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The Official SPPf Member x Member Shipping List

Meowth City

Staff member
^ Approved and added to the list!


Falling Roses
BestWishesHolicShipping - Airi-Chan x Benny+Lilia+Ash. Both are biggest fan of Best Wishes and Benny+Lilia+Ash understanding me about yaoi ships

Pokegirl Fan~

Well-Known Member
FirePerformerShipping-Dawn+Serena FanxCresselia92-I have a Serena avatar and she has a Delphox avatar and Serena is a performer.


The light is coming
RegisFlowShipping: Regi_Rocks x Flo

Basically our usernames mashed together. It started in the "banned" thread in the games section.


Demon Child
Denied. You did not fill the form out correctly.

Strike 1, please try again in three days.

-Its a fusion of our names and we have a lot in common as our favorite anime characters who happens to have a romantic shipping.
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Demon Child
Both of the above claims have been accepted and added to the list.


Brock and Misty!
FireSideShipping: Ofcorsola x Pokegirl Fan~

Our ship name comes from that one of my favorite Pokemon character is May and Pokegirl Fan~'s favorite is Serena. Both May and Serena has the fire type starter for their generation.