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~The Official SPPF Platinum Battle Frontier Ranking Hall~

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I'll still try to make my presence from time to time in this thread to try and keep it alive:D


It doesn't look like this thread's getting stuck, guys. Look at my VM conversation with Shining Mew and Ellie for more details.

The best we can hope to do is advertise the thread, and hope it gets more traffic.


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Level 50 Battle Factory Singles:


Rentals last used:


It's a fairly low streak but, I can still continue it at anytime soon, which I plan on doing and by the way, Kadabra in the Battle Factory Level 50 is very hard to counter so it's a good thing I had mawile to counter it with one bite:D

Johny boy

I'm playing SS!
Frontier:Battle Arcade
Battle Video:95-10978-39985


From Zero To Hero
Team: Starmie, Scizor, and Garchomp
Battle Tower: 48
Battle Arcade: 49*
Battle Factory: 39
Battle Castle: 21*
Battle Hall: 48
*unbroken streak

I feel stupid now because I could have won at the Battle Tower, as I thought my Scizor was faster than his Heatran, so I chose Brick Break instead of Bullet Punch. I should have broken its Focus Sash, but alas, I didnt, and the battle went down hill from there. BTW, if anyone wants a banner like the one I have in my signature, PM me.


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Another Update:


Battle Factory Open Level Multi Battle:

That's the highest streak me and my brother got over thanksgiving yesterday which is pretty pathetic but, the Battle Factory makes it pretty challenging to get a high streak:( Will continue trying though:D


I don't think (s.i.e) is maintaining the thread anymore. PM him if you have questions.

Dan The Poke Man

Dan The Poke Man

Battle factory:
Single lv50: 7
Double lv50: 2
Multi lv50: 0

Single open lv: 43
Double open lv: 0
Multi open lv: 0

Used team: (For single open level) Octillery, Vileplume, Blaziken


Holier Than Thou

EDIT!!!!!Singles: 53(lost to a Yanmega with Double Team >.>)
Used team: Lucario, Tyranitar, Salamence

Battle factory:
Single lv50: 2 (LOL)
EDIT!!!!!Single open lv: 21* (Finally got all the silver prints, yay! ^__^)
Used team: Porygon-z, Heracross, Gliscor

Battle arcade:
Singles: 34
Used team: Ugh, I don't remember this either... Probably the same as the BT team or the Battle Castle team.x__X

Battle castle:
Singles: 34
Used team: Lucario, Tyranitar, Dragonite

Battle hall:
Single: 62
Used team: Infernape
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The Essential One
I haven't been here lin a while. Anyway.
Battle Arcade
Singles: 21 win streak and going
Team Used: Staraptor, Alakazam, Swampert

Champion Shirona

Well-Known Member
Battle Arcade and Castle
21 streak S


great rank trainer
new streak at the battle tower

battle tower
wi-fi 19 wins
team used

The Mighty Wurmple

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Considering this is a Ranking thread this shouldn't count as bumping, but my apologies if it is.

New streak of 142 in the Battle Tower, using absolutely no cheats or TrickScarf methods.
I have posted before, so I don't know if this counts as an update or not.

Garchomp @ Life Orb
Nature: Jolly
Trait: Sand Veil
EVs: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
- Crunch
- Stone Edge

Heatran @ Focus Sash
Nature: Timid
Trait: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 Sp Attack / 252 Speed / 4 Attack
- Fire Blast
- Dragon Pulse
- Earth Power
- Explosion

Cresselia @ Leftovers
Nature: Bold
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Defence / 4 Sp Defence
- Psychic
- Ice Beam
- Calm Mind
- Moonlight

Used this team right from battle 21, making absolutely no changes.

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