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The Orange Islanders Tournament

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Cresselia's Tea Cozy
The Orange Islanders Tournament



Hello, welcome to serebii's first Orange cup. Basically this is a standard Black and White tournament. Mostly, this tournament will work out by single elimination, which you all know means that when you get beat, you are out of the tournament. Or under other conditions such as Activity wins or not following rules, etc. Prizes will be decided towards the end.

Tournament instructions

This tournament will be set up by either using wi-fi, or the pokemon online battling simulator. Both will be accepted. As many as 64 people will be accepted into this tournament, so join as quick as you can if you wanna get a spot in this! And lastly, the faster we can get this started, the faster this will be up.


Be sure to read all of the 5th generation tiers on serebii, by going to the 5th gen battles tab and clicking on the updated tiers, you will get them, so be sure to do that so there isn't a problem. Also be aware to follow all serebii rules, make sure you:

1. No flaming or arguing
2. Don't spam
3. No cheating

Failure to comply with these rules will result in an automatic disqualification.


As I said in the introductory, prizes will be decided towards the end.

Application Form

Pokemon Online Name:
Time Zone:
Friend code:


1. OMN's Skynet
2. SuicuneMaster11
3. Jets
4. Regarde
5. Nilla
6. Sweet Dreams
7. Charminions
8. Pikachu725
9. WhiteWisper
10. Falco
11. Hitmonfro
12. Aoki
13. Epic Eevee
14. Shadowsfalling19
15. SamuraiDragon1
16. SuperJamalx9000
17. Cookies Kill You
18. Blaaz
19. Mreddozook
20. Cometk
21. Big Beluga
22. Smartgamer
23. Blinky The Mew
24. Darkrai00
25. PoignantLyrics
26. AB2
27. -Gengar-
28. Giggity...
29. Gamefreak
30. nrp8598
31. SlickDaMasta
32. Pkmner

Round 1 Matchups

(1) OMN's Skynet vs SlickDaMaster(31)
(5) Nilla vs Blinky The Mew (23)
(9) WhiteWisper vs Aoki(12)
(17) Cookies Will Kill you vs Smartgamer(22)
(24) Darkrai00 vs Gamefreak(29)
(6) Sweet Dreams vs -Gengar-(27)
(10) Falco vs PoignantLyrcis(25)
(13) Epic Eevee vs Big Beluga(21)
(8) Pikachu725 vs SuperJamalx9000(16)
(14) Shadowsfalling19 vs Blaaz(18)
(11)Hitmonfro vs Giggity...(28)
(30) nrp8598 vs AB2 (26)
(3) Jets vs Cometk(20)
(19) Mreddozook vs SamuraiDragon1(15)
(32) Pkmner vs SuicuneMaster11(2)
(4)Regarde vs Charminions(7)

Deadline is Sunday May 29, week and 1 days, so this hopefully gives you plenty of time, extensions will be given if necessary, activity wins will be based on how much you have been contacting/participating on the thread if your opponent has been inactive. Also you can pm me/post on this thread predictions. Good luck!​
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faults & feats
Pokemon Online Name: Royal Serperior
Time Zone: eastern usa
Friend code: idr


Cresselia's Tea Cozy
I will also be participating in this tournament. And make sure you pay attention to who POs, or wi-fis and whatnot since there could be a chance you might be paired up with an opponent that only POs or only does wi-fi, and keep the sign ups coming.


cake cake cake cake
Pokemon Online Name: Searquan
Time Zone: GMT -5
Friend code: 3353-3376-0093
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Pokemon Online Name: 725roy/[OO] 725roy
Time Zone: US central -5
Friend code: 1850-0998-3827


Want to battle??
Pokemon Online Name:My PO is currently not working, but my name is Aoki
Time Zone: GMT -5 I think
Friend code: 2193-6973-5833
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Pokemon Online Name: betterthanbulldogs (hehehehe)
Time Zone: gmt -8
Friend code: n/a
additional info: bulldogs is actually probably better than me at vgc 2009 lc


Pokemon Online Name:blaaz
Time Zone: GMT -4
Friend code:4169-3821-8578
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