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The Official User Name Change Thread (CLOSED - STOP ASKING ABOUT IT)

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Back in Business!
Ok, I've been hit up for name change requests more than a child hits their parents up for money. I must have got 100 of them in the past month, so I'm restarting this thread in order for you all to quit your *****ing :)

There are some rules you must follow however...
1. Make sure you want the name you change to. YOU MUST KEEP IT FOR 2 MONTHS
2. You may not pick a name that someone already owns. PLEASE look at the members list and do a search before you ask so I don't waste my time. I will not change your name for two months if you fail to comply with this rule.
3. Make sure the name is appropriate
4. Give me time. I can't be on here constantly. I don't want any PM's asking why I haven't changed so & so's name yet.
5. This thread is for requests only. Do not post anything in here unless it's a request. NOT EVEN THANK YOU'S OR COMPLIMENTS ON NAMES
6. Make sure you are 100% certain that you want the name that you choose. Once you post in here, it's a done deal. If I change your name before you decide that you don't want the new nick and delete the post, then it's too bad. It was your fault for being so undecisive and posting it anyways. There are no excuses. "I changed my mind" or "I made a mistake" will not cut it.
7. Do not delete your post after your name has been changed. I have seen some people try to weasel their way out of the two month rule by deleting their post once their name is changed and then thinking I have no record of it. I'm an admin. I see all posts regardless of whether they are deleted or not. Your attempts are not working, so stop trying to get around it.

With that said, you may start requesting...
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I'm baaaaaack

Current name: Flaming Rayquaza
New name: Sneasel Inferno


Party Monster 8D
Current Name: Envy
New Name: ♪Magical DoReMi♪

Thanks in advance.

Flaming Charizard

Current Name:hashivenu11
New Name:Flaming Charizard

Fossil Master

current name: Adam@pokemon
new name: Fossil Master

Thanks in advance!


Current Username: Muffin
New Username: Higurashi

Thanks. n__n
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PKMN Master Travis

Current Name: travischu
New Name: PKMN Master Travis
Thank you


Coral Eye Trainer
Current Name: Sollachan777
New Name: Solla-chan

Thank you in advance, and i'm very sorry on what happen to you before. But i'm glad that you're feeling better now. ^_^
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