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The Otashop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Otamon, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    Welcome to my Shop​

    Rules, all the ones from the forums
    I dont accept clones
    I will not take the following shines: Gible, Dratini, Gyarados or Haxorus

    Offers and Services
    I offer you for ONE of your shiny pokemon one of the following options (I dont mind if your shiny pokemon has horrible ivs or a bad nature):

    First Option: Any Breedable Pokemon of your choice (I already completed my national dex so I have every single pokemon) Infected with pokerus and a Subway Item of your choice

    Second Option: I can help you evolve up to 4 pokemon. I can level them up so that they can evolve, Evolve them by trading (this includes help with items like kings rock or metal coat), evolve them by rising friendship, or any kind of evolving (evo stones included).

    Third Option: I can help you transfer 6 pokemon from gen 4 to gen 5, or simply from game to game from the same generation

    Fourth Option: 12 Dex entries including legendaries, starters, fossils, exclusives, etc... (this ones are just for entries, no keeps)

    Fifth Option: Any 5 level 1 UT Breedable pokemon


    I can breed any breedable pokemon, if you want one it would be a LV1 UT pokemon, i dont have time to breed Flawless pokemon or specific nature so dont ask for one.

    I have right now a japanese Ditto for MM

    Nintendo of korea hanguk Event Rayquaza Lax
    Oblivia Deoxys Normal Form Hasty
    Liberty Garden Victiny Careful
    V Create Victiny Bashful

    Available Legends (UT unless specified):
    Zapdos Lv50 Rash
    Groudon lv70 Adamant (T)
    Latios Lv100 Sassy (T)
    Lugia Lv45 Adamant
    Reshiram Lv51 Bashful (T)
    Zekrom Lv55 Brave (T)
    Suicune Lv40 Lonely
    Regice Lv40 Careful
    Kyurem Lv79 Docile, Lv86 Hardy, lv71 Adamant (All T)
    Virizion Lv42 Relaxed
    Registeel lv 65 Lonely (T)
    Kyogre lv85 Docile (T)
    Cresselia lv68 Careful
    Phione Lv1 Timid, rash, relaxed
    Heatran lv68 Docile (T)

    Egg moves:

    Snorlax or Munchlax with Selfdestruct
    Deino with Dark Pulse
    Houndhour with Thunder Fang
    Kangaskhan with Hammer Arm
    Magby with Cross Chop and Thunder Punch
    Aipom Adamant with Fake Out
    Teddiursa with Close Combat

    DW Females (you get a Lv1 UT female, not the one in the Dream Ball):

    Normal Shinys
    ;276; Mild lv24
    ;078; Serious lv49
    ;217; Serious Lv37
    ;327; Docile lv40
    ;269; Modest lv10
    ;310; Jolly lv30
    ;336; Adamant lv1
    ;280; Timid lv4 Male
    ;106; Quit lv25
    ;055; Careful lv 47
    :549: Sassy lv 59
    ;101; Naughty lv 35
    ;235; Sassy lv91 Volt Tackle, Transform, Spore, Draco Meteor
    :609: Timid lv52
    ;220; Naughty lv1
    :531: Quit Lv55
    ;042; Jolly Lv47
    ;361; Timid lv1 Male avalanche egg move

    Ev Trained Shiny Flawless>

    N. Nature, A. Ability, M. Moves

    ;169; Male N. Jolly A. Infiltrator. M. Cross Poison, U turn, Brave Bird Taunt
    ;065; Female N. Timid A. Magic Guard, M. Psyshock, Psychic, Trick Room, Shadow Ball
    ;091; Male N. Impish, A. Skill Link, M. Rapid Spin, Rock Blast, Toxic Spikes, Icecle Spear

    Ferrothorn Female N.Relaxed, A. Iron barbs. M. Leech Seed, Gyro Ball, Protect, Spikes

    Eelecktross Female N. Modest. A. Levitate. M. Discharge, Grass knot, Dragon Tail, Flamethrower
    ;202; Female N. Bold, A. Shadow Tag, M. Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, Destiny bond

    Excadrill Male N Jolly, A. Mold Breaker, M. Rapid Spin, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide
    ;142; Female N. Jolly, A. Unnerve, M. Rock Slide, Aerial Ace, Stealth Rock, Earthquake

    Ev Train Flawless
    N. Nature, A. Ability, M. Moves
    ;445; Female N. Jolly, A. Rough Skin, M. Outrage, fire Fang, Earthquake, Stone Edge
    ;038; Female N. Modest. A. Drought, M. Solarbeam, Flametrower, Hidden Power Dark, Will O Whisp
    ;094; Male N. Timid, A. Levitate. M. Shadow Ball, Focus blast, Pain Split, Substitute
    ;376; N. Jolly, A. Clear Body, M. Bullet Punch, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch
    ;463; Male N. Impish A. Cloud Nine. M. Dragon Tail, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Toxic
    ;373; Female N. Jolly, A. Moxie, M. Outrage, Flamethrower, Brick Break, Earthquake
    ;149; Female N. Jolly, A. Multiscale, M. Hurricane, ExtremeSpeed, Roost, Outrage
    ;130; Female N. Jolly, A. Intimidate, M. Waterfall, Stone Edge, Taunt, Dragon tail
    ;479; N. Timid, A. Levitate, M. Hydro Pump, Discharge, Shadow Ball, Double Team
    ;186; Female, N. Bold, A. Drizzle, M. Surf, Focus Blast, Protect, Ice Beam
    ;472; Female N. Impish, A. Poison Heal, M. Earthquake, Substitute, Protect, Ice Fang
    ;006; Male, N. Mild, A. Blaze, M. Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Outrage, Ancient Power

    Thundurus N. Timid, A. Prankster, M. Taunt, Thunder, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave

    ;212; Male N. Adamant, A. Technician, M. Bullet Punch, U turn, Pursuit, SuperPower
    ;461; Male N. Jolly, A. Pressure, M. Night Slash, Ice Shard, Swords Dance, Low Kick

    The following shiny pokemon, don't care about ivs, evs or natures. As long as they are uncloned and legit I'm fine
    ;029; or ;030;
    ;060; or ;061;
    ;096; or ;097;
    ;109; or ;110;
    ;138; or ;139;
    ;152; or ;153;
    ;161; or ;162;
    ;167; or ;168;
    ;218; or ;219;
    ;236; or ;237;
    ;406; , ;315; or ;407;
    ;318; or ;319;
    ;320; or ;321;
    ;345; or ;346;
    ;366; or ;368;
    ;427; or ;428; must be female
    ;431; or ;432;

    Any DW Starters

    Major Wants
    A shiny Flawless pokemon from the above list
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2012
  2. HRRlion

    HRRlion 2795 4358 7025

    First Post! Well would you like my flawless SMR2010 Jirachi and Flawless Oblivia Deoxys for your shiny Lunatone?
  3. shotdown911

    shotdown911 Pokemon Dealer

    i will give you a dreamworld wobbuffet female at lvl 1 for a regice
  4. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    Updated my shop
  5. monkeyman192

    monkeyman192 simply bored

    Are there any shinys in my sig that you would be interested in for your shiny cottonee, druddigon or shinx?
  6. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    I can trade you my Druddigon for Tailow
  7. monkeyman192

    monkeyman192 simply bored

    Sounds good :)
    Mine will be on my white 2 game, I'll keep an eye out for you to be online and VM you if I can trade?
  8. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Hi otoman I am interested in your shiny EV trained bold wobbufett, relaxed ferrothorn, adamant crobat, and non shiny EV trained adamant weavile I'm also interested in your shiny mareep check my shop to see what I have to offer in post 4 of my shop under the shiny section
  9. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    I'll trade you my marrep for your shiny Nidorina
  10. Sawsbuck

    Sawsbuck Eeveelution trainer

    Hi there Otamon,
    I would like to know if your Ralts is a female with Trace ability,
    I have a Shiny Near Flawless Empoleon and some DWF in my sig if you would like to trade,
    Let me know,
  11. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    No, its Male with Trace
  12. Sawsbuck

    Sawsbuck Eeveelution trainer

    Okay, is that Vuplix still available for trade?
    I would love to know,
  13. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    Yes, The shiny Vulpix is still available
  14. Sawsbuck

    Sawsbuck Eeveelution trainer

    So, is there anything you'd like for him/her?
  15. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    Im looking for other shiny pokemon and flawless or near flawless pokemon
  16. SonicDestruction227

    SonicDestruction227 New Member

    If it's still avalible, I'd like to trade for your Victiny. I don't have anything that is specifically on your list, but I am going for complete Dex's on my SoulSilver and White, so if there is anything else that you'd be interested in, just let me know. My friend code for SoulSilver is 5072 2221 0964 and White is 1636 2049 8282.
  17. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    Sorry, I already completed my dex, I'm only collecting pokemon now
  18. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Sorry forgot to come back and look my bad, did anything else I have interest you? I added 4 new shiny near flawless pokemon last week, and I have at least 10 more I need to add at some point
  19. Otamon

    Otamon New Member

    the shiny nidorina or the shiny treecko, any of them would be fine
  20. Mrmuffin123

    Mrmuffin123 First Male Swiftie

    Hi, I can give a shiny patrat, shiny haxorus, and shiny hydreigon, and an evd heatran, and some dream world females and egg move pokemon for your battly ready timid thunderus?

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