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The Other King (Wishfulshipping T)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ChloboShoka, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Genres: Alternative Universe/Historical Romance
    Main Shipping: Wishfulshipping (Iris/Cilan)
    Side pairs: Rocketshipping (Jessie/James), Diamondshipping (Giovanni/Delia), Pendragonshipping (Lance/Iris), Restlessshipping (Silver/Iris), Ferriswheelshipping (N/Hilda) and Advanceshipping (Ash/May)
    Notes: The story has been inspired by the many wonderful stuff about The Tudors. I hope you all enjoy the story. Just so you know, Lord Gropius is N and Kamon is Silver, the rival from HGSS. Giovanni is also Ash's father, as well as Lance and Gary's uncle in this story.
    Summary: Queen Iris divorced King Lance of Johto to marry her lover, Cilan. After the new marriage, other noblemen hatch their plots. Who will support the relationship when The Queen's family are against it? Can the relationship survive before it's too late?

    The Other King Chapter Index
    Chapter One: Gracious Divorce (This post)
    Chapter Two: Bedtime
    Chapter Three: Fourteen Traitors
    Chapter Four: The Wedding
    Chapter Five: The Best Man's Speech
    Chapter Six: Ash In Bed
    Chapter Seven: Pope Mickey's Dilemma
    Chapter Eight: Deceit
    Chapter Nine: Insanity
    Chapter Ten: Fear And Loathing
    Chapter Eleven: Blue Dress
    Chapter Twelve: Candles
    Chapter Thirteen: The Treaty
    Chapter Fourteen: Lord Xemnas Is Arrested
    Chapter Fifteen: Cilan Confronts Kamon
    Chapter Sixteen: Frame And Shame
    Chapter Seventeen: Giovanni's Plan Comes To Light
    Chapter Eighteen: Larxene's Death
    Chapter Nineteen: Cilan's Trial
    Chapter Twenty: The Final Letter
    Chapter Twenty-One: Love Is The Only Unbreakable Spell
    Chapter Twenty-Two: Tender Times
    Chapter Twenty-Three: The Ketchum Empire
    Chapter Twenty-Four: The Rise And Fall Of Gary Oak
    Chapter Twenty-Five: Blood Spent
    Chapter Twenty-Six: Cardinal Drew's Success
    Chapter Twenty-Seven: King Lance Is Arrested
    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Ghosts, Dreams and Dragons
    Chapter Twenty-Nine: Death Of A King
    Chapter Thirty: Seductive Finale

    The Other King

    Chapter One: Gracious Divorce
    In 1593, The Dragon Empire was in jeopardy. In a short amount of time, The Dragon Empire consisted of most of Asia, as well as two of the major pokemon regions in Japan; Unova and Johto. The very thing that formed the empire in the first place would tear it apart. Queen Iris of Unova had made a controversial decision. Lady Clair believed that Queen Iris had made a terrible mistake. Queen Iris had broken herself out of the the arranged marriage to Lance. He was the King of Kanto, as well as Clair's paternal cousin. She was the godmother of his children. Drayden, the queen's grandfather had arranged the marriage with Lance's grandfather, Drake when he was still alive. Iris and Lance's passion for dragons was the fuel to their marriage. The result of it was a wealthy empire and two healthy sons.

    Clair gazed into the night sky and then faced her dragonair swirling around her. She patted the dragonair and asked her, "Why would Iris leave Lance for an irrelevant duke?"

    Her dragonair did not know the answer. The duke she was referring to was the Duke Of Striaton, Cilan Dento. He was an energetic man with a love for theatre and the arts. He was slim and would often boast about his divine rhythm and beautiful green hair. The very sight of Cilan made Clair roll her eyes and cringe. All she could see in the queen's future husband was a man who loved himself too much.

    Lance was brave, strong and cunning. Everything that Clair considered herself to be too. Lance had soothed a civil war between elders and prevented Kanto armies from invading Johto and Unova. Cilan couldn't even run from a slowpoke. Clair couldn't understand it. Lance had many women swoon over him, but he would never date any of them. He was far too loyal to his duties.

    Lance had been engaged to Iris since she was a toddler. Their grandfathers, Drake and Drayden, had been planning the marriage for many years. Drake was in his final years and Iris' mother, Queen Lola, had been missing. Lance and Iris were both next in line to the throne in their respective regions, and they were both already popular all around Asia. As soon as Iris was 15, the two of them were married. Iris gave birth to Prince Pagan a year later. Lance believed that it was his destiny to become king. With the marriage coming to an end, Clair's mind became invaded by Iris' two sons. The oldest was eleven years old whilst the youngest was only six years old. The poor boys: their innocence would soon be snatched away.

    From the distance, Clair saw Lance ride on his dragonite as they tumbled down from the moon. Lance waved at Clair and she waved back. Clair's heart bounced. It was the first time she had met her cousin since Iris announced her engagement to Cilan. She had expected Lance to be broken, silent and bitter. But he was smiling.

    Lance jumped off his dragonite and said, "Good evening, Clair."

    "Good evening Your Majesty."

    "Her Majesty will be married soon," Lance said. He lowered his head as he spoke. The movement of his arms became rigid and then subtle. "I wish her well. I hope that Salem and Pagan get on with their new step father."

    "Why are you letting go so easily?" Clair snapped. Her firsts curled up into a ball as her face turned red. "I'm disgusted with the way you've been tossed about after everything you've done for the country. The ungrateful witch!"

    "Iris is clearly happy with Cilan," Lance interrupted Clair. "I know any other man would be angry at something like this, but for me I feel rather... delighted."

    "Delighted?" Clair gasped. She didn't think that any of it was true. "But you've just been betrayed."

    "Judge it any way you like Clair," Lance responded. He remained calm, polite and full of dignity. He was like a man who was gracious in defeat. He pulled his cloak over to his shoulders and continued to praise Iris. "Our love for dragons brought us together. I am happy to have known such a vibrant woman like Iris. She's an intelligent woman and also a great dragon trainer. She knows the hearts of the dragons well. It was not my decision to divorce, but she had clearly fallen in love with Cilan. I politely walked away, knowing it was for the best. We will still be friends."

    "Are you going to the wedding?" Clair asked.

    "Of course," Lance said in pride. "It will be the perfect opportunity to see Salem and Pagan. We've only been in touch through letter nowadays. Iris has asked me not to enter the castle again."

    "That's insane," Clair spat out. "Denying a man the right to see his children."

    "I can sneak in."

    "I'm going to talk to Iris about this!" Clair was determined. She felt that Lance was hiding his sorrow. He loved Iris very much. Clair had no doubt about that. And she couldn't bear to see anyone from her family unhappy. She considered herself a good problem solver. "I'm not letting Cilan destroy everything you've worked so hard for."

    "You must forever hold your peace," Lance requested. "Can you do that?"

    Defeated. Clair lowered her head. "If you insist. But I'll promise you if something bad happens to my godsons, I'll have to break that promise."

    Lance approached Clair and gave her one the biggest hugs she could imagine. Clair felt warm, but startled. The last time Lance gave Clair a hug was when she was a little girl. He gazed into her eyes and whispered, "Clair, you have been ever so good to me." Clair could see his eyes welling up. "Thank you for looking out for me at such a fragile moment of time."

    Princess Delia stood behind the windows staring at the fearows passing by. Out of the blue, she stated: "I'm so proud of my little boys. They've both grown up into brave soldiers and fine princes." Her eldest son, Ash was knighted by Queen Cynthia, Queen Iris and King Lance. He and his Pikachu fought bravely in battle and won many wars for various regions. He was known as The Red Prince. Her youngest son, Kamon was known as The Silver Prince. Kamon trained as a solider like his brother before him.

    "So you should be," said the voice of the man behind her. The man was her husband, Giovanni Ketchum: The Archduke of Viridian. He brushed Delia's auburn hair with fingers as he saw his tired face reflect upon him. He admired her pink dress with blue lacing. Delia had been bright and optimistic just as she was when Giovanni first met her.

    "They always wanted to be king." Delia twirled and faced Giovanni. Persian, Giovanni's beloved cat pounced on-top of Delia and licked her hand. Giovanni stroked Persian as he rolled on the ground waiting for his stomach to be rubbed. "Even though I couldn't pass the throne down to them, they were still determined to be fine kings. Not to mention Gary married the Duchess of Cerulean - Ash admired her greatly. She was his childhood sweetheart."

    Gary was Delia's nephew, and her older sister's son. Delia had also had a niece called May that became a servant for Mew and was now known as Sister Daisy. She lived in Lavender Cathedral, next to the tower where all of Kanto's executions take place. Delia could never forget the look of disappointment on Giovanni's face when his sister-in-law gave birth to Gary. Giovanni had hoped that his side of the family would snatch the throne by giving birth to sons.

    Three hours after her nephew was born, Delia's long awaited child, Ash was born. Ever since she was a child, she wanted nothing more than be a mother. She yearned for the responsibility and the rewards. Ever since she was born, Delia was expected to have everybody do all the work for her. She didn't it at all. She found taking part in the housework therapeutic. Three years later, Delia gave birth to Kamon.

    Delia and Giovanni reflected on how far their children had came. Their bravery and determination to become king had driven them to become great soldiers. Giovanni told his wife, "King of Hoenn is anxious for Ash to marry his daughter. Our eldest son has obviously found someone who can make his dreams come true."

    Delia raised her head and walked over to the family portraits above the fire place. The one at the top showed Prince Ash clinging onto the three-year old Misty. Ash's red tunic brought out the brightness in Misty's ginger hair and yellow dress. As she gazed into the portrait, she said to her husband: "Call me old-fashioned but I want my children to marry for love."

    "You don't think Ash loves May?" Giovanni asked. He raised an eyebrow then stood behind Delia.

    "Of course he does," Delia replied. "But not the kind of love he felt for Misty."

    "But that was years ago," Giovanni reminded her. He held onto Delia and carried her away from the portrait. "Ash will get everything he ever wanted."

    "But Norman and Caroline have a son. He could be king."

    "I very much doubt that Prince Max will become king. He wants to become a priest. And judging by the letters I have received by Norman, it seems he wants to pass the throne to his daughter."

    "May... She's a lovely girl." Giovanni carefully placed Delia on a red chair. She turned and saw a portrait of Iris when she visited Kanto when she was pregnant with Salem. Whenever Kamon was in the room, he would stop and stare at the paintings of Iris. The fixation was so intense that a portrait of Iris had to be painted especially for Kamon's chamber.

    "Kamon never stops looking portraits of Unova's Queen," Delia said. "I think he's infatuated with Iris."

    "Tracey Sketchit paints charming portraits," Giovanni admitted. He admired the glow and the vibrant colours Tracey used. Tracey's paintings really brought an atmosphere that no other artist they knew could do. "The Queen of Unova: A very powerful woman. When she married Lance, the dragon empire boomed. Because of the dragon empire, they were saved from extinction. A remarkable lady. His taste is impeccable. Iris has left Lance for another man. If Kamon keeps his eye on the ball..."

    "You think Kamon has a chance with Iris?" Delia asked.

    Giovanni smirked. "I think our silver prince has a good chance of sending Iris to her knees. Iris is everything Kamon desires; a heart strength and a soul of victory."

    "You know this reminds me of the time when you promised Ash and Kamon that you would make their dreams come true."

    "I have been working on that," Giovanni announced. "Now it is certain that Ash will become May's King. We just have to find a way to bring Kamon into Iris' attention. And she will notice him."

    "Don't overwork yourself," Princess Delia requested. She wrapped her arms around Giovanni and smiled. "No matter what happens they'll always be our two little kings."
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  2. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Chapter Two: Bedtime

    With Cilan officially by her side, Iris could finally sleep. Iris had no doubt that Cilan was the love of her life. He was the right one for her. Iris' grandfather, Drayden advised Iris that she shouldn't open her legs to Cilan until after they were married. His advise came too late as Iris had already slept with Cilan on numerous occasions while she was still married to Lance. Iris had the impression that Drayden was against marrying Cilan from the start. She was reminded of how Drayden had worked hard to make her first wedding day run smoothly. She knew that Drayden was only looking out for his granddaughter, but at the same time, she wanted to move on.

    Iris had always wanted a daughter. As much as she loved her boys, she felt that her family was incomplete without a girl. Only Pagan and Salem survived infancy and Lance couldn't bring himself into the pain of miscarriage. Iris miscarried a girl and the trauma caused her to fall out with her step-family and Lance to send orders to mass execute many people who support the pokemon religion.

    It was the darkest time of her life and with Cilan, she had found the light in her life.

    She was grateful of how understanding Lance was towards her. Throughout their marriage Lance never cheated and was dedicated in his quest for the protection of dragons. He was a devoted father and their sons reminded Iris so much of him. At the same time she would secretly miss Lance; he was a great friend to her. Iris was a very traditional lady, but her infatuation with Cilan had distracted her for some time. But Iris insisted on following her heart no matter where it went and she followed it. Her heart lead her into the arms of Cilan Dento.

    She remembered that her loyal friend, Ash Ketchum said it would be a bad idea to throw herself into marriage after leaving another. She dismissed his advice because Ash Ketchum had never been married. Iris felt she had nothing to worry about. She ruled Unova and nobody could take that away from her. She loved Cilan and he was going to her king. At night she used to dream of him, all day she waited to see him, and when he came, her heart turned over and she thought she would faint with desire. The dreams were soon to become reality. Iris was looking forward to the wedding day.

    "You have made me the happiest woman in the world," Iris whispered as she clawed the bedding in her hand. Her eyes never left Cilan's as she stuck her tongue out. Cilan chuckled and admired the king sized bed, dragon portraits hanging from golden walls. The beautiful ceramic vases and ornaments lined up nicely next to bookshelves and cabinet below. "You're impressed?" Iris observed. "All of this is yours as well as mine."

    "I must confess that I am a little bit chilly." Cilan hugged his naked self with his bare hands.

    "Everything belongs to you apart from the bed which is mine," Iris announced. Iris snatched all of the bedding off Cilan and giggled as she ran out of bed taking the silky duvet with her.

    Cilan hopped out of bed. "Don't let me freeze to death."

    Iris smirked. She wrapped the bedding around her. "You're actually kind of hot."

    "You're such a tease Your Majesty." Cilan bowed and then concealed his dignity with a pillow.

    "You need not hide your bits from me."

    Cilan came up with the first words that came to his head. He stuttered and blushed from Iris' serious face. "Well if someone to burst in on us... I don't think they'd like to see my privates."

    "My maids will knock if they want me and I will tell them when it is fine to come in." Iris ran to the other corner of the room next to the green curtains. "Come and catch me."

    For extra speed, Cilan tossed the pillow on the side and chased Iris around the room. The pair of them giggled like two children outside. Cilan bounced on the bed so where Iris went, Cilan could cut the corners to catch her. Iris looked chuffed from the thrill of Cilan chasing after Iris. He had not only won an empire, but he had won her heart. She tiptoed in front of the bed. Cilan carried Iris back into bed with his hands as he claimed his half of the bedding back.

    "You know many people might not like me that much," Cilan admitted. "The people loved Lance."

    "You don't have to worry," Iris assured him. "They will get used to you. I feel there's a new era beginning."

    "I still remember the first day we met," Cilan said. "At the dragon racing event and your baby bump."

    "That was actually the second time," Iris corrected Cilan. "The first day we met was at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Pagan. You plucked the courage to ask me to dance. And I said yes because you looked dashing."

    Cilan chuckled. "I can't help being fabulous all the time."

    The couple burst into a fit of laughter. Iris didn't even know why she was laughing, she was just happy to be with Cilan. Just before she went to bed leaned over and gave Cilan a kiss as they both tucked themselves in ready for bed.

    When Iris' eyes closed, her world turned green. She found herself surrounded by bellossoms and vileplumes bloom rays of exotic solarbeams and rainbow petals dancing around her. An altaria dashed around the clouds with her flock of swablu. The therapeutic summer air motivated a smile upon her face.

    Cilan, her beloved king was holding onto her waist and graciously kissing her delacate neck. He was the love of her life and her precious king. Iris was fixated inside the dream. Two girls came running up the hill. The blonde girl had a vileplume whilst the raven haired girl had a bellossom.

    Pagan and Salem were in their teenage years. They were both riding on a bully salamence. There was something inside of Iris that made her feel that her heart was pouncing. She felt weightless and pure. Before she knew it, she was on Cilan's shoulder.

    "Our two daughters..." Cilan cried. "I would grab every opportunity I had to watch them grow into beautiful women."

    "After everything we have been through, they deserve their titles as princesses."

    Cilan's face brightened. He remembered well the plots and prejudice against him. Despite events that almost destroyed them, they were still together and had a happy ending.

    Iris woke up when Cilan kissed her in her dreams. She wondered if that dream would ever construe. She thought it was a shame that the dream had to end so quickly. She felt as if she was in a state if bliss. If her family could act like they did in the dream, she would have felt accomplished.
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  3. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Chapter Three: Fourteen Traitors
    Lord Xemnas had gathered thirteen people in his office. A chandlelure danced around the ceiling with her flames swaying. Chandlelure's flames were the only light in the room. The sheer darkness would make one feel uncomfortable. Lord Xemnas was commander of Her Majesty's army. His friends and servants present were all part of the army. Lord Xemnas frowned as tossed a piece of paper in the middle of the table. It was an invitation to Iris' wedding. He slapped himself against his forehead.

    "The Queen's divorce is a great inconvenience," Lord Xemnas confessed to everyone in the room. They gathered around a ring of white chairs and a marble. They were all dressed in the same black robes apart from the two maids, Larxene and Xion who wore a dress as the female counterpart. "This empire we worked so hard to build. Cilan will destroy it, I know he will. We won't be safe from that terrorist Sora not until we get our powers back."

    In between Xemnas was Lord Xaldin and Lord Saïx. Xaldin was on his left with black hair, known as a whirlwind lancer and an expert in jousting. Lord Saïx had long blue hair and scar shaped an x between his yellow eyes, he had a collection of huge claymores that he used in many ruthless battles. The other lords Vexen, Luxord and Lexaeus filled up half of the table's room. The seven lords considered themselves to be born wariors worthy of their noble titles and much more.

    Xemnas' servants were on the other half of the table. In the middle of the table was one of Xemnas' ladies-in-waiting, Xion sitting in between her best friends, Roxas and Axel. There no denying that Roxas and Xion shared the same eyes that glistened like a clear ocean on a summer's day. It was as if they were twins, but they were not. Xion was a product of witchcraft and as far as Lord Xemnas was concearned, a flawed replica of Sora: Xemnas' worst enemy.

    Xemnas' groom, Marluxia and his other lady-in-waiting, Larxene were the most promiscuous of the group. Their knowlege on virtue was limited and they often enjoyed causing internal friction between court. Their beautiful faces, in a society were appearances matter hid their true demonic intentions. Zexion and Demyx were not known for their courage, but they had a passion for litrature and they had even written their own plays that were performed in The Theatre Of Nimbassa.

    "The Lady Clair shares your views," Lord Xigbar confirmed. "I spoke to her yesterday. She's very furious that a great king is being mistreated."

    "Lance is a great king no doubt about that," Xemnas confessed. He nodded his head as he sipped some wine. "I can do much better than him. What I'm really worried about is Sora trying to break this empire. I've already warned Queen Iris about him."

    "How did you describe him to Her Majesty?" Zexion asked.

    "I warned her that he was a terrorist that would destruct everything he stepped on. He betrayed Pope Mickey and took turned his advisers against him. Sora is no match for Lance's army. Cilan is weak...worthless. He doesn't even have an army."

    "Wait a minute," Roxas said. Everybody turned their head. "So if you're aiming to be king, why don't you marry whoever is next in line to the throne?"

    Lord Xemnas glared at Roxas. "A clever idea, but I am not going to marry Pagan or Salem."

    "His name is an anagram of mansex," Zexion whispered to Larxene and Marluxia who both laughed.

    "I think what Roxas is trying to say," Axel interrupted. Thee of them stopped laughing. "If Iris annuls Lance's marriage, then Salem and Pagan will be declared as bastards. That means that Lady Clair would be next in line to the throne. To both Unova and Johto."

    "Then I would become king," Lord Xemnas confirmed. "That is just terrible. If I had a heart I would explode with laughter." He grinned. "I love it. But to be honest, I hold no interest in Unova or Johto. It's Kingdom Hearts that I want to be king of. And the only way we can do that is to destroy Sora. His blood is what I need for Kingdom Hearts... the heart of all hearts, wisdom and power. With Kingdom Hearts I will become more powerful than Arceus and Mew combined."

    "But if they've divorced, then they don't need an annulment," Xion stated in a calm voice. Her shoulders were at the level of her ear lobes.

    "Gentleman!" Iris announced as she burst through the door. Everyone was startled by her white dress glowing in the darkness. "Why are you all sitting in the darkness? Can't anyone turn a bloody light on around here?" She then waved at Xion and rolled her eyes to Larxene. "And ladies. We don't have much time."

    "I like the darkness," Lord Xemnas mouthed. "I find it... soothing. As you wish, we shall bring light into the room." Lord Xemnas found himself fortunate that she had not heard what they had been talking about.

    "We were just talking about you and how happy we were for you," Larxene announced, hiding sarcasm in her voice.

    "What do you mean Your Majesty?" Xigbar asked and held his weapon. "Who's trying to invade Unova this time?"

    "There's no invasion," Iris replied. "The ceremony will start very soon. The ceremony to my wedding."

    "But you said the wedding was going to be on Christmas day," Roxas said.

    "I cannot wait that long," Iris admitted. "Cilan and I will be getting married right now. Demyx, you're going to be best man. Xion and Larxene, you're going to be my bridesmaids. As for the rest of you, you will ushers for the wedding."

    "Me?" Demyx fell to his knees and held his hand on his chest. "The best man! Oh your majesty I am not worthy."

    "I would have thought that Sir Ash Ketchum would be the best man," Luxord admitted.

    "The little kid couldn't make it," Iris announced. "Larxene, Xion, come with me to Lady Bianca's chamber. The rest of you must head to the cathedral promptly." Xion and Larxene followed Iris out of the room. Meanwhile the men talked amongst themselves before they decided to take a leave.

    "I wouldn't worry about it," Axel told Demyx.

    "But I haven't got a speech!" Demyx screwed his fingernails into his hair and his knees kissed the floor.

    "It doesn't matter," Saïx snapped. "The whole thing is a sham anyway."

    Marluxia suggested, "You can always make one up on the spot."

    "Are you kidding me?" Demyx spat in fear. "All those people. Everybody's going to be there for the Queen's wedding. She might execute me if I mess up."

    "Your cowardliness is getting on my nerves," Xenmas hissed. "Let's go before we are all beheaded."

    Axel opened the door for everybody and they all left the room in single-file.
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  4. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Chapter Four: The Wedding​

    Things couldn't get any better as far as Cilan was concerned. His bride would finally walk down the aisle. He was most pleased that Demyx had accepted the offer of becoming best man at such short notice. Demyx squinted in peril at the thought only a couple of hours to prepare a speech fit for a queen. Cilan had a gut feeling that speech would be great. He and his brothers were big fans of his work, especially his masterpiece, "Dance Water, Dance," which was about the doomed relationship between a mermaid and a witch.

    The only bad thing was that his good friend, Sir Ash Ketchum could not be there to celebrate. He and Pikachu sustained injuries that confined them both in their bed. Cilan imagined that Ash would have ordered Pikachu to fly sparks for the wedding. Nevertheless, Cilan was confident that the wedding was going to be a spectacular bash. He smiled, knowing all the people who have traveled far and wide, and those making last minute preparations in order to make this the happiest day of Iris' life.

    Cilan hoped that nobody would judge him by his sins. While Iris was still married to Lance, Chilli and Cress were concerned about Cilan falling in love and out of character. Cilan considered himself to be a gentleman. He would never sleep with another man's wife and would treat everybody with the most utter kindness and respect. He had no intention of causing Lance any pain.

    Cilan felt that he and Iris just clicked. They enjoyed each other's company and were almost inseparable. They never embarked on a passionate affair until Cilan gave her a present; a baby axew. It wasn't just any ordinary axew, it a golden axew with glistening tusks. Iris squealed in joy and said that she could kiss him. Cilan remembered bending down to kiss Iris' hand, then she lifted his head up for a kiss on the lips. She later offered Cilan to join her in bed. At first he was relectucant, he couldn't bring himself to take somebody else's wife, but at the same time he didn't want to ignore orders from Her Majesty.

    Cilan looked up at the chandelier and wondered if he would still be standing here if he had not found that axew? Iris' Haxorus treated the golden axew like her own child. He had a feeling that Iris and Cilan would have still remained very close friends. If Lance and Iris were still married, she would have been the sister that Cilan never had. He knew that it was going to be a great responsibility being king, but for Iris everything was worth it.

    Cilan watched the priest, Father Rowan raise to his feet. His face turned from side to side. His lips curled into a warm smile. Rowan tapped Cilan's shoulder as he spoke to the crowd. "All rise for Her Majesty, the bride."

    The bells and organ chanted in unison. Queen Iris in true traditional style, wore a vibrant white dress with shiny pearl beads and silk. Lady Biana, Larxene and Xion carried the weight of Iris' wedding dress. Everybody looked the part, everything was arranged in fine detail. Even if everybody's roles in the wedding where somewhat disorganized, it looked and felt like a wedding that had taken months of preparation and decoration.

    Everyone was on their knees, even Father Rowan. As soon as Iris touched Cilan's house, Father Rowan instructed them all to be seated. All eyes had their attention on Cilan and Iris. They did not speak, yet everyone knew what Cilan was thinking from the grin on his face and glow in cheeks. How beautiful Queen Iris was and how he sees his whole life straight in front of him. He was thanking Arceus for the honour of becoming the King.He held onto Iris' hand like gold.

    "Dearly beloved," Father Rowan began, his arms were wide open as his sleeves tumbled down to his knees. "We are gathered together here tonight in the sight of Arceus, and Unova, to join together this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony. Which is an honourable estate, instituted of Arceus, signifying unto us the mystical union that is betwixt Mew and it's church. The holy estate Mew adorned and beautified with it's presence and first miracle that it wrought in this world, and is commended of Jirachi to be honourable among all. It is not to be entered into inadvisedly or lightly; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and in the fear of Arceus. Into this holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If any man or creature can show just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him speak now or forever hold your peace."

    Demyx bit his tongue. Xion and Larxene turned their head around as Lady Clair and her beloved Kingdra made her way into the cathedral. Father Rowan also gulped from the sounds of whispering echoing in the cathedral.

    "May I remind you all that you are in the presence of Arceus," Father Rowan announced. His voice was more firmer. He looked upon the couple, then steered his eyes towards Clair. "I require and charge you both on judgement day, when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed. Be well assured, that if any persons are joined together other than as Arceus allows, their marriage is not lawful. If either of you know any impediment, why you may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony, you must declare it now."

    Clair stood behind the pillar in silence.

    Father Rowan turned to Cilan. "Cilan, do you take this woman, the Queen Of Unova, to be your lawful wedded wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honour, and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her, so long as you both shall live?"

    "I do," Cilan roared with a tone of grace in his voice, and his cheeks exploding with happiness.

    Father Rowan smile swifted onto Iris. "And do you, Iris, Queen Of Unova, take this man to be your lawful wedded husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honour, and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him, so long as you both shall live?"

    Queen Iris smiled. "I do."

    "And for your truths." Father Rowan bowed and flipped his pages.

    "I, Iris, Queen Of Unova, take thee, Cilan to be my husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to Arcues' holy ordinance; and thereto I give to you my truth."

    "Your turn, Cilan."

    "I, Cilan, take thee, Iris to be my husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to Arcues' holy ordinance; and thereto I give to you my truth."

    "Demyx, the ring please?" Father Rowan requested. Demyx's arms trembled when Cilan received the ruby encrusted box. Father Rowan snatched the box and opened it on their behalf. Cilan reached over the ring and placed it on the fourth finger of Iris' left hand. "Repeat after me Cilan, with this ring I thee wed: In the name of Arceus, and of Mew and of the holy trios. Amen." Cilan repeated the words with a bold voice and a brave face. Confidence reeked in this voice. Father Rowan kept on smiling. After a series of long prayers and exchanges of vows, Father Rowan had finally said what the happy couple wanted to hear.

    "I now pronounce you man and wife." Father Rowan bowed to Cilan and said, "You may now kiss the bride."

    The people present stood up in amazement.
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    Chapter Five: The Best Man's Speech​

    The bridal party took place in court. Not a spot of sorrow could be seen across the faces. If there was any sorrow present, they had concealed it well. Not even of the two young princes who smiled as they spent all their time talking to their father and godmother. Salem and Pagan caught Iris' attention many times during the party. Salem and Pagan appeared to be too scared to speak to their new stepfather. Whenever Cilan marched over to approach the boys, they would run straight away. It wasn't in hatred, but they appeared to be frightened. Maybe it was something that Clair had said, or that they were scared of losing their father.

    The elder prince, Drayden appeared to be oblivious by the whole situation. He surrounded himself with the finest red wine and the strongest whiskey. He was not the most optimistic, but Iris appreciated that he made the effort. He was on his toes dancing around the tables. The crowds danced, ate and drank merrily as if it were Christmas Day.

    The people had set free their pokemon and allowed them to interact with both creatures and humans. They danced to what seemed to feel like the night of their lives. It may not have been the case for everyone, but they took it as the opportunity to enjoy themselves.

    "Glorious music," Cilan cried for joy. He grabbed Demyx's shoulder and carried him behind Iris' chair. "Ladies and gentle," the king said. "It's time for the best man's speech."

    Demyx cleared his throat. "Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking..." He felt as if he had been thrown into the deep end of the ocean with the harshest sharks. He shook his head and bowed to the crowds. "I'm Demyx and by day I am a soldier for Her Majesty's army. By the still of the night I am a writer. Cilan was mad enough to pick me as the best man." He steered his face away from the left corner of the room, where Lord Xenmas glared at him.

    "HA!" Cilan chuckled and clapped his hands.

    "Ah man," Zexion muttered. He failed to hold his tongue. "He's going to talk about his gay musical."

    "I've known the king for a couple of years. A while ago I wrote a musical called Dance Water, Dance. His Royal Highness had watched the musical and is now one my biggest fans of my writing."

    Zexion was right.

    "Now that you know a little bit about me and how I know the groom. The king has asked me to say a special thanks to you all for attending the wedding. I didn't know I was going to be best man until half an hour before the service. It was a beautiful service would you agree?" Demyx waited until everyone said yes before he continued. "A special shout out to Sir Ash Ketchum who sadly could make it this evening, but we all pray that he gets well soon. You have picked the wrong man you're majesty, but there are more people to thank. The ushers, the bridesmaid and the family of the bride and groom. All of you look exceptionally dashing and beautiful this evening."

    Iris giggled as she sat on Cilan's lap on the throne. Demyx turned his face to Iris. "And thank you to the wonderful Iris, who is the best monarch of all time. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I love Cilan. Everybody loves Cilan. Children love Cilian. The elderly love Cilan. All creatures great and small love Cilan. It's just the kind of guy he is – compassionate and warm-hearted. As for Cilan, he loves Iris, and her equally gracious spirit. Wherever life takes them, those who encounter Cilan and Iris will consider themselves lucky. I know I do, and I'm honoured to be the king's best man today." Demyx topped up his goblet, and then lifted it above his head. "A toast for The King and Queen of Unova."

    "For the king and queen."

    "A marvelous speech!" Cilan roared at the top of his voice. "You should make speeches more often. It could boost your confidence."

    "Why thank you very much Your Majesty," Demyx replied.

    "Your Majesty." It was Lance's voice. His very voice and presense gave Cilan a funny feeling. It must have been awkward for him to watch his ex-wife getting married to the man who he was jilted for. But at the same time, Cilan admired him for not trying to curse the marriage. "Is it possible to have a few moments alone?"

    "Of course." Cilan felt that he had no choice in the matter. Lance escorted Cilan outside of the room and into the nearest lonely room. The room was dark and cold. "What is it?" Cilan asked. He was curious to why Lance had brought him into this quiet room instead of going outside.

    "I have heard many things about you Cilan," Lance said. "I wanted to congratulate you, but also warn you."

    "Warn me?"

    "You seem to be a very kind man," Lance admitted. "But looks can be deceiving." Cilan tried to speak, but Lance interupted him. "There is no need for you to speak. You must listen to me. I love Iris very much, and if I hear that you have hurt her or my sons in anyway... you'll have all of Kanto to answer for."

    "I can assure you that Iris and your children will not be harmed."

    "That's what I'd like to hear," Lance admitted. "That is all I have to say." Lance left the room at the sound of hearing his two children shouting for him. He left the room, but left the door open for Cilan to come out. Cilan hopped out of the room and returned to the hall and saw Iris dashing to him with open arms.

    "What did Lance say to you?" Iris asked. She frantically held onto Cilan's shoulders and banged her head against his neck.

    "He told me how happy he was for us," Cilan responded. He cupped her cheeks, assuring her that there was no need for fear.
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    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    I really like this story so far C.G. I always liked your stories because you always have some nice odd twist in them. It this case its adding some Kingdom Hearts characters into it. I also love the kingdom is ran by the dragon gym leaders. I find that unique and fresh. I really don't mind the short chapters, i think your style matches it nicely. There is just so much happening in such a short chapter.

    I'll be looking for more C.G. Keep it up.
  7. ChloboShoka

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    Thank you Gemz, I'm glad that you're enjoying the story. There's going to be some great drama coming up in the later chapters.
  8. ChloboShoka

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    Ash In Bed

    Meanwhile in Petelburg castle, Princess May was keeping an eye on her fiancé. The couple didn't know when their wedding would be. They had decided not to make any plans until both parties were ready. King Norman of Hoenn took the news kindly and had arranged May's bedroom to be rearranged for her needs. Her little mattress on the floor was replaced by a gigantic king-sized bed. The room had been painted red and yellow.

    A good rest was what they both needed. Queen Caroline had been arrested, but nobody explained why. Whenever she was mentioned, May was sent to her room. Max had not been himself either. Max did not go to church as often as he used do and often the priests would gather in his room for prayers. May was less religious than his brother, she was more interested in fashion and war. She knew of Ash's desires to become king, and of her future father-in-law's eccentric plots.

    Giovanni Ketchum had a violent reputation. If it weren't for his high status, he would have been long gone. Princess Delia had been told many times to get rid of him, but she remained as faithful as ever. May couldn't trust Giovanni, even though he was Ash's father. Giovanni had been working hard to make sure that both of his sons got what they wanted, but he wasn't doing it for their own benefit. Giovanni wanted to rule the world, and his sons were merely pawns in his game.

    The phrase like father like son could never have been so false. Ash did inherit his desire of the throne by his father, but he had a sweet and tender nature that was taken from his mother's side. His grandfather, Samuel Oak shamelessly named Ash as his favourite grandchild.

    There were many rumours circulating from Kanto to Unova that Sir Ash Ketchum was a womanizer. The princess of Hoenn laughed the rumours off. Ash had always been fond of Misty, The Queen of Kanto, but their fondness only developed into a strong friendship. Ash and Misty had been friends since they were toddlers. She had nothing to suspect. Ash being a womanizer was nothing less than royal gossip.

    As she knelt besides the bed, she curved away the creases of the bed with the back of her hand. To Hoenn, Ash was a prince. They may not have been married, but it was clear that King Norman took a liking to Ash. Even though it was Norman's younger son who was heir to the throne, Norman still encouraged his daughter and Ash to get married as soon as possible. Norman wanted his daughter to produce heirs to the throne, even though she wasn't next in line. Pikachu had recovered from his battle injuries whilst his trainer stayed in bed. It didn't take long until May hopped onto the bed.

    "So how are you feeling?" May asked Ash. She cupped his cheek and her fingers twisted over to his nose.

    "I'm feeling better," Ash replied. He chuckled and held his stomach in a tight grip. "I must admit that I am hungry."

    "The maids will be coming with the food shortly," May assured him. "You do not have to worry."

    "So did you go to Iris' wedding?"

    "I did. But only for a short while."

    "What was it like?"

    "It was a wonderful service, everybody seemed really nervous but it was a great night."

    "I wish I was there," Ash said. He forced himself to get up. "It would have been nice to have made it. Iris was probably annoyed that I wasn't there."

    "Iris didn't seem to care. She was so happy with Cilan. She didn't really care about anyone else."

    "May... do you think Iris would really cut my head off?" It had bothered Ash for many weeks. Iris and Ash had a quarrel about the poverty in Cinnabar Island. They had some disagreements and then Iris called him a child and that she threatened to execute him if she didn't listen to her. The words sent a earthquake in Ash's spine and mind. Ash and Iris had been great friends for a long time. He couldn't believe that such a good friend would say something like that.

    "She'll have to go through me first," May roared. She clenched her fists and growled. "Iris should give you an apology."

    "Maybe she'll write me a letter soon."

    "I'll go there myself tomorrow morning."


    "No buts Ash. We need to talk about it. Even a Queen shouldn't pick on people."

    "You're right May."

    Two plump chanseys came into the room with Ash's supper. Ash's eyes lit up as he snatched a handkerchief from the bedside table and sat up straight ready for his food. The tray rested firmly on his knees. One chansey passed May a knife and fork in case she wanted something to eat too. Ash quickly tucked into the pile of meat and noodles before him. May helped herself to some too.

    "This is good stuff," Ash cried out with the gravy shining on his mouth. "Much better than the food I get at Unova. It's all vegetarian." Ash turned his face and saw May chewing on a meatball. "Hey! Why are you eating my food?"

    "Cause it's my food too."

    It was the closest that Ash and May had ever gotten into an argument. Although the mood of the evening was sincere, there was concerns still masked by their smiles. May was worried about the future of Hoenn. Her younger brother was technically the heir to the throne, but he was sick with a fever that had no cure. If they both die, Hoenn would be without a future king, and Norman would be in trouble.

    Then it all made sense to her. The reason why Norman was so optimistic about her relationship with Ash was because she was next in line to the throne. It felt like a blow to May. She knew of the responsibilities that her father had to endure. It all seemed to be too much for her father to handle on top of his family emergencies.

    That was why Giovanni was so kind to May. Giovanni wouldn't want Ash marrying just any old princess. Female monarchs were rare, and Giovanni Ketchum loved nothing more than obscurity. If she was next in line to the throne, then Ash's dream would come true. May pondered about the thought of being Queen. It wasn't all just jewel showers, luxorious fashion, parties and passion. There was also the dark side to it: war, violence and fighting criminals.

    "ASH!" May screamed at the top of her voice. "I'm to become queen!"

    Ash gasped. He had finished his food by the time May spoke. He passed his plate over a squirtle who happily took the plate away. "Really? But I thought Max was heir to the throne?"

    "Not anymore," May replied. With every second, her voice became sweeter by the enthusiasm in her voice. "I can't believe it. I'm going to be Queen. That's why everybody's been so kind to us. That's why our fathers have been pressurizing us."

    "If you become queen..." Ash mumbled. "When we get married, I'll become... king."

    May nodded and bounced on the bed before kissing Ash's cheek. "Yes. You will become King Consort of Hoenn. Our reign will also be the beginning of the Ketchum Dynasty." She held onto Ash's hand and said, "Maybe someday we will rule more than Hoenn."

    "I've dreamed about being the greatest king ever since I was born," Ash announced. Pikachu jumped on his shoulder with his fist in the air. "I've heard so many people say it won't happen. But now I know it will. My dream is about to come true." Ash's speech ended in a fit of laughter. Pikachu jumped on his head and pretended to be a crown.

    "Together we're going to change the world," May cried. "Hoenn will be at peace once and for all."
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    Pope Mickey's Dilemma
    Pope Mickey had spent the past three hours preparing speeches for an annual meeting between the monarchs and their spouses. Every year before Christmas, monarchs all over the world come to the Vatican to hold a special party. He had a feeling that the party to come will be unusual due to Iris' change of husband. Pope Mickey was not convinced that the marriage was lawful. Deep in his heart, he had a feeling that Arceus and Mew viewed Lance as her true husband and still the real king of Unova.

    The complaints about Cilan's coronation make Pope Mickey believe that it was a sign from Arceus that Iris was running away from her destiny. There was a reason why the monarchs were crowned. It was not simply a matter of inheritance, it was their calling - their purpose. All the monarchs had a purpose. Drake and Drayden arranged Lance and Iris to be married at such a young age so when they were both adults, they could protect the dragon empire.

    Iris' change of husband was bound to create tension for the other monarchs. Iris and Lance had faithfully came to the parties until their divorce. Pope Mickey wanted to annul to marriage, but he didn't think it would be fair. He had known Iris for a long time, but he hardly knew Cilan at all.

    A man named Riku knocked on the door. Pope Mickey jumped out of his seat and marched around his table and opened the door. "Good morning Riku," Pope Mickey said. He greeted Riku and the lady behind her a warm smile.

    "The Duchess of Blackthorn wishes to speak to you," Riku announced.

    "Bring her in." A tall slender woman came into Pope Mickey's office. She removed her hood and bowed with her knees on the floor. Her blue hair swayed around her face.

    "Lady Clair," Pope Mickey gasped. "What a surprise."

    "Your Holiness," Clair whispered. "I am in desperate need of your assistance."

    "Is this about Iris and Lance's divorce?"

    "Yes," she replied. Riku closed the door and stayed in the room. "But it's worse than that. I tried everything I could, but she still married that..."

    "I am not satisfied with it either," Pope Mickey interrupted. "I received many complaints about their divorce. In particular I've received a series of anonymous letters. Thirteen to be precise. I believe that they are all written by people who are close to Lord Xenmas."

    "Why is that?" Lady Clair asked.

    "Because they all seem to believe that Sora is a terrorist!" Pope Mickey confirmed. "It was Lord Xenmas who started that rumour and now it's spread all across Unova."

    "Why would they believe that?" Clair asked. "I've met Sora myself. The elders of Blackthorn adored him."

    "Let's put it this way, Lord Xenmas lacks a heart." Pope Mickey tiptoed over to the cabinet behind his chair. He examined the shelves and picked out a piece of paper and showed it to Clair. "This letter in particular that popped my eye."

    "What letter is this?" Lady Clair asked. She pulled herself closer to the words as the details sent cruel shivers down her spine.

    Your Holiness,

    I am writing to you to urgently plea for you to annul Queen Iris' marriage to Cilan Dento. Cilan has brought nothing but trouble to Unova.

    My two best friends were raped. One of the friends is a young man. I have reported this many times, but nobody has taken action. This deeply concerns me and I pray with them every day, but I hear that King Cilan takes part in many promiscuous adventures such as making love to his brothers. I do not know if it is true, and have prayed that it is false, but hearing these rumours makes me fear for my friends' welfare.

    My peers say that he is an incubus. Many servants in the castle have died in their sleep. King Cilan claims that it is a plague. I know that the king has set a terrible plague on us. I do not want to lose my queen to this incubus.

    If you could ask Arceus and Mew to send the legendary monsters to bless Unova, I will be eternally grateful. This may be too much to ask, but is it possible that Johto's King and Unova's Queen were reunited once more. Together they built an empire of peace and harmony. When driven apart, it promotes such poverty in our mist.

    I thank you for your time. I cannot sign this letter and I hope you understand why I have to be confidential.

    Lady Clair turned towards an empty wall and crossed her arms. "I knew that Cilan was trouble."

    Pope Mickey lowered his head and frowned. "At first I thought it was you who wrote these letters. Until Celebi confirmed it wasn't you."

    "What will you do?" Clair asked. "My cousin is heartbroken. The Queen has even tried to ban him from seeing his sons. His own flesh and blood."

    "Queen Iris and Cilan will have to prove that their marriage is genuine," Pope Mickey announced. "If am not convinced, then I will declare it null and void. So far I am not convinced that this is a marriage based on love. But I have yet to meet Cilan. If it turns out that what on this letter is true, then Iris' divorce is invalid. From now on all divorces and remarriages from a monarch must be approved by me."

    "Your Holiness." Clair turned her head around and smiled. To Clair, it was good news. It wasn't what she had hoped for, but she could understand the pope's point of view.
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    Roxas only spoke to Xion and Axel in the past couple of months. Axel had lapsed in his duties to spy on Roxas. Lord Xenmas had everyone from his gang apart from him a task. When Axel asked about it, Xenmas only ordered Axel to get back to work and Roxas sulked whenever Larxene's name was mentioned. As for Larxene, she acted as if nothing had ever happened. The only person that Xion would confine in was Roxas. Axel had tried to find out what was happening, but no matter how hard he tried, the pair of them would not speak.

    One day when they were in court Xion whispered to Axel, "Larxene hurt Roxas... very badly."

    Axel felt his own blood burn. He wanted an explanation, but he knew that Xion wasn't going to give him one. She promised Roxas that she would keep it a secret. Axel knew them both too well. They were after all his best friends. Even if he, himself lost faith in everyone else in Unova, he always had Xion and Roxas by his side.

    Larxene lightly tapped the floor as she twirled around Lord Xenmas' office holding a red rose. Axel was disgusted, but he didn't say a word. Saïx yawned from the sight of Larxene's careless dancing.

    "You seem very cheerful today," Saïx said.

    "I've got something inside me," Larxene giggled. She kept the petals at the level of her lips and continued twirling around the room.

    Xigbar attempted to make a little sneaky remark that he saw as clever. "Not the first time you've had something inside you."

    "...Larxene," Roxas muttered. "That something inside you. Could it be a baby by any chance?"

    Larxene gasped. "How did you know?" She tossed the rose on the floor then slapped herself on the head. "Of course you were there."

    Axel charged at Larxene. He banged her body against the wall and roared to the top of his voice. "You're a sick and twisted *****!"

    Despite having her neck tightened by Axel's hand, she still found the time to laugh. "Hey would you really want to kill your best friend's child?" Larxene tutted and poked Axel's nose. "You would be such a jerk if you did that."

    "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ROXAS?" Axel slammed Larxene against the wall again.

    Larxene smirked. "I had a little plan that's working perfectly. I had to teach Roxas the facts of life." At that point, her exsessive high pitched laughing gave out a demonic tone. As Roxas and Xion pulled Axel away from Larxene, she tiptoed over to the nearest door and left. She left the door wide open.

    "You raped him didn't you?" Axel asked. "WHY LARXENE?" He chased her out of the office and into court. Nobody in the room dared to follow them. "You and Roxas are both going to get trouble. They'll force you into getting married."

    "On the contrary, marrying Roxas is the last thing that will happen." Larxene stopped in the middle of a golden corridor and slouched on the bench. "They actually loved the idea. I've been trying to get pregnant for some time now."

    "Why would you want a baby?" Axel muttered. He just could not picture Larxene as a mother. It just simply wouldn't work. Larxene was too much of a savage nymphomaniac to even care for a child.

    "I'm going to pretend it's the bastard child of the King." Larxene's smile showed no remorse for her actions.

    "We all want to get rid of Cilan," Axel reminded Larxene. "I'm not too keen on him myself... but this is going too far."

    "Is Roxas too much of a coward to say it to my face?"

    Without another word, Axel left Larxene with a sharp sting on her cheek.

    A voice behind them roared. "One does not simply slap ladies!" They recognized it as King Cilan's voice. The sound of Cilan's footsteps and green robes dragging alongside the carpet gave him the sign to run.

    Axel walked off. As he did, he shamelessly shouted, "She's not a lady, she's a dog."

    Cilan dashed over to Larxene and offered his hand to help her up. Larxene looked up at the king and held onto his robes as she got herself up. "Oh hello Your Majesty," Larxene said innocently.

    "Are you alright?" Cilan asked. He held his hand on his heart and then lowered it as soon as he lost sight of Axel. "Should I get someone to seize those men?"

    "No," Larxene begged. "Lord Xenmas ordered them to slap me."

    "Well you look like you could do with some cleaning up," Cilan said as he observed the sweat glistening on her face. "Come to my chamber. My maids will make sure you are fed and appropriately dressed."

    "You will?" Larxene asked. Her eyes lit up as she kissed the king's hand. "Wow, you are so gracious."
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    ChloboShoka Writer

    For a cold winter's day it was quite sunny. The sun had created a warm atmosphere in the dining hall. Iris and Cilan had invited a couple of close friends over to have breakfast with her. James of Rocket and his wife, Lady Jessie; Lord Gropius and his wife, Hilda; Lord Xenmas; Lord Xigbar; Lady Bianca and Cheren, the duke of Aspertia were all gathered around the table. Iris and Cilan sat next to each other on the front of the table. Iris' grandfather stood at the opposite side of the table, drinking wine.

    Everybody was wearing purple apart from Jessie and James. Even though James and Jessie had been married for 17 years, they dressed as if they had only been married a few hours ago. Iris had to hide her envy of the pearl and diamond beads encrusted on Jessie's corset.

    "So Cilan," Lord Xemnas spoke before taking a bite out of his spring rolls and salmon risotto. "Did my maid behave herself in your chamber last night?"

    "She behaved with class," Cilan replied. "She has a fabulous bedside manner."

    Iris intervened whilst some of the people looked suspiciously at Cilan. "I think what my husband is trying to say was that Larxene was truly grateful for Cilan's acts of kindness."

    "I'm sure you were shocked to see another woman in your bed," Hilda said.

    "I could never let another woman sleep on my bed," James admitted.

    His wife, Jessie turned to him. "That's because there's no room for another woman."

    Iris was laughing, but Xemnas had a feeling it had nothing to do with the conversation. He dropped his spoon on his plate. "Your Majesty, may I ask what is it that you find so amusing?"

    "Some peasant named Sora wants to cut my head off with a key," Iris announced. Along the way, she chuckled in an hysterical manner. "I really can't believe how low people can go."

    "Why would be do a thing like that?" Bianca asked. She gasped and showed fear by shaking her arms and in the timid tone in her voice.

    "You all know know that Lance has many supporters," Iris reminded them all. She snatched Cilan's hand and kissed it solemnly. "Many of his supporters sadly wish to curse my marriage. "

    "Still," Lady Bianca said. "That's no reason for him to cut your head off."

    "Calm down Bianca," Cheren requested. "We all do what we need to serve our king and queen."

    "And I'll make sure that Sora is destroyed," Lord Xemnas promised. As he spoke, he stood up and crunched his fists together.

    Lord Xigbar agreed and stood up with Lord Xemnas. "We'll most certainly destroy him."

    Iris smiled, then turned her head towards Lady Bianca. "See Bianca, you need not worry about me."

    "Let's change the subjet," Lord Gropius suggested. "Sora gives me the willies."

    "Good idea," Bianca shouted. "Let's talk about children."

    Jessie had her eye on Iris. "Do you think you'll have children?"

    "I'd love a daughter," Iris admitted. "Salem and Pagan can sort out anybody who tries to hurt me."

    Cilan smirked. "I'll make sure you'll get one."

    Xemnas squinted, looking as if he wanted to throw up.

    Iris' sons, Pagan and Salem ran into the room. The two were so alike in many ways. Pagan the oldest child wore a red kinagashi - a casual kimono with pleated sleeves and a blue sash. The youngest, Salem wore a blue kamishimo - a formal costume with wide shoulders and pleated trousers. The two young boys stood on the left side of Iris and held onto the yellow skirt of her dress.

    Pagan asked, "When can we go and see father?"

    "Soon my dears."

    "Lady Clair invited us to stay in Dragon's Den," Salem said. "She said she's got some wonderful gifts for us."

    "Please can we go?" Pagan asked.

    "Hydreigon will fly you over there tonight," Iris announced with a smile on her face. She patted both boys on the head and allowed them to sit on her lap.

    "Thank you!"

    "***** please!" Drayden roared at the top of his voice. "Use one of the dragonites. You'll get there faster and it can hold more weight."

    "Well either way," Iris said. "You'll be allowed to go."

    "Is it so you spend some sexy time with your new husband?" Drayden made himself laugh into tears.

    "It's a never a good idea to drink alcohol in the morning," Lord Xigbar told the young princes. "Wine is the adult's drink of the night."

    "Sometimes it's wise to not to drink at all," Cheren said.

    "When can I have some wine?" Pagan asked.

    "When you are king," Cilan said.

    "That's assuming he'll ever be king," Drayden said. "We'll never know with you. You let *****s sleep on Her Majesty's bed."

    "Flygon kindly take Drayden to a place where he can sober up!" Iris demanded. A green dragon instantly flew into the room and carried Drayden out of the room.

    "I don't think I want wine now," Pagan admitted.
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    Good people of Hoenn, this is the darkest day of my life... but it will bring a brighter tomorrow for you all. My wife has died. She was burned at Dragonspiral Tower for a crime she didn't commit. My son is dying. We may be sacred flesh but kings too are human. I hope that you all understand that my grief is too strong for me to perform my duties as king. From this day forward I discharge myself as king. And I want you all to know , as Arceus is my witness that it was by choice to abdicate. Nobody influenced or persuaded me to do this. It has been entirely my decision.

    But I will serve and honour you all until my death. I lay down my burdens. I will be succeeded by my daughter May. She is betrothed to Prince Ash of Kanto. They will give you a bright promising future. I am sure that you all miss me as king, but due to tragic events I have had to make decisions based on what I believe is best for my country.

    I will be looking forward to my daughter's coronation And I pray that you all share my enthusiasm and pray for our new queen. I wish her, and you, her people, happiness and prosperity with all my heart.

    King Norman's sudden abdication came as a sudden shock to Iris. But at the same time she considered it a blessing. If this was a war, Iris was confident that she had won. Hoenn used to be on good terms with Unova until Iris divorced Lance. Queen Caroline greatly disproved of the divorce and of her marriage to Cilan. If Hoenn's prince dies, then Norman would die too of a broken heart. She would not blame May if she was angry at her over mother's decapitation.

    Iris was petrified as she laid still in her bed. Weather Caroline was a witch or not, Hoenn had lost their beloved Queen. On top of that, Iris was partly responsible for the mental breakdown of a kind king. Ash and May's marriage would form a political alliance with Kanto and Hoenn. Ash was not only the duke of Pallet, but the cousin to Gary Oak: Kanto's handsome king. For Ash Ketchum it was the case of being in the right family tree, but the wrong branch.

    There were many things that didn't make sense to Iris about Caroline's arrest. How could Caroline have stolen her sapphires if she had never stepped foot in Unova before? How could she even know where the secret location to the sapphires without any direct contact from her? Iris had a feeling there was a third party involved, but Marluxia found the sapphires around Caroline's neck. As his reward, he was allowed to keep the sapphires.

    Thee thoughts of Caroline drove Iris up the wall. She just wanted to put everything behind her. "Ash's dream will come true," Iris announced. She held onto Cilan's hand as she squirmed at the thoughts that May would seek revenge on the downfall of her family. Not only that, Caroline was in contact with Iris' enemies over at Orre who plot to overthrow Iris.

    "What dream was that?"

    "To become king." Iris turned over and rolled herself on top of Cilan. She felt an urgent to desire to gaze into his eyes, it was the only sense of sanity she felt she had left. "King Norman of Hoenn has abdicated."

    "Really?" Cilan gasped. "How and why?"

    "All thanks to his wife," Iris whispered. "She was plotting with some enemies to overthrow me."

    "Have you met their daughter?" Cilan asked. "May's getting married to Ash."

    "I've heard many things about her through Ash," Iris replied. "But no, we have never met. She will be angry with me."


    "With her mother dead, father quitting and fatally ill brother, and after what I said about Ash... She may want to start a war on me."

    "But why can't we all just get along?" Cilan sighed. "I'm sure the pope or Ash will talk her out of a war. You look worried."

    "I'm not."

    With a smile, Cilan said: "Save your fears for another day. You've got me."

    Prince Pagan appeared from behind the curtain and ran away as soon as his eyes met Cilan's churpy face. Cilan chased Pagan through the corridors of the castle and into Pagan's room.

    "Pagan," Cilan said. Closing the door behind him. "Tell me what's wrong."

    "I can't win." Pagan sobbed. He clutched onto his bagon with a mighty force. The bagon's eyes began to water as he growled with his trainer.

    "What do you mean?" Cilan asked. He tried to hug Pagan, but the young boy rolled over to the other side of the room. Cilan couldn't help but notice an aching stretch in his heart. His own eyes began to tear up. "You're the future king of Unova and Johoto. His words did nothing. Pagan's face turned red. His eyes were narrow and he leered at Cilan.

    "My mother will declare me and my brother bastards," Pagan muttered. "All my preparations and upbringing will be wasted."

    "She would never say such a thing."

    "She said her marriage to father was wrong. Null and void. Which makes us bastards.. But I know it's not true. Father loves Mother. He will do anything to make us happy."

    "Listen to me Pagan." Cilan trapped Pagan and joined the hug. "I ask as you as your stepfather, and as king..."

    Bagon crunched on Cilan's index finger whilst pagan found the opportunity to slap Cilan.

    "You are no king to me," Pagan snarled. "By denying you I upset my mother. But if ever bow to you, I would be betraying my family. My father is the true king of Unova and my mother's husband.
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    ChloboShoka Writer

    It seemed that Iris had been right to be worried about May being crowned as Queen. May had announced that she wanted her army to go into a battle with Unova. Iris understood that even though May was happy about her status, she didn't like the way she was crowned. It was true that Iris should have treated the late Queen Caroline a lot more ethically than she did. From now on, Iris was going to make a law that everybody in Unova had the right to a fair trial. She was now beginning to have doubts if it was Caroline that really stole the sapphires.

    But that couldn't have been the only reason May wanted war on Unova. Ash was seriously worried that Iris would execute him. He wanted Iris to help because King Gary's funds for Cinnibar Island had been stolen. King Gary suspected his uncle Giovanni was responsible for the stealing, and Ash had tried to clear his father's name with no prevail. Giovanni was very unpopular for his beliefs that pokemon are tools for profit and war. Iris didn't want to be involved but the conversation between Ash and Iris escalated a bit too quickly.

    And Caroline's death led to Norman retiring from his duties. May would have been devastated. She could only imagine how May must have felt. But Iris was once in May's shoes. Her father had passed away from an early age, and her mother died when she was fifteen. They were both very young queens, and to be honest, Iris did not want a war with Hoenn. She was happy, she wanted to enjoy herself and feel the taste of freedom. But the battle would ensure the safety of her people.

    Iris had spent the evening in Nimbasa Court. A party was hosted by Elesa, the duchess of Nimbasa. King Cilan and his brothers had prepared a banquet for them all. Beverages included sacred green teas, sweet almond milk and the finest wine in the land. It was something to keep Iris' concerns to rest, and it worked. Iris had happily chatted to everybody and danced with the gusts. When the clock stroke twelve, Iris sat on her chair and rang the bell. All were silent for Her Majesty.

    Iris announced, "Tomorrow my army will go into battle with Hoenn. I wish all of my army good luck and may Arceus bless them all. I confess that I did not want this battle to start, but I must fight in order to keep my people safe. To the army!"

    "The army!"

    Iris' eyes caught the attention of a young man. The first thing that she noticed was the long red hair, the second was his fierce eyes. He stood at the back of the room and Iris had rarely seen him dance. Iris had never seen the man before and the fierce look in his face seemed to have hidden a sense of fear. Iris could understand that, not everyone are social butterflies the first time they enter court. Judging by the silver coat, it was evident that he from a foreign place.

    "Now if you excuse me." Iris curtsied and left the room. "You may all continue." As soon as Iris left the table, the classical music and dancing started again. She went up to the man and said to him, "Good evening. You're new to court. What's your name?"

    The man bowed. "Kamon Ketchum."

    Iris was struck by his beauty, but she had to remind herself that she was married to Cilan, who was just as, if not more enchanting than a starry black sky. The name made her curious. "Any relations to Ash Ketchum?"

    "He is my brother."

    "Well welcome to court," Iris said. She hugged the prince and let out her hand. "Let me introduce you with a warming dance."

    "Of course." He bowed and took her hand. The pair led each other to the dance floor. People around the corner, especially Chilli and Cress were taken by surprise that Iris was dancing with Kamon. To an even bigger surprise that Kamon even attended.

    "So how is Ash?" Iris asked.

    "He is well," Kamon replied. "My brother has asked you not to declare war on Hoenn."

    "Really?" Iris said. She smiled and felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. "I would have thought that Queen May would want to declare war on me."

    "My brother managed to talk her out of it. The battle will only be friendly."

    "Your brother is a good man."

    "I hear him say such good things about you." As Iris twirled, he kissed her hand. "It is a joy that we finally meet."

    "I ask you do me a favour, Kamon?"

    "And what is that?"

    Iris whispered delicately into his ear, "You come to Unova much more often. So I can honour you in every way possible."


    "What pokemon do you have?"

    "Feraligatr, Gengar, Alakazam, Magnezone, Crobat, Weavile, Kingdra and Honchkrow."

    "Are they with you now?"

    "Only Feraligatr." Kamon's face turned towards the blue bulky crocodile dancing with Iris' Haxorus. "He took me here."

    "You must show them to me when you have the chance. We should also have a battle with them at some point."

    "I think that would be excellent."

    "Is that your feraligatr?" Iris had faced the same direction as Kamon's and laughed at the pokemon's two left feet.

    "It is indeed." He paused, and then chuckled. "Haxorus seems to like his company."

    "You should come more often," Iris repeated herself. She felt as if she had found a new friend in Kamon. "You are absolutely invited to my castle anytime you please."

    "Thank you Your Majesty."

    "Iris..." Cilan's voice broke.

    "Cilan, allow me to introduce to you Kamon, Ash's younger brother."

    "Good day." Cilan bowed his head. "How long are staying in Unova?"

    "For as long as it pleases The Queen."

    "Well haven't you got a cheeky style," said Cilan. Iris laughed. "My lady may we have a word."

    "Of course." Iris wrapped her arm around Cilan's shoulder and waved at Kamon. "It was a pleasure meeting you Your Highness."

    "A pleasure to see you too."

    Iris felt she was having a heart attack when she was carried out of the room. Cilan cradled her and lowered his head to conceal his anger. As soon as The King and Queen left the room, Kamon turned around and saw his father, Giovanni holding a goblet of wine and a small smile on his face. Everyone else seemed to be concerned. Chili and Cress found the opportunity to speak their mind.

    "I think you should leave," Chilli said to Kamon.

    Cress intervened. "Yes. Go back to Kanto where you belong."

    "But Her Majesty said I am welcome to stay for as long as I like."

    "Well your little game is upsetting my brother."

    "Good evening gentlemen," Giovanni said, before biting into a strawberry pie. "I believe you may have made a mistake."

    "Well your son was trying to take my brother's wife away from her."

    "Nonsense," Giovanni cackled. He patted his son on the back. "Her Majesty was giving my son her good blessing."

    "Oh really?" Cress barked.

    "I assure you if Her Majesty is truly in love with your brother, then you have nothing to fear."

    "What the hell were you doing?" Cilan asked. The rocking of the carriage made Cilan raise his voice, and to Iris it sounded as if he was yelling so all of Unova could hear him. Cilan covered his face with his green sleeves.

    Iris laughed. "I was only being sociable."

    "You were all over him."

    "I've not seen you in that dress?" Cilan commented on Iris' blue dress. "Who gave it to you."

    "Lance gave it a long time ago."

    "And did Lance give you that necklace too?" Cilan held onto Iris' silver locket shaped as an axew. "And that's his wedding ring!" Cilan gasped at the huge opal on her ring. "I thought you and Lance were over."

    "We are. Of course we are over. I'm married to you."

    "Then why do you wear his wedding ring?"

    " All the gifts from Lance are a symbol of my power. I am still Queen Regent of Johto. Why are you making such a fuss over nothing?"

    "But our wedding rings are symbol of our love." Cilan began to cry. "All these things...they're you and Lance. It's like having three people in a marriage. Don't you get it?"

    "I have more things to worry about then jewelry and pretty dresses. WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?" Iris paused. She stopped to watch Cilan burst into tears. "I'm sorry... Why are you crying?"

    "Our beautiful is marriage is being tarnished."

    "Now don't be so childish." Iris passed her husband a pink handkerchief. "Here have a tissue."

    "Pagan has already declared his eternal hate to me."

    "Pagan is only a child who feels that he's losing his father." Iris held onto Cilan's hand and kissed him on the cheek. "Whatever my sons say to you, don't take offence from them."
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    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Kamon, as soon as i read his description i thought he was Silver. xD Anyway I'm starting to take a liking to him.

    And the little argument between Iris and Cilan really shook things. Who knew one strange man can make a couple to fight? Relationships are such complicated things. I don't I'll ever understand the full concept of it.

    Anyway another lovely chapter. I'm really enjoying this. Keep it up Chloe. Also lovely banner. :D
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    Thank you. Kamon/Silver has shaken some stuff up in the fic.
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    After the battle, a memorial service was held in memory of all the people who had fallen. Including Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion and Luxord. Xion had made precautions to ensure that Larxene and King Cilan would soon join them below the graves. Xion stroked her own stomach and thought of Larxene's plot. The plot that all of Lord Xemnas' crew approved of with the exception of her, Axel and Roxas. Nothing on earth would convince Axel that Larxene's plan was wise. Both he and Xion had always despised Larxene, and that her plot to trick everyone into thinking she was carrying the bastard child of King Cilan was disgusting.

    Xion knew that there had to be a way to stop Larxene's plan from working. Half of the people who approved of Larxene's plans were now dead. No one need never know or let Larxene succeed. Marluxia and Demyx didn't really care that much about it. Demyx allowed all the fame King Cilan gave him get into his head. Marluxia on the other hand surrounded himself with flowers. He claimed they're good for his health.

    Xion sat in her small grey cell with nothing but a plain mattress to sleep in. Xion's pokemon, a litwick she nicknamed Kairi provided the only light that she needed. Without Kairi's blue flames, her cell would be pitch black. Even the other maids had more luxurious bedrooms than of Xion. She did not mind the cold walls lacking design. It was what she needed, and it was Arceus' will for her to live in poverty. That was what Lord Xenmas said. Below her bed was wooden floor. As cold as winter's air. Xion was used to the cold: she would never dare shiver.

    "Mew," Xion whispered. "In your mercy, hear my prayer. I know we have to love, serve and honour our kings but... I can't. No matter how much I try, I cannot bring myself to bow to King Cilan. He stole our Queen from us. I pray that my plan works. And bless Burgundy. It is not her fault. And Arcues forbid that I slaughtered her and framed her for The King and Larxene's death."

    Burgundy was a lady-in-waiting for King Cilan. She was also responsible for serving wine at the party at the memorial service. She had poisoned two glasses of wine, which were reserved for King Cilan and Larxene. Xion couldn't bring the thought of Burgundy being tried, convicted and tortured for a crime she didn't commit so with her keyblade, she stabbed Burgundy and made it look like suicide.

    The sheer guilt of killing The King and his pregnant mistress would be a powerful burden to share. Xion wanted to burst into tears. She murdered one person, and didn't even know if Cilan and Larxene were dead yet. Iris would be a widow. And what if Iris didn't go back to Lance? There were rumours that Iris now had her eyes on Kamon Ketchum.

    "Burgandy is a kind and gentle person," Xion whispered. "She deserves nothing more than Arceus' loving grace. Bless Larxene's unborn child too. I mean no harm to it, but you and the holy legends can't let Larxene have her way. You can't! I hear The King is an incubus, I believe it to be true. I found Larxene with The King again. She was naked and he was topless. I collapsed. I could be with child too. Xenmas forced me and Roxas to go to bed with each other. Please Mew, have mercy on me. Look after us and especially look after Roxas."

    She held onto her black hair and gripped the top of her neck. Gritting her teeth, she resisted the urge to scream. Even though Xion had a feeling she was pregnant, she couldn't help but feel that her chest was empty. She gasped and rolled over to the bed. Her black sleeves covered her face just in case she was about to cry.

    She slapped her hands together and raised them to the sky. "Why? Why am I so heartless?"

    "You're not heartless," Kairi replied. "You're one of the most humble master's I've ever had." Kairi's small hands tapped Xion's legs and Xion rolled back over to face her. "You only did what you thought was right."

    "But I murdered people. One of them was innocent."

    "Arceus will forgive you," Kairi announced. "It doesn't how bad your sins are. Arceus, Mew and The Holy Legends will forgive you if you ask for their blessing."

    "Queen Iris is the best monarch to have ever lived," Xion mumbled. "And I have betrayed her. I must prepare a speech for my execution."

    "Don't be silly." Kairi sighed. "You are not going to get executed. I'm not going to let that happen."

    "Queen Iris is gracious," Xion repeated herself. "But she has strong punishments against sinners like me. No wise person would dare break the law in Unova. They would lose their heads."

    "As long as you stick to the story you'll be fine."

    "I will never be able to escape the truth," Xion whispered. "No matter how far I run. I cannot escape the consequences of my choices."

    "Shh! I hear someone coming."

    "Hopefully it's Axel or Roxas."

    It was both of them. Roxas opened the door whilst Axel bent over and crawled into the room. Roxas closed the door behind him. Xion looked up to the pair of them and smiled. "Good evening," Xion said.

    "What's wrong Xion?" Roxas asked. "Why have you got blood on your cheek?"

    "What makes you think it's blood?" Xion asked.

    "Well you don't drink," Axel said. "So blood is the only thing it could be." Axel stared at the cloth covered in blood under Xion's bed.

    Xion dropped her head, hanging it in shame. "Poor Iris..."

    Roxas widened his eyes and scrunched his cheeks in confusion. "Huh? What do you mean poor Iris?"

    "With Cilan dead along with Larxene and their bastard child... it looks like our queen is left a widow. Burgundy didn't deserve to die, but she was the only person that could be framed."

    Roxas' mouth was wide open. "WHAT?"

    "The King needed to pay for the damage he's done to our country," Xion muttered. "He is the reason for the cold plague, the cruel wind and the vicious storms. If Larxene gives birth to his child it would be a disaster for everybody."

    "Xion..." Axel sat on the bed next to her and rubbed her back. "It wasn't Cilan and Larxene that died. Marluxia and Demyx were the ones that were killed."

    "Oh no."

    "Marluxia took the drink of Larxene," Roxas said. "He drank all of it in front of her. He said she shouldn't be drinking."

    "And what about Demyx?" Xion asked.

    "Cilan gave Demyx his cup," Axel responded. "Xemnas said he could be arrested for his murder."

    "So let me get this straight?" It was the voice of a woman. The three of them reconised it as Larxene. She helped herself and opened the door. She crossed her left arm and patted her stomach with her free hand. "You tried to kill me and The King, and frame his lady-in-waiting for it?"

    Xion didn't hold back. Roxas jumped up and sat on the opposite side of her. "Yes I did."

    Larxene folded her arms . "In case you didn't know, I am carrying The King's child, and you're carrying Roxas' child."

    "You'll be carried to Darkrai if you don't leave them alone," Axel roared.

    "Oh Axel," Larxene giggled. "Trying to act like the hero are we? Don't make me laugh. If you three really wanted The King dead, why didn't you just say so. We could arrange that after the birth of his bastards of course. Xion, I have a little proposal for you. How about you play my game too?"


    "Of course. If my calculations are correct, I think we'll be going to labour about the same time as each other."

    "Xion is taking no part of this madness!" Roxas spat.

    "I don't think you three realize how powerful I am," Larxene shouted. She grinned and flicked Xion's cheek. "The King has made me his mistress. I can hand you three in. And wouldn't it be a shame to have all your heads on a pike. Hmm... come to think about it, I think it sounds lovely. If Xion doesn't pretend it's The King's child then I'll have to tell everybody what you did."

    Xion held onto Larxene's hand and smiled. "I won't fail next time."

    Larxene left and slammed the door behind her. All three of them heard her laughter fade. Roxas couldn't let his sight leave Xion. He grabbed onto her shoulders and didn't let go of her.

    "Xion," Roxas said. "Axel and I are going to be with you every step of the way."

    Axel smiled. "That's right! Though it looks like Larxene is Cilan's little *****. Xenmas isn't going to be pleased about that."
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    "Does this dress please you?" Iris asked Cilan. She captured his attention with her pink gown with long sleeves and a splitting skirt held by gigantic ribbons, revealing her legs. Around her neck was a pink transparent shoal. As she smiled she held onto Cilan's emerald robe and smiled. The Queen lifted her head and revealed the silver locket shaped as an Axew. It was the one that Lance had given to her as an engagement present. She watched Cilan's smile rise and fall, but held onto the tusk waiting for Cilan to open it.

    Cilan said nothing and opened the locket. One side had a picture of her sons with Iris' Haxorus. Colourfully engraved on the picture on the left, was Cilan himself. His smile returned as he held onto Iris' chin. "It pleases me wonderfully." Iris was still wearing Lance's wedding ring, but it was on her index finger instead of the wedding finger.

    Cilan opened the door to the carriage for his Queen. Iris smiled and stepped in. The carriage was just what Iris and Cilan wanted. Extravagant on the outside, and cosy in the inside. As soon as Cilan hopped next to Iris, the four zebstrikas took it as a sign to charge off. The King and Queen could hear the lighting strike as they charged to The Vatican for The Pope's party.

    The rocking of the vehicle was ferocious, but the strength of the steel bars and their hand grips was enough to keep them safe. Iris's golden axew and Cilan's pansage were also present. Axew sat comfortably on Iris' crown whilst Pansage sat on Cilan's lap.

    "How are you feeling about today?" Iris asked Cilan.

    "I kinda..." Cilan started but struggled to speak. He sighed and shook his head and added a bold tone to his voice. "Come what may!"

    "You have nothing to fear," Iris confirmed. "Pope Mickey is a very kind. Even though we have not spoken often since I divorced Lance. He was always there for my spiritual needs."

    Cilan's hands were fragile, like holding a baby in her arms. Long and thin. Like a child, Cilan made her smile when he cared for her. She knew that Cilan felt the same way. They knew each other's strengths and weaknesses: each and every one of them. She placed her head beside Pansage. Cilan's legs were constricted, but he didn't care as long as Her Majesty was comfortable.

    Cilan was so delightful, having him as a husband was like having a whole lime cake to herself. Iris had been looking forward to the party. She was looking forward to meeting Queen Cynthia of Sinnoh, known as 'The Lesbian Queen' for her civil partnership with Dawn, Duchess of Twinleaf. At first she didn't understand why Queen Cynthia would risk the legacy of her throne for a forbidden love between a woman, but now she was married to Cilan, she could finally understand that love moved in mysterious ways.

    "You've met Princess Dawn before haven't you?" Iris asked Cilan.

    "Cynthia's wife?"

    Iris nodded. "Queen Cynthia confused me. Why didn't she want to marry a man? Did she have any idea how dangerous she was without a husband and children to pass the throne onto. How could she risk everything to be with Dawn? How could they have heirs? But since we got married, it all makes sense to me now. Pope Mickey approved of their marriage because he saw that the two of them were in love with each other."

    "And you need not worry about succession," Cilan whispered. "You already have two sons. And more to come. Maybe you'll get a girl this time."

    "You are more important to me than anything in the world right now."

    "You sound happy. Are you excited."

    "Delighted." Iris jumped up and raised her arms in the air. "I get to show the world my love for you."

    "And I can display my everlasting affection for you."

    The trip to The Vatican was a lot quicker than Cilan had expected. He was amazed of the speed of the carriage, even though the funny cramps in his stomach made him think that they could have gone a bit slower next time. Either way, they were finally at The Vatican and meet Pope Mickey at one of his many palaces. Riku opened the door and bowed his head.

    "Welcome to The Vatican, Your Majesties," Riku said.

    "Thank you," Iris said as she hopped out of the carriage. She opened her arm out for her King as he waved at Riku. Cilan didn't really know how to behave in Riku's presence, so he decided if Iris would do anything such as praying or kissing the ground, that he would do the same.

    "Would you like to follow Cardinal Snape and Cardinal Frollo to the hall," Riku requested.

    "Certainly," Cilan said.

    The King and Queen of Unova followed the two cardinals who were utterly silent. Both of them men appeared to be very miserable and silent whilst they guided them to the huge hall. As the pair of them opened the doors to the hall, they both said in unison, "May Arceus and Mew bless you."

    Cilan and Iris entered the hall as a traditional couple. They held each other's hands as if their lives depended on it. The way everyone stared at them made Cilan feel as if he was a celebrity. He wasn't sure weather it was a good thing or a bad thing, but all of a sudden, he felt rather famous. Then he thought to himself, what did he expect, he was The King of Unova and Iris' second husband, people were bound to look.

    "Good evening everybody," Pope Mickey said as soon as he walked into the hall. Two rows of cardinals followed him, including Frollo and Snape who were at the front. Their white faces made it easy to spot the pair of them. "Would you all like to take a seat on the table." The Cardinals all stood on opposite sides of the room. As the monarchs and their spouses all sat down, Pope Mickey was his trusted friends; Riku, Donald and Goofy. As the three of them also sat down, Pope Mickey remained standing. His grand red seat at the beginning of the table was empty and had Mickey's name on it.

    "Now before we all begin our feast and dancing," Pope Mickey announced. "I have a few things I have to announce. Through centuries of war, hunting and poverty many creatures are now endangered species. The Kabutos and Omastar family have been officially extinct. Things have gone far enough as far I'm concerned," Pope Mickey declared. "As world leaders we must act. So I have created a treaty known as The Order Of The Creatures."

    "What is this Order Of The Creatures?" May, the Queen of Hoenn asked. "It sounds excellent."

    "The Order Of The Creatures will be a new law to ensure that all species of the world will work together in partnership with humans. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and The Digital Islands have already proven that this kind of partnership is successful and will promote good peace to all of the world. And now I will read out the concise version of the treaty."

    Pope Mickey unrolled part of a scroll. It was clear to see that this must have been The Order Of The Creatures.

    The Order Of The Creatures

    A treaty created by His Holiness, Pope Mickey

    Following the events of tragic loss due to war, poverty, and hunting and any kind of evidence against Arceus' will, His Holiness, Pope Mickey has created this treaty to promote peace and good will to the world. The Order Of The Creatures will make partnerships with different species as a compulsory law across the world. This treaty will take action as soon as monarchs sign it.

    By signing this treaty, monarchs promise that:

    * Hunting and killing mythical creatures such as dragons, unicorns etc as forbidden.

    * Discrimination against someone to their individual powers such as witchcraft and wizardry is now illegal.

    * Proposals to declare wars must to be approved by His Holiness before they take place.

    * Hunting and killing of any species registered and acknowledged by Arcues, Mew and The Holy Trios as pokemon as forbidden.

    * I can be overthrown or forced to abdicate if I am convicted of breaking the laws set by this treaty.

    * Remarriages, divorces and adoptions must be approved by His Holiness before finalized.

    * To be kind towards everything and everyone.

    "I love it!" Ash cried. "It's a great idea. It will make everybody in Hoenn feel safe and secure." Pope Mickey handed a waiver for everybody to sign. The quicker they signed it, the quicker they could party.
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    Meanwhile in Lord Xemnas' chamber, the seven that survived were gathered in the office. Lord Xigbar and Lord Xemnas wanted Xion and Larxene to be on good terms during their pregnancies. The stress caused by a fickle emotion called hatred could put the life of the unborn children in danger. If Larxene wanted to succeed with her plan, she had to remain calm. But there was one problem to this, telling Larxene to calm down was like ordering a thunderstorm to go to sleep; it wouldn't work.

    With the loss of his peers, Lord Xenmas was under more pressure to go into war with Hoenn and seek revenge on those who wrecked his attacks. He also wanted Sora to be dead. For as long as Sora loves, Lord Xemnas' desire to become king was at jepardy. In order to become a king he had to either marry a queen or snatch the crown by force. Royal blood was sacred, and Xemnas believed that it was flowing in his veins. His noble status was his right and not a reward.

    He watched Iris and Lance's coronation with green eyes. He could not be king right now, but hr was going to make King Cilan's life difficult indeed. Nobody in the room would dare stop him.

    With all the power of being a king, Xemnas could finally obtain the pkey to obtain the hearts he craved the most.

    "How long have you both been with child?"

    "At least a month and a half," Larxene responded. "Xion must be at least a month."

    "So only eight months to go."

    "If all goes to plan," said Larxene as she rubbed her stomach, "Xion and I will both give birth at the same time."

    Then Xigbar remembered the time when he had breakfast with Queen Iris. Her Majesty, stated that she would love a daughter."

    Roxas said, "I don't think the child's gender matters at this stage."

    "The whole world will think this is The King's bastard child," Larxene shouted. "Everything matters. We have to give birth to daughters."

    "What's wrong with sons?" Xemnas asked as he sat in his chair, pondering about how quickly he was falling from The Queen's favour since Lance left Unova.

    "Iris already has sons," Larxene snapped. She banged her fist on the table. "She wants daughters and if Xion and I give The Queen what she wants then we won't get convicted."

    "That's rubbish!" Axel roared as he jumped up his seat. "If they find out you were lying we would all get executed. The children won't get born and your plan would backfire."

    Larxene giggled. "That will only happen if one of us produces a son."

    "What exactly are you going to do with these children?" Xemnas asked. "These two brats are being brought into the world for a reason."

    "Don't call them brats," Roxas demanded. He knew for a fact that Xion was carrying his child. and for all he knew and what Larxene was like, she could be carrying his child as well. He didn't want his children to be addressed in such a foul manner.

    "Oh Roxas," Larxene said sarcastically. "Wouldn't you be a good and loving father? Oh please, the thought of you being a father is laughable."

    Axel thought that Larxene was being a hypocrite for bringing him down. Axel wouldn't hot a pregnant woman, but when he first heard that Larxene was pregnant, he thought she was lying. He couldn't bring himself to hit her again, not while she's carrying his best friend's child. Axel was certain it was Roxas' child inside Larxene and that trying to be Cilan's mistress would make her outrageous plan become believable. He looked at Larxene and said, "It was all your idea to begin with. Did you forget to memorize that part?"

    "Being pregnant can't make me normal all the time," Larxene replied.

    The door slammed open. Lord Gropius barged into the dark room and was followed by soldiers holding torches and spears.

    "My lord," Xemnas croaked. He left the back of his table and stomped his way to Lord Gropius with a cross look on his face. "Don't get me wrong, I am pleased to see you. But why must you come to my office in such a rouge manner?"

    "Lord Xemnas," Lord Gropius announced. His face was cold and serious. "You are under arrest for multiple offences against The Queen."

    "Really?" Xemnas asked. He stood there motionless. "I am surprised. Could you care to explain the reasoning for my arrest?"

    "Gladly." Lord Gropius nodded and read out the scroll from his pocket. The arrest has been issued by Lady Caitlin, the head of the Elite Four. The warrant has also been verified as lawful by Lance, The King of Johto, head of Kanto's Elite Four and Prince of Unova. You have been charged for the attempted murder of King Cilan; sexual assault against the Duchess Of Blackthorn; blasphemy against Pope Mickey; and plotting to overthrow Her Majesty. These are very serious charges. For your offences all your household have been discharged. You have forfeited your title as a nobleman and commander of the army. Xemnas is there anything you wish to say?"

    "No," Xemnas responded.

    "Then it is my duty to escort you to the dungeon."

    Lord Saïx who had been silent the whole time remained as motionless as ever in the room. He muttered to himself, "That escalated quickly."

    Lord Gropius's feet froze on the ground as his face turned to Saïx. "Is there something you wish to say Lord Saïx?"

    "Now that you've mentioned it," replied Saïx. He stood up as he asked, "Who will become the new commander of the army."

    "Since you're second-in-command," Lord Gropius explained. "There's a high chance that it will be you. If not then it will most likely be Xigbar."

    "Another one bites the dust," Lord Xigbar said as he watched Xemnas being escorted by Lord Gropius. Everybody in the room knew how much Xemnas hated the foul smell and gruesome scenes of torture and starvation. These dungeons were underneath Nimbassa Castle, but the bricks blocked out the sound of the screams. It was a hell hidden place. The most popular of the prisoners stay live in solitary confinement in the dungeon whilst the poorer people all live in a muddy and crumbly pits. "I wonder who is next."

    "I think you guys know who I hope it is." Axel glared at Larxene.

    "We will all be safe," Larxene persisted. She held onto Axel's black robes as she added, "As long as long as you in particular Axel, control your tempter."

    "Sure thing kiddo," Xigbar said as he sat down on the empty seat that Xemnas always to sit in.
  19. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Cilan thought to himself that there must have been at least thirty couples in the room. King Lance was not one of them, which was proof that he was not interested in any other women. Monarchs who were single, were allowed to come to the party and arrange marriages for political alliance. He only knew a handful of the couples; Queen Cynthia of Sinnoh and her wife Dawn; Queen May of Hoenn and her husband, Ash; King Gary of Kanto and his wife, Misty. To be honest, Cilan was glad that Lance didn't arrive to the party: it would have made things awkward.

    Cilan adored the magnificent food, vivid orchestra arrangement of violins and guitars and the eyes of his wife. He spun around the room and threw himself on the marble floor, and rolled over as a shape of a star. He felt he was in heaven.

    Iris smirked as she faced Queen Belle and King Adam from France. Next to them was King Eric and Queen Ariel of Spain. "I am fortunate to find such a perfect man." She could still see some of the royal peers were shocked, surprised and some even in horror by the fact that Iris remarried.

    Queen Ariel held on to King Eric's arms. The redhead showed a face of concern. "But what happened to Lance? Is he okay?"

    "He is well," Iris replied. "Lance and I got on very well, but we were not meant to be."

    "Well I hope your new marriage is successful," King Eric said. "Best of luck."

    Iris raised her glass. "Thank you."



    "I'm so happy to see you." Queen Jasmine tapped Iris' shoulder. They greeted each other like long-lost friends. "You should have told me that you changed the wedding date. I would have come to it."

    "Lets see this new husband of yours!"

    "Oh Mr. Aladdin how wonderful to you." Cilan reached out to shake his hand. "Now tell me, have you come far?"

    "I have sir," Aladdin replied. "Born a street rat and now Sultan of Agrabah."

    "Jolly good," Cilan exclaimed. He actually meant if Aladdin and Jasmine had come from a long distance. "It sounds like a wonderful story."

    "You should come to Agrabah," Aladdin persisted. "I think you will love our palace."

    "If it's anything like the paintings I've seen," Cilan replied. "Then I'm sure it's wonderful."

    "My sons love it in Agrabah," Iris interrupted. She held Cilan's shoulder and kissed his cheek. "Perfect summer vacation. The boys love the magic carpet and the genie."

    With Iris talking about their sons with pride, Cilan was zoned out of the conversation. Cilan could see red hair swaying from behind a stone pillar. Curious by who was behind it, he crept away from the royal people and decided to see who it was. Cilan had a gut feeling who the person could have been. As Cilan placed his hand on the pillar, he could see the shadow of a man.

    "I didn't expect you to here... Kamon," Cilan spoke quietly.

    "My purpose in life is to serve Her Majesty," Kamon snarled. With those humble words spoken in an attitude that Cilan disliked, he knew that Kamon Ketchum was a threat.

    Laughter spat out of Cilan's mouth. "How wonderful. It is nice of you to come when you were so wonderfully invited." Cilan smiled harder at Kamon's vacant and wide-eyed face crumble into a snearful glare. "Of course I'd understand why you would want to play peeping tomb If she is here. You wanted to know what you were missing out on."

    "On the contrary I'm here to tell you that Xemnas shall be executed tomorrow for this crimes against you."

    "Nice one," Cilan said. He crossed his arms. "Use Unova's court affairs as an excuse to come here. It's all a cover up isn't it?"

    "I don't understand."

    "I think you understand me perfectly," Cilan said. "You and your father. That evil terrorist, Giovanni Ketchum."

    "My father did not always make good choices," Kamon whispered. Cilan smirked as he watched his voice broke. "But I can assure you that my father is making atonements for what he has done."

    "I don't know what you two are planning," Cilan confessed. "But you will never split me and Iris up."

    "I would never do a thing like that."

    "Why don't I believe you?" Cilan asked himself. He turned away from Kamon and stared proudly at Queen Iris. "She has beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. A beautiful queen on top of the world."

    "An angel should touch the ground," Kamon whispered. His romantic words made Cilan flip his hands at Kamon's cheek. For good measure, Cilan punched him again. "Humph! You must be happy to have Iris. You're the most fortunate man in the world."

    "I can see it in your piercing eyes," Cilan kneeled closer to him until their noses bashed together. "You are jealous of me."

    "You're only strong because your noble status," Kamon said in the most dignified manner. He bowed his head and smiled. "One day I will be king."

    "In your dreams," Cilan hissed.

    "I'm going to be a great king," Kamon promised Cilan. "You're only but an obstacle."

    "You're not even a mere fraction of a man," Cilan snapped.

    Kamon smiled. "I'll beat you with all my power. It shouldn't surprise you; I come from a powerful family. If the dragon tamer was a pushover, what chance do you think you have?"

    "You're a fool," Cilan declared. "And you really are delusional if you think your father is a great man."

    Kamon growled and marched out of Cilan's sight. Cilan became to keep a close eye on Kamon. Nobody could take Iris away from him, but they were free to try. It would only end in tragedy in the end.

    For ex-nobleman Xemnas, the trial was a disaster. Manfred von Karma had traveled all the way from Germany to Unova to prosecute Xemnas to his grave. His cold face could bring volcanoes to its knees. It no wonder that Manfred was considered, the best prosecutor in the world. As soon as Manfred made his way into court, everyone knew Xemnas' fate before the trial had even started. It was a guilty verdict, just as planned.

    He was thrown back into his own cell after the trial. He knew that he was going to die. Xemnas saw no point in resisting death. Anything was better than the dark filth he had to call home. He beloved he was dying for a good cause. That he would be leaving a corrupted world into another world where he could obtain the purified heart he had always desired. He could be the King of Kingdom Hearts in his eternal dreams.

    "Xemnas," said Cheren as he walked into the cell. Xemnas laughed at Cheren's cold and manly voice. "I must inform you that you are going to die. Your execution will take place in Anville Town at nine o'clock tomorrow morning."

    "How are you going to kill me?" Xemnas asked.


    "How did I know? I bet it's Sora who is beheading me."

    "I have no information of who will be your executioner, but would you like a confessor?"

    "No thank you." Xemnas had little time for gods like Arceus. He would be surprised if Arceus even recognized his face through his less than glorious face.

    "Then you will be escorted by to Anville Town at five o'clock in the morning by myself and Lord Gropius."

    "I have only seven hours to live..." pondered Xemnas. "It will be a sad way to go, but It is destiny. I will rise again." Cheren looked down at Xemnas unsympathetically as he turned his back and marched out of the prison. Xemnas raised his hand, "Please just one more thing before you go."

    Cheren stamped his feet as he kept his neck still. "Make it quick," he requested. "I would like some sleep."

    "I ask of you to pray for my ladies-in-waiting," Xemnas requested. "For they are with child to King Cilan's children. I know you think that I am lying, but it was not their fault; they were raped."

    Cheren opened the door. "Your request will be granted," he said before slamming to door.

    Xemnas did not have his last sleep. He waited patiently until the clock stroke five, where Cheren and Lord Gropius escorted him to a carriage. The journey took exactly four hours and he was there just in time for his execution. There was nothing left Xemnas wished to say. In sheer silence he walked into the scaffold and imploded his neck on the block. He took no time to look who was present, but he knew that Xigbar, Saïx, Axel, Xion, Larxene and Roxas where present.

    As he drew his final breaths, he opened his arms wide and felt a tense moment of agony. In the painful millisecond where his head left his body, all of his life flashed before his eyes until everything faded.
  20. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Something had not been right for months. Iris had been bothered by the fact that she wasn't pregnant. Cilan tried to assure her, saying that one day she would be pregnant and have the baby girl she always wanted. But three months after saying that, Cilan and Iris found themselves into heated arguments. The rows broke Cilan's heart, the more the marriage fell apart, the more that Iris sought comfort in Kamon. Cilan prayed that he would have been gone by now, but Iris had appointed Kamon as her trusted adviser.

    Iris also used Lady Larxene against him too. Iris accused Cilan of sleeping with Larxene and getting her pregnant. Cilan threw himself on his knees and convinced Iris that it was all false. But even when Iris and Cilan had the most intense arguments, they always made it up to each other in the end with passionate nights and days out with the family.

    It was a well known fact that Cilan hated Kamon. It was obvious to everybody in court with the exception of Ash. If there was ever a problem, Iris was running to Kamon because she considered him his best friend at court. Iris thought that if Kamon had stayed longer, that Cilan would start to respect him. Everyday Cilan's hatred for Kamon rose.

    Doctor Mario had arrived in Cilan's room at sunrise and now the sun was beginning to set. He estimated that Doctor Mario must have spent at least seven hours in the room. He was humiliated, but he did as he was told. He didn't feel like a king, but instead felt like a rat in an experimental cage. He had to follow Doctor Mario's orders, otherwise he would have not have been able to get a proper diagnosis.

    He was forced to to be naked in front of the man. Even though Doctor Mario was the only person with him in the room, he felt as if he was on a scaffold and naked to a crowd. He gulped when he was told he had to ejaculate in a mug for Doctor Mario. He was even more ashamed when Doctor Mario touched him in discreet areas where only Iris would allowed to enter. Cilan bit his lip the entire time and hoped that it soon be over.

    It shouldn't have taken this long for Cilan to be checked out. He felt he was being abused, but he didn't want to say anything in case he was making a mistake. If Cilan dismissed Doctor Mario before he got a diagnosis, then Iris would have been furious. Doctor Mario came to check up on Iris and her sons and he said that they were all fine and healthy. He even prescribed Pagan a razor because of his issue with unwanted hairs. Salem was told to eat more garlic to avoid the common cold. But Doctor Mario did all three of them within an hour. Doctor Mario explained that the reason he was taking such a long time was because fertility tests were very long winded, so he wanted to get it all over and done with.

    Cilan closed his eyes and felt his legs shake from standing around and doing nothing. He looked out of the window and saw the sun sinking into the sea. In his head, Cilan was ranting and raving about his time being wasted. He could have done something a lot more useful or outgoing. Pansage was going to be lost with nothing to do.

    "I have the results," Doctor Mario announced. "Would you like to sit down on the bed?"

    "At last," Cilan sighed. He slipped on some brown leather pants and a white furry robe that went up to his waist. As he sat on the bed, he tried to smile but he could see in Doctor Mario's face that it wasn't good news. "You don't seem happy, what is it?"

    "Your Majesty, after today's tests I have finally reached a conclusion to your poor health." Cilan always considered himself to be healthy, but he listened to what Doctor Mario had to say. "You seem to be very stressed and you're quite hormonal for your age. Your seamen is also abnormal. I therefore diagnose you with azoospermia."

    "What is azoospermia?" Cilan asked. He drew himself back.

    "It is the absence of sperm," Doctor Mario replied. "And without sperm, you cannot have a baby. It is regret that I have to tell you that you cannot have children."

    "NO!" Cilan roared. He turned his back to ceiling and slammed his head against the mattress. "I promised her a daughter."

    "Don't don't yourself up about it," Doctor Mario said with a smile on his face. "There are lots of alternatives I can offer." Doctor Mario's advise was muted by Cilan's screaming. "Now please calm yourself, you are not making yourself any better."

    "Don't you understand?" Cilan sobbed. "I've failed."

    "It looks like my work is done," Doctor Mario announced. "I bid you a good night and suggest you have plenty of rest."

    Cilan felt as if Unova had crumbled on top of him. He could not give Iris the daughter she wanted. He had promised her, in front of a crowd of noble men and women that they would have children of their own. He had broken a promise that he thought he could keep.

    Just as Doctor Mario left the room, Lady Larxene tiptoed into the room. Larxene was heavily pregnant and placed her hands below her baby bump. She grinned as she sat next to Cilan.

    "Your Majesty," Larxene whispered. Her true grin melted into a fake face of concern. She tapped onto Cilan's shoulder and rubbed his back until he stopped crying.

    "Larxene... I am such a failure!"

    "No you're not!" Larxene roared. "You are kind and gracious king."

    "I can't have children."

    Larxene gasped. "What do you mean?"

    "I am infertile," Cilan confessed as he continued to sob.

    Larxene gasped again and rubbed her stomach. "Infertile? But that is impossible?"

    "I only wish it was true."

    Larxene screamed. She panted and pushed herself on the bed. Cilan turned around and saw Larxene's scarlet and yellow dress drenched. Cilan pulled Larxene on the bed as she opened her legs.

    "What's happening to me?" Larxene asked.

    "The baby is coming!" Cilan roared. "Now keep breathing, I will go and get somebody who can help!" Just as Cilan took on step out of his room, Lord Gropius haulted him. Cilan threw his knees to the floor and cried in joy. "Lord Gropius, I need your help! Larxene is in labour and I need to find someone who can attend to her."

    "I can arrange that," Lord Gropius announced. He lowered his head and looked down on Cilan. "That is not why I am here though."

    "I'm sorry?"

    "Cilan, King of Unova, it is with regret that I have to arrest you for adultery with Xion, Lady Larxene, and your brothers. Both ladies have confessed to being in bed with you and we have numerous witnesses who can confirm the accusations. It is my duty to escort you to the dungeon."

    Cilan felt as if he was spitting his heart out. Cilan turned to Larxene and wailed harder. "Why Larxene?" Cilan asked with red eyes. "I gave you nothing but kindness."

    Cilan was dragged away by Lord Gropius who needed an aundino to assist him being carried away from court. Cilan crumbled to the floor again and Lord Gropius struggled to get him into the dungeon. To say that it was the worst day of Cilan's life was an understatement.

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