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The Official "What's This Ship Called?" Thread

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by loyalshishifan, Feb 2, 2004.

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  1. What's the shipping for May & Harley
  2. (OK, May and Harley are contest rivals, right?)

    ContestRivalshipping (?)

    I'm trying my best, I think.

    Correct me if I goof up.

    BTW, I wonder what name for Baby Mewtwo and Ai? I think they are going to be best friends forever before the tradegy...

    ~MGD. ;150;♥
  3. Tropical Spirit

    Tropical Spirit YAY! Original>You =3

    May x Harley is Cookieshipping. And I dunno about the Mewtwo x Ai one...
  4. Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

    Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior Well-Known Member

    you kinda removed the name from your sig

    so I would like to know what it is called please
  5. Sushi

    Sushi unspecified Staff Member Super Mod

    It's called MinamoShipping.
  6. Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

    Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior Well-Known Member

    weird name

    but thanks anyway
  7. Whats the shipping for Pikachu/Togetic
  8. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    There isn't one. The closest there is would be PikachuxTogepi- Kawaiishipping.
  9. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Kawaiishipping is Ash's Pikachu and Misty's Togepi and Togepi evolved so Pikachu/Togetic would also be Kawaiishipping. I should add that to the shippings list. Which I need to update anyways. ^_^;
  10. Tropical Spirit

    Tropical Spirit YAY! Original>You =3

    Minamo=Lilycove in japanese. :eek:!

    Any name ideas for Datsura x Jindai? :<
  11. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    ^^; Oops. That does make sense... Sorry, brain cramp on my part.

    *checks out the list* Ohhhh, nice and updated! *sees everything she submitted* Yay! ^.^

    Now that almost every ship I adore is named and on the list, maybe someone out there can help me with some names for ships that are still untitled...


    Edit: RobertHaruka and RobertShuu have been named...
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2005
  12. T-cHaN

    T-cHaN Guest

    Umm...iz there a name for Gary/May(Haruka) yet???
  13. Incestshipping
  14. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    *sounds buzzer* Nope. Incestshipping is his sister May, not Haruka-May.

    GaryxMay aka ShigeruxHaruka doesn't have a name yet.
  15. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Hmm.. I'm probably going to get some weird looks thrown at.. but.. whatever. I'm not going to go by some anime episodes or anything, but just as a fun thing.. ;p

    What would Espeon × Umbreon be? o_O *coughcouldevenbesakurasespeonandshigerusumbreoncough* Good luck understanding that..

    And... *gets cover* What about Satoshi × Pikachu? ...Don't throw rocks at me.. ;_; *gets rocks thrown at anyway by Pokéshipping and Advanceshipping and etc. fans*
  16. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Espeon × Umbreon: Nightlightshipping
    Satoshi x Pikachu: Pikashipping

    I like Pikashipping myself. <3
  17. TPMX

    TPMX Beans backing up...

    PikachuxMay ship name please. I never learned the name of it...

    And can I choose the name if it doesn't exist?
  18. T-cHaN

    T-cHaN Guest

    Yea...can i also name GaryxMay(Haruka) since therez not a name for them yet???
  19. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Any ships without names are free to be named.
  20. TPMX

    TPMX Beans backing up...

    Heh. Sweet.

    PikachuxMay is now called Cuteshipping. Yeah, that's good.
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