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The Official Wii Friend Code Thread

Welcome to the Wii Friend Code thread, used for posting your Wii Friend Codes to exchange amongst the other members of the forum. To submit your Wii Code, just fill out a simple form as follows:

User: (Your username. You don't have to add this to your post, but you can if you wish)
Wii Number: (Your Wii Friend Code)
Wii Name/Nickname: (The name you've registered your Wii as)

Anything else, do via PM with the other person. Please keep the spam posts and posts about "OMG codes plz evry1?" to as little as possible. Post the form correctly and with as few differences from what I posted there as possible. Things such as dashes between numbers is fine, but posting a form such as this:

wii # 1234567890123456
name dimentio

Is just a no-no. It makes what should be a simple task longer. You do want people to be able to have conversation with you, no? Also nothing along the lines of "It's in the sig" as it requires me to dig through some awkward signatures, only to find 16 numbers jumbled up with no other comment. Please people, have some form of a heart. Please and thank you.

Wii Numbers

User: Dimentio
Wii Number: 8380 4724 0602 8204
Wii Name/Nickname: Dimentio

User: Gargomon251
Wii Number: 5114 9201 8713 7788
Wii Name/Nickname: Drake

User: Ninjit
Wii Number: 4098 8690 6851 7186
Wii Name/Nickname: Orbitcube

User: Ho-Oh Master
Wii number: 6722 3251 1948 5767
Wii Name/Nickname: Zach or Ho-oh Mstr

User: AMC723
Wii Number: 1814 1194 7364 7171
Wii Name/Nickname: N/A

User: SilverDragon7683
Wii number:0713 0809 8507 9367
Wii Name/Nickname: SlvrDragon

User: Midnight Darkrai
Wii Number: 5402 8898 2546 8002
Wii Name/Nickname: Rai

User: The Thrashmeister
Wii Number: 7197 3093 1079 9719
Wii Name/Nickname: THRSMSTR25

User: pokemaniacneo
Wii Number: 6929 0141 1234 1781
Wii Name/Nickname: None

User: Sharingan
Wii Number: 6091 9111 9551 2767
Wii Name/Nickname: Poochyena or Tereya

User: super groudon
Wii Number: 3555 7994 4500 9032
Wii Name/Nickname: Brandon

User: Golizard
Wii Number: 0259 3907 0467 2327
Wii Name/Nickname: Golizard

User: Omega Pirate
Wii Number: 1402 8665 5716 1396
Wii Name/Nickname/Name: Nick or Omega Pirate

User: Shrike Flamestar
Wii Number: 1323-7367-5087-0253
Wii Name/Nickname: Shrike

User: AngelLatias
Wii Number: 1042 3167 6987 3746
Wii Name/Nickname: Angel

User: KingBoo1
Wii Number: 8904 4455 3117 6943
Wii Name/Nickname: KB

User: Jonouchi
Wii Number: 0738-8003-2295-7264
Wii Name/Nickname: Ricco

User: CaZzUm
Wii Number: 7307 2660 1009 9648
Wii Name/Nickname: Caz or Cazkuro

User: Kaasuti
Wii Number: 7487 6524 5541 9460
Wii Name/Nickname: Kaasuti

User: Mahou-Blastoise
Wii Number: 3995 5353 7664 1542
Wii Name/Nickname: Wolzard

User: MidnightScott
Wii Number: 1455 7087 4777 5760
Wii Name/Nickname: Scott Reed

User: Emblematic
Wii Number: 2876 2740 1277 0058
Wii Name/Nickname: Omelette

User: <..::BioHazard-002::..>
Wii Number: 2493 6465 1642 4647
Wii Name/Nickname: Bio

User: Nero1000
Wii Number: 6654 1974 0864 0603
Wii Name/Nickname: Nero or Nero1000

User: Pokefreak
Wii Number: 8035 2291 4386 2855
Wii Name/Nickname: George

User: drummerdude09
Wii Number: 8470 5897 1182 2510
Wii Name/ Nickname: Nick

User: Tendo128
Wii Number: 5906 5744 6477 4052
Wii Name/Nickname: Triforce

User: legendary master Jose
Wii Number: 5662 3572 5553 6448
Wii Name/Nickname: Jose

User: Pokefan999
Wii Number:3696 4852 2598 3806
Wii Name/Nickname: pokefan999 or pokefan or scott

User: PKMN Legend Anthony
Wii Number: 4191 2785 1114 8946
Wii Name/Nickname: Pee Wii

User: Smile Guy
Wii Number: 6922 4793 1956 4029
Wii Name/Nickname: Smile Guy

User: 42
Wii Number: 3221 4965 0476 6358
Wii Name/Nickname: Togewii

User: Pikachu7357
Wii Number: 5828 0060 9115 6375
Wii Name/Nickname: Melvin

User: CharizardMaster
Wii Number: 4064 4221 8923 9963
Wii Name/Nickname: CM Matt

User: ChaosKid
Wii Code: 3335 8491 7011 2107
Wii Name/Nickname: Zero

User: kingofwii
Wii Number: 7329 2411 7668 9417
Wii Name/Nickname: devil gene

User: Kenetix
Wii Number: 1347 9469 4464 6771
Wii Name/Nickname: Kenetix

User: Korobooshi Kojiro
Wii Number: 6265 5765 8744 1333
Wii Name/Nickname: Korobooshi

User: tannus5
Wii Number:7039 6571 6753 6069
Wii Name/Nickname: N/A

User: Markisious
Wii Number: 3008 9051 1944 4774
Wii Name/Nickname: Diretive

User: Yonowaaru
Wii Number: 4921 3927 1888 0504
Wii Name/Nickname: Dootakun

User: Arquin
Wii Number: 1467 3297 2135 6027
Wii Name/Nickname: Quilava

User: hayatex
Wii Number: 5374 4065 4190 5576
Wii Name/Nickname: Hayate

User: RaiBlade
Wii Number: 6415 1082 5628 8383
Wii Name/Nickname: :The Wii:

User: gardevoir7742
Wii Number: 5862 4851 8254 9957
Wii Name/Nickname: -x-jess-x-

User: Jirachi314
Wii Number: 4724 0655 8033 2160
Wii Name/Nickname: Jirachi314

User: navel fluff
Wii Number: 1086 2678 7477 4911
Wii Name/Number: Bert

User: 007 Dude
Wii Number: 0123 0947 4939 2745
Wii Name/Nickname: Omar

User: WolfCyber
Wii Number: 4579 0011 4723 0072
Wii Name/Nickname: Sygma

User: miltank
Wii Number: 0565 8261 1865 5850
Wii Name/Nickname: Wii

User: Zoshi
Wii Number: 3349 6764 1464 5228
Wii Name/Nickname: Zoshi

User: Mr. Munchlax
Wii Number: 7232-5854-8778-1528
Wii Name/Nickname: Diarrhea

User: Win_By_Rout
Wii Number: 1511 2849 1999 2227
Wii Name/Nickname: Mason

User: Aruseus41293
Wii Code: 8040 1902 0024 1929
Wii Name/Nickname: Kohji

User: icerain613
Wii Number: 0455 8142 8946 0878
Wii Name/Nickname: Icerain

User: dkman54321
Wii Number: 1660 9488 2673 8564
Wii Name/Nickname: dan or dkman

User: Adam 1475
Wii Number: 5004 4929 5412 3984
Wii Name/Nickname: Adam

User: fhqwhgads
Wii Number: 5351 8767 5410 1513
Wii Name/Nickname: fhqwhgads

User: spongedude
Wii Number: 2447 0749 4454 0251
Wii Name/Nickname: spongedude

User: spacefissure
Wii Number: 2977 4003 2636 4731
Wii Name/Nickname: deokishisu

User: lucario 1993
Wii Number: 2407 5175 2405 7989
Wii Name/Nickname: Luke

User: The Missing Number
Wii Number: 1541 0511 9079 6272
Wii Name/Nickname: Dunga

User: Sponge
Wii Number: 8826 7733 6295 3116
Wii Name/Nickname: Sabrewulf

User: Manaphy
Wii Number: 5079 2671 2671 6972
Wii Name/Nickname: Brian

User: Medical Meccanica
Wii Number: 1819 2350 1465 9875
Wii Name/Nickname: Wii-Eh

User: Sceptile Master
Wii Number: 0128 1488 5209 6843
Wii Name/Nickname: Brianna

User: Pamizard
Wii Number: 8863 7617 5545 0325
Wii Name/Nickname: Pamizard

User: Puffs
Wii Number: 3707 0806 7533 6015
Wii Name/Nickname: Puffs

User: iluvwobbuffet
Wii Number: 2704 3424 1188 6399
Wii Name/Nickname: Wobbuffet, iluvwobbuffet, or Ilk

User: AdvanceX
Wii Number: 6838 8094 6432 6202
Wii Name/Nickname: N/A

User: Krake
Wii Number: 7822 5977 9533 9841
Wii Name/Nickname: Tacoship or Krake

User: G4Pokefan
Wii Number: 7667 7363 0701 9458
Wii Name/Nickname: SLIM

User: Static Chu
Wii Number: 2163 7892 7006 9227
Wii Name/Nickname: Chu

User: Father Silverfox
Wii Number: 2817 6632 1365 5722
Wii Name/Nickname: Father Fox

User: Barrysun
Wii Number: 8375 8882 6732 0660
Wii Name/Nickname: Barrysun

User: noobers
Wii Number: 4832 9988 3579 3499
Wii Name/Nickname: Moises

User: thursday
Wii Number: 4639 8694 9574
Wii Name/Nickname: brawl

User: Deoxyrachi
Wii Number: 0008 8236 2127 1305
Wii Name/Nickname: Kaiser

User: starfire_jirachi
Wii Number: 3193 2508 8714 4424
Wii Name/Nickname: tdadelicia
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YAY YAY!!! PM me if you add me! Priority goes to DS wifi users! Anyone I add that doesn't add me or reply in one week gets deleted.

Wii Number: 5114 9201 8713 7788
Time Zone:GMT -6h (Central Time)
Wii Name/Nickname (Optional): Drake (stupid 10 letter limit)

Also: Added all as of this editing
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Gargomon is added. And Ninjit, I figured I might as well start my own list too, so that we know if one person forgets somebody, at least one of us is right ;)

~fuzzy out~


Insanely Awesome
Wii Number: In the sig.
Time zone: Eastern
NN... None.

Man. Omg... I prolly coulda had my thread stickied (>.<) (Why? WHY ME???)


Yeah, I just realized that as I came on. ^_^;;

AMC723 and Ho-oh Master have been added.
Sorry, been gone all day. I'll do yours right now.

And I prolly should add in the first post not to say "Mine's in the sig" 'cause that just gets annoying and tedious, while people could just copy and paste into their post. AMC and Ho-Oh M. I'll let it slide.

~fuzzy out~


Yeah sorry about not adding. I kinda posted, but the forums died, so I assumed that it hadn't posted so I left it.

Midnight Darkrai

Guitar Harmonix
Wii Number: 5402 8898 2546 8002
Time Zone: GMT (I live in England)
Wii Name/Nickname/Name you'd like to be called online (Optional): C Blaze, Darkrai or Nick (I spoil you with choice XD)


Will Eat For Food
My Wii number is 0713-0809-8507-9367
Timezone is Eastern Standard time
Wii Consle Name is SlvrDragon

I've added everyone from the first post, if thats okay.
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Added SilverDragon and Crimson Blakiken. ooh, the colors! XD

Nero, please, I even posted it a little bit earlier, then put it in the first post AND in all caps and bolded. No not say its in the sig please!

~fuzzy out~

Ho-oh Master

Well-Known Member
I have a new number >.>

I had to delete everything on my wii and restart it and I didn't have an SD card so ya >.>

I forgot some of the people on my list so can you please rePM >.>

Just change my Wii number to 6722 3251 1948 5767.


Well-Known Member
Here's my wii number. If anyone wants to chat randomly for no reason. (lol)

6929 0141 1234 1781
Time zone is GMT -0:00 (I am uk-ish xD)
I guess I just named it pokemaniacneo xD
I'll add Thrashmeister and Pokemaniac in a sec. Pokemaniac; if you have any other name to use, could you please PM me it, as I don't think that name you gave me fits the char. limit. Until then, your nickname will be none.

~fuzzy out~
I'll add Thrashmeister and Pokemaniac in a sec. Pokemaniac; if you have any other name to use, could you please PM me it, as I don't think that name you gave me fits the char. limit. Until then, your nickname will be none.

~fuzzy out~
I just used shortened versions of their screennames. I never remember them any other way.

Also added pokemaniacneo, the thrashmeister, and Ho-oh Master again!

Added Sharingan.
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Well-Known Member
I suppose I'll add mine.

Wii Number: 6091 9111 9551 2767
Time Zone: GMT -6:00 (Central Time)
Wii Name/Nickname: Poochyena or Tereya

super groudon

Master Of Shadows
wii number: 3555 7914 4500 9032
time zone: GMT (i live in england)
nickname: brandon

please note that i'm getting wi-fi hopefully tomorrow or next day(christmas day or boxing day) so i won't be able to chat 'til then
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