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The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by tyranitar305, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    I agree, When i seen Cena win the elimanation chamber match I Sh/t myself anger, i mean did he really have to win, i dont care that he lost the title right after, but y did he have to win....I would have love to see Ted as the new champ.
  2. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    Well if they really wanted to see Cena at Mania, if they really think they can only sell a WWE title match with Cena, then they could have done this:
    ~ Cena and Sheamus are the last two men in the chamber.
    ~ Batista comes into the cell as Cena's hitting his finisher, stops the ref's count and then lays them both out.
    ~ Batista drags Sheamus onto Cena, ref makes the count.
    ~ McMahon comes out and makes Bastista vs Shaemus for then and there.
    ~ Batista beats Sheamus, and then spears Cena again for good measure.
    ~ Things play out on RAW, match at mania is: Cena vs Sheamus vs Batista.

    Gets Cena to mania, keeps Sheamus as a credible main-eventer, gives Batista the belt again.
  3. The_Boss_Giygas

    The_Boss_Giygas I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.

    Since they split the brand all the super stars can't fight each other as much so it makes for boring story & matches. And the newer stars aren't all that interesting.
  4. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    I swear Cena needs to die in a car wreck. I actually liked Smackdowns Chamber alot better.
  5. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    I was shooting for Randy Orton to win the chamber, and for the match at WM26 to be Orton vs. DiBiase for the Championship. But I guess all dreams don't come true.....
  6. Wilkimania

    Wilkimania Well-Known Member

    Right let me give you the mania card as it's rumored to be at this time so far.
    John Cena and Bret hart vs Batista (c) and Vince McMahon for the WWE championship.
    The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels. Streak vs Career match.
    CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio. Hair vs Mask Match.
    Edge vs Chris Jericho (c) for the World Heavyweight championship
    Triple H vs Sheamus (Possibly no.1 contenders match)
  7. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    Who the hell wants to another taker vs micheal match? Theres no way in hell they can pull off a better match then they did at mania 25. Plus with what is at stake(streak vs carrer) its a no wiin situation.

    I wanted to see Taker kick Cena's *** at mania26.....anyway rumur has it that HBK wanted to retire after he retired ric flair, plus Taker's contract says he cant lose at mania so GOODBYE HBK.
  8. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    The CM Punk Mysterio Match won't happen.
  9. Dan The Poke Man

    Dan The Poke Man MEGAMEGAMEGA


    I used to watch it ALL the time, but then I stop.

    I mean, seriously, multiple people beatin' the living hell out of eachother, and it's not even real.

    A preschool bully can beat these people anyday.

    (Except some wrestlers that I still think are cool. :p)
  10. DragonDance

    DragonDance thrasher

    Perhaps in a few years, DiBiase will be over enough to be a main eventer, but noway that would happen anytime soon.

    Remember, they always have a couple of midcarders in the Chamber
  11. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    True, but with the slow breakdown of Legacy, I expect DiBiase to break out as a single superstar
  12. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    Codt rhodes career is going nowhere, he'll end like goldust even goldust deserves more than hes giving, i meam come on, teaming with yoshi tastu?
  13. Uds3333

    Uds3333 Fire Trainer

    I don't know that his careers going nowhere, that new angle with orton looks interesting, and Goldust might not be paired with Yoshi anymore, Yoshis been moved to raw while Goldust doesn't have a new home yet
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2010
  14. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets


    I do think Ted has the champion look, and i wish they would do something with kane and Matt, kane shouldve beat Drew Mc for the title and matts is way better than jeff in the ring.
  15. Uds3333

    Uds3333 Fire Trainer

    I agree, I hope ted becomes a champ in 2010, but I think it's good that Drew retained at the EC, because he needs a more of a run with the intercontinental title he is getting absolutely no heat as a heel.
  16. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    Yeah, there are definitely more superstars that can have better careers if the WWE would push them more in broadcasting.
  17. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    Yeah I think Matt should take who ever wins the mania WHC match at mania26 in a tlc match since He's the best at it.
  18. washuai72

    washuai72 Banned

  19. --C4--

    --C4-- Only my Railgun

    My only concern with WWE is how they book people, I mean they trieed to put Jack Swagger in a feud with the Miz and the former US champ not long ago, who throws two heels in against a face?

    The only thing that satisfies me these days is Smackdown!, they have the best feuds going right now and the best booking. Raw is just complete and utter crap all the new talent other than Ted/Cody/Kofi/Miz are being buried by the main eventers.
  20. firestar319

    firestar319 The Marauder

    I agree with that. Smackdown is much better than Raw. THey really do have the best feuds, seeing as how RAW really doesn't have feuds or rivalries. They just have someone after the WWE title.

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