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The Outcast Revolt


Shadow Stalker
I claim no rights to pokemon at all. This is merely a fanfiction.

So yeah. I finished this up today, the prologue. I'm not even remotely done with the entire fic. I hope you all enjoy. Please critique. This chapter would be PG-13 for some violence, adult themes, and teen drinking. It changes each chapter, just for the record.
Also want to clarify this is not the beginning of the story. This is actually a part of the second section.

Prologue: Campfire Tales

“I was thinking. Ever since this started... and we all agreed to help but I think we need to go into this prepared”

“What do you mean Morgin?”

“What I mean Lucy, is that we need to know each other before we go into this... battle,” he said grimly.

“Haven’t the past six months been enough for that” Igor spat venomously.

“Obviously not, if none of us can trust each other. I’ve seen it the way some of us react to the simplest of things and it confuses me. Carmen you always scream if the tiniest spark comes flying your way whenever we set up a fire. Rory you always flinch when someone even mentions the ocean or even water,”

“What are you getting at?” Rory countered.

“We all of something to hide, and we can’t let it lay hidden. I say its time to share because whether you like it or not we need to know what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are,” he finished pointedly.

“Are you serious?” Abdul asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he retorted.

“I guess he’s right. I’ll start” Rory said with brevity. Sixteen pairs of eyes glanced in his direction as he began.

“I was out at a party with my parents, in the ocean, on our yacht. My parents were never that intelligent, when it came to drinking. You see ever since the government banned alcohol, people from our village went out on their boats in international waters to drink, because it was legal.”

“Well this night it was some celebration for something, someone got pregnant or something, I have no idea. But I was ten and curious so I played on he bow of the ship, everyone else was partying at the stern, I always thought our boat was weird, but never a deathtrap of some sorts.”

“I... I tripped and fell almost off the boat. My hand was grasping the rail. I screamed and screamed for help and my parents came. I thought I was saved” he said bitterly as he paused for a breath.

“They were drunk. Clutching their vodka or wine they stared at me smiling and said ‘Wow who invited th- thi this idiot?’ And they threw their bottle at my face and I plunged into the icy waters.”

“I was drifting away from the boat, watching it slowly drift towards the island. And they left me their. They were unaware, due to their own drunkenness that they left their only son in the middle of the ocean. As the last flickering light, of the boat faded, the lightning began.”

“I swam in all direction looking for a way to escape. It was pitch black and I couldn’t tell if I was heading for the island or journeying into the eye of the storm itself. The lightning flashed brighter than the sun, the thunder roared mightier than any giant.”

“I was being assaulted in the fury of the waves, trying to catch my breath as I was being pulled deeper and deeper into the ocean. I was desperately trying to swim. Then, I felt a huge tentacle grasp me. I fought furiously and tried to break free. I was being pulled under. The last breath or the salty brine escaped me. I could feel the pressure of the water build as I was being dragged to the bottom of the ocean.” Everyone stared in silence.

“I tried to keep the last of the air in my body and I fought to keep conscious. But I didn’t, I passed out. Then, I awoke in a murky lagoon. It was familiar, I vaguely remember venturing here as a child. Lying in the sand, I allowed the gentle ocean to caress the soles of my feet. The storm had cleared.”

“I was confused until I noticed this beautiful, dragon like, creature. She was watching over me, protectively. It was Scalia, my Milotic. Every day that summer I visited her in that cove, ignoring my parents constant apologies. And one day,we both agreed, and my poketch was undamaged, I captured her,” Rory ended.

“Wow,” Terra breathed.

“That must have been terrible,” Lucy consoled. More whispers in agreement followed.

“So who’s next? I’m not going to be the only one to have shared tonight,” Rory said with a slight grin spreading across his face.

“Well, I was very little,” Lucy began.

“What changed?” Addison said jokingly.

“Funny,” Lucy retorted with slight sarcasm. “As I was saying I was in the woods, playing like all little eight year olds. I was washing myself in a stream when a cute Houndour waddled down to the stream to drink from it. Being curious I went over to pet it, but then its, parents and their pack of vicious, Houndoom sprinted towards me.”

“I ran. As fast as I could down that stream, passing Teddiursas trying to raid honey from a Beedrill hive or stepping over a Finneon as it swam by. I felt for sure I was going to die. They had already surrounded me. Making sure I couldn’t leave the stream. Then, I noticed the stream just stopped in the distance, everything did. I was scared, I thought I was about to run off the edge of the world, when I had reached it I stopped. The Houndoom stopped too. Eying me like a piece of meat. I had two choices jump or be eaten by a large ferocious carnivore.”

“I jumped. I felt all the air rush out of me, the adrenaline flash through my body, I felt the cool morning air tease my skin as I plunged into the frigid waters.”

I never did know how I survived by, I knew a Houndoom took part of me with him,” she remarked carelessly showing everyone her mangled hand, her pinkie missing. “Ever since then I have hated dogs, and dog-like pokemon. That is why I hate your Houndoom, Thalia,” she ended with an ample amount of disdain.

“He never cared for you much either” Thalia said while shrugging.

“You’ve been awfully quiet Alaric, that’s way out of character for you,” Lucy commented lightly.

“Yeah, I guess,” he said quite reserved.

“Tell us, you might as well, bro” Rory said.

“Sure,” he said shortly. “Here goes it. I was flying with my parents over a small island in the ocean. They were always explorers, so we went to see the most dangerous of places the sharp rocks near the cliff, the deep ravine near the river, and the volcano. The thing they didn’t expect was the fuel tanks to loose power while we were right over it. Quickly they released Pidgeot to fly us out.”

“We had already descended 50 feet and were closing in on the volcanic lava that was bubbling below. My father helped me onto Pidgeot and was guiding my mother onto her wing when the helicopter blade hit a piece of falling debris from the side of the volcano. It spun out of control and away from Pidgeot.”

“They grabbed for my hand but were to far to reach. And I watched them fall into the burning maelstrom of lava. We were alone. Pidgeot flew me out of their and onto a beach. She scouted the island and told me, through my poketch which was amazingly in tact, there was no chance she could fly me back. It was too long of a fly for her. So I waited for help. And after a month the government noticed that my parents were missing and sent a team of rescuers to get us back, but only found me.”

“I grew up with my cousins, and now I’m here. Next?” he finished hurriedly.

“Me.” Carmen said unexpectedly.

“Go for it,” Morgin said surprised by her enthusiasm.

“I was thirteen. In my village with... a friend, we were talking in the woods. We were in a clearing and the moon was shining. The night was warm and breezy it was...nice. All of the suddenly we see smoke rising in the difference. My friend had to leave, the tribal elders normally set up meetings by smoke signals. So we meandered through the forest.”

“Then part of the inferno caught on the trees. It had sent the entire night ablaze with fury. We were scared. We ran. Fast. We were nearing the docks when a branch crashed between us, stabbing my face, and the blaze separated us, we agreed to meet at the docks. I had reached the docks when I saw the destruction.”

“The entire city was ablaze. I saw it burn my home and kill my friends and family. I heard it crackling and cackling like a witch in a fairy tale. I felt it licking my arms like a demon of fire. I tasted the ashes that were settling in the air. I smelled the scent of rotting corpses and burning wood. And I couldn’t take it.”

“Turning around I ran for our boat, I had put the keys in the ignition when I heard an enormous explosion. I twirled around and saw the chaos of my city and with tears in my eye I sped up the boat and sailed for the mainland. There was only one survivor,” she agonized for a moment and let the tears flow from her eyes.

“I- I-,” she began again.

“Enough, it’s all right. You’ll be fine,” Abdul assured her.

“Time for another one I suppose,” Zander stated firmly.

“Who’s next?” Selena whispered through shared grief.

“Me,” Margo stated dreamily. “You all know I’m blind right?”

“I think we figured that out ourselves,” Obi noted sarcastically.

“Well I wasn’t always like this. I have two stories to tell, really. I was being Mommy’s little helper in the kitchen when I was around seven. I was going to strain the macaroni from the pot so I picked it up and went to the sink to empty it. Now she warned me not too but I did anyway. I had already made it halfway there when she screamed and I slipped in a puddle of milk I poured earlier.”

“The scalding hot water went right into my open eyes. They were burned and the damage was irreversible. So I went on with life. And so did my mom and my dad and my little Ralts, Psy. Now Psy loved me very much and he managed to tap into my inner psyche and give me psychic abilities so I could see, very vaguely of course, but whenver he sent a little message to me it was beautiful in color and I even got to see his evolution. My life was great.

“Until, the day I turned fifteen. I was just playing with Psy, tossing a ball back and forth with our minds. Then, I heard some strange noises coming from our front door. Psy gave me a message to run upstairs and hide. I new it was serious. His tone was dark and foreboding. I quickly hid. The door crashed open and I knew what was happening. Psy was defending me from, the uninvited visitor.”

“Too scared to do move I created a psychic path between me and Psy to see what was happening. He was using his Psychic powers to tear the big, hulking man apart. Blood was dripping from his torn carcass. I plucked up the courage to move and stumbled downstairs. Psy then sent me a new message in my head. He had evolved again, into Gallade. I was altogether shocked and horrified; and proud and happy.”

“He then told me what he was planning to do to me. It was Mr. Kayoto. Knowing him for years that would have been the last thing I’d think he would do. And we stood there for about an hour while the police investigated. And Psy had explained to the police by teleporting the vision into their minds and they believed him. It was very traumatizing. I can’t stand to be alone without him now.”

“That was very scary,” Selena said with terror in her round, cerulean eyes.

“Very,” Addison agreed with an odd disposition of distance.

Abdul volunteered, “I’ll go now. My parents were hosting a benefit at my house for some stupid charity that already had more than enough money but were spending it on cars and flat screen televisions for the founders, my parents weren’t exactly generous to real charities just ones that gave out publicity.”

“Anyway, I was told to stay in the basement to play on our computer, two years older than I was, and I came across a strange set of beakers and vials. My fathers said ‘don’t touch anything’, so naturally I decided to poke around. I had particular interest in a fat, beaker than contained a bubbling magenta, fluid.”

“My finger had just broken the meniscus when it let out a puff of smoke and instantly began to burn my skin. It engulfed my body. I stumbled, getting up. My body ached of pain. I staggered up the stairs and into the party. Bleeding profusely from my mouth, hands, and abdomen; I tripped over the guest bleeding on them. Turning the whole scene into a picture of pandemonium and panic, I was dying.”

“With one last futile attempt at life I fell into the punch bowl and was instantly revitalized. I later learned that the water in the punch saved my life. Had it been sooner, I wouldn’t have these scars,” Abdul said darkly as he lifted his shirt revealing a large, lavender, scar that began from his hip and gradually enlarged all the way to his neck and finally gliding down his arms. Almost like a phoenix.

“Now I know why you never liked to swim with us,” Carmen said through tears, obviously still a little upset over her story.

“Well if we want to finish story time by tonight I’ll have to go,” Ivan said gruffly. “I had moved into a new town, last year and had just started my first day of school at high school. Almost immediately a girl came up to me and asked me to go out with her. A bit confused and annoyed I turned her down. This continued for about a month and a half, when I told he to just leave me alone and I called her a stalker. It was kind of a mistake on my part.”

“I came the next day after school, glad she hadn’t annoyed me. In fact it looked like she hadn’t even been at school that day. Ignoring it I decided to crash in my room for a while before I met some friends at one of their places. I opened the door and threw my backpack on the floor and I saw her. Sprawled out on my bed, half covered in blood, half naked, clutching a butcher’s knife and she was smiling.”

“Aghast at this I tripped over myself and fell to the ground. Tilting my head to one side I saw my Dad on his bed stabbed many times. Terrified, I backed up to the closet at the end of the hall and opened the door to find my mother hanging from a metal coat hanger swinging back and forth with a large gash in her stomach. I shut the door and went for the stairs but she was ready and pushed me down.”

“Then, I noticed the closet door. A bloodied shoelace and a torn skirt were visible from the crack, 'the twins' I thought. I nearly lost it. They found me hog-tied on my bed with that lunatic cuddling with me, knife still in hand. It was not only bizarre but devastating. I was sent to live with my neighbors but I couldn’t take it. I had already enough credits to graduate from school so I left and found myself at the government building just like you,” he ended quavering slightly.

“That’s terrible,” Terra said softly.

“I know,” he replied trembling.

“Okay,” the attention shifted to Thalia who was looking extraordinarily uncomfortable. “I was five. I was walking with my mother in Fortree City, In Hoenn, you know the city of trees. Well she was talking to me and she pointed out a beautiful flower growing on the path. I turned to look and giggling due to the beauty I turned around and she vanished.”

“It hurt. I was sent to live with relatives in our country. And I couldn’t take it. I grew up asking them when she was coming back. How she was doing. And all they said was that she would come back, they kept my hope alive. But I grew older and wiser and I turned bitter with each day. I grew up with hate bubbling inside of me. I can’t ever forgive her. Not for that. That is why I’m always mad. That is why I can’t stand to look at anyone’s mother. That is why I leave the conversation when parents get involved.” She ended. The group just stared in disbelief at the emotion Thalia showed in her rant.

“Sorry for the monologue,” she said with disdain.

“I think I should go,” Arabelle piped up. Her entrance into the conversation was shocking. “My parents were mean. No, no they were cruel. They said terrible things to me, like I shouldn’t have been born, or that I was a waste of space. They were horrid. But, my opinion changed when they announced we were going on a skiing trip to Snowpoint City. I was elated. I thought it was a sign that they loved me.”

“We had a guide take us to the top and he said ‘Now you know the way you won’t need me anymore’ he noticed how my parents were a bit mocking of my enthusiasm the entire way, so he gave me a radio and the station he was on. I was to call if they were bad again.”

“They saw this but didn’t say anything. He skied down the mountain and left me with them. They took the radio and threw it down the slope opposite of him and took my skies and broke them, throwing them too down the mountain. They knocked me out cold and then went down the mountain. They left me there to die. They left me for dead.”

“I awoke to find myself deserted. I felt all of the hope I had, leave me, bleed from me. There was nothing left.”

“Suddenly, a fluttery Mothim appeared. It consoled me, they hadn’t taken my poketch, then carried me to the station. It flew me down the mountain and to the ranger station. I finally felt safe. My parents were incarcerated, I had a new adoptive family in our country, and I had Mothra, Mothim, to play with,” Arabelle finished.

“Your parents should die,” Lucy said with fire in her eyes.

“No need to pester the guilty. Just let them rot and you will feel better,” Margo said calmly.

“I just want to get this over with now,” Zander stated with contempt. “My father fought in the war, The Great War. He was drafted when I was five. I last saw him leave and he said he’d be back. He never came back, alive. Two weeks before he was to be on leave his camp got raided and all the men were lost.”

“His body was shipped in a simple casket. Unable to dress his wounds, he looked like a hideous, disfigured monster. Shrapnel was still visible on his face. Burns encompassed his torso. Dried blood looked as if it were streaming from his eyes, nose and mouth. It hurt. Apparently the only way for the government to be cost-effective was to cut this ‘unnecessary’ procedure.”

“That is why I fight. That is why I never give up. I can’t stand to have them win, to have this control over us, to have everything,” he trailed off in his rant. Everyone stared awestruck at the tears streaming down his face.

“My we are a cheery bunch,” Igor stated softly, even he was unable to force this comment through with his usual spite.

“My turn,” Alexia spoke deliberately. She tried to find the right words then spoke, “I was just visiting my friend, my only friend, the Elder of our village his name was Mr. Yakamoto. He was kind and was a lover of peace. But one day after speaking out against the government” everyone flinched, she continued “the government sent four men to his house.”

“I was going to deliver some cookies to him, I made them myself. That’s when I heard the shouting. The men were arguing with him. He wasn’t arguing he was just stating the facts. They pulled out their guns and shot him. Shot him till he fell. I was scared, I dropped my cookies and hid in the bushes, my only comfort was the forest. I was crying.”

“And I heard his voice, in my head. He told me to stop crying. He said my tears would soak the crusts of the Earth. And he told me to wait until the men had passed and to get up and run home. I did. But, before I left, I saw his body. It was-”she stopped.

“I think we get the picture,” Addison said comfortingly.

“Why don’t you go Morgin?” Lucy asked.

“Sure,” he said sweetly, “But, no one will believe me. I grew up in the most religious house-hold possible. My parents shoved it down my throat. Once I became a teenager they noticed me change. Their reasoning behind everything was because I hadn’t been their sweet little boy anymore. Glad I moved out of their when I did, or I’d be going door to door delivering everyone the 'good news'”

“One night when I was fifteen I came home to the house completely dark. Previously that day I cussed out my parents for being stubborn. Big mistake. As soon as I opened the door and walked in, I was hit over the head with a frying pan.”

“I woke up chained to a chair my parents and the priest of the town huddled around me. They were muttering something and the priest was holding a cross on my forehead. Then, they began to shout. They were babbling on about ‘God’, ‘Devil’, ‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Salvation’. I was confused. I tried to speak but I noticed I was gagged. I couldn’t move. More people were advancing on me, the townspeople. Trying to break free, I groaned in agony when I found that I had been stabbed. I couldn’t move. Blood was pooling around me. My eyes were darting. I was screaming. No one was helping.”

“The more I struggled the louder they screamed. My mother whispered in my ear ‘We’ll get the demon out of you, honey, we all want to help, we will do this all night if we have to’. I was terrified. I struggled more. I was being tormented. The entire town was now reciting the prayer. Holy Water was being splashed into my tired eyes.”

“It had gone on for another hour before I feigned sleep. I heard them murmur that it was done. And I continued to live. I never did anything to scare them again. Everyday I had to face my parents. It was agony. And now I’m here and I’m fighting against oppression. No one deserves that. And now the government is doing it. I won’t let them” he ended with passion."

“I feel like my story is nothing compared to everyone else’s.” Selena said, breaking the silence.

“If it changed you, tell us,” Margo assured.

“Alright, well I ran away from home and went to the mountain range in our country, you know Overture Pass. Anyway I went to one of my favorite mountains, Mt. Tetara. Its lesser known and is named for its explorer. Anyway I decided to do some rock climbing before I left town. I had climbed to my favorite overhang that looks out to the sea. I was going to slide down when my foot got caught on a rock and I tripped.”

“I was fast enough to grab onto the ledge. But I couldn’t get up. All of my strength was gone. I was bleeding from my arm. It trailed down and splashed into my face like a hose. I was slipping; my blood was loosening my grasp. I was going to die. Then, my Swablu, Cirrus, which I had carelessly left at home swooped in and saved me at just the right time.”

“And we just left. Now I’m here. So yeah...” she trailed off.

“It’s fine. You’re okay now,” Obi said comfortingly.

“Obi, you want to go now?” Abdul asked.

“Why not?” he asked nonchalantly, he adjusted himself in the grass. “I was never really the most popular guy at school. I was bullied, teased, tormented, all because I was quiet and shy. I didn’t have friends so nothing stopped them. They had tracked me to my favorite spot to hang out, and rest, the tree house my father had built me when I was little.”

“While I was asleep they poured gasoline around my tree house and had lit a match. The blaze startled me and I was frightened. I looked out the window to see my classmates laughing at my expression as I stared at the blaze. I lost it. Someway. Somehow. The blaze had stopped and exploded outward.”

“I saw their faces as they twisted and contorted and burned from the fire that erupted from the tree. I was stunned. Nothing natural could have caused this. I was too frightened to move. And I stayed there. All of them died. Their bodies were warped and grotesque. It was unbearable. I felt guilty even for those who would have laughed at me when I died.”

“When I explained what happened to the police, they nodded and let me go. I never really spoke after that. Not much ever.”

“I knew there was a connection between us. We have two psychics in our presence. One self-made,” Margo motioned to herself, “and one natural,” she pointed to Obi.

“Really?” he asked.

“For sure, I knew there was one other here. It is very great to know this. We are not alone,” she said smiling.

“No one here is,” Alaric said consolingly.

“Igor, it is time,” Rory teased.

“Fine, I’ll keep it short, less time for everyone to morn,” he said sardonically. “I was out hunting with my best friend, James, we weren’t too careful and wandered into a nest of Beedrill, hundreds of nests of Beedrill. What is worse is that the government had been dumping their chemicals there and the bees became mutated and hungry.”

“We accidentally shot one of the nests and they all came out and attacked us with sharp pincers and elongated stingers they took James. I saw his body swell up with venom before he began to bleed, everywhere. And then his entire body shuttered and he was slowly drained of his insides. As they trailed down onto the ground,” he finished with a slight sense of bitterness.

“Who’s left?” Abdul asked.

“Me and Addison, I hope you don’t mind Addison but I really need to go now,” Terra said almost desperately.

“Sure, take your time,” Addison said.

“Okay. Well my mother had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I was devastated when I heard the news. The first day I got to visit her was when she said her cure was working and they were about to fully administer it. I was going to get my mother back. I was ecstatic.”

“They stuck her with the needle and the serum flowed through her. At first she seemed fine, actually looking a bit brighter. But then she began to cough. She was hacking, hacking up blood. Her face was twisted with pain. She was twitching uncontrollably. Her eyes were wide open with pain and fear. She clutched her heart and let out a last dying breath, as the doctors stared dumbfounded.”

“The medicine they used on my mother was sent by the government. It was discovered that it was a poison they sent. In small amounts it would be effective against certain diseases and viruses. But the prescribed dose was strong enough to take out a fully grown Wailord.”

“They- they...” Lucy began.

“They did,” Terra said solemnly. “Addison please.”

Addison took a deep breath. “I was at a hotel with my friends. We were celebrating the end of junior year. We would be seniors. I was fifteen; I was a bright student at our school. As we walked up to the hotel I stopped to feed the stray Umbreon that I fed whenever I spotted her. I caught up with the group as they opened the abandoned place up. It was old and smelled like someone had died.”

“We turned up the music, got out the beer, and let loose. It wasn’t until halfway through the night that the music stopped and he came. He was a towering man. He was wearing an old hotel uniform. He was laughing. We felt nothing of it. Then, we saw the pick axe he was carrying and we were terrified. Without any regard for human life, he slashed and stabbed through my friends. I couldn’t move and I fell back.”

“Twenty, he killed twenty without a second-glance.
I was scared, terrified.

He stopped.

He stood there.

His eyes transfixed on me.

His stare captivating and horrifying.

What would he do?

How would I die?

Lifting the pick axe as high a he could reach, he swung.

The next half hour was the most miserable of my life.

I moved.

He missed.

I ran.

He Followed.

I hid.

He found me.

I kicked.

I screamed.

I begged for my life.

He stood there.

He laughed.

He lifted once more and...a strange black and yellow dog attacked him”

“Umbreon. She pounced on him. She used her darker psychic powers and made her claws stronger. She slashed into his chest and tore out his pulpy, still beating heart and tore it to shreds. He was laughing as his heart was being ripped from his chest.” She ended sadly.

“No one looked into it. The police just glanced over it and never did anything.” She said sadly. Silence followed.

“That is awful,” Lucy finally said.

“Horrible,” Rory agreed.

“Abysmal,” Arabelle stated.

“The government doesn’t care, why should I,” Igor said. “How will this help us anyway. Knowing about my friend being killed in the forest by bees, or Arabelle’s mother slowly dying?”

“We’ll know why we have to fight. And we know most of us have issues with loos of a loved one or trust issues, we just have to fight,” Morgin stated calmly.

“I guess in the wake of all of this sadness there is a light to look towards. We can be that light, we just need to beat them and you all know that. Let’s finish this. Agreed?” Alaric said with triumph in his eyes. Everyone nodded, even Igor, to a lesser extent.

So how did you like it feel free to comment. I need criticism.
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“We all have of something to hide, and we can’t let it lay hidden. I say its time to share because whether you like it or not we need to know what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are,” he finished pointedly
Correction in bold.

“ You see ever since the government banned alcohol, people from our village went out on their boats in international waters to drink, because it was legal.”
This phrase here is slightly confusing.

“I was drifting away from the boat, watching it slowly drift towards the island. And they left me there. They were unaware, due to their own drunkenness that they left their only son in the middle of the ocean. As the last flickering light, of the boat faded, the lightning began.”
Correction in bold.

“I was confused until I noticed this beautiful, dragon- like, creature. She was watching over me, protectively. It was Scalia, my Milotic. Every day that summer I visited her in that cove, ignoring my parents constant apologies. And one day,we both agreed, and my poketch was undamaged, I captured her,” Rory ended.
What does a poketch have anything to do with capturing Scalia? I'm not following.

“They grabbed for my hand but were to far to reach. And I watched them fall into the burning maelstrom of lava. We were alone. Pidgeot flew me out of there and onto a beach. She scouted the island and told me, through my poketch which was amazingly in tact, there was no chance she could fly me back. It was too long of a fly for her. So I waited for help. And after a month the government noticed that my parents were missing and sent a team of rescuers to get us back, but only found me.”
Does the poketch allow people to talk to pokemon or something? That's what I'm picking up.

“The entire city was ablaze. I saw it burn my home and kill my friends and family. I heard it cackling and crackling like a witch in a fairy tale. I felt it licking my arms like a demon of fire. I tasted the ashes that were settling in the air. I smelled the scent of rotting corpses and burning wood. And I couldn’t take it.”
Witches crackle?

“His body was shipped in a simple casket. But his body hadn’t been.”
Hadn't been what?

“ Holy Water was being splashed into my tired, eyes.”
No need for comma.

Wow, this is really good. A very nice prologue. I'm guessing these traumatized teens will rise up to take down the apparently horrible government or something like that. I'll be waiting for more!


Shadow Stalker
Yes. I was going to have the poketch have an app that allows you to talk to humans. I was going for that, I tried to go for the show don't tell method. And thank you for the corrections. I was hasty in editing it so I figured a few mistakes would be the outcome. And yes your prediction is correct but I'll save the rest for later chapters. I am taking a short break tonight from writing, I'll resume tomorrow. And all of those 'theres' just confuse me. And as for the crackling witches that was a mistake on my part. And I can't believe I didn't finish that sentence “His body was shipped in a simple casket. But his body hadn’t been.” I meant to say dressed.


Shadow Stalker
One Last Thing I forgot to say. The Following Chapters Are Pre-Campfire Tales.

Chapter One: A Perfect Getaway

“Rory, why are you doing this? Please,” he heard his mom beg. Tears were rolling down her soft cheeks, he blonde hair was ruffled and unkempt. His father’s red eyes glanced at him, full of sorrow and fear.

“Look I’m leaving you two forever. Get over it. You left me for in the ocean to die six years ago, you’re lucky I came back at all. I’m leaving the Harbor forever. I’m not going to forgive and forget that easily. If I ever get the desire to call you on the poketch, I’ll do it. But, until then farewell and please don’t cut to the cheesy soap opera tears. Good Bye,” Rory said with contempt.

With Scalia in tow, Rory left the two at the subway station. He scurried up the stairs and immediately crossed the street to the Trainer Registration building. The city was decorated with heaps of debris from trashcans. Wingull were pecking at stale food tossed carelessly on the ground.

A cool voice greeted him at the counter. “Hello, name please.”

“Rory Waters,” he said robotically, ignoring the irony of his name.

“Okay, you are of legal age for your respective village and meet all the requirements. Here is the form you need to fill out and once you are done turn it in on the counter and proceed to the elevator. Go down two stories and you’ll be at your final check off point,” she finished.

“Before I go am I allowed to receive a starter even though I already have a pokemon?” he asked hopefully.

“Of course. Which pokemon would you like to take?”

“Cyndaquil, if its not too much trouble,” he grinned. She took out a red and white, sphere and handed it to him. “Thank you,” he replied to the kind gesture.


“I’m ready,” she said strongly.

“Are you sure, honey?” her mother asked.

“Positive, I need some time to myself and this will be good for me. I could meet some new friends and maybe battle with them. Defeat gym leaders. You know what normal kids do,” she ended her voice slightly faltering.

“Addison, you’ll be great and you know it,” her Mother’s voice ached with sorrow.

“Thank you. I’ll call you... and dad,” her voice trailed off. The two stood there. Their dark, satiny hair flowing in the breeze that was being let it by an ajar window. Eyes locked in an everlasting gaze.

“Is Luna with you?” she asked innocently.

“Yeah,” her voice was trailing off.

“Bye,” was all Addison’s mother could stammer. They embraced and slowly parted, Addison to the front desk and her mother out the front door.

“Name,” the receptionist said brusquely.

“Addison Night,” she stammered.

“Paperwork?” he asked.

“Here,” she said handing him the files.

“Go down the elevator two stories,” he said tersely.

"Thank you,” she muttered as she left the counter.


“I forbid you,” Zander’s mother screamed. “I forbid you. I lost your father and...I...I Won’t loose you too!”

“I’m not wasting my life here with you. Goodbye,” Zander replied. He calmly sat up and sauntered away into the cold air of the city. In his wake, he left his mother wretched.

Several minutes later...

“Name please,” the girl at the counter giggled, staring at Zander’s body.

“Zander Quirrel,” he stated dryly.

“What a mighty fine name,” she swooned.

“Can I just move on without a starter pokemon? I already have my Father’s Hitmontop. I really don’t need to go forward,” Zander said briskly, trying to avoid the clingy receptionist.

“Absolutely, but there is just one more check off point; head down that elevator and go down two stories. You should be ready by then,” she simpered, twirling her hair, evidently trying to get his affection.

He ignored her. “Thanks,” he said bluntly. He proceeded down the bright hallway, a group of kids following him.


“I can take whoever is next,” a man in a dark vest chimed, looking down the line of other workers helping trainer’s register, looking at directly at Arabelle.

“That would be me,” she said shyly. She handed him the already filled out paper work. “My name is Arabelle Sicade,” she finished.

“Marvelous, now just go down the elevator and go down two stories. That is your final check off point,” he recited from memory.

“I don’t need a starter, I have my Mothim, do I still have to get one?” she said abruptly.

“Of course not, just go down two stories and you can begin your journey,” he said smiling. He must have taken pity on her, she looked lost and a tad confused.

“Thank you,” she said happily, skipping down to the elevator on the neat, tiled floor.


“My name is Lucy Norton. No idea where that came from though,” Lucy thought aloud.

“Well it’s a great name,” the man at the counter said with great exuberance. “Now we have all the paperwork filled out, its time to get you a starter,” he said with even more enthusiasm.

“Okay,” Lucy said unsurely. “I’ll get Totodile I suppose,” she said maturely, trying to get the man behind the counter to stop treating her like she was five.

“Now go down the elevator two stories okay,” he said reassuringly, as he was procuring the correct pokeball. “Here you go, have fun and be safe,” he said, sounding like someone from The Wiggles, as he handed her, Totodile.

“Thank you,” she said teasingly, playing along with him until he was just out of ear-shot, “What a **** Tool.”


“I al-al-already have my fa-fa-fath-father’s Nosepass, I’ll j-ju-ju-just go now,” he said his voice faltering.

“Okay, bye Obi Stone,” the receptionist with the heavy, southern accent whispered. She swooned.


“Well, I don’t need anything else, I already have Chinchou with me so-” Abdul said with false innocence.

“Too bad, I could’ve helped you some more, if you needed it,” the receptionist interrupted smoothly.

“I’m sorry we didn’t meet sooner, we-” Abdul began to say vivaciously, when the nurse grabbed him by the collar and kissed him passionately. After about two or three minutes, due to some annoyed glances, they broke.

“Goodbye, Abdul Volks,” she said swiftly as he headed towards the elevator. “Who’s next?”


“Thalia Frost” she said unemotionally.

“Okay, go down the elevator tow stories and you’ll be good to go,” the slightly frightened man behind the counter informed.

“Thanks, bye,” she stated firmly, hoping to rid herself of the annoyance.

“Wait, didn’t you want a starter?” he asked hesitantly.

“I already have Snorunt,” she said uncaringly, with a slight malicious grin on her face. She walked down the blindingly white hallway, noticing how empty it was.


“Well, goodbye Uncle Joe, Aunt Frida,” Alaric said strongly.

“You are already registered under your own name,” Aunt Frida informed him. “Just go up to the counter and say ‘Alaric Kingstown’.”

“That is my old last name right?” he asked.

“Right,” his aunt and uncle said in unison, looking into his fiery, gold eyes.

“I’ll miss you two,” he murmured.

“Your parents would be proud of you Alaric,” Uncle Joe consoled. Alaric nodded. He watched his uncle and aunt walk down the bustling city street.

“Alaric Kingstown,” he said to the receptionist.


“Do you two know each other?” the man at the counter asked unsurely.

“I don’t know have we met, Alexia?”

“We aren’t from the same village,” Alexia answered.

“I guess not,” Margo said airily.

“Well, since there are so many trainers registering, I’ll have to take both of you now,” he said.

“All right,” Alexia answered.

“Sure,” Margo responded.

“Names?” he asked.

“Margo Celeste,” Margo said calmly, flipping her dark, violet hair casually.

“Alexia Goldenrod, I wasn’t born in Goldenrod but my parents and I actually descend from the tribe that set up the town. It’s a very interesting story actually because it all started wi-” she began.

“I understand,” he shouted over her long winded exposition, slightly embarrassed by his outbreak and fairly scared by Alexia’s non-stop chatter.

“Okay, no need to be a grumpy Gus,” Alexia started again.

“Please just go down the corridor to the elevator and go down two stories. Now if you excuse me I need to go take my blood pressure medication,”

“Let’s go,” Margo said dreamily.

“Aren’t you glad they paired us up, you know with you being blind and all. Well you see” Alexia started up again. Margo knew she would get used to it and she knew that Psy might make friends with Alexia’s Oddish, Root. They had to be partners for only four years. She sighed.


“Hey Magneton you ready for this?” asked as they walked up the steps to the building, as he adjusted his poketch.

“Yes, sir,” Magenton said loyally.

“Okay, I’ll return you now so you can rest,” he said kindly, as he pulled out his pokeball and returned his only friend, his only family member that survived. He walked up the counter.

“My name is Ivan Ironside,” he said calmly, hoping she wouldn’t get the hidden meaning behind his last name.

“Wait, are you related to Roark and Byron in Sin-” she began.

“Shut up,” he shouted. “I don’t want this place to become a feeding frenzy and I doubt you do, so shut it,” he whispered vehemently.

“You look just like them,” she whispered in awe.

“Here is my paper work and I’ll just go now,” he said urgently.

“Okay go to the elevator and go down two stories, once there you’ll have one more thing to do and you’ll be off. And do you mind if I tell my friends I met an Ironside?” she squealed.

“Whatever,” he said rushing towards the elevator.


“So Carmen I think you are all set,” the young man behind the countered said with a smile. “Anything else I can do you for?” he grinned devilishly.

“No thanks,” she said hurriedly, “Where do I go from here? I need to get Blaze, my Vulpix some puffins, from the mart down the street and I just want to get this over with,” she said briskly.

“What’s the rush, you can stay awhile,” he said coolly.

“No I can’t and if you don’t tell me where I need to go I will take your face and shove it up a Hippowdon’s a-” she fumed.

“Go down two stories on the elevator,” another man said, “And Skyler back to work,” he shouted.

“Thank you,” she said, regaining her calm.

“Bye Carmen Sparks,” he provoked.

“You are just lucky I can be tried as an adult,”

“I thought you were fifteen,” he said with a certain swagger.

“You can be tried as an adult as early as twelve you idiot,” she scoffed, leaving him in a dejected state.

She proceeded down the hallway; a motley, gang of kids were following her.


“Selena Byrd,” she said calmly.

“Do you need a starter?”

“No, Cirrus is my pokemon, I’ll catch the rest,” she said spiritedly. Releasing her Swablu and feeding her a fresh baked poffin.

“Well, good luck, you seem like a good person. Just do your best and you’ll be great,”

“Just one question,” Selena said.

“Fire away,” she said kindly

“Do most receptionists bond with the people they help?”

Uhh...Well...I...ummm...” she started.

“Good bye,” Selena announced quickly, thinking she might be there awhile. She turned into the corridor and sauntered away, returning Cirrus to her pokeball.


“So what was your name again, son” the man asked confused.

“Igor,” he hesitated. “Piper,” he hissed.

“All Righty then, just head down to that there elevator and head down two stories and then you’ll be finished with this here tour,” he said in his southern drawl.

“Thanks,” he snapped. “Come on Croagunk, return,” he said with venom.


“So Terra Tremmers, you are ready to proceed to the next check off point, go down the hallway to the elevator and carry on for two stories. If you wish to get a starter please see a reception-” the robotic voice went on.

“I’m good,” she said to herself. Sandra was with her, Sandshrew. She was never good at creating good nicknames.

She went along the corridor like the self-check in counter advised. She could feel the freedom she craved was coming.


“All Right, Morgin Gaunt, you are ready to go. I believe you have heard many other receptionists say to head to the elevator and go down two stories for your final check point,” the old wizened man chuckled hoarsely.

“Yes, sir,” he replied. “And sir, have a nice day,” Morgin added.

“Thank you, son, have a nice life,” he bantered playfully, before coughing roughly. He walked a few paces towards the hallway.

“Okay, I have Dusk, I think I’m ready,” he said to himself, slowly recounting all he might need.


Seventeen teenagers were all crowded into a single elevator. It was fairly wide to contain all of them but smelt of wet dog.

“Uhhh, excuse me, but could you please return your Gallade? He’s taking up half of the elevator,” Addison asked gently.

“I’m sorry, but Psy is my Seeing Eye pokemon. Without him I could fall or run into a wall. I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” Margo answered.

“It’ll only be a minute,” Abdul assured everyone, eyeing those who gave a hateful glance.

Just then the elevator grinded to a screeching halt, the lights began to flicker, then they all popped, sparks descending from them, like a waterfall. A red glow replaced the lights. The elevator music turned into a harsh static.

“Is this our stop?” Terra asked curiously.

“No,” Margo announced. “It’s something bad. Psy, I need you to use Reflect. I imagine that this will be extraordinarily painful otherwise,” Margo ordered.

“What do you mean?” Carmen asked furiously.

“What I mean is that the elevator is going to collapse,” she countered.

“I’m sure we don’t weight that much,” Alaric guaranteed.

“No, its not us. Someone cut the power. In twenty seconds we will fall fifty stories into the depths of the building. I already know how it will play out. Follow everything I say and you will live. Psy you know what to do, I assume you received the same vision,” Margo stated peacefully.

Psy nodded his head.

“Are you psychic or something?” Rory asked in disbelief.

“Certainly,” she answered as the cable gave way to the elevator.

They were free falling. The pale scarlet light was blinking furiously. The static’s noise escalated with fury. The tiles began to shift uneasily. Alexia was shrieking with terror.

“Now!” Margo screamed. The elevator stopped, they dangled in the air for several minutes before being gently let down by Psy.

“When the doors open you run and listen to my instructions perfectly, do you understand?” she asked quickly, the pale glow radiating her pale white jacket, carnation. Nods of understanding followed.

The elevator doors trembled and opened slowly. Psy had already set up a Light Screen. There in front of them were fifty men covered head to toe in black, each with an unmoved expression.

“RUN,” Margo shouted. Psy, pushed back all of the men with his powerful light screen allowing the teenagers time to run passed them. Large cracks and pops were bouncing off the bright yellow specter of a Light Screen.

“THEY HAVE F***** GUNS, WERE TEENAGERS HOW COULD WE POSSIBLY BE A THREAT!” Addison screeched as they ran down a lengthy corridor.

“LEFT,” Margo yelled. The group careened left. Psy was running backwards, his strong calves unyielding.

“RIGHT,” Margo bellowed as they went down a passageway that was being lit by the phosphorescent glow of Lanturn and Chinchou.

“ARE WE UNDER THE F***** OCEAN?” Lucy asked though violent breaths.

“OBVIOUSLY,” Igor chided.

“MOVE,” Margo cried, “LEFT!”

“ARE WE ALMOST THERE?” Carmen asked lividly.

“ALMOST, ONE MORE CORNER!” Margo barked. “WAIT!” Another line of uniformed were waiting. Psy caught up with them.

“Dusk go!” Morgin yelled. “Use Confuse Ray!” An ornately colored beam of light charged at the men. They began to fire at themselves. Shells flying everywhere, men were dropping on the floor, blood pooling on the bright, white tiles.

“In here,” Margo whispered as Psy protected them with his Light Screen so stray bullets wouldn’t harm them. Margo opened a large door that revealed a vast room filled with a wide array of submarines. “Over here,” she guided.

“No you can’t possibly think we’d do that,” Thalia said coldly.

“It’s the only way,” Margo said calmly as Psy welded the door shut with his expertly coordinated fire punch, her white fist was glowing like a dwarf star.

“Anyone know how to drive a submarine?” Arabelle asked curiously.

“Me,” Alaric said unexpectanly.

“How and why?” Thalia asked impatiently.

“My parents were explorers and wanted me to follow in their footsteps. They taught me how to fly a small plane, a helicopter, steer a motor boat, and pilot a submarine, just in case I ever needed it,” Alaric said proudly.

“By all means pilot it Captain Ahab,” Igor sneered, his mild Russian accent was showing.

“Okay I will but we need to set course,” he announced. They all stared at him. “We need to know where we are going to,” he said quickly.

“I say Sinnoh. It’s the farthest from here, unlike Hoenn and has a less people than Kanto and Johto,” Lucy said decisively.

“Let’s begin our journeys then,” joked Rory.

“It’ll be a f**** journey all right,” Ivan said dismally.

“Without further adieu,” Margo said breaking the short silence that had overcome the room. The 17 climbed in, Psy and Dusk were put back into their pokeballs and they set course for Sinnoh. The only free place they could think of that was safe.

So what did you guys think? This chapter will be the last big multiple view point chapter, I promise. It probably makes it hard to read. I hope you all enjoy. I'm still thinking about how to make the next chapter. But I assure you my brain is already in the process of formulating it. Keep in mind that these first few chapters contain a lot of dialogue. The latter chapters will include more action, I promise.
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This chapter was really fun to write. I'm excited the way it turned out and hope you all like it. And I have something else I am going to start doing. For each chapter I am going to find a song to add to the end of it (Artist will be credited) . Normally I get inspired by listening to music to write. Even if it is very shallow songs, like Tick Tock (Kesha), if it fits the chapter I'll post it at the end. Note: I still need to find some for the first couple of chapters (Prologue-2) Also if you have a question about the meaning of the chapters name (Yes, they aren't just horror movies they have a deeper meaning than that, the horror movie name is just the surface part) I'd be happy to explain.

Have Fun and enjoy.

Chapter Two: Deep Blue Sea

The dark, cold abyss was engulfing the miniscule submarine puttering through its depths. Huntail were slithering by the portholes like snakes, possibly eying a chewy meal. Ancient Relicanth were gnawing on the hardy, blue-green algae that was clinging to the cool, metal surface. Faint glimpses of the eerie glow of Chinchou and Lanturn were barely visible through the icy, waters. The submarine was skillfully dodging the giant formations of Corsola. Careening and twisting whenever necessary. They were gliding through the dream-like recesses of the ocean.

“Okay so what do we do now,” Thalia said coldly breaking the hour long silence that was pervading the room. The submarine was now speeding by a patch of fluttering, seaweed.

“I guess all we can do is wait,” Margo answered, vaguely. She obviously returned to her normal, distant self.

“Well I don’t have time to wait,” Igor vented. His pacing was abnormal and choppy. A bead of sweat was sliding down his cheek.

“Well, if you don’t like it....I’m sure you could swim to Sinnoh,” Alaric countered, sweat beading on his brow, as he was expertly steering the sub.

“Bah!” Igor shouted in frustration. He stormed out of the control room and into the deeper parts of the submarine.

“Is anyone going to get him?” Arabelle asked thoughtfully.

“No,” Lucy said disdainfully.

“Look who’s got a temper,” Thalia simpered, not bothering to look up as she filed her nails.

“Look who’s about to get their face bashed in!” Lucy shrieked, while pulling herself up, grabbing a model glass periscope on the desk adjacent to her, and smashing it against Thalia’s then-straight nose.

“You evil, little, ten year old *****,” she screamed, slapping Lucy across the face and then proceeded to put her into a choke hold.

“I will kill you!” Lucy countered aggressively, thought gasping breaths, biting Thalia’s arm and kicking her in the ribs.

“Shouldn’t someone do something?” Obi asked quietly.

Margo sighed and called on Psy, who was already out. “Psy, Protect,” she said lazily. Immediately a thin, invisible veil came between the warring girls.

“Let’s not try to kill each other before we get to Sinnoh,” Rory said soothingly.

“No one asked for your opinion, dumbass,” Thalia said fervently. Quickly the entire room erupted into discord as jeers, punches, and random instruments were being tossed around the room.

“Just shut up!” Addison shouted over the scuffle.

“Make me, *****!” Thalia replied in fury.

“Can we not try and break the submarine?” Arabelle asked in despair.

“Let’s just move back,” Ivan said thoughtfully, taking Arabelle and Alexia by the hand and stepping away from the brawl.

“Maybe it would be best,” Selena whispered to Alaric, “If you put these on,” she finished holding in her hands a pair of ear-plugs. Margo saw this and nodded to Selena, she nodded back.

“But-” he started.

“Trust me,” she said with a quick smile, she called Cirrus out.

“Sing for us all Cirrus,” she murmured into her Swablu’s tiny, cloud-like ear. The room filled with the sweet melody emanating from Cirrus. People and pokemon alike dropped to the floor in slumber. Igor entered the room confused. Just as he heard the song he slumped to the floor lying spread-eagled.

“Finally, some peace and quiet,” Alaric mused as dead silence filled the air. Hours passed, without any distraction. Alaric minded the controls.

“Okay, looks like were just about to pass Hoenn,” Alaric muttered to himself, not wanting to awake the fury of his fellow submarine-mates. Submarine-mates, he chuckled at this thought.

Suddenly the submarine shuddered.

“What the hell,” Alaric said to himself, his ship mates stirred, “What’s goin-” he stopped mid sentence. The entire submarine recoiled on impact. The metal was making a painful, crying sound. Several lights popped, a glass globe fell to the floor shattering into many pieces, like a multicolored kaleidoscope. By now all seventeen teenagers were awake. Eyes were filled with fear or anguish or indifference.

“What’s going on?” Arabelle asked innocently.

“I don’t know but I can tell you it’s not good,” Abdul replied attentively.

“It’s nothing. I’m sure of it, probably just a patch of bad water. It can’t be anything bad. Right? I mean if it was something bad...I don’t know. Please tell me its not something bad. If its something bad...Were going to die aren’t we? Were all going to die. Why? Do something. Don’t let us die. Please. Don’t let me! We can’t. We won’t. Can’t you-“ Alexia began.

“Please shut up,” Thalia said thoughtlessly, “If were going to die I don’t want to listen to you whining.”

“Here we go again. Can’t you just keep your mouth shut?” Lucy shrieked, walking towards Thalia.

“If you put one hand on me I will toss you off this submarine right now,” she said over Lucy’s rants. Lucy, kept pacing forward. “LISTEN YOU BRAT, I WILL TAKE YOUR SCRAWNY LITTLE-”

“Psy, please use Calm Mind, then Confusion, so they don’t remember why they are fighting,” Margo said while sighing, Lucy and Thalia, to caught up in their own concerns to notice this threat, kept battling. The Gallade used a strong jolt of psychic energy to calm both of their minds, and then a weak beam of power to alter their minds. Everyone, except Alaric, watched the two girls mindlessly clash into the walls due to their own confusion.

“Guys,” Alaric stammered, his face pale white.

“What?” Addison asked, stifling a laugh.

“Look,” he said while holding back unspeakable terror. They all turned. They saw a hideously deformed creature out of the submarine’s window. It had sharp, sword-like teeth. Vicious, yellow eyes adorned with small scars of past battle wounds, were staring at them. A bulky, navy pectoral fin the size of a small, school bus waved rapidly in the ocean current.

“Shar-Shar-Shar-” Rory began.

“Sharpedo?” Margo asked simply. “Psy, can you be faster with the Energy Balls you are feeding to the ship’s fuel tank’s”

“Of course, Margo,” he replied with a calm, voice.

“What do you mean Energy Balls?” Alaric asked.

“Well I new the fuel would be low in the submarine from an undisclosed source, so I told Psy to keep the ship running with Energy Balls. It still works in his sleep, it’s only a bit less efficient,” she said with a slight giggle.

“How did you-” Addison began, a confused expression etched on her once terrified face.

“Psychic, remember. In about fifteen minutes you’ll all know. We just need to confront this problem first,” she said simply. “Sorry to ask so much of you Psy,” she said sympathetically.

“It is nothing,” he replied, “You are my friend. What do you wish me to do now?”

“We must get away from this giant Sharpedo. Wait, It is giant, right?” Margo asked the others while trying to get a picture from Psy. “Oh my” she said after a few seconds, “he is fairly big!”

“Fairly? He makes some Wailmer look like ants,” Carmen stuttered, fear bursting from her eyes, which were now tearing up.

“Were near Hoenn, in deep waters, were bound to see some abnormalities,” Alaric assured.

“Abnormalities?” Addison asked, taken aback. Lucy and Thalia recovered from their confusion as they sauntered to the front of the room.

“Abdul,” Carmen whispered as she took him by the collar and kissed him, everyone was to busy with their own concerns to notice, much less care.

“Yes, you see...Look its swimming away,” Alaric stated with pride, the deadly shark had circled around the sub and turned the other way. A sigh of relief fell over the room.

“Psy, faster,” Margo said with a contorted look on her face.

“Margo what’s wrong?” Arabelle asked, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Skull Bash,” Margo whispered in distraught. “Psy, faster!” she screeched. “You too Alaric, he needs all the help he ca-”

“Margo!” Arabelle screamed as Margo’s legs buckled and she dropped to the floor. Her long, dark violet hair was frizzing and violently slashing at her face. Her whole body was pulsating sporadically. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. Her fragile fingers were twisting and bending backwards.

“She’s having a seizure!” Terra screamed.

“No, she is having a violent vision. When psychics get terrible visions that involve death or destruction their entire body gives the appearance of a seizure,” Morgin hurriedly explained.

“How do you know?” Obi asked confused.

“Does it matter?” Morgin exclaimed in fury.

“You’re right. What do we need to do?” Obi asked his voice quavering as he saw the speeding shark.

“Don’t get in Psy’s, Margo’s, or Alaric’s way. The lot of you,” he bellowed. The entire group backed off. Margo was still on the floor. “Do not disturb her, it could possibly kill her from shock,” he added as he saw Terra advance

“Were thousands of leagues underneath the ocean, we are being chased by a speeding shark, a Gallade is our only fuel supply, we have no clue where we are, were seeing a psychic having a vision of death, how the hell aren’t we already de-” Alexia sobbed, but stopped as she gazed in horror.

“No,” Addison said in disbelief. Margo was suspended in mid-air. Her limp body wasn’t responding at all. She dangled there, looking as if she were being hanged. Her eyes began to blink, erratically. She began to rasp and cough. Blood streamed down her face, flowing from her eyes. Margo’s ribbon-like hair was standing on end, as if charged by static electricity. The rasping grew louder. She began to shake violently, in a fury of flailing limbs. She softly, began to scream. The submarine was still speeding away from the deadly giant as she began spinning around in circles.

“What’s happe-” Arabelle asked, tears rolling down her face. Addison lay huddled in a corner. Ivan was shielding Arabelle and Alexia. Zander stood in disbelief. Even indifference couldn’t hold Igor and Thalia.

“Let it happen,” Morgin whispered through clenched teeth. Margo let out a final shriek and fell to the floor. Carmen and Abdul still hadn’t broken contact.

“Are you okay?” Terra asked, trying to regain a sense of normality.

“Yes,” she breathed. “This vision was nothing like I ever had before. It wasn’t a clear picture. There were no words flashing through my mind...Just darkness. Then, random flashes of bizarre scenes began to invade my mind. Cities were in shambles, people were lying dead in city streets, fires, storms, even dead pokemon. Terrible sounds started to produce a painful echo in my mind. Guns were firing, people screaming, booming thunder, police sirens, tornado alarms. Something terrible is going to happen. I..” she started but quickly faltered. The submarine quickly turned. Abdul and Carmen broke in fear of what they heard.

“What?” Zander asked, a concerned face in place of his cold apathy.

“I can’t tell where it’s happening. Its worldwide. It's not just one event, but dozens” she stuttered.

“Everywhere, even the non-pokemon world?” Ivan asked.

“Yes, but to a lesser extent. I sense, maybe, a third World War, for them,” Margo answered heavily.

“To a lesser extent?” Arabelle squeaked.

“Absolutely,” Margo said painfully. “A much lesser extent, this is the equivalent of total destruction.”

“Just to let you all know we still have company,” Alaric grunted, sharply turning at another Corsola formation.

“Psy could try using Protect, were still moving at a high speed it might stop it, or at leastimpede it, giving us enough time to leave,” Rory said.

“Genius,” Margo replied, “Try it Psy.” The Gallade, using his psychic abilities, produced a thin barrier that resembled an invisible, brick wall. He placed it expetly between the sub and the beast. The giant sped into it and crashed. It slowly sank into the murky depths of the abyss.

“Amazing Rory,” Addison commented, with a smile.

“Great job, now Margo you said something earlier about knowing about having little fuel,” Morgin said, raising his eyebrow slightly. The small, television in the corner of the room lit up.

“There you go,” Margo said, with a grin etched on her face.

“We bring you this breaking emergency bulletin,” an annoying newscaster, practically screamed on the television with a bright logo embalzoned on the screen. The scene changed to a young, woman standing in front of the Registration Building. “Seventeen, dangerous, teenagers escaped from the Trainer Registration center today. After warrants were shown for each of these murderers, they quickly fled the scene, into the elevator, and down into the submarine dock. This is where they shot many officers that were in foot pursuit of them. After shooting nearly, all of the officers they swiftly stole a submarine. Inside news states that the ship has little fuel and can’t make it farther than a ten mile radius of the country. So if you live on one of the islands be aware that these seventeen escapees, are armed, dangerous, and not afraid to kill you. This is Maria Walgendarsh signing off. With the weather is Mist-”



“Police officers?”


“Can we stop saying random words, I’m sure all of us can at least construct one thoughtful sentence out of all of them,” Igor spat.

“Someone just called you a murderer and said you fled the country after stealing a government owned weapon of war and you are worried about grammatical errors?” Addison asked, stunned.

“I need something to be mad at,” Igor responded with venom.

“Be mad at your parents for giving birth to you,” Lucy said in disgust.

“I’ve ate bigger and scarier things than you,” Igor fumed.

“I didn’t know you wanted to bring your parents into this too,” Lucy said with a smirk.

“WHY YOU LITTLE,” he began to shout.

“HEY!” Addison screamed. “If you want to fight, go right ahead. But you all realize we have to stay together now. If they are searching for us, we can’t spread out and hope they don’t come to Sinnoh and pick us off one by one. But, if we keep fighting we will have done their job for them.”

“She’s right,” Rory agreed. Nods of ascent followed.

“Good, now Alaric how far are we from Sinnoh?” she asked in a much more tranquil voice.

“We are just about to reach Canalave,” he assured.

“Were going to Sandgem though,” Lucy said unexpectedly.

“No,” Alaric said with an annoyed forced smile. “Canalave is the closest port.”

“Well when they do realize we had Psy as fuel they will have every region check every major port city. So Snowpoint, Canalave, and Sunnyshore will all be questioned. But, not little Sandgem though. We can open up somewhere, where no one sees us and Psy can push back the submarine into the current and hope it gets far,” Lucy ended smartly.

“That is a great idea, Lucy,” Margo assured.

“But,” Alaric started.

“It’s the plan we are using,” Terra said firmly.

“Yes, it is the intelligent thing to do,” Zander added.

“Fine,” Alaric said in defeat. The submarine bounced a bit in the strong current, bobbing like a buoy. The dark waters grew fairly brighter as they rose into warmer waters. Sandgem was notorious for its beaches.

“Wait, I just thought of something,” Rory said suddenly.

“Yeah,” Lucy said unsurely.

“Won’t it look a tad odd that seventeen kids get out of a submarine and into the beaches of Sandgem?” he asked. “I haven’t been to Sinnoh but I’m sure that there is a bit of normality there.

“Yes,” Lucy said pondering the thought of what to do.

“We could always swim,” Margo said brightly.

“Are you crazy?” Lucy shouted.

“No,” Margo said, as she mulled over the thought, “Just a little eccentric. Anyway, if we keep going until we got close enough to the beach where we could hold our breath and swim up, we could easily float up,” Margo explained.

“What about all of the stuff we managed to salvage,” Rory thought aloud.

Margo gave this some more thought. “Psy can you do one more thing for us?” Margo asked kindly.


All seventeen of the teenagers had stripped to their bathing suits. Their luggage had been assembled in a neat pile in the front of the room. All pokemon had been returned and were safely kept in a small plastic box, which each trainer clutched in their hands. Psy was resting in the corner waiting to be called upon. Alaric was still manning the head of the sub, matting down his dark, fiery red hair that was sticking to his face during his intense concentration. Lucy was in a corner playing with the pale blue ribbon which was normally in her hair, a perfect combination to the adorable essence she gave off in every room. Abdul and Carmen were both rekindling their past relationship, the one two hours ago. Addison, Rory, Margo, Zander, and Morgin were all in deep discussion about the weeks following their landing in Sinnoh. Rory looking a bit paler than usual. Thalia and Igor were separately sulking in opposite corners of the room, with dull expressions on their faces. Alexia and Arabelle were chattering non-stop about girl matters, including boys, dates with boys, and boys that they would like to date; while Ivan listened. Obi sat in a chair and thought to himself, spinning around in circles trying to amuse himself. Terra and Selena were talking about pokemon strategies and ways they could improve. They had become quite the friends noticing they had very similar looks and personalities. In other words this meant they had stringy, sienna hair, dark, blue eyes and a sense of congeniality that is unmatched. The submarine began to slow itself, they were now mere feet away from the sparkling beaches of Sandgem. If all went accordingly to plan they were home free.

“Is everyone ready?” Alaric asked, the group was looking unsure.

“Anyone have any better ideas,” Lucy asked confidently, “Didn’t think so.” They had halted. They had huddled around their luggage. Psy was now awake, he had summoned up another thin, invisible barrier.

“Do it Psy,” Margo ordered, gently.

What happened next was all a blur. The glass had erupted. Shards were flying towards them like shrapnel. Water poured into the sub at breakneck speed. Papers and files that were once neatly filed on desks were now being washed away in a violent maelstrom. Little beads of glass from the broken globe swirled around in the swell and glinted in the distant sunlight. Chairs were being thrown violently at the walls. The Gallade forced the protected cluster of kids and luggage, which he was in the middle of, into the sea. The submarine slowly sank into the murky depths.

They were now floating to the surface. They were like an air-bubble, suspended in the water, ascending to the surface. Light was just ahead. The cries of beach goers and Pelipper alike could be heard. They broke through the surface, out of the blue and into the light. They landed. Psy gently laid them down on the soft sand, away from the tanners and bathers. He had obviously not wanted anyone to see them. His psychic abilities must have detected the perfect spot for them to arrive. Then, exhausted from working almost non-stop for hours, he collapsed on the ground.

“Psy,” Margo said gently, “I can’t hear you any more, or see you, why did you break the connection?” Margo began to grope for Psy, not being able to see him, made her feel even blinder than she ever felt in her entire life.

“Margo, he’s fainted,” Addison said quickly, “We need to get him to a Pokecenter.”

“Okay,” Margo said lightly. “Return Psy,” she said pointing the pokeball in no clear direction. “Do any of you know where the center is?” Margo asked politely and quietly. No one answered.

“I think all of us have only ever been in one country, or gone as far as Hoenn,” Terra explained.

“Well, we can always ask someone on the beach,” Rory said enthusiastically, the surface did him much better than the under water realm ever did.

“Yes,” Margo said airily. “Let’s do that,” she added definitely.

The group hiked down the beach, they were a good distance away so it required extra effort. They finally reached their destination and asked the nearest person they could find.

“Yeah! Dude its totally about four blocks in, on Main Street,” a surfer with a dark tan and lean muscles answered.

“Thank you,” Margo said gratefully.

“He’s kinda cute,” Arabelle giggled.

“Yeah, definitely if I was a bit older and maybe a bit cuter I’d ask him out bu-” Alexia started to rant.

“We get it Alexia, he’s cute now let’s get Gallade to a pokecenter, and fast,” Addison said brusquely. Alexia seemed slightly crestfallen. Arabelle was slightly taken aback.

“Come on, Margo, Psy will be fine,” Lucy promised.

Margo had a shocked expression on her face. Several seconds passed before she said “I have no doubt about that.” Margo said gravely, “It’s Slateport that I’m worried about.”


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Chapter Three: The Woods

The day after Margo made her horrible prediction things returned to normal. There were less awkward silences, less false laughs and fake smiles, and more stimulating conversation. Margo assured them that her vision could have been false or obscured. Morgin agreed, she hadn’t been in a violent rage like she was on the submarine, but it still wasn’t like her normal psychic tendencies. But finding normality in their group is like finding a raging inferno under the sea, it’s not very easy if not impossible.

“So what’s our plan?” Terra asked calmly. They were lounging in a bright lobby in the morning. It was full of colorful furniture and decorated with tacky souvenirs that can probably be found at a local flea market. They were all exhausted; they had trekked several miles that day and had scratches visible on their bodies. The Route that stretches between Sandgem and Jublife is a long and hard one.

“Well, yesterday we rested up, today we walked almost ten miles with no pokemon at all showing up.... I think we just need to figure out where we are going to,” Rory said downcast.

“Yeah, I say we head to Oreburgh,” Alaraic said.

“Whydon't we go to Canalave?” Addison asked with slight confusion. “It’s closer and has an abundance of different pokemon types. Oreburgh has Geodude, Machop and the very rare Larvitar. What is the point of going there?” she ended tersely.

“It’s the easiest gym in Sinnoh, almost everyone who goes there can get a badge and does, and it had a mine where we could mine for some of the rarer pokemon, like Cranidos or Kabuto,” he responded.

“That is a good point we are going to have to map out our route now,” Morgin added thoughtfully. His, small frame glasses were ever so slightly falling from his strong nose. He sat up straighter as he peered around the room looking for a small amount of assent.

“Yeah, we might as well,” Margo added wistfully. She was just glad that Psy was back to normal again. They were communicating through telepathy as she lazily lounged atop one of the multicolored sofas.

After an hour of debate, arguments, and Lucy’s punching of Thalia, the group had made a decision. Morgin decided to announce the plans, “We will go from Oreburgh to Hearthome. We will head down to Pastoria and go up to Veilstone. We will drop by Solaceon and head up towards Celestic. After that we will go through Eterna, down Floaroma, and go to Canalave. Then, after we have hit Canalave we will go through Mt. Coronet to Snowpoint City. We will go back the same way and head to Sunnyshore. After that we will take on the League. By then all of us will be old enough not to be recognized by anyone. Plus our country doesn’t get coverage of the Sinnoh League anyway.”

“Long plan,” Abdul said dully.

“Well if we want to be prepared it’s worth it,” Morgin replied.

“So let’s get to it then. Tonight we will leave,” Alaric said definitively. “Everyone agree?” Some murmurs of ‘yes’ could be distinguished, several nodded, Thalia and Igor stared indifferently.

“So let’s get going,” Alaric stated.

“But, first we need to go to the Pokemart. We need tents, potions, pokeballs, antidotes, paralyze heals, the whole lot,” Rory listed.

“That is a smart idea, Psy and I sense rain coming,” Margo agreed mistily. The group trudged out of the pokemon center and wandered through Jubilife City looking for a pokemart.

“There,” Arabelle called out. She pointed to a blue-roofed, tidy looking building squashed between to rustic apartment complexes. They walked into the store eyeing the merchandise that would be useful, then they looked at the price tags.

“How many tents do you have in stock?” Alaric asked the young female behind the countered who gazed at him darkly, he was taking charge.

“We have twenty of the small one person tents, and have three of the larger, four person tents. The small ones cost about 1,000$ and the larger ones cost 5,050$,” she stated factually.

“Well, we all have roughly 2,000$ a piece. The larger tents cost more and we wouldn’t have enough. So I think we should get seventeen small tents,” Rory calculated.

“Okay, we will have seventeen small tents,” Alaric said while he laid down one thousand for his tent. The group slowly made their individual purchases. All of them got one tent, and then proceeded to buy a various amount and array of other supplies, pokeballs, potions, status healers, battle items, even berries.

“Thank you and have a great day,” the young woman behind the counter said with a smile as she and her last customer broke from a long kiss.

“You too,” Abdul grinned.

“Must you kiss everything with a pulse?” Thalia asked coldly.

“Not everything,” he said looking at Thalia.

“Funny,” she replied.

It was high noon. They had finally reached the outskirts of Jubilife. The sun was blazing atop them. A large cluster of dark, swirling clouds was visible in the horizon. They could see the wildflowers fluttering in the swirling, airy breeze. The sun was scorching the ground as they trampled over dead and decaying grass. The miniature veins of rivers were bleeding water and bedazzling the grassy with a dewy residue.

“So, Oreburgh is our first destination right?” Obi asked quietly, they were at the very front of the group.

“Yes,” Alaric replied soothingly, he had noticed that Obi was quiet and in need of a friend. “It’s a rock type gym. What pokemon do you have?”

“A Nosepass,” Obi stated proudly, “My father gave her to me for protection, and awhile back...”he trailed off. “I named her Lithia.”

“Great name,” Alaric said smiling.

“What pokemon do you have, Alaric. I mean we all drew our pokemon during Lucy and Thalia’s showdown trying to get them to cool down, why didn’t you?” Obi asked. Alaric looked puzzled. “It was after we all had introduced ourselves, Thalia began to complain, it was when Selena drew Cirrus and she sang,” Obi explained.

“Oh, that’s right,” Alaric said with memory restored into his mind. “Oh that’s right, he hasn’t been out since...” Alaric stated as he fumbled around in his pockets retrieving a small green sphere. “Come on Bassilio!” he exclaimed cheerfully. A small, snake-like creature exploded from the ball. Its slender body was complimented by a faint blue ribbon of skin that cascaded like a waterfall around his body. A small, rounded white spot anointed his forehead. His spiky ears were contrasting well with his round, black eyes.

“You could have let me out...I don’t know...THREE DAYS AGO!!!!” Bassillio shrieked in a squeaky rage.

“Calm yourself,” Alaric said smoothly. The Dratini was still seething inside. “Look here is a pokeblock,” Alaric said kindly, Dratini’s eyes managed to widen further. He looked at Obi’s confused expression. “Bassilio prefers them to traditional puffins,” he explained. “So what do you plan to do for our first battle. I hear Roark is pretty intense,” Alaric asked innocently.

“I-uh,” he said while blushing furiously. “I never thought about it,” he finally responded.

“Well if you use a water or grass pokemon or one with those moves you can easily win,” Alaric explained kindly. They began to discuss tactics. Obi seemed grateful. Alaric was pleased he could help someone.


“So, Addison are you feeling any better from the submarine?” Rory asked casually.

“Loads,” she replied quickly. She shifted her glance another way. She thought to herself ‘I can’t do this every time I meet another guy’. Her tired eyes were forced to remain stiff and rigid.

“That’s good,” he answered. He thought to himself ‘Please don’t screw this up’. “Maybe our pokemon could play while were hiking. What pokemon do you have?” he asked trying to keep his composure.

“Oh, I have an Umbreon, her name is Luna,” she reacted, she even held out the pokeball that was fashioned onto her necklace. ‘No! I just broke down a wall. I can’t build it again. I’ll have to let her out now. I meet the one guy I can see myself with and this happens. Maybe he’s different. No. They are all the same. They all hurt. They all disappear.’ It was like a hive of bees was buzzing within the confines of her mind.

“Actually I don’t think it’ll work. My Scalia is a Milotic, so I don’t think they would be playing much,” he said hastily.

“Oh, that’s all right. I’m sure when we camp for the night I’ll let her out so she can stretch her legs,” she responded in swiftly.

“We could talk,” he said hurriedly. ‘God you are pathetic’ he thought, wallowing in his misery.

“We could. But... Do you have a fishing pole?” she asked randomly. ‘What the hell was that? Are you trying to sound like an idiot?’ she thought violently to herself.

“Yes, actually. I lived in a fishing village. They gave out Super Rods to the most talented fishers. I won the annual contest they held,” he said taken aback. He started to take the rod from his backpack.

“Maybe when we get to the rest stop,” she said quickly. ‘He’s not the brightest.’ She giggled. “We can’t fish right now.” Her eyes had softened. ‘What the hell. Letting one more in couldn’t hurt. I mean nothing ventured, nothing gained?’

‘Did she just giggle? Yes, I think this could be the start of a great friendship. Maybe more?’ he thought to himself with the speed of a bullet train “You’re right,” he exchanged with a grin.

“We should do what you proposed earlier. We could talk,” she whispered, though her smile. The dark foliage was rustling in the wind as the two passed, smiling and talking. A Gloom nearby, had stumbled across a sun stone and evolved into a Bellosom, they noticed it and commented on the beauty of nature. The two trudged on slowly falling behind the others, they were savoring the moment, while they had the chance.


“Zander, you’ve been quiet,” Arabelle remarked quietly.

“Aren’t I always?” he asked confused. His face remained stoic.

“But, it seems like your angry all the time. It’s kind of sad. You need to get happy,” Alexia said with her normal bubbly demeanor.

“Maybe it is because I don’t feel like talking,” Zander said stonily. He reached in his pocket to grab something.

“Look,” Arabelle pleaded softly. “I can tell you have experienced something terrible but you can’t let it turn you into a zombie. You have no expression. I’m sure if you just let loose you could-” she broke off. He had his earplugs in his ears and was turning up the volume on his Ipod. “If that is the way you want to play, fine. I’ll get you to smile, Zander. Believe me,” she said furiously.


“So how long have you two know each other?” Ivan asked uncomfortably as Abdul and Carmen passionately kissed.

“About three days?” Carmen asked Abdul as they broke for air, then as quick as it happened they were together like glue again. Lucy looked disgusted, Ivan glanced away paying more attention than necessary to a buzzing Combee hive.

“More or less,” he responded as they broke after another long session.

“You know its kind of creepy to see you two doing that. It’s really annoying too,” Lucy said slightly irked.

“You wouldn’t know you are only ten!” Carmen exclaimed as Abdul took her by hand and staggered along the path.

“Don’t anger me or I’ll freak out like I did to Thalia,” Lucy cried with frustration. “And I’m not ten, I’m Fourteen!”

“Easy there,” Abdul murmured through his lips as he took Carmen again.

“You two are going to bury yourselves,” Ivan said weakly.

“God it’s like another even more terrifying episode of Desperate Housewives,” Lucy said in disgust. Ivan backed away trying to distance himself from the fury of Lucy.


“Thalia,” Igor nodded as she passed.

“Igor,” she nodded back. They didn’t loathe each other, just the world in general. The two passed silently and remained that way for the rest of their trek.


Terra and Selena had been walking along a small brook that was curiously splicing itself into smaller streams as they passed. The rich foliage was dangling like party streamers. Small Aipom were swinging from the treetops throwing acorns at rival Burmy.

“It is a very beautiful place,” Terra commented.

“Very,” Selena agreed.

“It seems weird that this is happening, that the gov-” she began.

“Let’s not mention it here. Why bother marring the tranquility of nature with such terrible words, such terrible crimes,” Terra interrupted.

Selena nodded, “You are right. We shouldn’t. It is too beautiful to hurt,” Terra said.

“So, anything new lately?” Terra asked trying to change the conversation, she was glancing at the crystal clear pools of liquid dancing from the sky.

“Storm already?” Selena asked confused.

“Margo really is psychic,” Terra remarked brightly.


“Are you sure of what you have seen?” Morgin asked, they were now more than fifty yards in front of the others. The two were in deep conversation.

“I am positive,” she said with worry in her blind eyes. She shuddered for a second. “I felt something”

“What did you see exactly?” Morgin inquired hurriedly. His small glasses were drooping even further over his nose. The sun was glaring, the clouds were rolling in however.

“I saw Slateport’s beach in chaos. People were screaming... I definitely heard screaming. Water was everywhere. I can’t tell you anymore. It was like a violent blur of colors and noises were speeding by on a freight train,” Margo said frightened.

“I’m sure its nothing. We shouldn’t alarm the others. We all agreed it was nothing. It is just a bad psychic connection,” Morgin replied angrily.

“I know you know what is going on,” Margo fumed. “You have to tell us, you can’t let us go ignorant!”

“It is for the best,” Morgin seethed, thunder rumbled in the distance.

“You would let us go without knowing and jeopardize our lives. I know you know something. I can sense it. If you think that I won’t tell them, you are dead wrong,” she said forcefully.

“If you do, you will jeopardize everything I accomplished, you can-” Morgin whispered into her ear.

“Hey what’s going on here?” Alaric asked confused.

“Nothing,” Morgin declared jovially, swapping his mannerism with a Nurse Joy type.

“Okay, we are going to stop now, the rain is getting heavier,” Alaric declared, “Everyone the instructions are to press the button on the side and release the box. It will assemble itself.”

Seventeen teenagers took out the golden, plastic bricks that were laying at the top of their backpacks. Each pressed a circular button that resembled a pokeball on the side of the brick and released it. They watched in awe as each tent began to construct itself. The tents sprang to life and stiffened as they completed there assembly.

“Cool,” Obi said quietly, a smile crossing his face.

“Very, now let us get inside,” Margo said very perturbed. Each trainer scrambled into there tents, only Addison and Rory were still standing out in the open, letting the rain surge over their bodies.

“Still want to fish?” Rory shouted over the rain.

“Absolutely,” Addison called back with a smile. Rory pulled out the super rod and brought his and Addison’s tents a large river that was flowing parallel to the path. They sat in the shelter of their tents.

“Okay you want to gently drop it into the water. Otherwise water pokemon are more likely to swim away,” Rory said, smiling.

“Like this,” she responded, tipping the hook into the water and letting it gradually sink.

“Perfect!” Rory exclaimed, “You are doing great,” he added as most of the fishing line had sunk into the water. She beamed back at him. They shot each other awkward glances while waiting for the line to jerk. Each

‘This is perfect’ Addison thought.

‘It’s great’ Rory began.

‘Never have I met someone’

‘So perfect, I can’t’

‘Believe this is happening. I mean me talking to someone’

‘Like him?’

‘Like her?’



‘I mean we have know each other for three days’

‘There is already a connection. I mean we could be friends today’

‘Maybe even more soon’

‘Can it be?’

‘Something I could have never hoped for’

‘’I can’t wait’ Addison ended.

‘I really can’t wait’ Rory finished.

Addison shrieked, “Something is on the line,” Addison’s heart was racing. The line was tugging, her body was being thrusted forwards.

“Okay, steady,” Rory instructed, “Reel it in,” he shouted. Addison gave one last tug and out from the water came a light blue, rough skinned alligator. It’s large, half oval eyes widened with fear and rage. The crimson, spikes erected on its back protruded roughly out of the water. It struggled to free itself from the hook.

“Woah...” Rory said dumbfounded. Regaining his composure he shouted to Addison “Call out Luna!” The rain was pouring harder. The lightning was spiraling in the sky over the canopy of the trees.

“That’s right!” she exclaimed. She tore the pokeball from her neck and threw it in the air. It spun and Luna erupted from its confines. The black bristled dog immediately took its place between Addison and the wild pokemon, willing to protect her owner. “Luna I need you to tackle it!” by now the pokemon had unhinged itself from the hook and now stared angrily at Addison and Luna, who was now charging at it. The Totodile had now opened its mouth wide and shot an icy cold beam of snow at Luna.

“Addison you hooked a Totodile!” Rory exclaimed in incredulity. Luna barely dodged the attack.

“Luna, confuse ray!” she screamed. Luna’s eyes widened and a mesmerizing beam of bright colors burst from Luna’s eyes and blinded the Totodile. It opened its eyes and staggered in the reeds, deeply confused. “Now Luna use tackle once more,” Addison said in a casual, more triumphant tone. The Umbreon had sped up like a speeding bullet. The Totodile swung forward and was hit with the full onslaught of Luna’s fury.

“Throw a pokeball now!” Rory yelled over the still pouring rain.

“Okay,” Addison answered. She tossed a, clear blue pokeball that was intertwined with a thin, black rope. “Net ball,” she said after noticing Rory’s confused face, “They were on sale.” The ball struck the Totodile on the jaw and its energy was transferred to the ball. It clicked once. Twice. Thrice. Four Times. It stood still. The Totodile was captured.

“Yes,” Addison screamed in delight,

“You did it that’s great,” Rory cheered as Addison picked up the ball and added it to her charm necklace. She walked over to Rory.

“Thank you,” she said gratefully. She took hold of him and they embraced. It was a warm embrace that heated the cold drops of the rain and melted them away.

“God, does everyone here have to have there hormones raging?” Lucy asked in disgust, a she clambered back into her tent. The entire camp was staring at them some in interest others indifferently, and some that were congratulating.

“Maybe its time to get in our tents,” Rory muttered under his breath. “Do you still want to talk?”

“Yes,” she whispered back. “That would be nice.” The two opened their tents deposited a few items, cleaned up and Rory climbed into Addison’s tent.

“No one better get pregnant,” Lucy called outside. The others had returned to the safety of their shelters. Except two.

“Morgin I implore you, listen to reason. They need to know. We can’t let them be in the dark. You can’t let me be in the dark too,” she begged him. Suddenly his poketch awoke. They ran over to a grove of trees.

“Listen!” he whispered to her. Another woman new reporter was on the scene.

“Today Slateport City experienced chaos as a water pipe exploded and sent geysers of water through the sand and onto the bathers on the beach. It happened around Noon when the-”

“That’s what I felt around noon. We were at the head of the group I flinched like something happened!”


“Officials believe it is a benign water pipe issue and nothing sinister has occurred. Thank you and good day!” she ended.

“You know what this means,” Margo said.

“I won’t. We can’t tell them anything. I won’t let anyone else get involved,” he ended harshly. He walked over to his tent, zipped open the door, and closed it, leaving Margo in the rain.


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I am really sorry it is taking me so long to post the next chapter. But I have fallen ill (Yay weak immune system) and I am still trying to figure out how the story will progress. For anyone who is still interested in reading the story I PROMISE the next chapter will be up by NEXT Friday.

Sorry if the caps are implying yelling. I just want to make it clear it wouldn't be done son. And I don't want people to accidentally misread something. And to prove my point I won't post on the forums until I have my fic 's next chapter completed.

I am sorry. I just can't finish this chapter on my deadline. I really need another week. I'm sorry but I am under a lot of pressure and have had little to time to complete the next chapter. I will try and have it up soon.
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