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The Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Finder (the remade version)


It's a mystery.
The Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Finder

To all the brawlers out there, welcome to the thread where you can find other oppnents to brawl with. First off, this remade version of the thread was approved by Kirby so don't whine about it! >.> Yes I've decided to create a new one for all of you since the old one got pretty messy and also due to the fact that it lacked the ability to update ^^;; And so the list is completely wiped out!

Indeed, this is where you guys can post up your names and friend codes. If you want to challenge an opponent, PLEASE keep your match offers limited to PMs and visitor messages in order to keep the +1 postcounts and spam out!

So if you want your friend code to be added to the list, you must fill out a simple form. If you don't fill it out correctly then yours won't be added.

[b]Friend Code:[/b]
[b]Brawl In-Game Name:[/b]

~ Example form... ~
Username: starfire_jirachi
Friend Code: 3566 3281 8884
Brawl In-Game Name: Trish
Location/Timezone: California/GMT -8

It's that simple...if you have a sibling in the forums that is a brawler (or in better terms, someone in the forums who you share FCs with), you can include his/her username on the form :] As for your location of residence, if you live in the United States, just enter your state. If you live in a different country such as England or Australia, just enter your country. Lastly if you do not know what your timezone is, scroll to the bottom of your page and you should see something like "All times are ???. The time now is ???." With this form you're filling out, it'll make things easier to see if there will be lag or no lag at all when you challenge someone. 'Nuff said. Have fun! ^^

The List

Pacific West states, U.S. / Western Canada (GMT -7)
darkie54325 (Jason) - 3480 4766 9045
Kirby (Kirby) - 2062 8832 8928
Kurosaki_klan (SSBS) - 4038 8867 6797
masterleo (Liam) - 0259 4726 2901
Metamence/Zero-Wolf (Metal/Zero) - 2148 7821 3266
Mr. Mudkip (muddy) - 4940 5239 9786
pokey (Zero) - 1848 6475 7982
shinycharzard13 (Doe) - 1418 6457 6535
starfire_jirachi (Trish) - 3566 3281 8884

Mountain/West Midwest states, U.S. / Western Canada (GMT -6)
Atoyont (YoAto) - 3480 2408 7824
Fer8a (FerAl) - 3694 9769 1647
Yellow Torterra (Mario) - 5198 2368 6525

Central/East Midwest states, U.S. / Central Canada (GMT -5)
Amanda77 (Arc) - 3265 9963 5145
awlccl123 (AWL) - 1461 6011 8176
CyberneticGlion (NVSC) - 0387 8439 0583
Joshua O'Donnell (Josh/Ian/Aidan) - 4168 0047 0691
lugiaxd2 (Chuck) - 3009 3139 5309
Queen_Lugia (QN_LG) - 0860 7720 9889
pichu_power (MARX) - 3780 8693 3332
Sonic Boom (SB) - 3094 1282 9792
Yoshi Color Wheel (Yoshi/YCW) - 3781 6226 0101
~Toon Link~ (Oj) - 5112 7725 8003

Eastern/New England states, U.S. / Eastern Canada (GMT -4)
AerialAce!/Zink12321 (A-Z/Ace!/Zink) - 4511 0152 2501
arceus7 (Aero) - 1075 9069 0002
Da Master of Unowns (SPEED) - 1333 1945 4361
Dimentio (DMNTO) - 0044 2509 3087
Eon_is_not_the_end (F41R) - 4253 4512 7019
Flying Luxray (Jos) - 1848 1431 7407
Igottapoo (Wolf) - 1418 6374 0906
keyblade bearer 430 (Revan) - 3910 4862 1125
m190049 ( m19 ) - 4725 7618 7680
marioman07 (nicko) - 2793 0303 4703
metergram (KITTY) - 2106 6360 2274
Mewluvr200 (Myuu) - 3136 6269 7130
Ninterror X (Ace) - 0173 6099 3167
Pacifist3000 (Ausom) - 0518 5107 0983
pagodakicks (PKIKS) - 1893 1505 0876
Polar Star (Kai) - 2750 6480 4960
SaulGCube (Safu) - 2921 8828 4282
Shadow XD001/Torpoleon (Z&M) - 2320 6028 8202
shadow_latias (Chibi) - 1418 6773 4853
shaq-attack (BAM) - 2363 6889 3927
Sillicia (Askan) - 0560 2180 9841
Skater Trainer (SKTR/CTFxC) - 1289 7896 1206
Skull13 (Skl13) - 1461 6187 8441
Sonic15 (Tails) - 1934 3665 7092
Striker X (Strkr) - 1248 8323 7118
SYY (Wolf) - 1504 5366 6973
TomDraco (Tom_D) - 4812 1425 7311
Wiimote (MN~S) - 3137 0097 6156

Carribean / West Indies (GMT -3/GMT -4)
K3v1n (K3v1n) - 3308 5334 5293
sasukeanditachi (sam) - 4082 3845 8281

Europe (GMT / GMT +1)
(s.i.e) (SIE) - 1763 2304 6858
Blazios (BLZOS) - 3437 5101 9706
Cr3a70r (Cr3) - 2578 7312 8066
JaimeGreenan (James) - 3866 9530 7835
fogheart (Fog) - 3696 2800 7658
KingBonsly (Luke) - 5241 3704 7247
Mr. Bikini fan (Devil) - 0044 9398 2292
Pokeblast (JV) - 1290 2463 7621
Selfdestruct Togepi (Haz/Harry) - 1805 6542 3806
Shadowrealm 150 (Aamir) - 1934 8117 4595
smasherwario (waaza) - 3523 4947 5534
suicune lover (Liza) - 3523 5127 0732
ultimate_charmander (BLUE) - 1161 2689 8183
vaati (vaati) - 2106 0978 5110
Zero Nexus (Liam) - 3395 0318 9974

Middle East (GMT +3)
TheDarkness73 (Dark) - 1978 9152 3210

Eastern Asia / Western Pacific (GMT +8)
Xashlei (Xash/Blue) - 2578 3121 8968

Australia (GMT +10/GMT +11)
Bella Swan (lulz) - 3351 5724 5350
firelovindocker (FLD!) - 0173 9138 9683
Fusion_Blastoise (Atard) - 4468 2533 7947
Hutchi94 (WIL) - 5026 8569 9153
Mysterous64 (Mitch) - 0001 4890 9350
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In my nightmares
My twinny is so helpful. ^^

Username: Igottapoo
Friend Code: 1418-6374-0906
Brawl In-Game Name: Wolf
Location/Timezone: New Jersey/GMT -5
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Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
All right. Please tell me if this is right:

Username: Sonic Boom
Friend Code: 3094-1282-9792
Brawl In-Game Name:SB
Location/Timezone:Oklahoma/Texas/GMT -6
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Staff member
Username: Kirby
Friend Code: 2062-8832-8928
Brawl In-Game Name: Kirby
Location/Timezone: Oregon/GMT -8

Thanks for being a big help Starfire.


It's a mystery.
Thanks for being a big help Starfire.

No problem, Kirby ^^ Btw you've been added and list is updated!

A notice to everyone: This will be my last update for now because I'm going to be under a 2-week hiatus so don't expect me to update every single day. I have a life outside these forums too >.> But when I come back on January 16th, I'll keep my promise on updating the list...there's no worries ^^


First double entry!

Usernames: AerialAce! and Zink12321
Friend Code: 4511-0152-2501
Brawl In-Game Name: A-Z (Ace! and Zink respectively in battle)
Location/Timezone: Florida, U.S. (GMT -5)

Good to see this remade. I like the new features, but it may be hard to find people by username using this format, at least when the list grows longer. I suppose I could always use the "find on this page" browser feature, or bother the individual by PM or VM, though, so it's not a huge issue.


Well-Known Member
Username: awlccl123
Friend Code: 1461-6011-8176
Brawl Name: AWL
Location/Timezone: Nebraska, U.S. (GMT -6)
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The Soul of Silver
Here's mine:

Username: Queen_Lugia
FC: 0860-7720-9889
Brawl Name: QN_LG
Location/Timezone: Iowa, U.S./ GMT -6

Note: I may not be available very much. (Grumbles about overprotective parents.)

Da Master of Unowns

You're too slow!
How come I didn't notice this before? Ah well. Here's mine:

Username: Da Master of Unowns
Friend Code: 1333-1495-4361
Brawl In-Game Name: IPWNU
Location/Timezone: PA (-5 GMT I think)
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Well-Known Member
Username: Blazios
Friend Code: 3437-5101-9706
Brawl In-Game Name: BLZOS
Location/Timezone: UK (GMT)

That right?


Tao is Taokaka!
Username: Wiimote
Friend Code: 3137-0097-6156
Brawl In-Game Name: Rotom
Location/Timezone: Pennsylvania, U.S. (GMT-5:00)

EDIT: By the way, I got a PM from starfire_jirachi from Youtube.


xvalentinexbladex Wiimote! Wiimote!
Yeah my 2-week hiatus on sppf is still official...don't worry. I'm still alive :] Anyway beside my reasons on studying for my semester final exams, my parents decided to cut me off from all of my electronics (with the exception of my ipod and DS) for the time being. And as of right now I'm accessing youtube through one of my school's computers (and unfortunately they blocked sppf). Moving on, I'm just wanting to let you know that I finally got Animal Crossing: City Folk w/ Wiispeak :D Although I've been cut off from my Wii, my permission on using it this weekend is only half-approved...so it may be possible for me to try out my game. Once I'm finished with a few things in the game, that's the time I'll get my FC (and of course I'll exchange mine with you when I get it). I hope you still have that item reserved for me ^^ Thanks :]

And one last small favor...if you go on sppf at anytime, can you please check out the Brawl Friend Finder thread (the one remade by me) and tell me the number of people that have posted their FCs after my last update? Mehhh...I have a feeling by the time I return on January 16, there's gonna be a lot to add in the first post. But I can handle that ^^

I said I would help her, and I will periodically PM her the new friend codes. (I already gave her a PM with AA!/Zink, Queen_Lugia, awlccl123, Blazios, and Da Master of Unown's forms.)
Kirby (or another mod/admin), is this alright?
If so, how should I keep track of everyone's forms so I don't PM her the same one twice or forget one?


EDIT 3: I got permission from Kirby. Thanks! ^^
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Flying Luxray

Lord of the Luxrays
Username: Flying Luxray
Friend Code:1848-1431-7407
Wii name: Jos
Location: South Carolina(GMT -5)
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Well-Known Member
Username: Fusion_Blastoise
Friend Code: 4468-2533-7947
Brawl In-Game Name: Attard
Location/Timezone:Melbourne Australia GMT + 10 (GMT +11 Daylight savings)
Username: Dimentio
Friend Code: 0044 2509 3087
Brawl In-Game Name: DMNTO
Location/Timezone: New England, U.S. (GMT -5)

I believe that time zone's correct. But I honestly don't bother to remember it, though I should. ;.;
Username: shadow_latias
Friend Code: 1418-677
Brawl In-Game Name: KúrBy (I change my name often)
Location/Timezone: Georgia, U.S (GMT -5)
Notes: I don't want Ice Climbers haters lol.

I reeeaally need that note, because every time I face people with the ICs, they just get frustrated. <3 But it's okay if you don't need to add that part. o_O It's just a reminder because I hate getting negative comments about my ICs...


It's a mystery.
Internet sneak attempt #1...(sorry I've been tempted to get on these forums the past few days)

@AerialAce!: You have a point...I decided to re-caregorize the lists a bit ^^;;
@Dimentio: Yup you got your timezone right ^^
@shadow_latias: You didn't finish filling in your FC so yours wasn't added :/ And plus I don't mind if you use the ICs if I brawl ya :] I'm pretty sure you won't get any negative comments...there's no worries ^^
@Wiimote: You'll still be my helper for the last 6 days...but thanks so much :D

Rest are updated (finally) :]

Edit ~ I am officially back and ready to update the list when you post up your FCs here ^^
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Huh--how the. Maybe I accidentally deleted when I highlighted or something. And well, I've had a lot of negative comments really, people don't like ICs, at all. :[ Even the competitive and top players do. >_>;

IC haters & johns said:
"**** CGs*
"thats what you get for your gay little chaingrabs"
"ice climbers are so cheap"
"You have no skill whatsoever."

;-; *cries*

Friend Code: 1418-6773-4853. :D
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It's a mystery.
Huh--how the. Maybe I accidentally deleted when I highlighted or something. And well, I've had a lot of negative comments really, people don't like ICs, at all. :[ Even the competitive and top players do. >_>;

;-; *cries*

Friend Code: 1418-6773-4853. :D

Okay now you've been added! :] Well it's true that some people despise the IC's...but at least I don't despise them :/ (Let's take this discussion to the Brawl Club or the Brawl social group.)


Broken Trainer
Username: SYY
Friend Code: 1504-5366-6973
Brawl In-Game Name: Wolf
Location/Timezone: Eastern Time (GMT -5)