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The Order | An Original Fantasy RP [M] (Private SU - for now!)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Minteh, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!



    ‘In the beginning the world was dark, filled with nothing. Man wandered the world without purpose, without a goal. And then one day the Creator came to us. He gave us light, and passion, and purpose. We were supposed to be his perfect creations, molded as he saw fit. To make us happy he gave us the seas and mountains, he gave us plants, he gave us animals. He gave us all that he thought would make us happy. But we were greedy, and filled with sin, always hungry for more. When the Creator left us to our whims, we became consumed by pride and wrath. By the time the Creator came to us again, he was disgusted by what he saw, by what we had become. So enraged that we strayed so far from his chosen path, that he brought forth monsters from the deepest realms to plague our lands, and terrorise us. The most devoted of us tried to plea with him, but to no avail. We had failed him. The Creator left only one stark instruction. “Atone for your sins, or never again will man know peace in life, as they do in death.”

    - Serverra 17, taken from the Book of the Creator

    ‘Man suffered at the hands of demons for many years. They were weak at first, but we could combat their numbers. Almost as if this was a test, they would come back harder and stronger, more difficult to defeat. When man almost fell to these beasts, it was our founder, Lord Gryff, who sought to save the world. He created our order, The Order of the Griffon, to help combat these beasts and save the world.’

    - Taken from the ‘The Order of the Griffon: A Detailed History by High Mage Rafflesia Durelan’

    ‘There can be no denying that the Griffons were formed with noble purpose, but now we have no need for them. The demons have been held back for centuries, and the empire, as much as it pains me to remind you, was defeated fifty years ago. If you had any sense, brother, you would drive this order from your land, and see that their base of operations was put to better use. Why waste a perfectly good castle by allowing an organisation that has no purpose without the existence of demons to live in it?”

    - Taken from a letter between Princess Alena of Chalons, and her brother, Emperor Petyr II of Verthall.


    The world is in the seventh aeon. Although we are in an age of peace now, tensions are brewing all around, leading many to believe we are on the cusp of all out war. In the north, the Empire of Verthall continues to taunt their neighbours in the Kingdom of Chalons, sending numerous groups to patrol their shared borders, and stir up trouble wherever possible. It may have been 800 years since the empire was beaten back into submission, but many alive fear what may happen if the empire opts to expand again.

    In the west, the Republic of Vindomora, continues to outwardly display a unified front, despite obvious tensions. With seven separate principalities making up the republic, each with their own differing ideas, it is understandable that tensions begin to mount. The ruling princes of Fallowmire and Vord are those currently threatening the peace, with the latter accusing the former for a number of disappearances in that part of the country. It is unclear whether the people of Fallowmire have had anything to do with this, but there has been an unusual number of disappearances all over Embarlan of late, which does raise suspicions.

    The Kingdom of Balgravia in the south, still manages to remain as uninvolved in the politics of Embarlan as always, but has its own problems closer to home. As home to the only major Tiefling settlement, Tah Ven, Balgravia has always taken pride over its large Tiefling population. However, despite their pride in this fact, many Tieflings would argue that it is nothing to be proud of. Tah Ven has become notoriously overcrowded, and many Tieflings who have moved from there, will quite happily inform you of its many flaws, and how the monarchy of Balgravia simply turns a blind eye to their problems.

    To make matters worse, there have been an increasing number of demon attacks, leading many people to believe a major attack is imminent, the first in over a hundred years. With the four kingdoms on the brink of war, and unable to spare any men to quell the increasing numbers, the eyes of the world turn to the secretive Order of Griffons. Although generally believed to have gone inactive in the previous aeon, there are rumours that the Order yet lingers, though nobody is certain of the numbers they could draw up, much less whether they would still be capable of holding back a horde of demons. Nevertheless, with their long, complicated history surrounding demons, it seems that they may be our only hope once more.


    The RP world is set in the traditional medieval/fantasy route. The weather in Embarlan is generally very temperate, colder the further north you go, and warmer the further south. The main terrain consists of forests and grasslands, with mountains primarily located in the north and west. There are a few marshlands in the world too, and it is believed a dormant volcano lies deep in the south, close to Tah Ven.

    In this RP you will be playing as new recruits to the Order of Griffons. Many of you will not have come here on your own accord, opting to avoid a prison sentence by claiming conscription rites to come here. Or, in the case of returning members, will have had conscription rites claimed on your behalf, having recently been escorted here from the infamous Westreach Prison.

    This RP picks up on the day you are all set to undertake your initiation ceremony.


    Map of Embarlan

    Locations of Interest


    Verthall - Located in the northwest quarter of the realm, the empire is a temperate region, with harsh, craggy landscapes to the north, and lush, fertile, grasslands to the south.

    Verthall is the only region where magic is openly used and not feared. Whilst many non-magical citizens also make up the population, it is the mages who take pride of place; many mages go on to serve directly under the ruling emperor or empress through the Council of Magi.

    Capital of Verthall - Situated in the heart of Verthall, the capital is a bustling city, and home to many people from all walks of life. The royal family make their home in a heavily fortified castle in the north of the city, and is connected to the Council of Magi tower and the army barracks which are also located in the north of the city, via a number of elaborate walkways. If not a trader or farmer working just outside of the capital, the most common occupation is to serve under the army. All races are welcome to join, as are mages, though mages are often split into their own division of the army.

    Stone Hill - Stone Hill is a large farming town in the south of Verthall, close to their border with Vindomora. Although not a large town by any means, due to its location in Embarlan, it is a major trade hub, and gets its fair share of travellers passing through.

    Westreach Prison - Better known as ‘The Gallows’, Westreach Prison is what remains of the former coastal town of the same name. In order to combat the rising levels of crime brought on by growing tensions, Emperor Encor, expanded his existing prison in the town until is virtually encapsulated the whole town and surrounding area. Many people living in the area were driven from their homes, or that is what Verthall wants you to believe. In actual fact, many were placed into the prison after it was finished. The prison is a formidable looking building, made of black stone, making it stand out against the nearby grey and barren landscape.


    Balgravia - Balgravia is the kingdom in the south of Embarlan. Although technically the largest of the four, much of the land is virtually uninhabitable, due to being dry and scorched.

    Capital of Balgravia - Situated in a more temperate region of the realm, the capital is a large city, just a mere three miles from the border with Verthall. Although the capital of Balgravia, the architecture in the city is very simplistic and plain. The capital frequently experiences bad storms due to the hot weather, and thus has a number of fortifications in place to prevent flooding.

    Tah Ven - Tah Ven is the only known major settlement of Tieflings in Embarlan. Built from ancient elven ruins, it is believed that Tieflings first settled here shortly after the elven empire fell. In recent years, to avoid persecution from the other kingdoms, many Tieflings have moved here, hoping to live a peaceful and fulfilled life as many Balgravians like to claim. Sadly, due to the high number of Tieflings here, and the Balgravians lack of help in giving them more land to expand into, Tah Ven has become notoriously overcrowded and dirty.

    Republic of Vindomora

    Republic of Vindomora - Taking up most of the eastern world, Vindomora is a lush and fertile land. Many people make their living as farmers, selling their crops or livestock around the republic, or in the other kingdoms. Unlike the other kingdoms, which are ruled by a sole emperor or monarch, Vindomora is actually ruled by seven separate principalities. Although they come together in times of crisis, and all follow the same basic set of rules, each principality is unique in terms of both how it is ruled and the people who live here.

    Fallowmire - A small town in the north of Vindomora. Local residents are known to be dark and mysterious, and are rumoured to be open towards magic, despite a general fear of it in the republic. The land surrounding it is mostly swampy, with strange beast prowling the land. Because of this many travellers and traders opt to take the trade route through the Prince’s Pass, when entering the republic.

    Clearwick - A small village in the south. Well known for the unique variety of apples it grows.

    Pykewash - A port town, this town is located a mile in land from the saltriver. Pykewash heavily rely on traders and fishing to keep their economy stable.

    Redfall - A large village nestled in the Redfall Woods.

    Kilward - A large village situated in the centre of the republic. A major trade hub, and home to Verna's Spire, where the heads of each principality come together to discuss issues.

    Vord - A coastal town. Like Pykewash, they rely on fishing to keep their economy stable. People here are known to be stubborn and hot-headed, and known to cause trouble with the other principalities, Fallowmire in particular.

    Septem - The largest of all the towns in the republic.


    Chalons - A small kingdom in the northeast of Embarlan, Chalons is also the youngest. Where once it was part of the Verthall empire, during the rebellion 800 years prior, rebels used this region as a chokehold against the empire. When the rebellion ended, the land was conceded to the rebels, who went on to form a constitutional monarchy here.

    It is a primarily cold region, with large woods, and mountain ranges in the north. The people here are said to be very hardy. They are quite open to werewolves, due to the large pack who live in the woods in this kingdom.

    Capital of Chalons - A recently built city, the capital of Chalons is a pleasant place to live. Built in a more temperate region of Chalons, the capital experiences mild weather year round, as well as frequent snowfall. The most common occupation for people living here is to become a hunter.

    Skyreach - A large fortified village nestled deep in the mountains. Due to its unique location, few people outside of the kingdom know how to get to it.

    Oldhaven - The oldest known village in the world. It is said that the legend of the Creator originated from here, and as such the people here are very religious. They have a deep rooted fear of magic, and are known to be hostile to other races. Although situated in Chalons, it is rumoured that they truly hold allegiance to the empire still.


    Magic in this world has many uses: attacking, healing, or simply just for entertainment. Many people have some grasp of magic in this world, but there are few who are truly skilled..All magic is categorised into one of many categories: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light, and Dark. Some mages may also choose to specialise in a singular type of magic. Your characters can specialise in one type if you'd prefer, but they may also be able to use all types of magic. Once again, the choice is yours.

    Note: Healing magic will be limited to the Water, Earth, and Light elements.


    Much like the environment, Embarlan is a world of diverse people. Thousands of years ago, elves and dwarves were the dominant race, before humans began to expand and shrink their empire. As years have progressed, these races have become more and more oppressed, allowing humans to rise to power and become the dominant race. As well as the previously mentioned races, tieflings, werewolves, and vampires also exist in this world.


    The most dominant of races in Embarlan and also the most contentious. Many humans in Embarlan believe in the myth of the Creator, and due to this are quite distrustful of other races and religions. Magic was once widely revered by humans, but following Verthall’s failed attempt at expansion, more laws have come into place with hope of controlling mages.


    Once elves were the most dominant race in Embarlan alongside the dwarves, but as humans expanded from small tribes in the south, their once vast empire was soon destroyed. As years have passed, the elves have become more and more oppressed. Only in Verthall and some settlements in Vindomora are they accepted.

    Like humans, elves believe in gods, though they have their own. Much of their mythology has been lost to time, but it is known that the elves had gods for virtually everything.

    Elves are typically taller than humans and very slender, though it is not uncommon to find more stockier elves, especially if they are only part elf. Other distinguishable features include pointed ears, narrow eyes, and long faces. Elves have a lifespan of 200 - 300 years.

    Modern elves have a longer lifespan than most other races, living in excess of three hundred years. Although outwardly elves do not really show signs of ageing until around ninety, they do begin to experience other problems related to age (such as arthritis and menopause) at around the same time as humans.


    Like elves, dwarves were once the most dominant race in Embarlan, but they mostly presided in their underground kingdoms, unlike the elves who ruled over the surface. Like the elves, the dwarves history and culture suffered greatly at the hands of humans. As humans ventured underground and began investing in mining, dwarves were forced up to the surface, as the humans ransacked their homes. Whilst most modern dwarves live on the surface, there is rumoured to be one remaining dwarven kingdom.

    Dwarves do not believe in a godly system, but they venerate a mythical figure known as Te’varni, which loosely translates in old Dwarven to “The Stone”.

    Dwarves are very similar to humans in appearance but are far shorter, typically around 3-4 feet in size. Many female dwarves can grow beards. Dwarves have a lifespan of 40 - 50 years.

    Dwarves have a shorter life cycle than most other races, only living for up to fifty years. They also reach maturity much quicker, hitting puberty at around nine or ten, and being classes as adults by the age of thirteen. It is unclear why they have such short lifespans, but it generally believed to be an after effect from centuries of living underground.


    Tieflings are a historically oppressed race in Embarlan. Due to the relatively small tiefling population in comparison to other races, very little is known about their history, though they are believed to have existed for hundreds of years.

    Tieflings believe in a two god system, following the legend of Sari and Sori, gods of life and death respectively.

    Most tieflings are of similar size to humans, but a few are notably taller, easily reaching over 8 feet in height. Tieflings are mostly defined by their horns, colourful skin either in shades of blue or purple, and their colourful eyes. Despite rumours spread by humans, tieflings do not have tails.

    Tieflings, also have a very human life cycle, living for around ninety years on average.


    Werewolves are a minor race in the world of Embarlan. They came into existence when a spell by humans went wrong. Whilst werewolves can be found everywhere, they have two major packs in the land, one in Chalons, and one in Redfall Woods. Like vampires, werewolves who were turned via a bite or other injury, are often referred to as afflicted, and are generally treated as second class citizens. However, many people in Verthall have an odd fascination with them.

    Naturalborn werewolves look very similar to humans in appearance, save for the addition of ears and a tail. Afflicted werewolves look exactly like their former race when not in werewolf form, but take on subtle differences in their werewolf forms depending on their race. Afflicted humans look the most like their natural born counterparts, but are generally smaller. Afflicted elves tend to create werewolves with very light fur, and slender frames. Afflicted dwarves tend to be quite small in werewolf form, and look more akin to wild dogs. Tieflings look the most different as a werewolf, taking on a rather monstrous form. They are far larger than their naturalborn counterparts, and oddly keep their horns as well.

    Werewolves age at the same rate as humans.


    The most mysterious of races in Embarlan. Vampires are an accidental creation of elves, who in an attempt to find a way to stop humans, accidentally left themselves cursed with an insatiable desire for blood. Vampires like werewolves can be found everywhere, but tend to keep to themselves, and are more frequent at night, where they often pick off prey. Whilst exposure to the sun won't kill vampires it is extremely uncomfortable, hence why they tend to be more active at night. They are extremely susceptible to fire though. Vampires who are created through a bite are classed as afflicted.

    Naturalborn vampires look like normal humans until they reach puberty, after which they begin to display the typical vampire traits of fangs and pale skin, with a slight yellow overtone. Afflicted vampires do not look much different to naturalborn ones, only that they can be of any race, save for werewolves of course.

    All vampires, be they naturalborn or not, possess heightened strength and speed, as well as a heightened healing factor.

    All vampires lose their ability to age when they are turned. For naturalborn vampires, their vampiric traits are not present at birth but should come in around puberty. They continue to age until the age of eighteen. For afflicted vampires, they remain frozen at the age they were turned.


    In this RP, your characters will take up one of the below mentioned classes. If you would like to give them a secondary class, I am fine with that, so long as it makes sense to their base class and not too OP.

    • Soldier -A soldier is a versatile, weapons-oriented warrior who fights using skill, strategy and tactics. Soldiers have often undergone years of training to refine their skills. Soldiers tend to wield swords and shields, axes and polearms.
    • Barbarian - A barbarian is seen as the archetypal warrior who uses brute strength and raw fury to excel in combat, instead of the honed skills of the soldier or measured strength of the cleric. Barbarians tend to wield axes, spears, and warhammers.
    • Ranger - Rangers are hunters and skilled woodsmen, and often live reclusive lives as solitary folk. Rangers tend to wield bows or small knives, or engage in hand-to-hand combat.
    • Cleric - Clerics are versatile figures, both capable in combat and skilled in the use of magic, especially water and light magic, which they employ without any restriction despite encumbrance of their armour. Clerics consider themselves to be driven by their faith. Clerics tend to take on a more defensive role in battle, but on the offence, they wield staffs and other blunt weapons such as maces and hammers.
    • Druid - Druids are skilled mages, typically wielding nature-themed magic. Unlike wizards, who undergo years of training ,druids are often self taught and, keep to themselves. Druids have a unique ability that allows them to change into various animal forms, and various other qualities that assist them in natural settings. However, they are only able to shift into three forms at most, and these are very unstable and linked to emotions, meaning druids can shift back to their normal form fairly easily. Druids mostly rely on their magic in battle, but can also wield small daggers and maces.
    • Rogue - A rogue is a versatile character, capable of sneaky combat and nimble tricks. They like to keep to the shadows. Rogues wield lighter weapons such as hidden blades and daggers.
    • Bard - The bard class is versatile, capable of combat and of magic. Bards use their artistic talents to induce magical effects I.e dancing or singing. Unlike the other magical classes a bard's magic is usually very weak. Bards wield lighter weapons like hidden blades and daggers.
    • Wizard - A wizard is highly proficient in magic, and is considered less effective in melee combat. Wizards cast very powerful spells, and therefore do not rely on traditional weapons, save for staffs to better channel their energy.
    • Illusionist - The illusionist is a trickster sort. Incapable of using magic, illusionists rely on potions and traps to give the impression they can use magic. Illusionists tend to wield lighter weapons such as daggers and hidden blades, but may be inclined to use bows too.


    The following is a list of NPC’s your characters may be familiar with at the start of the RP.

    • Emperor Encor Thalrassian VII - The current emperor of Verthall. A man in his mid-thirties, he appears outwardly charming, but is a sadistic and overly-ambitious man.
    • Grand Duchess Morwenna Thalrassian - Encor’s wife, and younger daughter to King Goram of Balgravia. She is blonde haired and her beauty is renowned.
    • King Goram - The fifty year old ruler of Balgravia. A small and squat man. He has a nervous disposition and easily submits to people stronger than him.
    • Princess Aderyn - Goram’s elder daughter, and next in line to the Balgravian throne. She is married to a son of the current ruling prince of Pykewash.
    • Queen Leonore - The ruling monarch in Chalons. Little is known about her as she tends to keep to herself.
    • Prince Sig - The ruling prince of Septem, and the only known elf ruler. He recently came to the position after the former ruling line died out.
    • Captain Tenor - A brutal guard serving at the Gallows. Known to show little mercy.
    • Captain Syrah - A follower of Tenor, equally as brutal as her companion. Easily identifiable by the scar across her left eye.


    • All standard forum rules apply.
    • Please, no bunnying/god-modding without permission. I will allow you to do it to my characters, but only in response to non-violent interactions, and nothing that would seem out of character.
    • Post as often as you can! I know most people have their own thing going on in their personal lives, but this is one of those RPs that is fun if you keep up with it.
    • Swearing is allowed as this is rated 'M, but please don't abuse it. I know some characters will swear, just don't use it as an excuse to have them swear in every sentence.
    • Romance is fine with me, but don't go overboard. We're not here for that.
    • Also, and I can't stress this enough, please make it appear realistic during fight scenes. I know that since there is bending involved, it isn't going to be exactly identical to real life, but don't make it so you character gets punched and is barely affected by it.
    • Don't ask for multiple characters.
    • If you're going to be away for a period of time, please let me know in advance.


    Name: (First, Last: maybe a nickname or title?)
    Age: (Anywhere between 18 – 30)
    Gender: (Male, female, other?)
    Race: (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Tiefling, or Werewolf/Vampire?)
    Class: (Any of those listed above)

    Appearance: (A well-sized paragraph or two about your character. Include the general details about appearance and their usual outfit. Just make it appropriate to the setting. You may use images if you want, but an image does not substitute for writing.)

    Personality: (Give me a an idea of what your character is like. At least two paragraphs. 10+ sentences.)

    History: (Give me a history for your character. At least two paragraphs. 10+ sentences. As we start in prison, you may wish to add how they ended up there, but this is not compulsory.)

    Weapons: (List the primary your weapon is proficient with. At the start of the RP I'm only going to limit it to one, but they can pick up other skills as the story progresses.)

    Magic: (List up to four spells that your character knows. Also, specify whether they specialise in one type of magic or not.)

    Other: (Anything else)

    1. Petra Telaris (Dwarf Cleric) - Minteh
    2. Salem (Elf Bard)- Schade
    3. Veronica Lance (Human Wizard) - Mon
    4. Axel Nicks (Elf Illusionist/Thief) - VampireMace
    5. Sekolah Sensale (Tiefling Rogue) - Skillfulness
    6. Fallon Jadestone (Elf Ranger) - Tangy
    7. ?? - Vern
    8. ?? - GoldenHouou
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  2. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Plopping my WIP here for now to work more on later today

    Name: Salem
    Age: 83 (Elven years. Looks early to mid twenties)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Class: Bard
    - Veritas: The harp Salem carries. Allthough not a weapon in itelf, he channels his magic through it, playing tunes and melodies to a variety of effects both in and out of battle.

    - Ardor: Salems actual weapon. a small decorative dagger he keeps on his person at all times. He fights with swift agile movements, trading in raw strength for agility and accuracy. Though he typically remains passive in fights, he can hold his own once he's forced to draw Ardor.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Appearance: Salem is easy to spot in a crowd due to his elven height. Standing at 7'3" tall, he towers above most of the human population. He has the elven slender physique allthough he has toned muscles due to regular training. His skin is very pale and fair, again blaming it on the elven genes that practically guarantees good looks. His neatly trimmed medium long hair dons wavy locks of vermillion to gently fall down over his face, blending nicely with his blood-red eyes. His eyes often have a somewhat distant look to them, as if he's not paying attention, or thinking of something pleasant far far away. His eyebrows are also neatly trimmed and curves elegantly over his eyes, adding a certain flirtatious look as well. Another distinguishable feature of his are his long pointed ears, common for the elves. His face is overall sharp, with a defined jawline and cheekbones, and many would consider him to be very very attractive, which is something Salem himself is very very aware of.

    For clothing, nothing short of the best does it for Salem. Always having been a fan of the tragic and macabre, Salems clothing consists entirely of dark gothic fashion of high quality, often donning darker shades of color like burgundy, lavender or blues. His main attire for traveling and preforming consists of his favorite puffy-sleeved black velvet shirt which he keeps buttoned down to reveal his toned chest. With this, he wears a pair of black leather pants, as well as a pair of dark brown boots that reaches his leggings. The boots are fur-trimmed at the top, and are decorated with a single dark pink gemstone. They also have skull buckles on the sides. Salem also wears a magenta hooded cape, covered by a matching magenta frilly shawl held together by another skull buckle, partially covering his exposed chest. Around his waist, he wears a dark brown leather belt adorned with a magenta frill as well as, surprise surprise, more skull buckles. He wears a black headband with a lavender rose decoration on it as well, adding to his romantic aesthetic. He is also never seen without his harp, which has a soft golden color. It is his medium as a spellcaster, as well as the means of his income.

    Personality: Salem has a generally calm and collected nature, giving off a certain carefree attitude towards most things and most people. He is hard to read, as he never reveal his feelings through expressions, and seems to keep his cool regardless of the situation. He is a patient man, and is generally quite easy to get along with, as he's very open-minded towards other people and their stories. However, Salem is very selfish, and while he is a genuinely friendly guy, he often put his own need above that of others, and is not above using people for his own gain. He carries himself with grace and elegance, and cares deeply about how he looks and how he presents himself. Despite that however, there is always something.. off about him. He carries with him a certain uneasy atmosphere, making people initially uncomfortable around him.

    Being a musically gifted young man, Salem greatly enjoys the art of music both in the form of singing and playing instruments. While he is decent at most instruments, his favorite to play is the harp as he finds the melodies soothing and relaxing both to himself and the people around him. Salem is also a very intelligent young man with a hunger for knowledge. One of the things he enjoy the most about his travels is to find exotic books on many topics. One of his banes is that he doesn't have a clear point of interest when it comes to learning, and he would be just as excited to learn about the fertility rate of toads that he would be to learn ancient necromantic rituals. His quest for knowledge is also fueled by the hope of one day uncovering information on himself and his family, and fill the holes in his memories.

    In contrast to his carefree and seemingly friendly behavior, Salem does harbor some darker tendencies. These often showcase themselves in form his sense of humor, if you could call it that. He's the kind of guy that would laugh when misfortune befalls other people, be it in small or bigger ways. As mentioned, Salem often use people for his own gains, and while he tries to take the clean route, if harsher methods are required, he has no problem with taking that extra step if it means progress for himself or for someone he cares for. He also seem to take joy in tormenting others, be it through magic or unnecessary taunting. This is most notable when in fights, as he showcases an eerie glee as well as laughter when inflicting pain upon others.

    Despite his shortcomings, Salem is not an evil guy. While he prioritize himself above others, he still values friendships and would go to great lengths for the people he consider close to him without expecting much in return. Dark magic certainly have a corrosive effect on the mind, but Salem doesn't mind that. To him, Dark magic takes you to places other schools of magic don't dare tread, providing the better results at less cost than the other schools of magic does. To him, it's a means to an end, and Salem has a clear goal in mind.

    History: Salem initially awoke in the middle of a graveyard, located deep within a forest. He could remember nothing about himself, nor of his past, all he had was a beautifully carved harp by his side. While he knew nothing of the harp's origins, he keeps it close, believing it to be the key to remembering his past. Traveling through the forest, he would be lost for several days until he would finally reach a village. There, he learned that he was in a place called Fallowmire. The name didn't ring any bells for him, but he needed a place to stay while trying to sort out his situation.

    The inkeeper at the Fallowmire inn agreed to let him stay there if he would provide entertainment for the patrons there from time to time. She likely noticed his harp and figured he must be some traveling bard that got hit a bit too hard in the head or something. Salem didn't argue this and agreed to the inkeepers terms, and started working at the inn while also living there. It wasn't the worst gig in the world, and while he was playing for the guests, he felt at peace kind of, like this was what he was supposed to do. Granted, he didn't feel like playing the harp in a moldy old inn for the rest of his days, but he figured that playing music for others wasnt such a bad idea.

    He would live in Fallowmire for a year and a half, playing for the guests at the inn while making a name for himself. Almost everyone in Fallowmire knew who Salem was. Well.. Except from Salem of course. He had started charging money from people for some of his shows, and made enough to save up on the side. It grew slowly and steadily until he was confident enough he had enough to travel. Old Grotesqua the innkeeper was basically family to him now, and bidding farwells with her was surprisingly devastating for him, as he had this nagging feeling he wouldn't see her again. Regardless, he had to travel in order to find out more about his past, while also being on the lookout for his future.

    He would travel for several years. Reading ancient elven lore in the libraries of Belgravia, to preforming before nobility in Chalons. Along the way, he woo'ed his way into the peoples hearts, and spent his spare time reading and learning from all the libraries. None of his memories had surfaced during this time, but he never gave up on his goal. He had to come from somewhere right? Ehile he was well met in most places he traveled to, he did encounter some bigots along the way, learning more and more about the uneven treatment of the different races in the realm. However, due to his looks and talents, he would often be excused and treated like a court jester at best. It worked for him; he made his coin, preformed his art, and was allowed to roam the cities at his own pace before leaving, never to be heard from again.

    Then came the time when it would all change. During a visit to Verthall, and having been preforming in one of the more high end inns at the capital, Salem started to get involved with the dukes daughter, Gerda LeBoop. She wasn't really that attractive, but she just wouldn't take no for an answer, and started clinging unto Salem after his preformances were done. Dreaming of an exciting life with the tall goregous goth, she just wanted an easy out from an arranged marriage or something. Salem didn't really know, nor did he care. Growing increasingly impatient with him, the night before Salem was supposed to leave the city, several guards barged into his room one evening, demanding he came with them. Apparently, Lady LeBoop had accused him of making unwanted advances on her. Literally nobody bought into her story, but because she was the dukes daughter, nobody dared to speak up against her.

    Considering the BS-factor of the whole situation, Salem was offered an "easy way out". Instead of going to jail for these false accusations, he would have to be conscripted into something called "The Order of the griffons". Not really sure what this would mean for him, Salem reluctantly agreed to this, believing that it would be better than rotting away in a jail cell for an uncertain amount of eternity.

    Magic: Salem's dark magic is channeled through his harp, and he can achieve a variety of effects to a varied level of effectiveness depending on how he plays. His magic is often defensive or supportive rather than head on. While he knows a few curses and hexes, his main focus lies in buffing his allies or immobilizing his enemies. While ha can cast spells without his harp, it is more difficult for him as he hasn't practiced doing so before.

    March of the Dead: Playing an upbeat tune on Veritas, Salem's allies feel light and nimble, enabling them to move and strike faster than they normally would. The effect of the spell varies with how much magical enrgy Salem puts into Veritas, and how intensely he plays. The effect goes away when Salem stops playing.

    Spiritual Anthem: A passive spell that enables Salem to take control of the spirit of the deceased and make the spirit inhabit a dead body, thus reanimating it. The reanimated body will act on Salems command, and is only freed once Salem cancels the spell, or use it on another spirit, thus letting go of the previous one. These revenants can be killed in combat, and their fighting skills depend on how decayed the revenant is, as well as the skills it had in life.

    Revenant's Fury: Filling your allies with the determintion and drive of vengeful spirits makes them stronger and more durable all while Salem plays Veritas. They'll hit harder and temporarily heal fatigue, allthough they'll also be prone to exhaustion after the spell ends.

    Soul Shatter: By playing a somber tune on Veritas, Salem is able to induce powerful migraines to enemies of his pickings. The spell can be used on multiple opponents, allbeit not as lethal as if he would use it on one individual, causing disorientation and headaches when used on multiple targets. Cranking up his power, Salem can easily kill someone this way, the soul rendering tunes causing the victim to start bleeding from his eyes, nose and ears before his brain is thoroughly fried.

    - He is very skilled at playing the harp.
    - He is also a very skilled singer.
    - He's good at picking locks.
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    Name: Veronica Lance
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Class: Wizard


    Veronica is not the type of person who could easily blend into a crowd. She stands at exactly five feet tall, making her a little bit on the short side, not that this matters to her. Her figure is willowy, lacking in curvature. Not that she's a block, rather her curves are just understated, again, not that this matters to her. She has a heart shaped face, and a small nose. Her hair is long, and slightly wavy. It goes past her waist, with blunt cut bangs that go to her eyebrows. It naturally grows out of her head in a lavender color. She keeps her hair tied up into pigtails on either side of her head. Her eyes are an intense yellow color, that almost appear to be glowing, which tends to freak some people out. Her eyes have long, dark lashes attached to them. Her skin is naturally pale, and made more so by her not going out into the sun that often. Her pale complexion makes her other features stand out. She often wears dark makeup, such as black eyeshadow, and black lipstick.

    Veronica has a very particular taste when it comes to clothes. Her wardrobe consists of frilly gothic style dresses. There are a lot of lace, ruffles, and bows in her clothes, and it's always in a black and purple color scheme. Her current outfit is a frilly purple and black dress. The bodice is purple and black, and is vaguely corsetlike in design. It has puff sleeves, ruffles, and two small purple bows decorating it. The bell shaped skirt is black, and it reaches to just past her knees. It has ruffles on the bottom. She wears black lace stockings on her legs, and black Mary Jane style shoes on her feet. Elbow length, fingerless black gloves, with crisscrossing purple lace ribbons in the center cover her hands. On top of her head sits a black headband with a purple bow attached to it. The only jewelry she wears is a black choker with a purple gem in the middle, as well as black stud earrings in both earlobes. Some people find her choice of clothing odd because it tends to look extravagant when it's not necessary. Veronica doesn't care what others think. She likes the style, and that's all that matters to her.

    Veronica was given new clothes when she joined the Order. While she kept her style somewhat, she was forced to wear Order colors, which she's not completely happy about. She wears a frilly royal blue and black dress with various designs on it, including the Orders symbol. The skirt is bell shaped, and reaches to her knees. She also wears a few silver armored bits over it. Elbow length, fingerless black gloves, with crisscrossing blue lace ribbons in the center cover her hands. On top of her head sits a black headband with a blue bow attached to it. She wears black tights on her legs, with practical blue boots as her footwear.

    Personality: Veronica is a quiet young woman who doesn't show emotion very often. She usually has a serious look on her face, and it's rare to see her smile. She doesn't talk very much, not because she's shy or anything, she just doesn't have much to say. It's hard to get more than a few words out of her at a time. When someone does try to talk to her, she tries to get straight to the point, and end the conversation as efficiently as possible. This often leads to saying things bluntly, or respond with a snarky comment. She is patient and stoic, and doesn't get angry easily, but can be quite scary when she does get mad. These days, she has a tendency to push people away because of her experiences with bullying, often playing up her bad reputation, and demonstrating her abilities to keep people away. While she is grateful for the gifts she was blessed with, she knows that they can be dangerous if left unchecked, which is why she keeps people at arms length, so she doesn't want to hurt people again. She struggles to not let the influence of her dark magic drive to be evil like everyone thinks she is. It's difficult because she actually enjoys burning on people who annoy her. Even if it is by accident sometimes.

    Her favorite activity is reading books. She is actually fairly intelligent, and she likes learning as much as she can about magic, or anything else she thinks is relevant. She also reads for pleasure, and reads fairy tales and horror novels, in addition to scholarly texts. Although, she seems to prefer reading about people having epic adventures, than actually being involved in one herself. She knows the potential dangers involved, and Veronica doesn't like casually rushing into danger without a plan.

    For all her intelligence, Veronica is lacking in physical ability. She's not very strong (though she can somehow pick up big heavy books without a problem), not a particularly fast runner, doesn't take hits well, and gets tired easily after doing physical activity for too long. Combat wise, Veronica relies on her magic for everything, and is useless in a physical fight. She typically avoids exerting herself too much. However, when it becomes necessary to perform manual labor, she will never complain about it. She'll just suffer in silence until the task is complete. Complaining is something that irritates her more than physical fatigue.

    Despite the fact that she actively studies dark magic, Veronica isn't actually evil. She actually would like to put her powers to use doing something good, and show people that not all practitioners of dark magic are evil, and it that it can be put to use doing good. The reason for her reserved personality is because of the bad reputation she's gotten due to her powers. In reality, she is quite friendly deep down, and would appreciate companionship from someone willing to look past the darkness. She can be one of your closest friends if you have the patience to deal with her.

    History: Before she was born, Veronica's parents were both sorcerers who studied dark magic. Both mother and father hailed from a long line of dark magic users. They had hoped to learn the secrets of dark magic, and put what learn to use for good. They wanted to raise a child who would grow up to follow in their footsteps. They tried many times to conceive a child the old fashioned way, but either failed to get pregnant, or miscarried. They considered adopting an orphan at first, but decided against it, as they wanted their progeny to inherit their magical abilities, and have their blood in their child's veins. So, they decided to use magic to help them conceive. It worked, and nine months later, they welcomed a baby girl into their lives. The girl was born with lavender hair, and yellow eyes that neither parent possessed, but was otherwise perfectly healthy. They named their new daughter Veronica, and blamed her unnatural hair and eye color on the fact that she was conceived magically.

    Veronica was born in the capital of Verthall. Veronica and her family had a bad reputation since they practiced dark magic, and everyone in the capital didn't trust them because of this. Since they had not actually done anything bad yet, the people couldn't force them out. Veronica grew up in a very lavish lifestyle. Her family was able to afford the best of everything. Her parents were the ones who drilled her interest in magic into her head.

    Veronica had not displayed any signs of having magic herself, thus she went to public school to get a normal education. Veronica was the victim of bullying and mistrust by others, who believed her to be a witch. Due to her interest in dark magic, odd choice of fashion, tendency to keep to herself, and unusual appearance, Veronica was very much an outcast. She was hurt by the constant teasing, but did her best to cope with it as best she could. Since she didn't have any friends, Veronica spent most of her time studying magic, and reading books. While she couldn't actively perform magic on her own yet, that didn't stop her from learning all she could about magic. She was always seen with some kind of book with her, and was very much an outcast.

    It all came to a head on one particular day. While she was walking by, she overheard someone say, "Oh look, here comes that freak, Veronica. I bet she's just waiting for the right moment to kill us all." She got upset by this, and then suddenly, without meaning too, a purple fire suddenly appeared next to him. The person tried to put it out, but the flame spread, setting himself on fire. When she walked up to try to help the person, he responded with "You did this didn't you?! Get away from me you witch!" Which made Veronica more upset, causing the fire to grow. Veronica ran away tears streaming down her face.

    As Veronica ran, random things she passed started bursting into flames. Eventually, the whole building she was in burst into flames. By the time help arrived, flames had consumed the school, several people were burned, and some even died. Veronica was the only one to walk out of the building unscathed. After that incident, it was confirmed in everyone's mind's that the Veronica really was a witch.

    For her crime, Veronica was arrested. She would have been thrown in jail, but was given the option of being Conscripted into The Order of the Griffons instead. Not seeing a better alternative, Veronica decided to join The Order. At least there she could put the magic she only just discovered she had to good use.

    Weapons: A simple staff with a silver crescent moon shape on the top given to her by The Order. Used for channeling magic, and looking like a real wizard!


    Will-o-Wisp: Veronica conjures up balls of purple flames, that she can manipulate.

    Shadow Tag: Veronica conjures a shadow to bind someone's feet where they stand, temporarily preventing them from escaping. The effect automatically ends when Veronica is far enough away from the target. The intended target must be directly in front of her to this work.

    Hex: Veronica starts chanting, and summons shadows around an opponent. The shadows cause the victim intense (but not fatal) internal pain. The pain is worse if the victim has an affliction of some kind, like a burn.

    Pain Split: Veronica is able to drain life energy from one, and transfer it to another. It can be used to heal wounds, essentially transferring those wounds to another victim. She can't kill anybody with this. She must able to touch the target(s) to use this.

    Other: Seeing as she only recently discovered she has them, Veronica can occasionally have accidents with regards to controling her magic.
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  4. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Name: Petra Telaris

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Race: Dwarf

    Class: Cleric

    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]
    Like all dwarves, Petra is a very short and stocky woman, leaning towards the taller height range for dwarves at around 4'0'' tall. Although she may appear quite plump, due to a bit of notable pudge around her belly and thighs, she is perfectly healthy. However, her months in the Gallows have caused her to lose some weight in these areas, due to poor living conditions. Petra has fair skin and is usually clean and unblemished. She has a few small scars on her legs, but she manages to conceal these with her clothes. Petra has narrow, deep-set eyes of a striking amber colour. Petra's has long, straight black hair, that when loose falls past her waist. For practicality, Petra tends to keep her hair in a long plait, with a little smaller bun at the top of her head. When she wears her hair like this, it is easier to see that she has the sides shaved underneath.

    In terms of clothing, Petra likes to dress simple and practical. Her old usual outfit consists of a blue crop top, black fur-lined trousers, and scout shoes made from dyed blue leather. She also wears greaves over these, but they only cover to just above her knees. Over her trousers, Petra often wears a thin sheet tied at the hip over these. In terms of accessories, Petra keeps it light. On her wrists she wears fur trimmed cuffs. She also likes to wear a necklace that her father made for her. As Petra follows the teachings of the elven goddess Ravenna, the necklace consists of the skull and other smaller bones of the raven, interwined with beads and dried leaves. Regarding her following the teachings of the goddess Ravenna, Petra also gives herself bodypaint in the patterns that ancient followers would use - or as best she can tell anyway.

    After joining the Order, Petra modifies her appearance a bit. During the journey, she loses her bodypaint, so is no longer able to adorn her body with the markings used by followers of Ravenna. She cuts her braid, opting for a shorter, more practical bob cut. In regards to clothing, she keeps her fur-lined trousers, and scout boots, but adopts a metal plated overskirt in place of the thin sheet she used to tie at her hip. She also wears a high-necked blue-grey shirt with darker blue detailing, over a long-sleeved sheer shirt. She upgrades her pauldron to one made of finer steel, and also wears a blue-tinted metal gauntlet on her non-dominant hand.

    Personality: Petra would consider herself to be a good person, but her personality goes much deeper than that. For the most part, she is a very kind and compassionate woman, showing concern for others, and doing her best to help people in need. Of course, when it comes to helping people in need, things don't always go to plan, although anything she does in done with the best intentions. As part of her belief in the goddess Ravenna, Petra is a firm believer in justice. Where she grew up, the law was usually fair, but as she has travelled around Embarlan she has come to realise that many places are corrupt. As such, Petra is not afraid to doll out what she deems to be "justice" if she deems it has not been given. As mentioned before, whilst this is usually done with good intentions, it does tend to get her in a fair bit of trouble.

    In regards to her faith, Petra would consider herself deeply devout. She believes primarily in the pantheon of elven gods, in particular, Ravenna, the elven goddess of destiny, justice, and ravens. Although a firm believer to the elven gods, Petra is open and accepting of the deities of other races, Te'varni in particular. She does have some issues with the more extreme followers of the Creator, finding many faults with their persecution of other races.

    Something which has developed from her faith is Petra's belief in destiny. Petra has a strong belief that everything happens for a reason and that everything that happens to us, or around us, is all apart of some bigger plan. Whilst usually unwavering in her beliefs, it did falter slightly when she was taken to the Gallows, especially since she hadn't even been committing a crime, and was merely seeing to some homeless people on the road.

    To many people, Petra often comes across as quite the unassuming woman. They tend to change their mind when they see just how ruthless she's willing to go to exact justice.

    Petra was born and raised on a small farmstead just outside of Septem in Vindomora. Although a full-blooded dwarf, Petra was raised in a mixed household, with her mother a dwarf, and her eventual step-father was an elf. Petra never knew her biological father, and despite being an elf, she always viewed Athras, as her real father. Her mother offered to tell her when she was older, but Petra declined, stating that if he wanted nothing to do with her from birth, then he didn't deserve to know her as an adult.

    For much of her early childhood, Petra was cared for by Athras' mother, whilst her parents would work in the fields, gathering crops. A stern woman, Lailani Telaris, was also known for her warmth. She liked to keep Petra in line, making sure she always remembered her manners and never spoke out of turn, and was quick to reprimand her if she misbehaved. However, she could also be a very warm woman, and would always comfort Petra if she was sad, and was keen to encourage her inquisitive side.

    It was through Lailani that Petra was first exposed to the elven gods. Although Petra's mother was keen to teach Petra all about Te'varni and dwarven culture, Lailani went against this and began teaching Petra about the elven gods alongside this. Petra was of course fascinated by all of this and seemed to latch on to one goddess, in particular, Ravenna. Although something of a mysterious and shadowy figure in Lailani's stories, Petra was very enamoured with her.

    As she grew, Petra's fascination with Ravenna continued to grow as well, and when she started venturing out into the town, she would search for any documents on elven lore, in the hope that they would contain something on Ravenna. When staying in Septem, her firm belief in the elven gods, lead to her being inducted as an official follower of Ravenna, one of the first to do so in many years.

    Petra remained in Septem for around three years, before a certain event, lead to her leaving. She was seventeen at the time and did odd labouring jobs around the city to make a little coin. At the time, a fairly high profile case involving a tiefling that had been accused of stealing. Petra was familiar with the tiefling in question, and highly doubted they would be capable of stealing, and strongly believed it was the other suspect who was responsible. She followed the case closely but did not intervene. It was only when her friend was charged and would inevitably be sent to the Gallows that she took matters into her own hands. Strongly believing the other suspect was to blame, Petra saught him out, even though she was advised not too. When she found that man, she ordered him to confess, so that an innocent tiefling wouldn't go to jail. When he refused, stating that he wouldn't listen to some dwarf and that the tiefling freak "deserved it", she snapped. She beat him quite severely until he finally agreed to confess. The following morning, she took him to the local jail, where he confessed, but little did she know it was too late. Her friend had already been sent to the Gallows, and whilst the jailors did believe the suspect, they were unwilling to recall the convoy which had taken Petra's friend, and so let the man go. Reluctantly Petra released him and found herself in prison for town days as a warning against interfering in things she shouldn't have been.

    When she was finally released, annoyed by the decision the jailors had made, Petra left the city. For the next few years, she travelled around all of Vindomora and parts of Verthall as a wandering cleric. Whilst she tried not to interfere with politics too much and tried to stick just to healing, she did often find herself exacting her own idea of justice.

    Although Petra currently finds herself in prison, it was through an oddly innocent act, through which she was imprisoned. Somewhere in south Verthall, Petra along with two others were tending to wounds of a small group of homeless people. As they were doing so, a patrol of knights loyal to the emperor passed through and saw what they were doing. They disliked the group loitering around healing the homeless, and pressed them to leave, stating that they shouldn't even be here. When Petra and her companions refused, they were caught by the knights, who proceeded to take them to a nearby town, claiming that they were wild bandits that had attacked them on the road. Despite numerous protests from Petra and her companions, they were briefly jailed in the town, before being sent on the Gallows, where they were split up into different areas, none of them knowing where the others were.

    Some weeks later, Petra was one of a small group of prisoners, who were forcibly conscripted into the Order of Griffons by Emperor Encor, in an effort to dispose of some prisoners. She was one of a few of the group who did not go missing or died on the journey from Westreach Prison to Griffon's Peak. She now awaits her fate, curious to see what mysteries the Order holds.

    Weapons: Shaman staff - Although used to better channel her magic, the staff can be used as a weapon in dire circumstances, due to the presence of a concealed spearhead at the top.

    Healing touch - Petra is able to generate a healing aura, localised only to her hands. With this, she is able to mend bruises and cuts. With further focusing, she can heal broken bones.
    Blast - Using her staff, Petra is able to fire off a small blast of fire magic at a target. She is capable of using this without her staff as well.
    Shield Wall - Using moisture in the air, Petra is able to create a small shield of ice in front of herself as an added line of defence. This wall is not very strong and usually breaks after a few well-timed hits.
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    Name: Fallon Jadestone

    Age: 30

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Class: Ranger


    Appearance: Fallon stands at 6'8", a normal height for an elf, though she's used to towering over the humans who dominate the lands. Her face has sharp, elflike features, including a long pointed chin and defined cheekbones. Her eyes are a piercing orange, and convey more expression than she would prefer. Her lips have a good amount of natural colour to them. Her cheeks are usually adorned with a bit of paint designed to aid in camouflage and reduce the sun's glare. She wears little makeup otherwise, her elf biology providing her with flawless skin and her eyes being more than striking enough without help. Her hair is a medium brown, and rests at uneven lengths, a few pieces dipping below shoulder length, a signal that the hairstyle was a rushed job done by herself. She has ruby studs in both ears that she's had since childhood.

    Her figure is thin and willowy, even for an elf, signalling malnutrition. Most of her clothing is expensive due to her height, so she owns few articles of it. Her typical outfit is a sleeveless green top that can be tied very tight to fit her body, khaki workpants that are a bit too wide for her, so are secured with a belt, and black well-worn travelling boots. When out hunting she wears a short dark green skirt-esque article belted around her midsection, which is made mostly of fur and acts as a storage sack for bait, coins, and small mammals. It also helps secure a quiver over her left shoulder, and she holds a wooden bow in her right. She wears leather braces over both forearms to provide extra stability to her shots, and a black handkerchief around her neck, in case she needs to hide her identity.

    Personality: Fallon can come off as serious and unemotional to people she doesn't know. In actuality she's really just shy, finding it difficult to open up to people and closing herself off as a defense mechanism. She rarely sugarcoats things and has a very straightforward attitude. She gets frustrated with slackers and in situations where she's allowed to lead she has no problem with telling them off. She gives instructions better than she takes them, often breaking off from the group if she doesn't like the sound of a plan rather than argue against it. She prefers to keep her distance from a group anyways, considering she has a ranged weapon. This makes her good at keeping an eye on the battlefield, and is quick to call out injured teammates or enemies that can be finished off.

    In social situations Fallon's often quiet at first, but when she does speak its often laced with dry humour and sarcasm. This is especially prevalent when she's frustrated or irritated, or when faced with an intimidating or annoying personality. She isn't an easy person to impress, and she finds it difficult to give compliments. She's a lot softer around children and anyone who seems innocent or naive to her, and doesn't have much of a problem forcing conversation with these sorts. She has more of a problem forcing herself not to mother them too much.

    Her biggest weakness is alcohol. She's reached a point where she's accepted that she has an unhealthy relationship with it, and has mostly avoided it for a few years now. However she can't refuse a drink if offered one, and once she starts drinking she finds it difficult to stop. Alcohol makes her a much looser, pleasant person, and she's well aware that people tend to prefer her drunk than sober. The only reason she had the strength to stop was for her daughter. Alcohol made her lose her daughter once, and she was determined not to let it happen again. She cares for her daughter Aila above anything else in the world, and the fact that she's currently separated from her with no idea how she's faring on her own is absolutely crushing her. Her current goal is to reunite with her as soon as possible, no matter the cost.

    History: Fallon was born to two elves who lived in the forests near Redfall. They had a small wooden cabin that Fallon's father built himself, and for Fallon's first several years they lived a comfortable, though reclusive, existence. Both of her parents were avid hunters and gatherers, and were almost completely self-sustaining. The rare trip to the markets in Redfall for clothing or treats was an adventure Fallon adored.

    Fallon had no siblings; the family's hunting dog substituted as one. As she got older and began attending school in Redfall - nearly an hour's walk away - he was often the only company she had when she came home. Some days her parents would be gone for days at a time, and wouldn't entertain questions about where they had gone. She felt like a burden when her parents were home now, as they barely acknowledged her existence. Eventually this became the norm, and Fallon taught herself a lot of domestic skills such as cooking, cleaning, and mending clothing. Her parents had of course taught her the basics of using a bow from a young age, but as the food supplies were generally restocked whenever her parents returned, she did not need to use it.

    One day when Fallon was twelve, she returned from school to find not even the family dog was there to greet her. Her parents were gone again - not an unusual scenario, but this time, they never returned. Weeks turned into months, and months into years. She got used to living alone, and even adopted another dog for company. She didn't dare speak a word about her scenario to her friends at school, fearing it would attract thieves to her home. Fallon needed her bow now, and it sustained her until she breached adulthood.

    Once school was over, Fallon struggled to find a purpose to her life. She felt safe in the forests, and was wary of the busy human settlements, but was terribly lonely. As the weeks dragged on, it became terribly dull as well. She wasn't living, merely surviving. What ended up happening wasn't a plan she ended up dwelling over for as long as she should have. She spent a day packing up everything she could easily carry and left with her dog. At first she stuck to the forests, to familiarity, camping in safe locations and eating the same game she'd eaten her whole life. Eventually she ventured into different habitats - open fields, wetlands, mountains. The latter took the life of her dog - she wasn't paying attention and he slipped off the edge of a cliff.

    Alone again, it wasn't much of a surprise that Fallon took great interest in the next group of hunters she came across. She ran into other people on occasion and normally paid them no mind, but seeing this group of men laugh and talk and care more about spending time with each other than actually catching their prey made her curious and jealous. She wanted to have relationships like that, but shy and unsure how to introduce herself, she stuck to the shadows and observed from afar. Fate shoved Fallon into their path when she noticed a cougar stalking them while they were focused on a distant herd of deer. Fallon hesitated at first, but when the cougar leapt and the men shouted in terror and surprise, she reacted on instinct and swiftly drew her bow, expertly sailing an arrow straight through the beast's left eye.

    The group of hunters, surprised but grateful, insisted Fallon share in their day's bounty with them at their camp. Fallon ended up sitting quietly around the fire as the men talked and joked to each other, that is, until they broke out their supply of ale. Fallon had never drank before, but it gave her a fuzzy social confidence she'd never had before. She didn't remember the end of the night, but she woke up with many more friends than she'd had the day before.

    From that day forward, Fallon didn't have to hunt alone. Her new party was happy to have such a talented hand aboard, and they taught her how to earn money by bartering for kills at the local market - something Fallon again found she was better at after a few drinks. The group was about half made up of humans, with a few other elves and even a tiefling aboard. Fallon was the only female in the group, but she wasn't bothered by that. Most of the men had wives at home, but one of the elves who didn't caught her eye. His name was Artus: tall, dark, handsome, and as gifted with a bow as Fallon was herself. Their relationship gradually progressed over the next year, and they took to sharing the same tent - often after a night of drinking, which became the traditional way to end a long day of hunting.

    One day Fallon fell ill enough that Artus decided to take her to a nearby village to be looked at by the local cleric. After a quick examination, the cleric happily told the couple that Fallon wasn't sick - she was expecting a baby. Shocked, the two of them decided to hold off telling the rest of the group until they figured out what they were going to do. That plan went out the window that same evening, when the group immediately picked up on the fact that Fallon was abstaining from drinking, and celebrations began in full swing. Fallon felt odd not partaking in alcohol with the others, and she never adjusted to it. She continued to hunt as normal too, though the others kept an annoyingly close eye on her. She was only nineteen, and wasn't ready to give up the constantly on the move lifestyle she'd grown to love. Artus had taken to his role as a father a lot more seriously, and began building them a home in Clearwick. It was a good location; the group did most of their hunting around Clearwick, and many of the others had families there. Still, it wasn't until Fallon's third trimester that she finally retired to the home, and that was more Artus's decision than it was Fallon's.

    She gave birth to a healthy baby girl on a cold, snowy winter evening. The infant was named Aila - Artus had chosen the name, and Fallon thought it was beautiful. The first two weeks of Aila's life were pleasant. Fallon was content to rest in the house to recover, Artus was with her, and Aila drew many visitors. But after the novelty wore off and Artus left to hunt, Fallon was stuck on her own. Aila was a fussy baby and slept poorly, which made it difficult to leave the house without earning glares from strangers, and impossible to bring her out hunting. Fallon grew depressed from isolation combined with sleep deprivation. She tried to connect with the other wives and new mothers in town, but found they had little in common, and forcing conversation was so awkward that she eventually gave up all together.

    Artus came home sparingly. At first Fallon was overjoyed to see him because she missed him, but as the months wore on, she became overjoyed to see him because it meant he could take over the responsibility of watching Aila. She began leaving the house to go on "errands", but in reality began frequenting the local bars. After several drinks her first night out, she managed to befriend all of the locals before stumbling back home. The people she met were rougher than the hunters, but she related to them a lot more than she did the other mothers. For the first time in months, Fallon felt alive again.

    Eventually she started leaving Aila alone to visit the bars even when Artus wasn't present, and soon after that it became a nightly occurrence. She had to wean Aila fairly early as a result, which was only a bonus in Fallon's mind. Artus caught onto this behaviour when he arrived home unexpectedly and found his daughter by herself. He had many choice words for Fallon when she showed up hours later completely drunk. He noticed a definite personality change in the woman he once loved - she was bitter, sullen, and rude. That morning he told her he thought it was best if he looked after Aila by himself, and left Fallon on her own - homeless, daughterless, and no longer with a steady stream of Artus's income to support her drinking habits.

    Fallon returned to hunting, granted she was alone now. The second she made a kill, she would trade it for alcohol. Her body craved it desperately - it was the only thing that made her feel like a part of society anymore. Her health deteriorated, and after a while she no longer had the strength to hunt. She took to begging on the streets and doing odd jobs for money. Her mind was clouded and poisoned, and this just became her new normal. Her connections to the bar regulars eventually gained her a new job - thievery. It was actually a more healthy occupation for her, as she performed worse under the influence, so drank less, and this circle of thieves provided companionship for her. Her jobs were simple at first - basic break-ins, stealing coins from merchants, pickpocketing. Her reputation in Clearwick became poor enough that she ended up moving to Stone Hill, and then to the Capital of Verthall. She had a few flings, but no serious relationships. Sometimes her mind drifted to Artus and Aila, though she tried her best to forget about them. Fallon eventually managed to scrape together enough money for a tiny house in the city - it was a rough area, but that was hardly anything new to her by this point. She was good enough now at thievery (and Verthall was big enough) that she didn't need to move again, and had settled in pretty nicely. She no longer answered to anybody - instead she was the one calling the shots. They were by no means large-scale thieves, but it was incredible how many coins one could pick up by taking a little bit from everyone.

    Her life was turned upside down when there was a knock at her door, and for the first time in five years, she saw somebody from her old hunting group. It wasn't Artus - rather, he was a human, but with him was a young elven child. Fallon did not immediately recognize her own daughter - the man explained that Artus had died suddenly, and legally speaking Aila had to be returned to her surviving parent. He explained that the group had spent the better part of the last two weeks hunting Fallon down, and that if she didn't feel she could be a suitable parent, that many of the hunters would gladly step up to take in Aila.

    The little girl looked so much like Fallon, aside from big blue eyes - Fallon had no idea where those came from, but she could see Artus's genetics in her smile. Fallon did not break down often - especially not in front of others - but that moment she just hugged the scared little girl and wept. She mourned the time apart they'd never get back, and she never truly realized until that moment how many regrets she had been repressing. She would never reconcile with Artus now - but she could still have her daughter.

    And so Fallon became a mother practically overnight. Aila was now six years old, and was familiar with the forests and grasslands, not this busy city that she'd been thrust into. Fallon struggled to care for her at first, and Aila struggled to bond with her mother. Obviously Aila missed her father, and Fallon tried to provide comfort during the day, and left at night to continue her normal thief work. It was hard - a lot harder than Fallon anticipated it was going to be. Once again she felt burdened, but this time she wasn't going to give up. She dragged out her old bow and took Aila outside of the city. Game was scarce here compared to her old home, but Artus had clearly shown his daughter how to use a bow. Fallon hadn't planned for it, but they ended up falling asleep outside. Aila snuggled close to her mother, and Fallon stared up at the stars - good memories were starting to come back to her, and she knew in that moment that she needed to make some serious changes.

    Fallon ditched the thieving business, stopped drinking, and took up hunting again. Her muscle memory had stayed with her all these years, and the only real problem was the lack of game. Fortunately that drove the price of fresh meat up. Aila attended school during the day, and was eager to help her mother when she arrived home. Fallon wished they could return to Clearwick, but she had too much bad blood there. But perhaps if they saved enough money, they could move to Redfall. She could show Aila the forests she grew up in, and give her the childhood and relationship with her mother that Fallon wished she'd had growing up.

    As the years went on, that dream slipped further and further away. Prey was growing scarcer, and it was all Fallon could do just to put food on the table. She prioritized Aila's hunger above her own, making the excuse that she'd already eaten on the odd occasion Aila questioned why her mother wouldn't eat with her. Sometimes she didn't return home, staking out all night just to make a kill - but she knew Aila was alright on her own for a little bit. Aila knew how to cook and get herself ready for school. Night after night, hunts were proving fruitless. Their situation deteriorated rapidly, and stress and anxiety was taking a serious toll on Fallon's mental health. Until one day she broke down and went to the bar while Aila was sleeping. She spent every penny she had left just to forget about everything for a couple of hours. The alcohol hit her harder than she had expected, as she didn't take into account how much her tolerance had diminished over the years.

    When she woke up, she was in Westreach Prison. Horrified, she asked why she was here, and the only answer she got was "you know goddamn why." Had she attacked somebody? Had her history as a thief been leaked? Surely this wasn't just a public intoxication charge? One terrible mistake had cost her everything. She begged that she had a ten year old daughter at home all by herself, that the father was dead - but the guards wouldn't hear any of it. All Aila would know was that her mother never came back for her.

    And for the first time in her life, after years of holding so much hatred and resentment, all those days of wondering why her parents hated her, why they abandoned her... what if Fallon wasn't so different from them after all?

    Weapons: A carefully crafted wooden bow that Fallon fashioned for herself many years ago, and a quiver with a number of wooden arrows with metal tips. She was trained in archery from a young age, and developed the skill more as she grew older.

    Magic: n/a

    Other: Fallon's daughter, Aila, is ten years old, and has an identical hair colour to Fallon, though hers is longer and has more volume. Unlike Fallon, she has bright blue eyes. She loves to hunt with her mother and adores being outside, and also loves fashion and dresses. Fallon would describe her as a bright, positive-minded child, but too innocent for her own good in a city like Verthall (not that Fallon ever had the heart to take that from her, but she wished she had now).
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    Okie doke, Seko is complete!

    : Sekolah Sensale “Seko”
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Race: Tiefling
    Class: Rogue

    Seko is short for a tiefling, just over five and half feet tall. She’s relatively scrawny but fit and flexible enough from training in swordplay and living as a sailor. She has a somewhat boyish figure and often dresses ambiguously, but her long, silvery hair, wavy from years of sea air, often gives her away as a female. She usually has it pulled back, to keep it from constantly getting in her way . Sprouting from the top of her head is a pair of long, black, curled horns, making her appear taller than she really is. Moving down, she has innocent looking, bright magenta eyes above a button nose and a myriad of dark lavender freckles. The rest of her skin is probably best described as a shade of blueberry jam. With one of her spells, she can disguise herself and often takes on a human appearance; her skin takes on a reddish-tan tone and she loses the horns, but keeps pink eyes and silver hair.

    Being a bit dramatic, it’s hard to tell what mannerisms belong to her and which are actually an act, and if asked she wouldn’t be able to tell you which habits truly belong to her. One though is she bites her lip gently while thinking up plans. Her eyes also tell a lot about her. They are constantly moving, gathering in little details, giving her information on the people in a room. When talking with more noble folk, she acts more stiffly and brushes the hair from her face more often to try and look neater. Otherwise, she can mimic many mannerisms which makes it difficult for people to pick up on her telling traits.

    For clothing, Seko likes to wear practical and fashionable. Her sailing gear consists of lightweight brown pants with tight cloth just below the knees and tall golden toned leather boots reaching up to meet them. Her top is a soft, deep red vest with black lace designs on it and a matching red belt with pouch to hold a few trinkets and coin. Her undershirt is a tight, dark brown tunic with gold lacing around her forearm, to keep the fabric out of her way while working. When she’s feeling especially piratical, she wears a long, red cape hanging off one shoulder and waves her rapier about when shouting orders. When on shore she likes to wear modest skirts and lacy tops without sleeves. While her bottoms are modest, her tops tend to accentuate her features, though if asked she won’t admit it. She’ll simply say that the top helps her move without being encumbered.

    Personality: Seko is a melting pot of personalities, partially due to her love of acting. She will play any role with the utmost confidence and can easily convince anyone without an especially discerning eye. Learning to act helped her get by as a tiefling and a thief. She has wonderful people skills and can easily entertain a crowd. Besides, she’s already used to all the attention being on her bright purple skin, she learned to turn that to her advantage and win over the crowd with her charm and deceit.

    When not out in public, Seko is a foul mouthed lazy bum. She earns her keep, but lets others work on running the bigger picture. There is no driving force in her life, she is just happy to ride the waves to whatever adventure life takes her to next. One of the few things that brings her joy is a table of good friends with song, drink, and food. And while her manners are front and center around strangers, she lets loose on being improper around friends. Occasionally she may take jokes a little too far, but generally she can get along with everyone as long as they’re willing to see past her race.

    Her relationship with religion is complicated. On one hand, she still holds great respect for her people's history and understands the importance of the gods of life and death, but on the other hand she has seen so much discrimination and hatred in the world she finds it hard to put her faith in things that haven’t shown to play any significant role in her life up to now. She is a practical individual, but still says prayers each night, just in case. Her moral compass is mostly pointed north, but she finds ways of bending the rules for what she thinks (hopes) is best. This often finds her in some sort of trouble she manages to scrape herself out of, but prayers to those above never hurt.

    If she is honest, Seko gets in trouble most when trying to stand up for others or do the right thing. In the past, she did so more often, but eventually found that people expected her to break the rules so that’s exactly what she started doing. But she did so at the benefit of others. She would steal from a greedy vendor, but give the food to kids on the street. She can’t help herself from breaking rules so she might as well do as much good as she can while breaking them, at least that’s how she sees it. The guards might see differently.

    History: Seko’s parents lived in the settlement of Tah Ven in Balgravia. They were humble and grateful for the home they had there and raised Seko to treat everything as a gift. Particularly they taught her all they could of their peoples history and Seko always enjoyed learning ancient hymns and tunes. Their life was simple, but wasn’t happy for long.

    At a young age when Sekos parents were out of town for an errand, they were murdered. The culprits left no clues behind nor hint of a motive so Seko was left to be cared for by the community. She hated that her family was gone and started making a plan to head out on her own. By this age, she was learning how to steal with sleight of hand and her magical skills were beginning to show. Around twelve years old, she left Tah Ven.

    Seko slowly made her way to the coast, stealing and finding work as she traveled, barely scraping by, sometimes living and scavenging in the wild if the people in town were that opposed to her presence. She didn’t mind the discrimination as long as she found food and shelter eventually. Once she reached the coast she fell in love. The people, sights, and smells of an ocean town made her feel so free for the first time in her life.

    It was here she met her first captain. Vensura Trow was a kindly man that Seko easily talked into letting her aboard to work for his crew. She had picked up many practical skills while traveling that he would find use for. The crew continued to raise this young girl into a carefree and rambunctious sailor girl. They were like a family to her, but it wouldn’t last.

    A few on the ship disliked this new tiefling member of theirs and planned a mutiny. It went well for them, taking over the ship while at shore when most men were drunk and away. Captain Trow was able to sneak Seko away before anything terrible could pass, but she lingered. Using her magic, she was able to distract the mutineers when some of the men sobered up and they brought order back to the ship. Unfortunately, Seko still didn’t feel safe and decided to leave.

    From here she bounced along taverns making money by acting as someone she wasn’t or stealing from the rich. She would disguise herself to appear human and make all she could before leaving in the night. Eventually she saved up enough and stole a small ship of her own. Her plan was to hire a small crew and go around pirating. She knew a number of sailors that would be happy to see some corrupt captains careers come to an end and if they stayed under the radar enough, they could sell the wares they stole to people who deserved it more.

    Amazingly, her plan worked for some time. It took a while to amass a willing crew, but they were fantastic pirates. They threatened and stole, but never killed more than they had to, then turned around and delivered the goods to honest merchants. It was a wild and free time in Seko’s like, but it too wouldn’t last. The authorities caught up to them and tracked them down. Fortunately they were all simply arrested and not hanged, but the crew was split up in prison. She was working on an escape plan, but unfortunately she was conscripted into the Order of Griffons before she could pull anything off. While the thought of escape is still on her mind, this Order of Griffons seems like a serious group so for now she’ll play along, but she’ll be watching for any chance to get back to her ship and save her crew.

    Weapons: Rapier - A light, finesse weapon Seko learned to love while on the sea, easy to use but she is still working towards mastering it

    - Message: Seko can cast a silent spell that sends a message to one person. The message is short and leaves no trace, can be sent to allies or enemies. The recipient can send a one sentence response.

    - Disguise Self
    : A very important spell for Seko that allows her to change her appearance. Her height and body type remain similar, but every other aspect she can change, add, or remove in a visual illusion. It requires concentration and only lasts a limited time.
    Example -

    - Illusion: Seko can create a sound and/or image of an object or a creature within a short range. The illusion lasts until she breaks concentration. Physical interaction with the image reveals it to be an illusion and an intelligent being can attempt to discern if the illusion is real or not before being fooled.

    - Stealth: This spell allows Seko to summon a cloud of shadows to obscure herself and two other allies of similar size. It allows anyone within the cloud to be nearly undetectable by sight or sound. It also covers any tracks they could make, but only within reason. A person sneezing or shouting from within the cloud would alert people around them, but whispering is muffled and nearly silent while within the cloud. From the outside, it looks not different from the surroundings, acting like a cloud of invisibility. Only lasts a limited time.

    • Seko is an utter lightweight and drinks very slowly in order to keep up with friends
    • Her ship was taken when she was imprisoned and she will do anything to get it back when she gets out.
    • Seko knows a lot of people from being in taverns a lot, not all a friends.
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    Name: Axel Nicks
    aka “The Grand Wizard Alexandros Brightstone Charlemagne, the Skilled”

    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Class: Illusionist & Thief (Charlatan)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Axel is an elf; fair skinned with pointed ears, and fairly tall and very thin, gangly even. His small eyes are an olivish green, and can usually be seen alertly darting about the room as he plans his next move. His nose is straight, and the bones in his face are well accentuated from being underweight. His lightly toned muscles show fairly well as well, though aside from his abs, he keeps most of them hidden. This is due to insecurity about not only his body type, but also a number of scars from street fights and hustles gone wrong. He has a few fresher scars from fighting in prison as well, including one along his eye that he's not able to hide so well. He keeps his long medium brown hair braided back in rows.

    Before his stint in prison Axel used to wear a costume of sorts; loose layered pants and robes, in a charcoal grey, with lots of hidden pockets, because he needs to keep his potions and trinkets somewhere. These were accented with flashy gold and white details. Underneath the robes he wore a tight matching half-shirt that shows off his abs. Additionally he wore pointed dark brown boots, black gloves, and a noisy gold and red belt. This belt helped hide the sounds of retrieving items from his secret pockets. For jewelry he wore a pair of golden ankh earrings, and a gold star pin on the front of his shirt, all of which he of course claimed have mystical powers granted by the gods.

    As a member of the Order, Axel has basically combined that costume with the Order's standard uniform, otherwise his skills would not be easy for the Order to utilize. He wears a light chain mail with shin guards, and a blue and silver Order tunic, underneath his costume jacket and golden shoulder guards. He also retains his noisy belt, elven boots, gloves, and earrings.

    At first appearance, Axel's main concern is number one, himself and no one else. He had a rough childhood and blames himself for a lot of what happened back then, but he figures if he doesn't get attached to anyone, he can't be hurt like that again. Because underneath it all, he's still hurting, though he knows he can never let it show. So, obviously, it's extremely hard to get close to him, though he may fake relationships when the possible result suits his current agenda.

    In both guarding himself emotionally and keeping his preforming tricks mysterious; being extremely secretive is a necessity for Axel. It probably would be very different if things in his life hadn't gone the way they did. He is also, reasonably so, very wary of authority figures. This has been hardwired into hims since early childhood, and it was only exacerbated by the disappearance of his brothers later on.

    While preforming Axel, or rather Alexandros, presents himself as an enigmatic mystic, well versed in the ways of magic and the remnants of the mostly lost religion of the elves. In truth he's neither of these things. His fake magic is all hokum and illusions that have no basis in the elements that govern true magic, aside from when he uses a potion, and he's not really sure he actually believes in any gods. If so many gods cared about the fate of the elves, why did they end up in their current position?

    Though he likes being the center of attention, Axel is insecure about the appearance of his body, particularly his arms. He knows he's gangly, especially in comparison to humans, and he's also got a lot of scars from street, prison fights, and hustles gone wrong. The loose illusionist costume came in handy for hiding these things.

    Axel has a somewhat empty feeling, and is rather greedy, but considering his past, he would never be able to forgive himself if he chose money over an associate's life. He may steal and cheat quite often, but there are still lines one just doesn't cross.

    Axel Nicks, if ever a child was named with the opinion he'd probably become a thief, Axel would be that child. He grew up in the slums of Kilward, and though he was lucky enough to come from a two parent home, life was not easy. Parents never home, Axel pretty much raised his younger brothers, twins, and the three of them spent much of their time hustling and picking pockets.

    This helped put food on the table, but it was dangerous. The three of them had more then a few close calls with shopkeepers, gangs, and city guards. Then one afternoon, their luck ran out, and some guards caught them in the act. They took off running, but only Axel himself actually managed to escape, into a narrow alley. He thought the twins were right behind him, but didn't realize they'd fallen behind until it was too late, and he could hear them being dragged away screaming. This unfortunately, meant he had to explain the situation to his parents, who then went down to the city jail, to see if they could negotiate their younger sons' release. But the boys were not there, and no one could or would tell them just what happen. In fact there was no report of the incident. In the eyes of the guard's superiors, it had never happened. The family assumed they’d been sold into slavery or simply killed, but they had no evidence to support either accusation.

    Axel blamed himself of course, punishing himself to some degree; he got in a lot more fights after the incident. His parents blamed him as well of course, and rarely spoke to him after that, and when they did, it was only with a cold factual indifference. As far as they were concerned, they'd lost all their children that day. And from Axel's point of view, he'd lost his whole family as well.

    Axel moved out as soon as he could, staying wherever he could, and moving from town to town, doing whatever jobs he could find. He eventually turned to faking cartomancy in order to earn a few extra coins after work, and over time the act became more elaborate and complex, to where it was simply more of a magic act then a card reading. It also became more profitable then any of his other jobs, and so it was easy to put all his energy into it. And that's where he was until recently, doing unscheduled magic shows for coin as he travels around the realm, avoiding the authorities for his current and past crimes. . . well, trying to avoid them at least. He didn't do so well in evading them this last time. He landed in prison, where he was conscripted to the Order for reasons that still aren't clear to him. It seems better then prison proper, but he is well aware he's still a prisoner.

    Daggers/Throwing Knives - of course the most suitable weapon for Axel is something small and easily hidden, that can also be thrown from a distance before he retreats. And he's not above throwing a potion or a vial of acid either.

    N/A - Axel doesn't actually have any magic, instead he uses potions, smoke bombs, mirrors, wires, psychology, and other trickery to appear magical. This is convincing enough for most commoners, though guards and actual wizards may give him trouble.

    N/A at this time.
  8. Vern

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    Don't mind me, just gonna leave a WIP here

    Lapis Lazuli (now goes by ‘Talia’)
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Tiefling/Elf
    Class: Rogue

    Talia has the figure of someone who needed their figure to be appealing to other people in order to remain alive — which is to say, a fairly conventionally attractive hourglass. Of course, given the unsavoury living conditions, it couldn’t be ‘perfect’ in the conventional sense. Any bruises and scars and discoloured patches left by infections and haphazardly cleansed by magic were covered up in makeup, but now that she’s escaped and no longer bothers, they’re beginning to show again. She’s also skinnier now than she was before, almost a little gaunt, and her skin, which was once painted a vibrant blue to seem more exotic, is now back to its more natural, greyer tone. Her eyes are a bright orange, her skin tone a grey-tinted blue, and like all tie flings she has a pair of horns that protrude from her forehead.

    Talia wears the only clothes she has, which was the outfit of the ‘entertainers’ at the Royal Jewel — a top that shows off her midriff and a long dress that is slit up one thigh. They were once an almost distastefully vibrant blue, but one of the first things she did after escaping was to dye it all grey (although the job was haphazardly done and some blue still remains). She also bought a tattered grey cloak with some her her spare change, which she wears when in public. Her grey hair had once been dyed blue, but it’s also in the process of fading.

    Personality: At first glance, Talia seems to be paranoid and tired. She speaks little and keeps to herself, not wanting to attract attention. It’s not that she’s shy, per se, but more that she’s scared — for the recent months of her life, any eye contact meant danger and any touch could mean a fate arguably worse than death. So naturally, she’s wary and suspicious of other people. Her first reaction to someone is always to label them as a danger, and until proven otherwise she will treat them as such. She’s always very careful about hiding personal information and anything that may help someone locate or identify her, and attempts to remain closed off in all circumstances. She never enters a room without searching for an escape route or without some means of defending herself. All this has placed a great strain on her, and you’ll find that she often appears tired and fed up.

    Once you become more familiar with her, though, you’ll find that this cold attitude is not her natural state, but something forced upon her by the environment. When she is in a safe place with people she trusts not to be planning on murdering her in a back alley or in a prison (neither of which have been available for a long long time), she tends to cut loose, becoming animated and upbeat and pretty indiscriminately affectionate. She’s flirty by nurture, and is fairly comfortable with hitting on people and being hit on, enjoying all aspects of this intricate ‘game’ she’s been trained for almost from birth. She’s also far from a prude, to the point of being almost vulgar sometimes. Put a beer near her and you’ll find that it’ll disappear in seconds — Talia is no stranger to all sorts of substance abuse and has personal experience with pretty much every drug in the realm. She’s always been a bit of an alcoholic (the drugs helped with her many, many personal issues) although circumstances have forced her to cut that off, which hasn’t been great for her mental state, at least in the short term.

    Because of her training and life as an ‘entertainer’ in the Royal Jewel, Talia is comfortable and confident in relationships based on kinship and physical intimacy. However, as those were the only relationships she’s ever had, she doesn’t know how to interact with people otherwise. Part of the reason she is flirty towards everyone is that she doesn’t know how to express things like affection in any other way. Her persona as an entertainer forced upon her by Mistress Jewel is really the only personality she has, and because of that, she has never really had an idea of who she really is. She doesn’t know what it’s like to have a genuine relationship with someone, and is only really aware conceptually of the existence of such a thing. She knows nothing about her parentage beyond their race, and has no people that she could consider friends. Because of that, she’s kind of going through an identity crisis.

    History: Talia was born in the slums of Tah Ven, inside a brothel named the Royal Jewel (sometimes simply called ‘the Jewel’), one of the rare high-end places which was known for its exotic glamour. Her mother was an entertainer there, and her father an elven tourist who, like many, fell prey to the Jewel’s promises of pleasure from a world you can access nowhere else. Talia herself knew neither of them — clients were guaranteed anonymity, and all records of her mother were erased to avoid staining the Jewel’s reputation. That sort of accident could not be condoned, after all. As she grew older, Talia was informed that her mother ‘died at childbirth’, although she herself would grow to doubt that.

    Mistress Jewel, the owner of the establishment, was angry at having lost a valuable entertainer to such a scandal and quickly found a way to make it up for herself — Talia. A rare elven-Tiefling hybrid, her exotic nature would fit well with the establishment, and even act as a potential attraction. So she named the child ‘Lapis Lazuli’, and groomed her from birth to be the ‘prize’ of the Jewel, treating her like a treasure and teaching her the ins and outs of the Jewel and the trade even before she was old enough to actually participate in it. Talia grew up isolated from all the other entertainers, earning their ire for the Mistress’s favouritism. Her only companionship was the Mistress herself, who was hardly a nurturing figure.

    Eventually as she grew older, Talia became involved in the ‘business’ of the Jewel and soon proved to be one of its best ‘entertainers’. Time with clients meant time away from the Mistress and she jumped on every chance she got to get away from that woman whom she detested for her harshness and crudeness and general disgustingness. For a while, she was almost happy as she was, spending her days and nights dancing around bars where she could disappear from the Mistress’s watchful eye. She even began stealing books from clients and the Mistress herself, trying to teach herself magic.

    However as her services grew more coveted and the Mistress seized the chance to raise her prices, the common tourists she interacted with soon became replaced by the rich and overly wealthy. Unlike the tourists, who were often fairly nice, in fact, these new clients were abrasive and entitled and demanding, often becoming violent. The Mistress also found out about her book stealing, and due to that she had her freedoms harshly restricted. Eventually, she began realising that the Royal Jewel was like a prison to her, and that she hated it with every fibre of her being.

    The final straw came when she saw a figure in the crowd. She never did find out if he truly was her father, but there was something about the elf that spoke to her in a way that nothing else ever had. He disappeared before she could approach, but that meeting instilled in her a strange longing for the world outside. (Her father had indeed been searching for her for a long time, ever since he learned of her existence and her mother’s death). Her frustration and anger and yearning grew, until one day the straw broke the camel’s back. When a regular client was being particularly abrasive, a struggle broke out between them, and almost without thinking she placed one of her spells on him and use his own gemstone dagger to slit his throat.

    More shocked than anything, Talia had no choice but to flee. She stole the dagger as well as one of the small jewels he kept on his person and ran away from the Royal Jewel, hoping to try and disappear into the streets of Tah Ven. Unfortunately, she was fairly conspicuous in that entertainer’s uniform, and knew that she would not get far. Without much else in the way of options, she managed to find an unguarded entrance to a dye shop and stole herself a bottle of grey dye. As she was dying her clothes, the owner returned — but when he heard about her situation, he was surprisingly understanding. The owner traded Talia a spare cloak and some food, and Talia used the jewel she’d stolen to buy his silence.

    Now a little more well disguised, she managed to disappear into the streets of Tah Ven. She stayed there for a while, trying to find ways to get enough money to afford transportation to the nearby Republic of Vindomora. When she attempted the crossing, however, she was stopped at the border, and thus ended up in prison. When the Order conscripted her, she went with them -- after all, what more did she have to lose?

    Gemstone Dagger: Stolen from her last client and used to stab him to death, Talia has kept it by her side ever since. It’s incredibly sharp but not very sturdy, designed more for showing off how easily it can cut through things and how shiny it is, rather than for actual combat. She could probably sell it, but she didn’t want to draw suspicion to herself and needed a weapon anyways.

    Magic: All of Talia's magic was pretty much self-taught and practiced while hiding from her mistress's watchful eye, so she is far from proficient despite her natural talent. Her two go-to 'spells' are those that she has had a lot of chances to put into subtle use -- nobody will notice someone especially drunk in a tavern full of drunks, and... well, clients are pretty easy to satisfy one way or another.

    - Drunken Warp: Talia can induce a forced kind of drunkenness in people by touching them on the forehead. People effected by this lose their sense of direction, see the world in a purple tinted blur, and become delirious. Different people are affected to different degrees and the effect is lessened when she is using it on many people.

    - Desire Warp: By touching people on the forehead, Talia can launch them into a vision of their deepest desire being realised. She doesn't know what it is, and it has a tendency to prioritise physical desires like lust or hunger or warmth over more 'emotional' ones. How realistic this is depends on the situation, and it works with varying degrees of effectiveness based on the target.

    - Jewel Dance: Talia can conjure up visions of reflective jewels, controlling their size, shape, colour, transparency, and location freely. She can create an incredibly large amount, but they are not tangible and can be ‘shattered’ simply by touching them. She is not very good with this power yet, having been unable to test it on real people, so it's pretty unreliable.

    - Talia has a natural talent for magic, and is a fantastically quick learner with a great memory.
    - She gave herself her name after escaping the Royal Jewel, not wanting to stick with a name that reminded her of a place she now hated. She copied it from one of her few female clients who she had taken a particular liking to back in the days when she enjoyed her life there.
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    Elijahar "Elijah" Dawnherald - sometimes, begrudgingly, Elena
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Elf (human/elf)
    Class: Cleric


    With soft, blemish-free skin, long golden locks and large eyes framed by curly lashes, Elijah could be considered traditionally attractive - if he wasn't a man. Despite his half-elven heritage, Elijah stands at a diminutive 5'6'', only slightly taller than your average woman. He has round facial features, small lips and a slender, even frail build, meaning that mistaking him for the opposite sex is not only possible, it's unfortunately frequent if his clothes do not signal otherwise. Annoying as Elijah considers it to be, his femininity is a fact he acknowledges and, sometimes, uses to his benefit. If he has to be dainty, he might as well profit from it.

    Like said, Elijah has long, luscious golden locks, smooth to the touch and always perfectly combed. He goes to great lengths to take care of his hair, and makes sure to tie it up in case there's danger of it getting dirty. His hair is long, very much so; reaching the ground if not held up at least a little. The way he styles it varies, but he's rather fond of small braids and curls. From among the mass of hair peek out two slightly pointed ears; less pronounced than an elf's, but much more so than a human's. They're the clearest mark of his heritage, and something he tends to hide among those who dislike his kind. His eyes are a bright blue.

    As far as clothes go, now that he has a choice, Elijah is picky. Life in the castle introduced him to proper clothing materials, and he has since sworn never to be caught dead in his old travel rags ever again - except maybe the green and black cloak. He fancied the cloak. Regardless, he prefers materials that feel smooth on his skin, silks and satin most of all, and abhors leather. He isn't picky on colours though, as long as they look good together. At present, he's wearing a modification of the Order's standard uniform for mages; a long cape in dark gray and blue, with a protective vest underneath. His pants are brown and shoes a (in his opinion) fashionable black.

    Unless given explicit reason not to, Elijah always carries around a few select symbols of his fate. An ironic thing, considering he has abandoned his beliefs long ago. Indeed, the earrings and the pendant hold no special meaning for him, and he couldn't care less for what they represent - but he can't deny their usefulness. To the believers whose wounds he treats, they bring comfort he could never hope to match with words. Even the ones he fails to save meet their end with less fear if they think a holy man is watching over their final moments. ... And, well, if you combine the holy symbols with a smile and a few choice words, they also grant him access to places he would otherwise be barred from. For that same reason, he tends to change his usual frown to a radiant smile when conducting business with others in general. Appearances matter, and smiles come free.

    However, when he's not trying to come across as approachable and kind, Elijah can be seen frowning or coughing up a storm. Though he tries to hide his sickliness with meticulous care, there's only so many things he can mask away - occasional light-headedness and wobbly walking, staggeringly short stamina and frequent shakes are not among them. Still, he tries not to draw attention to them, and knows just what to say to get overly curious individuals to get angry at him and scram instead.

    Personality: As far as first impressions go,.

    History: The details surrounding Elijah's birth are of no consequence. Who brought him to this world and why they decided to abandon him soon thereafter make no matter. All one needs to know is the identity of the man that found him on the brink of death and raised him as his own: Father Augustine, a Grand Priest of the Church of the Creator.

    For a time, Elijah's life was simple. He played, grew and prayed along with the other children of a small devote human community, and though there were a few that gave him looks for being a half-elf, Father Augustine's disapproving glance kept their tongues at bay. The old man was respected and well-liked, and so people believed that if he saw promise in this young foreign boy, they should trust his judgement and mercy and keep their peace.

    From an early age, Elijah was taught to devote himself to his faith and was trained in the use of light magic to heal and guide others. It turned out that for reasons unknown, he was very receptive to light magic training, excelling over most of his peers. He was praised as a prodigy, and the difficulty of his lessons was increased at fixed intervals. None dared utter it out loud, but there was an unspoken wish lingering among the priests that perhaps with his talent, it would even be possible to teach him a spell long thought lost to man: the ability to resurrect the dead. Not the way a necromancer would, by reanimating their flesh as mindless ghouls, but to truly bring them back from the beyond, soul intact and mind whole.

    Elijah cared little for the miracle of resurrection. All he wanted was to be allowed to join the other kids in play come noon, not sit inside to read old tomes until the sun set every night. For that reason, he did not get along with most of the adults. He rebelled, played pranks and ran around the halls when watchful eyes were averted, all in search for stimuli not otherwise offered. He was caught and scolded time after time, always faster than the day prior, until a guard stood in the room with him from start to end. If it had not been for Father Augustine's kindness and Elijah's reverence of him, he would have caused much more ruckus. As things were, he eventually gave in and fell in line, even if his soul desired otherwise.

    Years passed, but try as the priests might, the key to granting life still eluded them, and many of them started to grow restless. If only they could get just a bit further, they could essentially save all of humanity. They were so close, so close to the answer, yet never quite there. Elijah could heal grave wounds and restore consciousness with relative ease, but the dead stayed dead. As such, the priests' frustration eventually turned to desperation. Elijah was nearly a preteen now, and they feared that if he did not succeed in at least the basics of resurrection while his mind was still young and prone to learning, the chance would slip through their fingers. And so, they decided that more extreme measures were due. Perhaps he had to first bring someone back from the very cusp of death before he could bring them back from the beyond. Or perhaps the corpses were not fresh enough. For their cause, they needed sacrifices.

    Elijah was brought to find a boy his age bleeding to death upon the marble of his doorstep. Attacked by wolves, he was told, even though the only visible sign was a deep wound in his chest. Elijah was ushered to save the boy, and the young cleric did as he was bid: through long minutes spent casting and crying, the boy lived. The first experiment was a success.

    A fall from the stable roof had claimed the next boy, Elijah was told. The boy's skull had been crushed from the back, and he had died on the spot mere minutes prior. Like last time, Elijah poured his all into healing the other, but though his skull regained its form and the bleeding stopped, the boy never opened his eyes again. He was dead, and was to stay that way.

    News of the boy's demise spread quickly, and though most of the community mourned him as a youth claimed by an accident, Father Augustine could see how things truly were - and he was enraged. Furious like he had never been before, he tore Elijah from his brothers and told them to never taint the church with their wicked deeds ever again. He did not have the power to banish them, but he could keep Elijah away - and that he did. The next few years, the boy lived inside the southern wing of the priests' living quarters, looking down at the yards he once played in from a decorated tower window. Safe, if isolated.

    Then, close to Elijah's twelfth birthday, a sudden illness claimed Father Augustine. Before his passing, he made a few fellow brothers swear to him they would keep his son safe from all harm, away from the hands of those who would use him for wrongful means. He died at peace, but peace did not succeed him: no sooner had the father's eyes closed than the other priests begun to pour into the room, whispering their condolences and how, if only Elijah could have been more skilled a cleric, he could saved the father from his untimely death. If only, if only.

    Elijah was no fool, or so he liked to think - but he was a child who had just lost his father, and so he willfully went with the men that came for him. They had a new plan, this time. It was clear that light magic alone would not do - so perhaps, if they combined it with the element of darkness, the same one necromancers used, they could elevate their spell to a new level. Dark magic was a cursed thing to the priests, that much was true - but surely if the intent was holy and there was enough light to rein in the dark powers, there would be no harm.

    This time, the boy that died did not do so where Elijah could not see. He did so upon an altar, at the end of a long ritual, one which Elijah himself partook in. Blood magic; the most forbidden sort. The boy did not live, and Elijah nearly lost his life as well; he woke a week later to find the skin of his chest charred and peeled away. His head was pounding, and there was a feeling of dread that never left him. It was as if he wasn't alone anymore, as if something dark dwelled under the mangled skin, where his heart beat in a frenzy. Something felt changed, forever.

    When an injured woman was brought in two weeks later for healing, Elijah realized that he had been right. Something had changed. He healed the woman as he always healed those in need, swiftly and masterfully. But... Soon thereafter, he begun to feel lightheaded and weak, as if he had just lost a lot of blood. Another patient came in, needing immediate care - and after saving his life, Elijah felt it again. The next time, as well, and the dozens of times after that. Every time he used his powers to heal someone, he felt weaker.

    It was the fault of the blood magic he had performed, he soon surmised. The blessing of the Creator had left him, and if he now wished to heal others, he had to do so using his own life force as the source. It was his punishment for dabbling into the forbidden arts - is what the priests told him, looking down at him as though it had been his sin alone. They must've spread rumours of him, too, Elijah figured once he realized the glances of the other devotes returned. Or perhaps it was because come puberty, his elven features had become more pronounced.

    Either way, the following year was difficult for him. The priests had given up on trying to teach him resurrection, no doubt having already found another young boy to try and force the task on. Elijah was defective, cursed and different - and yet his powers were still worth recognition. As such, they did not completely get rid of him, instead using every opportunity to send him to faraway lands to heal nobles and combat diseases, hoping he would bring fame to the name of their community - and eventually die due to overuse of his magic, no doubt.

    Elijah never did like healing the nobles, their pompous and houlier-than-thou attitude too reminiscent of the priests back home. And so, one day, he simply did not arrive to his destination, jumping off the wagon and never returning. He was done being anyone's servant. He would find himself another profession, and only use his powers on those he deemed deserving; the poor, the sick, the orphaned, the ones who had no one else to turn to. In the meanwhile, he would pick up potion making and learn to concoct healing potions so as to not have to sacrifice his own life.

    Unfortunately, he had not gotten far in said endeavor before his reputation, having travelled much faster than him, caught up to him. Before he knew it, Elijah found himself standing in front of Emperor Encor, invited (by force) to serve as his court healer. He lasted in the job for a while, to his credit - until his irritation finally overcame common sense and Elijah told the Emperor in absolutely no uncertain terms to kindly go fornicate with a horse. It... damn near earned him a death sentence on the spot. Saved by the fact that he was, after all, a holy man, he was to be sent to the Gallows to die in silence and secrecy instead.

    He was, however, saved from such a fate by the Order of the Griffon, who were not ignorant of his reputation. Considering his limited options, Elijah ended up joining them.

    Weapons: Though not really used as a weapon on its own due to Elijah's tragic lack of physical prowess, he carries a decorated staff to help channel his magic and, sometimes, aid him in walking when his strength runs out. Its tip is embedded with various jewels, considered holy by the church. It looks as though there used to be more of them in the past... but Elijah has "borrowed" a few to pay for his expenses.

    Magic: Having been taught in the ways of light magic from an early age, Elijah possesses very potent healing and shielding magic. However, that is the only kind of magic he knows, as he has no offensive spells. Furthermore, nowadays his healing comes at a grave cost; the more magical power he uses to help others, the more of his own life force he saps in the process. This means that after excessive use of his powers, he's prone to being very weak for a time.

    - Holy Shield; creates a shimmering shield made of light to protect a selected area or target. The smaller the created shield is, the more damage it can sustain. If cast directly on a person, increases the target's defense for a time even after the shield is broken.

    - Divine Intervention; heals the target and removes any harmful ailments from them. Can be used to treat minor to severe - even fatal - wounds, depending on how much of his own life force he pours into the spell. The more damage he heals, the longer time of uninterrupted concentration the spell takes. Can also be used on an area instead of a single target, in which case it gradually restores the health of anyone that stays within the healing field - however in that case, the healing effect is split between all targets and cannot be used to cure major wounds. Cannot resurrect those who have already passed.

    - Tranquil Embrace; bends light around a target, rendering them invisible for a period of time. It does not mute the sounds they make or mask the scent they emit, however.

    - Heaven's Wrath; grants an ally a boost in powers and durability. For a time, they are able to push their body to the brink of its natural limits and withstand a great deal of damage, be it from attacks or, for example, falling or burning. After the spell ends, all damage taken during its duration is negated but the target loses their consciousness and must rest at least an hour to regain their strength. Is usually a last resort, since repeated usage can take a heavy toll on both caster and target.​

    Other: Has rudimentary knowledge on healing potions and ointments, and is able to create them if provided with the necessary ingredients, time to concoct - and ample compensation for his trouble.
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