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dream pray

ho ho holy shiit!!!
awww, I am sorry zameric:(
didn't know tha someone else would choose warrior's...
I thought they wouldn't stand a chance.
hey, ancient, can I change vote, please?

ancient pray

You. Will. Be. Mine.
@ dream pray:
Yes, but only to make things a little more exited, with another warrior it is 2-2-2.
You can change your vote, but please think a little better next time you change vote.
I guess you want to change to warrior?


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please let Rainbow dragon win, but I don't mind if it loses.

anyway I got my new deck and took some cards out of the old deck, (the old deck I going to make into a crystal abances OTK deck.

anyway I post the deck list and side deck list later.

anyway this is one duel I remember, it was one of the most funniest duel every.

well I was dueling my freind. I was using a Cyber dragon deck. he use a ojamas

Turn one.
he play a monster in face down defense mode. and Play tow face down.

My turn.
my hand Three Cyber dragon, Power bond, Heavy storm.
drew Limiter removal
Play heary storm, he play Magic jammer
play Power bond. summon Cyber end bu he counter with a trap card (forgot it name) he send his face down monster. (ojama yellow) to take my Cyber end dragon.
end turn and loses 4000 life points due to Power bond effect.

His turn.
Cyber end dragon attacks.

that was one of the most funniest battle I had. I still laugh how quick it went.


The sunset skies...
Made By: Flygon3x
Date: 28-10-09
Monster: Dragon - Blue Eyes White Dragon

I mean, this dragon has been made famous since the day it came out. How can person nowadays not know what a Blue Eyes White Dragon is? I mean, most of us have grown up at least seeing it.


This is the deck that I originally began playing with. As time goes on and I learn more and more, I also signifcantly improve this deck as well. Now, here's the current status of my original deck, and I'm seeking for ways to improve it (please don't state Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, as there's like no way I can get that now).

3x Blue Eyes White Dragon
2x Paladin of White Dragon
2x Masked Dragon
2x Magna Drago
2x Armed Dragon lv. 3
2x Armed Dragon lv. 5
1x Armed Dragon lv. 7
1x Kaiser Glider
1x Tyrant Dragon
3x Spear Dragon
1x Marshmellon
1x Decoy Dragon
1x Manju of Ten Thousand Hands
1x Kaibaman

1x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Stamping Destruction
2x White Dragon Ritual
2x Dragon's Mirror
1x Brain Control
1x Trade-in
1x Burst Stream of Destruction
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Ancient Rules
1x Heavy Storm

1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1x Threatening Roar

Extra Deck:
1x F.G.D
1x Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
*Insert Synchros here*

Other cards that I have that may be considered
2x Kaibaman
2x Troop Dragon
2x Dragon's Rage
1x Future Fusion
1x Remote Revenge
Sakretsu armors

ancient pray

You. Will. Be. Mine.
@ Flygon3X:
I'm sorry, but Blue-Eyes White Dragon is not an option.
Please vote again ~
Nice deck btw, this card could help you alot: The White Stone of Legend
I know, it's a tuner, but it could help you alot
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shadow absorber

The darktrainer
Sorry for the one-liner ancient pray i'll make it longer.I vote for dragon-Rainbow Dragon I think dragons are awesome and strong I made a dragon deck but I don't use it that much I need to make it better. I also have made a Fiend deck it's strong.the last deck I have is my deck which can beat any deck :)


The sunset skies...
@ Flygon3X:
I'm sorry, but Blue-Eyes White Dragon is not an option.
Please vote again ~
Nice deck btw, this card could help you alot: The White Stone of Legend
I know, it's a tuner, but it could help you alot

Wow... did I make a biggest blunder ever because I was posting a deck and then this happened?

Alright, this is what I REALLY intended to state.

~ VOTE ~
Made By: Flygon3x
Date: 29-10-09
Monster: Dragon - Rainbow Dragon


The White Stone of Legend is a GREAT help, but the biggest issue is that it's a short print, which makes it hard to find.

ancient pray

You. Will. Be. Mine.
@ shadow absorber:
Yes, you may join, but please, use the FORM to vote for the clubs mascot.

@ Flygon3X:
I already thought you meant Rainbow Dragon, haha :p
Adding your vote to the front page right now ~


Knight of RPGs
Can I join?

Who is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character (or duelist) and why?
Gotta be Yusei here. I just absolutely find Yusei epic, what with his Synchro-based Deck (in my opinion, Synchros are the best thing to happen to this game since it was made) and his super cool attitude. I especially love it when he uses Stardust Dragon, because that card is so utterly epic it is unbelievable. And need I even mention Savior Star Dragon?

Which of all Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards is your favorite card and why?
Majestic Star Dragon/Savior Star Dragon. I love Savior Star Dragon (damn TCG name change!), becuase what it represents is the power of the Crimson Dragon to save humanity from the Earthbound Immortals, and it has such amazing effects that you can't help but be awed into silence whenever Yusei plays it, and especially its first appearance against Kalin. That was the epitome of coolness, although it showing up against Rex Goodwin has to be mentioned for when it is used to bring the Crimson Dragon forth to destroy the King of the Underworld. Finally, it has an awesome Synchro Chant!

What do you like most about Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I'd say the anime. I've been watching the anime for ages and ages and I've always found it awesome, even though I was watching the dubbed anime by 4Kids. Seriously, I got so hooked by the original and GX pulled me in too, the second Aster appeared the first time was when I was downright stuck liking Yu-Gi-Oh!. But 5D's has to be the most brilliant series, if only for Synchro Monsters and the truly praise-worthy plotline. The setting is far darker than GX or the original, as are the characters, but it truly becomes a masterpiece work once you hit the Dark Signer arc. And the recent World Riding Grand Prix arc looks very cool indeed, especially the Infinity Trio of Placido, Jose and Luciano.

Are you obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh! or just a (big) fan of it?
I'd have to say I am absolutely obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh!. I constantly keep myself up-to-date on 5D's, as well as writing my own fanfiction series within 5D's (first fic in the series finished on Fanfiction.net, second one up). I've always tried to get good cards and build powerful Decks. So yeah, I'm pretty obsessed.

What kind of deck do you have (IF you have one)?
I have several Decks, such as a Harpie/Blackwing Deck, a Light Deck, a Dark Deck, a Zombie World Deck, Water Deck, Dragon Deck and so on. My two best are my Different Dimension Deck and Yusei Synchro Deck. The Different Dimension has never failed to win me a game (though I hardly use it anymore for that reason) and my Yusei Synchro Deck uses some of the most epic cards from Yusei's Deck, such as the Warrior Synchros and Stardust Dragon.


Quicksilver Pirate
Welcome to the club storymasterb. :)
It'll be nice to have you in the club. I hope to get to see your DD deck.

My nephew has a Out of Play deck that I guess is similar. I would like to see yours to compare it to my nephew's deck.

New discussion topic...
If you could change one rule about dueling, what would it be?
I think I would get rid of all bans in official duels. :)
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If you could change one rule about dueling, what would it be?

though I get ride of the ban list and add all those cards to Limited and semi limited or even off the list for good coughCyberdragoncough. but if you did remove the who list then people are going to abuse cards like Judgement dragon and painful choices, pot of greed etc.

I would change the extra deck to only have 15 synchro cards and unlimit amount of fusion cards like the old days because the E hero archtype need that type of rule.

Northern Lights

If you could change one rule about dueling, what would it be?

Tribute rule - it p!sses me off somehing chronic. Seriously i have Chaos in my hand and two trap/magic cards ... neither of which can stop an attack, so i have to place the magic card down, hope Esha plays a monster card that the Magic card can work against and take a direct hit to life points.

WTH?! i don't think so. -_-

Oh yeah, i'm back in jolly old Blighty again =]


Yamask Hugger x_x
can i join, please????

even though im not a member (yet hopefully), can i still vote?
Made by: murkrowrob
date: 31/10/09
monster: insect - chainsaw insect

I KNOW its a fairly-weak type compared to all the warrior and dragons etc. and again I KNOW its only level 4 - but in my opinion it is the BEST level 4 out there with the amazing Atk stat, a not-so dreadful effect from having such a high atk (ah-hem giant kozaky) and it is a very staple card that can beat a large number of level 5 and 6s. IT DESERVES SOME CREDIT!!!!


ancient pray

You. Will. Be. Mine.
@ storymasterb:
Welcome :)
You may vote for a mascot for this club, if you would like, but please use the Right format.

Yes you may join, welcome, but you can't make up a monster of your own.
Here is the list of types and a monster I picked because of it's coolness, popularity, beauty or ATK stat, you used the right format, but chainsaw insect is not an option.

Aqua: Mobius the Frost Monarch
Beast: Theinen, the Great Sphinx
Beast-Warrior: Vorse Raider
Dinosaur: Super Conductor Tyranno
Dragon: Rainbow Dragon
Fairy: Honest
Fiend: Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
Fish: Golden Flying Fish
Insect: Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
Machine: Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
Plant: Black Rose Dragon
Psychic: Hyper Psychic Blaster
Pyro: Uria, Lord of Searing Flames
Reptile: Evil Dragon Ananta
Rock: Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
Sea Serpent: Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus
Spellcaster: Dark Magician Girl
Thunder: Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
Warrior: Gilford the Lightning
Winged Beast: Harpie Queen
Zombie: Mezuki

These are the monsters you can choose from, and just to make sure everything won't go wrong again; use this format:
~ Vote ~
Made by:

This is a new club rule from now on: using the wrong format or writing down a monster I haven't chosen will give you a warning.
I will edit the front page Tomorrow since I'm very tired and it's late.


Quicksilver Pirate
Yes, maybe you should add which monsters are available to vote for and the form to the section with the votes. That might help prevent future confusion. ;)

Welcome to the club murkrowrob! :)

I was thinking of watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds!, does anyone know what station the english dub plays on in the US?
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Yeah the tribute rule is good for some thing, if it was gone then people would summon Blue eyes or other high attackers.

that why I run a Crystal beast deck as the only cards need for tribute are in my side deck.

though another thing I hate is that you can't special summon a card for example Rainbow dragon or Judgement dragon from the graveyard due to the effect though you have the cards on the field or in the graveyard. Like Hello I have 7 different crystal beast cards on the field or in the graveyard yet I can't summon it from graveyard with Monster reborn, Call of the haunted etc. though Rainbow gravity counter that but it just a wast as on tag force 3 I end draw it instead of any crystal beast or Rainbow dragon and I only put one Rainbow Gravity.


Yamask Hugger x_x
Okay then:

~ Vote ~
Made by: Murkrowrob
Date: 1/11/09
Monster: Theinen The Great Sphinx

Theinen (if you have the right cards) will be completely uber with his effect - i mean 6500 atk for 500 LP - yes please! I'd use him all the time if I had Pyramid of Light to help out :D

Quick note to ancient pray - black rose dragon isn't a plant - i wouldve voted for it otherwise. Tytannial is the best plant
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I'm happy right now. Yesterday I went to the Stardust Overdrive SP and got:
1 Majestic Star Dragon (second pack)
2 Majestic Dragons (both in packs)
1 Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca (pack)
2 Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhuas (trades)
Now all I need is Uru and I will have all seven Immortals. The best part is, now I don't need to buy either of the new tins because I got Majestic Star Dragon and Wiraqocha Rasca, the two cards which are featured in the tins.
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