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The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!


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Here's mine just for starters:

Most Underrated Superstar: Cesaro, but he's finally starting to get his due.

Most Overrated Superstar: Big Show (I'm counting him as overrated due to the amount of screen time he gets.) or Bray Wyatt.

Best Finisher: Either the Brogue Kick or Daniel Bryan's Running Knee. I think striking finishers are 10x better than something from a fireman's carry or scoop lift or something of that nature.

Worst Finisher: Either the Attitude Adjustment (a glorified takeover) or, sad to say it cause I love the wrestler, the Zig Zag. Grabbing the opponent's neck and having them fall down is supposed to get you the 1-2-3? I don't think so.

Best Face: A good face is someone who consistently gets pop. For that reason alone, Brock Lesnar is the best face in WWE.

Best Heel: I think Kevin Owens, if booked correctly, has the potential to be the next top heel for years to come. At the beginning of his Cena feud, he was an amazingly red-hot heel. Now, he's cooled off, but he's still great. He needs to be booked stronger, however.

Wrestlers that need to turn: Dolph Ziggler is a natural heel. When he returns, flip him back. Kane needs a retirement run. Flip him face, feud someone as the Demon, not Corporate Kane, and hang up the boots. I feel like I'm forgetting people, but I don't know who.

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If it's the current product, this is pretty damn easy then.

Most Underrated Superstar: Cesaro and Luke Harper. I'm genuinely surprised that both of these guys who are taller than the IWC darlings that Vince never liked much, have not been pushed harder to their strengths of wrestling matches people would watch. Cesaro talks with his wrestling, while Harper seems to be able to talk and be a more agile big man.

Most Overrated Superstar: Sheamus. I like him as a brawler and all, but holy damn does Vince and co. have a hard on for the guy, and try to push him beyond a level he shouldn't be in too often.

Best Finisher: RKO. The ways Randy can just hit this move has amazed me so much over the years, I hate they are just calling it the RKO Outta Nowhere, since he's literally been hitting it out of nowhere for a long time now, in some awesome situations. I will give kudo points to Harper's Discus Clothesline and Darren Young's Fireman's Double Knee Gutbuster, I like both of those as finishers that aren't generic that we seem to get a lot of DDT or slam variations or Spears.

Worst Finisher: Cena's STF and Knock Out Punch. What can I say, Cena's STF sucks, and doesn't look like he's applying any pressure. Big Show's KO Punch....what makes it different than any other punch you throw? When he can give me an answer for that, it's just a lazy finisher.

Best Face: Dean Ambrose. The most unlikely guy I would think would succeed as a Face between the Shield, but he knows how to play to a crowd that people would cheer for, and if you ever see some of those WWE.com exclusives he does, I have to ask why these are not showing up on WWE programming. Probably because it will make people like the guy even more.

Best Heel: Rusev and NXT's Tyler Breeze. I could go Seth Rollins, but I'm giving main roster to the one guy, who little more than 1 year ago, was a boring monster in NXT, with no personality or seemingly having any charisma to him, doing so on the main roster for like 3 months. Fast forward a year, and the leaps and bounds he has come, and every thing he's been involved in from winning the US title, love what he's doing. As for Tyler Breeze, I just like how he does the little things for his character. The trying to stop hits to the face, the checking his hair and fixing with his phone, the attire, he has a damn Selfie stick and a Cape.

Would throw KO here too, but I'm going to wait to see how they are definitely going to handle him in the SS build up, as what he's doing seems weird. Throw him in a segment, walk out b/c I have a guaranteed match for like 2 weeks straight, I will fight anyone, walks out of match, etc. He's doing things right, but I once they define what they want from him I will hold him out of this spot.

Wrestlers that need to turn: Bray Wyatt could use a face run at some point. There is almost no heel turns I bet anyone would care about except seeing Cena turn heel, or people actually being more willing to see him if Reigns goes heel.
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I'm new to this forum, but I want to kind of conduct a questionnaire of sorts.

All of these are your own opinions about the current WWE product.

Welcome to the forums!

Most Underrated Superstar: Cesaro for obvious reasons.

Most Overrated Superstar: Reigns. He's STILL using the shield's theme and entrance... and he's still wooden and dull on the mic. Nothing to see here folks.

Best Finisher: Curb Stomp.... Too bad it's banned. So I'll go with the brogue kick.

Worst Finisher: Cena's STF, Naomi's rear view and that stupid punch from big show aswell.

Best Face: Brock Lesnar. Come on now, everyone loves the conqueror. Hell even when they give Brock barely any time to talk he manages to make gold out of it "Paul, say something stupid" "Suplex city bi*tch"

Best Heel: John Cena. The crowd reaction for him speaks for itself.. Rusev too.

Wrestlers that need to turn: The Big Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok... I'll go with Reigns and Bray Wyatt.

Platinum fan.

I'm new to this forum, but I want to kind of conduct a questionnaire of sorts.

All of these are your own opinions about the current WWE product.

Most Underrated Superstar:

Most Overrated Superstar:

Best Finisher:

Worst Finisher:

Best Face:

Best Heel:

Wrestlers that need to turn:

Any responses would be great! I love hearing other fans reactions to WWE.

Most Undderrated Superstar: Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler and to a certain extent Roman Reigns. Reigns, not so much as the other two, but for a time he was.

Most Overrated Superstar: Brock Lesnar. His matches are now just suplex and F5. You hate John Cena for his 3 moves of doom, well Brock Lesnar fits that mold too. Feel free to hate me for this unpopluar choice.

Best Finisher: RKO. Nuff said.

Worst Finisher: John Cena's STF. Man the way he does it is just bad. Please stop using it Cena. Springboard Stunner was bad too, because it kept messing up.

Best Face: Daniel Bryan. The Rock. They never get booed so...

Best Heel: Does John Cena count? If not then Kevin Owns and Rusev.

Wrestlers that need to turn: I don't know.


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Oh, snap! This looks fun. :)

Most Underrated Superstar: By whom? The IWC? Or WWE itself? I would say it might be dangerously close to being Roman Reigns. I don't love the guy at all, but he's nowhere near as bad as the IWC suggests. Cena is up there, too. By WWE/Vince? It's Ambrose. And Owens. And New Day. And appaently now the Lucha Dragons... all of wjom should be higher on the card than they are.

Most Overrated Superstar: Randy Orton, far and away. The guy has been main eventing for about 8 years longer than he should have been. It's so one-dimensional and boring. Bonus vote for Cesaro, who the IWC thinks should be getting the super main event push, even though he's one of the 5 worst talkers on the roster.

Best Finisher: I like Sister Abigail a great deal. The Curb Stomp was awesome and needs to return. The RKO is great.

Worst Finisher: So many. It's an era of awful finishers. Big Show's KO Punch. Wade Barrett's Bull Hammer. Bryan's running knee attack thing. Those moves are terribly boring and mundane. The all-time worst would be the Unprettier, though. God, what an awful move.

Best Face: Dean Ambrose in WWE. John Cena IRL for his Make A Wish endeavors.

Best Heel: Rollins is a great chicken heel, even if booked terribly. He's great at the role. Kevin Owens.

Wrestlers that need to turn: I despise Sheamus as a heel and wish he'd go face again. Ziggler could stand to be a heel again, but the fans won't boo him. A few months ago, I'd have said Reigns, but he's fine where he is.
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celestial phantom

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What the heck is it with this year, and some of a lot of people's favorites from yester-year from multiple generations dying this year? Verne Gagne, The Dream, and now Roddy Piper? Not to mention that there was the accidental death of Perro Aguayo, and I dunno if anyone else has seen, but people were trying to spread the rumor that Bob Backlund passed away a day or two ago.

Roddy was one of those guys just outside my regular viewing, but I've always had a soft spot for the Hot Rod, and enjoyed that Tag title run he had with Flair almost a decade ago now...wow time does fly, when he came back for some appearances regularly. Dude was an unbelievable talent none the less, and was one of the most charismatic guys on the mic. Damn I just...This has just been an unfortunate year with losing both Dusty and Roddy in the span of a month.


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Sad news on piper . I've only just recently finished reading his book . If many aren't sure on his pedigree or influence within the wrestling buisness take some time out to read about this guy, or watch some old videos of his matches and promos .

piper was one of the first wrestlers to come to the ring with entrance music . He was a great promo guy and could cut it with the best imo . In the 80s he was a great heel character and knew how to get heat from the crowd , he sold out arenas in the NWA , Georgia championship wrestling/mid Atlantic territories , was the top heel in most of these companies also . he also joined the WWF then onto WCW before re joining WWF/WWE , with a stint in TNA before once again comming home to New York .

NWA mid Atlantic champion 3 times
NWA mid Atlantic tag team champion with Big John Studd
NWA television champion
NWA Canadian tag champ with Rick Martel
NWA Americas heavyweight championship 5 times
NWA Americas tag team championship 7 times
NWA world light heavyweight championship
NWA United States heavyweight championship
NWA world tag team championship
NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight championship 2 times
NWA Pacific Northwest tag team championship 5 times
NWA American tag team championship

World tag team championship
WWF intercontinental championship
Hall of fame class of 2005 .

Accolades -

Pro wrestling illustrated voted his match with hulk hogan and Mr T at wrestlemania 1 as match of the year
Voted most hated wrestler of the year 1984,1985
Voted most inspirational wrestler of the year 1982
Voted most popular wrestler of the year 1986

Wrestling observer newsletter -
Voted best heel 1984,1985
Voted best on interviews alongside Lou Albano in 1981
Voted best on interviews in 1982,1983
Wrestling observer newsletter hall of fame class of 1996


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Rest In Peace, Roddy Piper. Thank you for the memories as a child. I loved watching you face Hogan, Bret and other all time greats. I enjoyed your segments. You are still in my top 10 favorite Heel Wrestlers of all time. I always got up in my seat anytime I heard your music hit the square circle. I still have your action figures, music on my game systems, and T-Shirts. You made a big impact in my life. My condolences to your family. I love you Roddy Piper.:(

Hunter Zolomon

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Roddy Piper will always be a legend. I love going back and watching videos of him. I was just watching one of his matches with Mr. Perfect back in 1991.

Rest in peace Roddy.


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Since I'm definitely too young to have grown up with Piper's main run, I only had his occasional piper pit segments with the (usually) main eventers to go off of. And, it's actually kind of funny but, when I was only like 7 or 8 years old, I never actually understood what his name was. I don't know if maybe I was just hearing the announcers calling him by his moniker and not reading the words on the screen or what, but I always thought his name was "Roddy Roddy Piper" lol. It's a habit that still sticks with me to this day.

Anyways RIP Roddy, putting your hot rod shirt on other wrestler's action figures never got old!


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Bumping the thread, to say RIP to the legend that is Rowdy Roddy Piper. Great wrestler, great heel, great at promos. The Hod Rod will be missed.


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Sucks that Rowdy passed away, this has been a tough year for wrestling fans as alot of talent has passed away this year. I wasn't around and was too young to remember any of his matches in his prime but he's was great and was one of my parent's favorites from back in the day, and he was always super entertaining when he was on Raw or Smackdown. RIp Hot Rod

Lord Trollbias

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Damn. RIP Rowdy.


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New question, if you had to show a person whose never watched pro wrestling before one single match to show them what pro wrestling is and to make them a fan, what match would you choose and why?

Lord Trollbias

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New question, if you had to show a person whose never watched pro wrestling before one single match to show them what pro wrestling is and to make them a fan, what match would you choose and why?
There's honestly a lot of matches that could fit that answer in all honesty. I'd go for one with a bunch of high end spots and quality action. Something like SHIELD vs. Ryback ad Team Hell No. Was a great match that even non-fans should appreciate.

Laser Shuckle

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New question, if you had to show a person whose never watched pro wrestling before one single match to show them what pro wrestling is and to make them a fan, what match would you choose and why?

This is a tough one, but I'd have to say without a shadow of a doubt: