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The Okido Live Caster Thread

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    For newcomers - No, there are no skipped episodes. What is actually going on is that three episodes - the Maracacchi/Maractus, Mebukijika/Sawsbuck and Gothimu/Gothita episodes, which were aired right after the battle with Adeku/Alder, were actually intended to be aired right after the gym battle with Yacon/Clay, but were edited and moved to this new position due to them being part of an advertising campaign for Pokepark 2.

    Original post follows:

    Current list of wholly verified Live Caster segments:
    BW1 - Starter Pokemon
    BW2 - Monster Balls
    BW3 - Pokemon Zukan (note, the initial airing of this episode aired the BW1 segment instead, presumably because it has Okido introducing the segment itself)
    BW4 - Pokemon Battle Club
    BW5 - Tsutarja (Snivy)
    BW6 - Mijumaru (Oshawott)
    BW7 - Pokabu (Tepig)
    BW8 - Pokemon Center
    BW9 - Gym Matches and Gym Leaders
    BW10 - Pokemon Battles
    BW11 - Mamepato (Pidove) from BW2
    BW12 - Meguroco (Sandile) from BW3
    BW13 - Yanappu (Pansage) from BW5
    BW14 - Kibago (Axew) from BW6
    BW15 - Darumakka (Darumaka) from BW8
    BW16 - Pendror (Scolipede) from BW9
    BW17 - Pururill (Frillish) from BW10
    BW18 - Janovy (Servine) from BW10
    BW19 - Ishizumai (Dwebble) from BW11
    BW20 - Yabukuron (Trubbish) from BW12
    BW21 - Chillarmy (Minccino) from BW13
    BW22 - Deathmas (Yamask) from BW14
    BW23 - (unaired)
    BW24 - (unaired)
    BW25 - Herderrier (Herdier) from BW16
    BW26 - Zuruggu (Scraggy) from BW17
    BW27 - Minezumi (Patrat) from BW18
    BW28 - Kurumiru (Sewaddle) from BW18
    BW29 - Koaruhie (Ducklett) from BW20
    BW30 - Gothiruselle (Gothitelle) from BW21
    BW31 - Fushide (Venipede) from BW22
    BW32 - Koromori (Swoobat) from BW23/24
    BW33 - Waruvile (Krokorok) from BW23/24
    BW34 - Hahakomori (Leavanny) from BW25
    BW35 - Wheega (Whirlipede) from BW25
    BW36 - Bassrao (Basculin) from BW26
    BW37 - Emonga (Emolga) from BW27
    BW38 - Hitomoshi (Litwick) from BW29
    BW39 - Crimgan (Druddigon) from BW30
    BW40 - Shimama (Blitzle) from BW31
    BW41 - Monmen (Cottonee) from BW32
    BW42 - Ligray (Elgyem) from BW33
    BW43 - Vanipeti (Vanillite) from BW34
    BW44 - Gamagaru (Palpitoad) from BW34
    BW45 - Dokkorer (Timburr) from BW34
    BW46 - Tunbear (Beartic) from BW36
    BW47 - Dangoro (Roggenrola) from BW37
    BW48 - Gothimu (Gothita) from BW38
    BW49 - Uniran (Solosis) from BW38
    BW50 - Tabunne (Audino) from BW38
    BW51 - Archen from BW39
    BW52 - Zorua from BW40
    BW53 - Mooland (Stoutland) from BW41
    BW54 - Zebraika (Zebstrika) from BW41
    BW55 - Vulgina (Mandibuzz) from BW45
    BW56 - Zuruzukin (Scrafty) from BW45
    BW57 - Choroneko (Purrloin) from BW46
    BW58 - Dotekkotsu (Gurdurr) from BW42
    BW59 - Komatana (Pawniard) from BW42
    BW60 - Merlarva (Larvesta) from BW43
    BW61 - Dageki (Sawk) from BW43
    BW62 - Muggyo (Stunfisk) from BW43
    BW63 - Gobit (Golett) from BW44
    BW64 - Ohbem (Beeheeyem) from BW47
    BW65 - Doublan (Duosion) from BW47
    BW66 - Kumasyun (Chubchoo) from BW48
    BW67 - Kojofu (Mienfoo) from BW48
    BW68 - Chobomaki (Shelmet) from BW51
    BW69 - Shibishirasu (Tynamo) from BW52
    BW70 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW71 - Chandela (Chandelure) from BW53
    BW72 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW73 - Maracacchi (Maractus) from BW55
    BW74 - Baoppu (Pansear) from BW60
    BW75 - Shikijika (Deerling) from BW56/57
    BW76 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW77 - Agilder (Accelgor) from BW59
    BW78 - Vanirich (Vanillish) from BW59
    BW79 - Gothimiru (Gothorita) from BW61
    BW80 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW81 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW82 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW83 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW84 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW85 - (as of yet unverified)
    BW86 - (as of yet unverified)
    BWS2-1 - (as of yet unverified)
    BWS2-2 - (as of yet unverified)
    BWS2-3 - (as of yet unverified)
    BWS2-4 - (as of yet unverified)
    BWS2-5 - (as of yet unverified)
    BWS2-6 - (as of yet unverified)

    BWS2-7 - Kirikizan (Bisharp) from BW73

    Currently unfeatured LC Pokemon (ie Pokemon who are not considered to have been significantly featured in the show as of BW60)
    494: Victini
    495: (BW5)
    496: (BW18)
    497: Jalorda/Serperior (BWS2-6)
    498: (BW7)
    499: Chaoboo/Pignite (BW79)
    500: Enbuoh/Emboar (BW73)

    501: (BW6)
    502: Futachimaru/Dewott (BW73)
    503: Daikenki/Samurott

    504: (BW27)
    505: Miruhog/Watchog (BW14, probably BW23's subject)
    506: Yorterrie/Lillipup (BW15, probably BW24's subject)

    507: (BW25)
    508: (BW53)
    509: (BW57)
    510: Lepardas/Liepard
    511: (BW13)
    512: Yanakkie/Simisage (BW72)
    513: (BW74)
    514: Baokkie/Simisear
    515: Hiyappu/Panpour
    516: Hiyakkie/Simipour (BW74)
    517: Munna
    518: Musharna

    519: (BW11)
    520: Hatoboh/Tranquill (BW70)
    521: Kenhallow/Unfezant (BW69)

    522: (BW40)
    523: (BW54)
    524: (BW47)
    525: Gantle/Boldore (BW63)
    526: Gigaiath/Gigalith (BW54, probably BW72's subject)

    527: (BW32)
    528: Kokoromori/Swoobat (BW69)
    529: Mogurew/Drilbur
    530: Doryuzu/Excadrill (BW63)

    531: (BW50)
    532: (BW45)
    533: (BW58)
    534: Roubushin/Conkeldurr (BW72)
    535: Otamaro/Tympole

    536: (BW44)
    537: Gamageroge/Seismitoad (BW67)
    538: Nageki/Throh (BW72)

    539: (BW61)
    540: (BW28)
    541: Kurumayu/Swadloon (BW76)
    542: (BW34)
    543: (BW31)
    544: (BW35)
    545: (BW16)
    546: (BW41)
    547: Elphoon/Whimsicott (BW82)
    548: Tuline/Petilil (BW82)
    549: Dredear/Lilligant (BW61)

    550: (BW36)
    551: (BW12)
    552: (BW33)
    553: Waruvial/Krookodile (BW84)
    554: (BW15)
    555: Hihidaruma/Darmanitan (BWS2-6)
    556: (BW73)
    557: (BW19)
    558: Iwapalace/Crustle (BW64)
    559: (BW26)
    560: (BW56)
    561: Symboler/Sigiglyph (BW66)
    562: (BW22)
    563: Deathkarn/Cofagrigus (BW66)
    564: Protoga/Tirtouga (BW77)
    565: Abagoura/Carracosta (BW78)

    566: (BW51)
    567: Archeos/Archeops
    568: (BW20)
    569: Dustdas/Gardobor (BW86)
    570: (BW52)
    571: Zoroark
    572: (BW21)
    573: Chillaccino/Cinccino (BWS2-6)
    574: (BW48)
    575: (BW79)
    576: (BW30)
    577: (BW49)
    578: (BW65)
    579: Lanculus/Reuniclus (BWS2-6)
    580: (BW29)
    581: Swanna (BW69)
    582: (BW43)
    583: (BW78)
    584: Baivanilla/Vanilluxe (BW83)
    585: (BW75)
    586: Mebukijika/Sawsbuck
    587: (BW37)
    588: Kaburumo/Karrablast (BW65)
    589: Chevargo/Escavalier (BW65)
    590: Tamagetake/Foongus (BW82)
    591: Morobareru/Amoonguss

    592: (BW17)
    593: Burungel/Jellicent (BW80)
    594: Mamanbou/Alomomola
    595: Bachuru/Joltik (BW64)
    596: Dentula/Galvantula (BW64)
    597: Tesseed/Ferroseed (BW83)
    598: Nutrey/Ferrothorn (BWS2-5)
    599: Giaru/Klink (BW65)
    600: Gigiaru/Klang
    601: Gigigiaru/Klinklang (BW65)

    602: (BW69)
    603: Shibibeel/Eelektrik
    604: Shibirudon/Eelektross (BW53, probably BW70's subject)

    605: (BW42)
    606: (BW64)
    607: (BW38)
    608: Lampler/Lampent
    609: (BW71)
    610: (BW14)
    611: Onondo/Fraxure
    612: Ononokus/Haxorus

    613: (BW66)
    614: (BW46)
    615: Freegeo/Cryogonal (BW81)
    616: (BW68)
    617: (BW77)
    618: (BW62)
    619: (BW67)
    620: Kojondo/Mienshao (BW73)
    621: (BW39)
    622: (BW63)
    623: Goloog/Golurk (BW84)
    624: (BW59)
    625: (BWS2-7)
    626: Buffron/Bouffalant (BW68)
    627: Washibon/Rufflet
    628: Warrgle/Braviary
    629: Valchai/Vullaby

    630: (BW55)
    631: Kuitaran/Heatmor (BW79)
    632: Aiant/Durant (BW76)
    633: Monozu/Deino (BW58, probably BW76's subject)
    634: Dihead/Zweilous
    635: Sazandora/Hydreigon (BWS2-5)

    636: (BW60)
    637: Ulgamoth/Volcarona (BW80)
    638: Cobalon/Cobalion
    639: Terrakion
    640: Virizion
    641: Tornelos/Tornadus (BW61)
    642: Voltolos/Thundurus (BW61)
    643: Reshiram
    644: Zekrom
    645: Landlos/Landorus (BW62)
    646: Kyurem
    647: Keldeo
    648: Meloetta (S201)
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2012
  2. sSerenity

    sSerenity Well-Known Member

    The japanese names are too confusing for me :(
  3. playerking

    playerking Not in the mood.

    Darn. That has got to be the best thought out theory I've heard in ages.

    Why were the BW042/BW043 Pokemon that were heavily featured Pokemon skipped out on and Lilligant did have a poor debut, but I wouldn't say Amoonguss had an unusual debut.

    It could be a stuff up, but they have got an order going obviously.

    Does that mean that BW021's one was meant to be Pignite's/Minccino's? And it looks like they skipped out on the one for Dewott/Sawsbuck's as well.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2011
  4. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    It's quite easy:

    BW15: Darumaka from BW8
    BW16: Scolipede from BW9
    BW17: No LiveCaster, probably Excadrill I'd figure..
    BW18: Servine from BW10
    BW19: Dwebble from BW11
    BW20: Trubbish from BW12
    BW21: No LiveCaster, Probably Minccino or Pignite from BW13
    BW22: Yamask from BW14
    BW23: Presumed Lillipup from BW15
    BW24: Presumed Watchog from BW15
    BW25: Herdier from BW16
    BW26: Scraggy from BW17, but months later
    BW27: Patrat from BW18, odd choice, Sewaddle would've fit better.
    BW28: Sewaddle from BW18, odd choice, if this went to Patrat's slot, Dewott would've fit better from BW19
    No LiveCaster for BW19: Dewott and Sawsbuck
    BW29: Ducklett from BW20
    BW30: Skipped lifecaster, but probably something from BW21: Gothitelle?
    BW31: Skipped lifecaster, but probably something from BW22: Venipede?
    BW32: Woobat presumably from skipped episode BW23
    BW33: Krokorok definitely from skipped episode BW24
    BW34: Leavanny from BW25
    BW35: No Livecaster, Probably Whirlipede if I must say so...
    BW36: Basculin from the then unaired BW26
    BW37: Emolga from BW27
    NO Livecaster for BW28: Simisear
    BW38: Litwick from BW29
    BW39: Druddigon from BW30
    BW40: No livecaster, Probably Blitzle.
    BW41: No livecaster, Probably Cottonee.
    BW42: No livecaster, Probably Elgyem
    BW43: No livecaster, Probably Vanillite from BW34
    BW44: No livecaster, Probably Palpitoad from BW34
    BW45: Timburr from BW34
    No Livecaster for BW35! Tympole, Foongus, Stunfisk
    BW46: Beartic from BW36
    BW47: Roggenrola from BW37
    BW48: Gothita from BW38
    BW49: No Livecaster, Probably Solosis from BW38
    BW50: No Livecaster, Probably Audino from BW38
    BW51: Archen from BW39
    BW52: Zorua from BW40
    BW53: Stoutland from BW41
    BW54: Zebstrika from BW42
    No Livecaster for BW43: Golett, Larvesta, Sawk, also Pawniard from the previous.
    No Live caster for BW44

    BW55: Mandibuzz from BW45
    BW56: Scrafty from BW45
    BW57: Purrloin from BW46

    I kinda agree here, if three pokemon from BW38 could get a livecaster moment, then why exclude Pawniard, Gurdurr, Larvesta, and Golett. The parts in red could be moments in the timeline where episodes got skipped. One line doesn't equate to one episode though, as multiple pokemon from a single episode can be featured in multiple episodes livecasters:

    For example, Stunfisk, Tympole and Foongus had a role in BW35, yet they haven't had their LiveCasters yet. This could mean that in between BW45 and 46, three episodes could have been skipped. Same with the above mentioned pokemon that featured in the Don Battle, they're Livecaster episodes (four in total) could've been skipped between BW54, and BW55...
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2011
  5. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    I already said that there was most likelly more Plasma episodes that got skiped because they made an allusion to the two parter events so I basicly agree with your theory.

    Maybe not based on the Live Casters but I think we definetly(imo) got 2/3 episodes skiped besides the two parter.
  6. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    Note how little screentime those Pokemon got in these episodes, though. Not much to make a montage out of.
  7. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Tympole and Foongus I'll give you that, but Stunfisk by the time would've had its moments in its capture episode, Archen episode and Club Battle...
  8. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    As we've seen before, though, they wait until a Pokemon has built up enough usable footage before featuring it. Janovy got a decent deal of screentime in BW4, but still had to wait until the time came to feature Pokemon from BW10 for its slot (strangely this didn't seem to be case with Zebraika, though).
    Muggyo wasn't given a whole lot of screentime until BW42, which is right in the middle of that big gap.

    (it's also, of course, possible that BW55-57 are the episodes that aired out of order - we DID get reports of the Monozu and Kaiketsu A-Gilder episodes being meant to air in these slots, and that's sort of what the previews at the end of BW50 hinted at, too.)
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2011
  9. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    So perhaps its possible there HAVE been a second or third Team Plasma appearance by now, but those eps were skipped too because the first ones didn't air. If that's the case there's no doubt in my mind they'll all be aired together eventually.

    I just wonder what's going to happen once the evolutions start and if they air those Plasma eps and a Pokemon is back in its first form.

    It'll be like "Holiday Hi-Jynx" and "Snow way out" with Charmander instead of Charizard all over again.
  10. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    People would know those episodes were postponed, no need to retcon anything, we would know that those episodes happened but due to real life circumstances they didn't air, even kids understand this(atleast 8+ I assume).

    Well the episodes might never air so... lets not turn this into the Plasma thread btw, there is a thread for that already.
  11. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    They'll definitely air if they had to pull 4+ episodes of completed animation. That's a lot of time and money to throw away on completed stuff.
  12. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    I'm entertaining a miniscule hope that this year's New Year's Special will be the skipped episodes. Not expecting it in the slightest, but it's a fun idea.
  13. HoennMaster

    HoennMaster Well-Known Member

    I don't think it necessary means we have skipped episodes, surely not four in row. That seems a little too odd IMO. If anything I think maybe they redid the episodes involving Nimbasa City to remove TP references.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2011
  14. Hmm...I did speculate that there were more skipped episodes in the plasma thread. But I honestly don't think there was supposed to be one between BW044 and BW045. The TR plot transferred between both episodes.
  15. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    Ah this is exactly what I didn't want.

    Hopefully they do air them together and don't retcon anything, hopefully people will understand where they were supposed to air, in all fairness it's not hard too tell even for kids.
  16. Shneak


    I had no idea what you were saying in the first post, and then my reaction turned into horror. I definitely think we've skipped more episodes.
  17. Yeul

    Yeul Green Eyed Girl

    The writers are being extremely stealthy with their trolling, aren't they? Perhaps I don't wanna give up hope, but all these skipped episodes......what would've happened in them?
  18. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    They probably already have ideas and stuff already for the episodes in between. It's just that they didn't release some of them yet. I don't have a problem with it.
  19. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Maybe some other interesting stuff to bring up: Some of the toys which never featured in the animé? Some exist, like the Klinklang one.. And this latest episode with Garbodor.. Garbodor's toy appeared a long ways ago..
  20. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Even if eps are being skipped, it really doesn't explain why TR are still taking orders from Zager instead of Giovanni again.

    If there were a second appearance of Plasma, you'd think Giovanni would re-appear in that at least.
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