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The Official WWE Thread, Brother!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by tyranitar305, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Laser Shuckle

    Laser Shuckle Well-Known Member

    Speaking of off-script/topic, anyone here see GLOW on Netflix? I liked it far more than I thought I would..
  2. Lord Trollbias

    Lord Trollbias Y'all Salty Bishes

    Asuka/Nikki Cross Last Woman Standing was amazing. 30 minutes of pure mayhem and war.
  3. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper That’s Detective Viper to you

    I really need to see it. The clip on YouTube that was posted draws me to it. Honestly, WWE had an excellent week for main events. It's not just because they were female athletes but people actually trying to make their match matter. I watched only the Gauntlet match on Raw and enjoyed that and thought the MitB match on SmackDown outdid Raw. We need more effort for good main events like these in the future.
  4. The Mega Champion

    The Mega Champion Well-Known Member

    That's it.

    You guys can just keep on being hypocritical HATERS.

    I'm too busy cheering on Roman to give a ****.
  5. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    It's the way he is booked that's all.
  6. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper That’s Detective Viper to you

    I can't speak for everyone who follows this thread but I don't think that any of us have stated that he sucks or that he isn't talented. Like Buddha said, we just don't like how he is presented to us. He isn't the first wrestler to be perceived different than anticipated with the crowd. And he won't be the last.
  7. Hoennking

    Hoennking Well-Known Member

    Roman had not had a bad match since wrestlermania. Nobody cared about Braun strowman until he feuded with reigns. His feud with Sami zayn was so boring. Anybody who feuds with reigns automatically popular
  8. Laser Shuckle

    Laser Shuckle Well-Known Member

    ^ You must've missed when Braun and Big Show tore the house down in that Raw main event, or the stuff with Kalisto.

    If anything you have it backwards, because Show was getting constant "please retire" chants before that angle and barely anyone cared about Kalisto before his feud with Braun.

    Of course anyone who feuds with Roman is more popular... He's the chosen one handpicked by the company which means anything he's involved with is subsequently treated as a bigger deal than most everything else. The reality of it though is it's nearly all down to his push and not him. Just look at how little people cared about Reigns before they strapped the rocket to his back after the Shield split. He was the least popular member of the Shield before they decided to shove him down our throats.

    Only reason people tune into his segments is because he gets all the big matches and opportunities, etc. others don't feuding with someone who's always more entertaining and/or talented than he is.
  9. pokecommunity

    pokecommunity Member

    I don't care about the topic just listen. ROMAN has won and been in the Main events of WM ppv two times. He is the owner of the yeard of WWE and when he bark the whole yeard just go shaked.
  10. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    Having "The Roman Reigns of the internet" on his signature I really can't take him seriously lol
  11. Lord Trollbias

    Lord Trollbias Y'all Salty Bishes

    So Austin Aries has been released and looking at his tweets its seems clear he asked for it. Can't blame him. He's stuck on a fledgling 205 Live and even there they underutilize him.
  12. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    LOL AJ Styles won the US Title at a live show in MSG (Madison Square Garden).
  13. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    Anyone been following the Alberto El Patron stuff? It's quite hilarious how much he hates WWE. Poor Paige. She might get AJ Lee'd right out of the company from this.
  14. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    To be honest, they got what's coming to them. Alberto has a lot of time in his hands calling out people in WWE lol.
  15. Pikachu979

    Pikachu979 Sinnoh Champion

    He deserved much better.
  16. Laser Shuckle

    Laser Shuckle Well-Known Member

    How about we talk about that awesome Lesnar/Joe/Angle/that other guy segment on Raw. Like I said, Lesnar is criminally undervalued on the mic! More of Joe vs Lesnar please.
  17. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    Samoa Joe was killing it on the mic and that's how he should be booked.
  18. -Raiga-

    -Raiga- Well-Known Member

    All I can think of when I see a guy like Joe or Styles doing what they're doing in WWE now is "damn, if only they got here 5 years ago". Don't get me wrong, I'm aware their extra years in TNA/indies are what made them so good, but still, seeing how well Bryan and Punk faired(eventually), makes me think some of those ex TNA guys could have made just a big a name for themselves.
  19. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    My friends and I had these same thoughts also and I think Joe 5 years ago would've fared off better than Styles his in ring work hasn't changed much. Styles needed that run in Japan to go from great spots guy to great all around wrestler guy, he said it himself in a few interviews how pivotal working with Tanahashi was.
  20. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    lol i wasn't surprised at all since they both have amateur wrestling background.

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