShipping: autisticsceptile1993 x SerenaForTheWin
    ThrobbingbananaShipping: Kirby x Ellie
    UnrealShipping: Huhadude x AwesomeGrovyle
    WantedRushshipping: xEryChan x Mizz Nikki
    WolfnaoticShipping: Wolfaotic x -Nator-

    Strike List
    None. Let's keep it that way.[/ I

    Ban List
    None. Let's keep it that way.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 24, 2017
  3. SerenaForTheWin

    SerenaForTheWin Yusarin >_<

    Confectioneryshipping - SerenaForTheWin x DarkLucarioADV - At first we were having trouble on how to name our ship thus we ended asking one another if we have anything in common. We both said we have common in sweets particularly chocolate, so we try to find a word which define sweet and we ended up with confectionery. Confectionery means a shop selling sweets and I feel that it will fit both of us - SerenaForTheWin

    AssistanceShipping - SerenaForTheWin x esm8m - Assistance comes form the word assist meaning to help, this name was chosen ever since I got to the What's This Ship Called thread. Recently I was only a minor shipper until one time where I get to fill a lot of shipping submissions in that thread then I ask myself to volunteer to become her assistant. And she (esm8m) approves thus I ended up being her official assistant , then we help each other whenever there is a confusing submission in tumblr/bulbagarden/or here at serebii - SerenaForTheWin

    Encountershipping - Huhadude x SerenaForTheWin - The reason for our name well since we both had our first meeting here at serebii through threads, I find the word encounter suitable here as it can mean our first meeting - SerenaForTheWin
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2014
  4. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    Just letting you know that there should be a colon ( : ) after the shipping name. The formatting just makes it easier on us when we add to the list.

    For example: Confectioneryshipping: SerenaForTheWin x DarkLucarioADV

    However, since I'm feeling nice and it is such a minor error, I will let it slide.

    All claims have been approved and added!
    including the ones made in the failed thread from earlier as listed below


    BubChan's Claims:
    Amieshipping: SerenaForTheWin x BubChan - Amie is friend in French.
    MagicShipping : Huhadude x BubChan - We use colors in some words here in Serebii and we say that this is magic.
    PlatonicShipping: AwesomeGrovyle x bubchan - Other users says "AG and Bub loves each other" but we always says that our relationship is platonic

    Huhadude's Claim:
    UnrealShipping: Huhadude x AwesomeGrovyle - I chose this name because we consider this relationship unreal/platonic.

    SerenaForTheWin's Claim:
    Fanficshipping: SerenaForTheWin x Porygon-Z7727 - Our name comes from the shortcut of the word fan fiction and since we both like to write fan fiction stories and even until now, that's where our shipping name comes from.

    Mister_SGG's Claim:
    Commonwealthshipping: Mister_SGG x Rezzo - He is British and I am Canadian and both our countries are part of the Commonwealth.

    Lorde's Claim:
    ATRLShipping: Lorde x Dax - ATRL is a site that we both visit frequently, so it seems fitting for our ship's name.
  5. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    Throbbingbananashipping: Kirby x Ellie. Ellie and I came up with this name because I was following her on Mario Kart with a banana and they throb when you hold them........ and she wouldn't start the game without me making this post...
  6. xEryChan

    xEryChan Tsundere Mage Staff Member Moderator

    Approved and added to the list :)
  7. Shouting at the Morning Sun

    Shouting at the Morning Sun An Overwhelming Surplus of Diggity

    AirFlyheadshipping: TRUE DOOM MURDERHEAD x Deku_Link - After years of knowing eachother, we have both come to notice the main things we have in common. We are tall. We both answer to flyhead. This is our story.
  8. SerenaForTheWin

    SerenaForTheWin Yusarin >_<

    Confidentialshipping: SerenaForTheWin x torterra_4_the_win - Its because both of us like to keep things to ourselves and that will also result that we are very secretive, Confidential actually means secret to both of our understanding - SerenaForTheWin
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2014
  9. ~CallOfTheIndie~

    ~CallOfTheIndie~ Now on vinyl

    BishieShipping: 1rkhachatryan x ~CallOfTheIndie~. "Bishie" is what Robert and I call each other.
    ScarfMentalityShipping: Dragalge x ~CallOfTheIndie~. It's what somebody called us on the "Ship the Above Two Posters" thread, putting together his previous Greninja avi with my caption "Femme Mentality". It's also the Ship in his movie script.
  10. SerenaForTheWin

    SerenaForTheWin Yusarin >_<

    HuggableShipping: Bulbasaur3 x SerenaForTheWin - Our name actually comes from her profile and my thoughts about her, In my opinion I really feel that I would like to hug her and as for her it is written on her profile that she feels she wants to hug someone ( could be anyone of her friends including me) plus we're both females so its a bonus - SerenaForTheWin

    question: sorry if this seems to be a little off-topic, since you said that the one who submit has to be a member for at least a month but what about his/her partner - does he/she needs to also be a member for at least a month to be part of that ship?
  11. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    All the above claims have been approved and added to the list!

    No, the rules only apply to the person submitting the claim.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2014
  12. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    BeautifulSoul shipping: PopPrincess_Lyra x Meowth City

    Reason: Well you liked thr song, even me. So kinda thought of it. And i don't remember any more... Was made years ago... Is that a good reason?

    OH YES I DID, MEOWCY >:3 nya~
  13. xEryChan

    xEryChan Tsundere Mage Staff Member Moderator

    Approved and added to the list.
  14. SilverLanayru

    SilverLanayru It's a mystery.

    So I see this one came back again. xD Time to repost/reclaim. *w*
    (And yes, I did ask permission with my significant other again, just in case. xP)

    NitelightShipping: Midnite♪ x SilverLanayru
    Reason: We've been besties ever since we first met on here six years ago. It took us about three years to finally admit our feelings for one another, but it was well worth it. Despite the geographical distance barrier, we're still making it work because our love is just too strong. :3 We deemed the name of our shipping 'Nitelight', based off of our internet aliases: 'Nite' from Midnite, and 'light' from my old username lightlanayru. And the colors used in this are both of our favorite colors respectively, purple and blue.
  15. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    ^ Approved and added to the list!
  16. SerenaForTheWin

    SerenaForTheWin Yusarin >_<

    SquabbleShipping: Inferno792 x SerenaForTheWin - Since sometimes we disagree on matters and may revolve in a start of an petty argument. Squabble is another word for argument - SerenaForTheWin
  17. Koharu_Hinata

    Koharu_Hinata Doki Doki Sunshine!

    Question: Can we use transfer a name from the "Give the Two Posters Above a Shipping Name" thread? As in you and the other member in the ship was given a shipping name by another member who posted below the two of you and recycling it on here. Crediting that person who came up with it of course. Or does it have to be entirely original? Just wondering. Thanks!
  18. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    Approved and added to the list!

    If all parties agree to it, I don't see why not.
  19. Koharu_Hinata

    Koharu_Hinata Doki Doki Sunshine!

    Okay, thanks for letting me know.

    ResistanceShipping: TopGengar999 x DarkLucarioADV

    Reason: Chianti came up this one. It's a common name but considering the types of Lucario and Gengar. Fighting, Steel, Ghost, Poison, are types that would be the kind to persevere through obstacles. 100% platonic by the way.
  20. torterra_4_the_win

    torterra_4_the_win Ya want some?

    MarvelShipping: torterra_4_the_win x ~CallOfTheIndie

    Reason: Both of us love Marvel (superheroes) and we believe that everyone should marvel at our friendship :3

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