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The one that got away...

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Protoman EXE

Aegis Shield Up!!!
I ran into a shiney Mesprit with 1 hp and it died after throwing a Dusk ball it said mesprit fainted after i throw a Dusk ball. >_< XD

little norbert

Active Member
I saw a shiny groudon and failed to catch it. That really stung, But I did take a picture, so it's cool ^-^


Well-Known Member
i kinda forgot to save when getting a adamant natured bagon after breeding my salamence for 8 hours....


Fine...Char Me!
Found ;030; (evo) in fr safari zone and ;201-e; from gts in dimend
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big poppa

the boss
I ran into a shiney Mesprit with 1 hp and it died after throwing a Dusk ball it said mesprit fainted after i throw a Dusk ball. >_< XD

The Mesprit didn't faint, it fled. Its still out there somewhere in Sinnoh, you can use one of your Poketch Apps to locate it.


I'm clueless ♥
.... :( Uxie and it's counterpart that isn't Mesprit...But,since today I finally obtained all 150 Shinnoh pokemon,I have a Uxie in my box,which I will trade,but...:p Yea,I don't like him.

Since I've never seen a shiny pokemon in game,I've never had the opitunity to accidentally faint a shiny,have one run away,get all my pokemon fainted by one(o_O Yea...That makes little sense since I always have my Rayquaza on my team)or getted "Roar"'ed at....Yea >>

Mega Typhlosion

Well-Known Member
My first random shiny was an Electrike on Ruby...I lost it when I restarted the game (forgot to save in Pokémon Box).

Also I saw a shiny Milotic at the Battle Pike in Emerald -_-

groovitational skiing9867

trapeze teddiursa!
Same here! High five!
I honestly didn't know what I was doing. I guess I was thinking it'd be in the cave again, but then I realized.. legendaries are only a one-time-appearance thing. Silly me.
And then... I ran into a shiny buneary while in the Eterna Forest with Cheryl.. and you know how we can't catch Pokemon with a partner :(
I wanted to ditch her right there and then!

did you guys ever think to save before you fought them? i ran from a shiny budew once

Mega freak

May deoxys crush you
Soft reseted my way to a shiny rayquaza in my emerald version and it's confusion from outrage killed itself.


Mesprit always ran away no matter how hard I tried.
I also had a hard time trying to catch Latios, it just wont give up.
And the three ledgendary beasts always run away and there quite hard to catch.(Which is pretty obvious.)


The Anti-Hero
Uhh.. I guess once i saw a... no wait... i always catch what i want,

QQ moar!

Always have pokeballs! always! don't go anywhere without your balls!


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I got Pokerus on my Empoleon, and didn't put it in my PC box because I misinterpreted what I read beforehand about this virus. I shut off my game before spreading the virus to my other Pokemon, and two days later when I played again it was too late. It took me another year to get Pokerus, and that was from a Jirachi from the GTS.

Oh, and I missed three guaranteed shinies from the Pokeradar because the chains broke at 39.


Uhh.. I guess once i saw a... no wait... i always catch what i want,

QQ moar!

Always have pokeballs! always! don't go anywhere without your balls!
now that's worth sigging well a shiny togepi came metronome it used healing wish or selfestruct

Blinky the Mew

Clever Idiot
Shiney ninetails *sniff*

this one is the one i constantly refer to the one that got away for me.
Ok so it was 3am in the morning and i wasnt about to go to sleep cuz i was on a long chain of vulpix after trying for so long to get it going. I was at 40 and noticed my batary was going down but i was being stupid and payed no attintion to it. So at 47 i finally got a shiney one and when i went to throw a ball at it my power died.......... it ****** me off so bad i mean have you seen a shiney ninetails? there freaking buetiful!!! oh **** it all to ******* hell!!!!!!......................... Sorry i need to calm down.


Leader of the Dark
i went into the great marsh in pearl because i saw that kangaskan was the daily poke. so i went in looking for it and out of nowhere a shiny hoothoot appeared! i threw a ball at it and it shook 3 times, got out, and fleed. i was so mad cuz theyre easy to capture but it failed....


Retired Master
I ran into a shiney Abra that telleported away. I traded for another, but it's not the same.


Accidentally killed my first and only shiny run-in via critical hit :(
It was only a Ratata, but it's still a shiny.

Nobody's Nerd

Electric Engine
This has happened to me twice. The first time was in the very beginning of the game. Because I'm weird, I tend to train my starter up to about level 20 before going anywhere past Route 202. I met a shiny Bidoof, but sadly had no Pokeballs yet. :(

The second shiny I missed was a Quagsire in the Great Marsh. I loathe the Great Marsh. So annoying.
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