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The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by tyranitar305, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. slowdude

    slowdude Well-Known Member

    It was reported like 2-3 months ago over the internet that the wwe would be doing a Punk vs Rey Hair vs Mask match at Mania this year.
  2. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    Yes, and I could have said that Taker would have a Last Ride match. Internet speculation, no matter where the idea has come from is just that: speculation. Plus in 2-3 months a lot of things can change.

    Item vs Item matches typically come later on in a feud, not as the first or second match between them within a feud.
    I could well be wrong but I would think it's an unlikely match to have simply because the feud is only about a month old.
  3. Wilkimania

    Wilkimania Well-Known Member

    Yeah but Rey's taking time off after mania for his knee surgery. And Rey said that somewhere.
  4. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    Perhaps but there's a difference between hearing Rey is gonna have time off and thinking it means a Hair vs Mask match is likely and hearing HBK isn't booked for anything after the RAW on the night after Mania and thinking "yeah looks like Michaels will lose".

    Punk could quite conceivably lose to Rey in a standard match, and in a temper order a beat down of Rey by the Straight Edge Society that ends up targeting Rey's knee with a steel chair. Heck that'd seem more likely to me as a way of getting Rey off camera.
  5. rexter101

    rexter101 :<Some Guy>:

    I know you didnt want us to say this but it is more fake than fake itself and it is heading towards kids probably cos kids believe everything they see an adults got tired of the lies and really with the kids is where the money is...
  6. Wilkimania

    Wilkimania Well-Known Member

    My comment was more aimed at the comment of this happening later on in the feud, my comment was more saying well the rest of the feud wont happen for a while.
  7. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    Aha okay.

    ...Although maybe it will happen. Given the demonstration of a complete lack of logic that's just been shown on RAW; Orton vs Rhodes vs DiBaise - WHY?! Legacy are united against Orton it doesn't make sense for them to be fighting each other!
  8. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Seriously. I was expecting a Handicap match between them too. It would make more sense
  9. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean.

    Exactly, from a story-line sense it makes no sense for Legacy to have to fight each other - unless Legacy will treat it as a handicap match.
  10. Wilkimania

    Wilkimania Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't surprise me to see them team up on Orton all match, one tries to get the pin on him, the other one stops him. They Brawl. one falls. RKO. The match ends.Orton Winner.
  11. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    And I think that's exactly how the match is gonna be played out at WrestleMania
  12. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    It's possible, although I'm not sure how likely it is right now. They don't have any disputes about who's gonna clobber Orton first. But we'll have to wait and see.

    Next Week on RAW:
    Orton & Trips vs Legacy and Sheamus.
    YES! I can't wait to see Orton and Trips team together again :D
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2010
  13. #Gecko#

    #Gecko# The Essential One

    With the match Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase vs. Cody Rhodes (just like in SvR10) , all that's left is Rey vs. CM Punk and some diva match. I'm just glad this event doesn't have more than half the matches title matches.
  14. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    That handicap next week is gonna be awesome! Wasn't the last time they've ever teamed up was way back in Evolution? If so, its been a pretty long time.
  15. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    I know :)

    Yep it would have been back when Orton was in Evolution. And boy how things have changed since those days.
  16. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Definitely. Lots of things have changed since then.
  17. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    WWE banned chair shots WTF! I swear WWE is getting worse. No blood hardly any weapons and no cursing(hardly). WWE needs to stop worrying about the kids and soccer moms and get back to the attitude era ways.
  18. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets


    just what i was thinking.

    also Smackdown it the better show
  19. Ling-Ling

    Ling-Ling Pokemon dressup

    Wrestling has ALWAYS been bad.

    Steroid abusing meatheads and ugly women with terribly fake mammaries trying to perform the Bold and the Beautiful with MOR ACKSHUN was never a good idea.

    Only good parts are when a stunt goes wrong.
  20. Camcam

    Camcam Well-Known Member

    10 men will be chaotic,but it should be able to make a great and unpredictable ladder match, and considering how everyone just wants to talk about how WWE sucks now, a great ladder match is something they should want to see.
    I'm expecting some kind of match involving pretty much every diva after what happened with LayCool attacking the RAW divas. If anything expect some along the lines of Lingerie Pillow fight.WWE is still trying to get the attention of older males in that area.
    Sheamus vs. HHH is sure to be great, I'm hoping that Sheamus really sticks out and this launches his career further.
    Orton, Dibiase and Rhodes will most likely be like a handicap match for a minute but I think this match will be to show us what Legacy can do on their own without any teammates or partners. Only thing missing to make it like the game is the fathers.
    Punk vs. Mysterio is a pretty good rivalry for the short amount of time it has existed, it has already gotten very personal with Mysterio costing Punk MITB and Punk embarassing Mysterio in front of his family. Why not make it more personal by putting the mask and hair on the line.
    Bret fooled Vince and now I am expecting a bit better of a match then I did at first. It will obviously be a fight not a match. Bret had a stroke and Vince is just old they won't be doing the most technical match we've ever seen. However, I don't expect it to be better than Vince's matches against HBK and Hogan.
    It would be crazy for the MITB winner to cash in that night. It would be a great way to set up a main event for Extreme Rules in April. I'm hoping for Matt to cash in on Edge as sort of an overdue payback for all that crap with Lita.
    The world title matches aren't interesting me a lot but I expecting Cena and Edge to win.
    I'm pulling for Taker but I can't help but feel that Shawn is going to beat the streak and put all that you can't do it to rest.

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