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The Organization XIII

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Well guys I'd have to agree with Ek when it comes to no battling, and I joined this guild for that. So I'll be heading off too. Nothing against any of you, yeah even you Lunar :O. I'll be on the xat during most of my college free time as before :). You will literally not notice a difference.


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bye guys

What do you guys think of the 6th gen meta, despite the broken stuff


One truth prevails!
Do we have an IRC or something that we could use?


One truth prevails!
Which server and channel name?

Big Beluga

u r a fatty
Serebii Username: big beluga
B/W Friend Code: idk
PO/PS Name: fatty
Faction: samurai i guess
Competitive Battling Experience: i am as prestigious as they come. i have etched my name into the serebii history books as being the only lizardman student that matters, easily the best osl gl AND e4, and an overall serebii god. i go by many names, beluga, lunar22 lover, the anti-dragonuser, and even the bw uu prodigy, but you can call me fatty :)

Dark Sharpedo

s tier of dopeness
Serebii Username: Dark Sharpedo
B/W Friend Code: N/A ATM
PO/PS Name: Dark Sharpedo
Faction: Samurai
Competitive Battling Experience: 4th to 5th Gen


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Hey fatty

Sorry for disappearing, I have a habit of doing that for a week every couple of months. I should be back soon, I just haven't felt like coming on I guess.

Dark Sharpedo

s tier of dopeness
tested dark sharpedo, soldier rank

GGs. Enjoyed the battle. Most likely would've lost if it had not been for the freeze.

EDIT: Also had a battle with Rudolf. I close one!

Opponent’s Serebii name: Crazy_Rudolf
Your rank: Soldier
Opponent’s rank: Not Sure
Result: Lose 0-2
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