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The One Piece Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Zameric, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate


    Welcome to the One Piece Club! This is a place where fans can get together and talk all about One Piece.
    You can share and discuss just about anything, anime/manga, gear and collectibles, cosplay, or fan fictions. So come one, come all to the One Piece Club!

    There once was a man named Gold Roger, who was king of the pirates. He had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams!
    Before they hung him from the gallows these were the final words he said, "My fortune is yours for the taking, but you'll have to find it first. I left everything I own in one piece."
    Ever since, pirates from all over the world have set sail for the Grand Line in search of One Piece, the treasure that would make their dreams come true
    One Piece is the story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who sets out to gather crew mates and and find One Piece so he can become the next Pirate King.

    1. All Sppf rules apply here.
    2. Please no bashing, flamming, and/or trolling of other club members or characters.
    3. If you have a problem with another member, please take it up in PMs first. If it still can't be resolved, PM me.
    4. As a courtesy to other forum and club members, try to use spoiler tags on anything not already in the USA.
    5. No hentai/porn material.
    6. To join, please post "Thousand Sunny" somewhere in your post to prove you read the rules. maybe in some kind of ditty
    7. I will give you three warnings about breaking the rules before issuing a ban from the club.


    Alright, so here is the members list. When you first join you will be an un-ranked member.
    As you post more and show me your worthy of it, you will be promoted in rank. The ranks are as follows...

    Pirate King
    Four Emperors
    Seven Warlords
    First Mate

    Ok, the only one who's going to be the rank of Pirate King is me of course. ;p
    The four Emperors and the seven Warlords are appointed by me, with emporers being able to make position suggestions for warlords.
    The last four are all normal positions that can be earned based on post count in the club; 50, 30, 15, and 5 respectively.

    Pirate King - Zameric

    Supernova - Grovyl
    Supernova - BlueDragonfangirl
    Supernova - wingzx

    Captain - I like Pokemon (...)

    First Mate - Cutty Flam
    First Mate - Takeo
    First Mate - flash041891
    First Mate - Golde
    First Mate - Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Crewman - Fossil Man
    Crewman - ashds
    Crewman - MasterCharizard15
    Crewman - Cell
    Crewman - Blackacer
    Crewman - cookies kill you
    Crewman - 'Chompah!
    Crewman - The Red Thunder
    Crewman - kusari
    Crewman - Charminions
    Crewman - ShadeAce
    Crewman - Eon Master
    Crewman - PokeTrainerJay
    Crewman - Dark Searchman

    Jhoto Roxs
    Shadow Wolf Claw


    This is the section where we display club members' profiles for their pirate alter egos.
    These can include a description and/or art of their appearance, Jolly Roger, and maybe devil fruit powers if they are a devil fruit user.

    Gebrinius, Hermes (Zameric)
    Billboard Twentypage (Jinchuuriki Hunter)
    G (Golde)
    Glass, Cutty (Cutty Flam)
    Colland, Bristian (Fossil Man)
    Eternal, Jordan (MasterCharizard15)
    Reid, Rumi (flash041891)
    Lux, Artera (Cell)
    Grey G. Joshua (Grovyl)
    Raiden D. Valkyrie ('Chompah!)
    Atrera, Venari (Eon Master)
    Catena, Lask (kusari)
    Doloris D. Anima (Eon Master)
    Aroo (Cell)
    N. Neeya (Cell)

    [noparse]Name;[/noparse] Surname, given name
    [noparse]Epithet;[/noparse] Your Pirate nickname
    Home Sea;
    Personality;[/noparse] optional
    [noparse]History;[/noparse] optional
    [noparse]Abilities;[/noparse] Whether they be devil fruit or other
    [noparse]Jolly Roger;
    Unique laugh;[/noparse] optional

    Marine Profiles By popular demand!

    Lawfoot D. John (Cell)
    Telescopus, Ehcin (Cell)
    Jyuusei, Mamori (Eon Master)
    Maroga, Kairne (kusari)

    [noparse]Name;[/noparse] Surname, First name
    Bounties Collected;[/noparse] optional
    Base of Operations;[/noparse] (a blue, marineford, grandline, G8, G5, etc.)
    Personality;[/noparse] optional
    [noparse]History;[/noparse] optional
    [noparse]Abilities;[/noparse] Whether they be devil fruit or other
    [noparse]Unique laugh;[/noparse] optional


    Here is where we display the various kind of fan art made by club members.


    Jinchuuriki Hunter: (just of OCs atm)
    Billboard Twentypage & Gebrinius Hermes
    Jordan Enternal & Colland "Coal" Bristian



    And here is where you can find links to club members fan fiction pages in the club.

    Coming soon.


    This is a list of banned members and club members on warning.

    Chimchar15 - 2 warnings
    stormbaron01 - 1 warning
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
  2. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    Al~right! The One Piece Club is up and ready for some members.
    I know it doesn't look very pretty right now, but that should change soon.
    I must thank the lovely Vycksta for approving the club and for being so nice to me. :)
    Well welcome to the One Piece Club and please enjoy your stay!
  3. Golde

    Golde Always Searching~

    Thousand Sunny.

    First member woo~

    I'm not done reading yet, but moving through pretty fast. But if course, I'll join considering I nagged at you while waiting for this to be made
  4. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    Alright, our first member! Welcome to the One Piece Club, Golde. It is very nice to see you here. Somehow I knew you'd be the first to join.

    I have submit the club to be added to the Club List.
  5. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

    Hm...so the club's finally up.
    And you know, I was thinking of putting Thousand Sunny somewhere in my post, hidden obscurely by a bunch of topics and stuff...but then decided it was too much work and just...
    ...wait, I already said it.
    Anyway, I'd like to join the club, thank you very much.
  6. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    Haha, welcome to the One Piece club, Jinchuuriki Hunter. :)

    Alright, I guess we can get started with some topics...

    Who is your favorite One Piece character?
    Umm, that's tough...I guess I would have to say Franky is probably my favorite character.
    Franky is just a really cool and funny guy. He's da Supaman!

    What do you think One Piece is?
    Maybe...flying monkeys either some kind of secret key to the void century or some actual rare piece of treasure.
    But it's true nature will probably just be a symbolic thing.
  7. Golde

    Golde Always Searching~

    Who is your favorite One Piece character?

    One of the great things about OP is that no character is generally unlikeable. I even started to like BonBon after a while.

    What do you think One Piece is?

    I agree, probably something symbolic. However, I predict that it is in fact, a huge and glorious treasure, and Luffy a) Decides to leave it...or b) Gets it, but is being trailed by someone, and ends up loosing it all in an epic firefight. Rain, a big storm, the final battle...GOLD ROGER HIMSELF.
  8. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    Thousand Sunny. Yaaay.

    I love one piece, hence my user name. Is this the first OP club?
    I'll try to post here as often as I can.

    Who is your favorite One Piece character?

    At first, I liked Zorro, but then he's kinda boring to me. Franky character grew in me, so yeah I choose him. I like Robin as well.

    What do you think One Piece is?

    Yeah something symbolic like friendship or solid crew, or the strongest pirate in the world.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2010
  9. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    Interesting opinions, Golde.

    Hello and welcome to the One Piece club, Cutty Flam.
    I'm glad to see we have a new member.
    Yes, this is the first One Piece club that I know of.

    Well this was a pretty darn good chapter! :)

    I'm really excited for a Sengoku vs. Black Beard fight.
    I'd get to see more of his powers and see him beat on BB at the same time.
    Two birds with one stone.

    I hope Ivankov and Inazuma are alright. :(

    Woo for Crocodile coming to put a beat down on Akainu! xD

    Akainu is probably one of the few One Piece characters I just plain hate.
    Mostly just personality wise, his powers are awesome though.
    I hope the Whitebeard Commanders can finally put an end to him.

    I never would have expected Trafalgar Law to show up. I wanna see where this will go.

    Wow, Crococile may still be a prick, but ya have to admit that he is a bad-***.
    I wish the funimation voice actor for Crocodile seemed as awesome as his japanese one does. I really miss some of the 4kids VA's for One Piece.
    Watching this makes my wonder again what weakness Ivankov is referring too. xD

    Well we get to see Shiryuu in person in this episode. I don't really have much to say about him yet. ;p

    Crocodile's Crescent Cutlass and Jinbei's Arabesque Brick Fist are just plain awesome attacks.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2010
  10. Golde

    Golde Always Searching~

    Wow dead club is dead lolz?

    @ Zamz - Love the userbar, Kurris my friend. Liked the skulls better but still, lol

    The main banner is epic win too. Good job.

    I should make some stuff for this club...problem is I never have inspiration, lol. Plus, I've been like, hella-busy lately.

    @ Franky - Welcome. Hope you enjoy it here and all that stereotypical cliche crap :p

    Topic much?

    Do you think at any point, Luffy will give the hat back? Or, will he just let Luffy keep it? (Or other circumstances...?)
  11. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    Well now since someone else posted in the club, I can now too. So I'll take this moment and officially post up the One Piece club user bar.

    I hope the rest of you like it.
    the think each of you should put it in your sig to help advertise the club

    Do you think at any point, Luffy will give the hat back? Or, will he just let Luffy keep it? (Or other circumstances...?)
    Well if he meets Shanks again I think he might try to give it back but Shank will tell him to keep it.
    I don't think Oda will take away the straw hat from Straw Hat Luffy for good. ;p
  12. MasterCharizard15

    MasterCharizard15 Manly Eybrows!

    Thousand Sunny.

    I'd like to join.

    Do you think at any point, Luffy will give the hat back? Or, will he just let Luffy keep it? (Or other circumstances...?)
    Possibly, he could give it back at the end of ther series, or he might keep it...
  13. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

    Do you think at any point, Luffy will give the hat back? Or, will he just let Luffy keep it? (Or other circumstances...?)
    Like Zameric said, it's unlikely that Strawhat Luffy would lose his straw hat. But sometimes, titles just stick even if the person doesn't have anything to do with the title anymore. Like Pirate Hunter Zoro. (Although technically, he is still "hunting" pirates...just not for the money.)
    It's hard to say, and that's what makes One Piece so interesting. It's unpredictable.

    And what about another topic?
    Who's your favorite villain?
    I get the feeling that the majority of you (the total is what? 5 members?) would choose Crocodile...
    Yea, I pick him too.
  14. Golde

    Golde Always Searching~

    Well, I was talking about, like, as a series finale.

    I hate Crocodile. HATE Crocodile.

    I liked the ice guy who froze Luffy just before they went to Water Seven or whatever. I also like the Ussop look alike.
  15. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    Aokiji and Kaku

    Wow, this chapter just blew me away!

    I never expect Shanks to show up. Especially since he stopped that third pirate emperor from chasing after Whitebeard. I guess he partly changed his mind since Luffy was there, along with some other reason we might find out later.

    Blackbeard almost turned the ocean and Marineford into a Gyroscope. xD

    I was wonder why Law showed up to help Luffy. Last week after reading the chapter, I wondered to myself if Law might have been Shanks ally. And the chapter this week just strengthens my suspicion.

    I didn't notice Luffy lost his hat, and now Shanks picks it up. >.<
  16. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    Although there are only 4 of us. Try not to let this thread die like Ace, lol.

    Do you think at any point, Luffy will give the hat back? Or, will he just let Luffy keep it? (Or other circumstances...?)
    I think Luffy will give it back after he becomes very strong or at least can defeat Shank.

    Who's your favorite villain?
    Moria of course! So adorable. Also Magellan. I like Croc as well lately.

    Welcome to the club MasterCharizard15.

    Update the member Zameric.
    I like your userbar. It's interesting that you're also a Naruto fan.

  17. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    Haha, we/I try the best we/I can, Cutty Flam. But thanks for the reminder.

    Yeah, I'm a fan of the big WSJ three; Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. ;p

    I should have the pirate profile form up, along with my pirate profile, sometime soon.

    Lastly, for those of you who read the One Piece manga online by fans scanlators, be careful because April Fools Days is next week at the time it usually comes out on those sites. :p
  18. Fossil Man

    Fossil Man CRAGLY-HO!

    Thou~u~sand SUN~N~Y!!!! *Starts singing like Brook*

    Zoro: SHUT UP!! *throws shoe at me*

    *ahem* anyway, glad to see there's a starting club here for a good manga. Count me in this!

    Who's your Favorite One Piece Character?
    It's quite hard for me to say actually, they all have interesting stories, personalities, and talents. They're so unique and I like all of them. Although I'd have to put more love for the Curly Cook Sanji. His talents in cooking are one of the reasons why I took cooking as a hobby, and his pervertness reminds me of my own XD.

    Plus, I'm starting to call some people a ****head now too...a negative trait but one I like nonetheless

    What do you think One Piece really is?

    ...a bathing suit?

    No, I think it's a mix of what everyone's dreams are in the end.

    Luffy will have a grand adventure on the place where One Piece is

    Zoro will of course test his skills on the great warriors

    Nami will find the ACTUAL treasure

    Usopp might discover something that reaveals his strength

    the island might be located in the All Blue for Sanji

    the flora is home to Chopper's medical needs

    Robin might actually discover something about the Void Century

    Franky will maybe find some other ships (Rodger's perhaps...?)

    and Brooke might find something that reassures him of his return to Laboon, or something about his crew 50 years ago

    Who's your favorite villian?
    Crocodile, just like everyone else...he's just a complete bad-a**

    Also, he's one of the actual 4Kids VA that I ENJOYED (unlike Brooklyn Rage Sanji...)
  19. Zameric

    Zameric Quicksilver Pirate

    Welcome to The One Piece Club, Fossil Man! I'm happy to have another member join the club.

    I think your responses to those topic were all very interesting and neat. :)

    Well that was a pretty cool episode. :)

    Hannyabel's meltdown was just epically hilarious, I think. ;p
    But ya do have to feel a little bad for the poor guy I guess.

    Kind of skipped over this part in the manga, so seeing Blackbeard attack the prison is a bit new to me. I always like watching stuff in the anime better too.

    I hope the English VA for Blackbeard will be all to do his laugh as good as the Japanese VA did. ;p

    And I promise I'll have the profile stuff in my next post. >.<
  20. Fossil Man

    Fossil Man CRAGLY-HO!

    I will admit, I laughed hard at the poor guy. Obvioulsy when it comes to taking pressure, the Vice warden can't take it very well.

    Now I can kinda see why he's not Warden material.

    Blackbeard, good to see him again. He's starting to climb the ranks of bad-a**ery for me. Let's see if he can beat Crocodile later ;3

    Also, I effing FREAKED when I saw Ivankov's face grow THAT huge..it mentally scarred me inside a little...
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