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~*~The Paper Mario Fanclub v3.0~*~

~*~The Paper Mario Fanclub .3.0~*~
Come one and all, fans of the Paper Mario saga so far, and fans of the up and coming Paper Mario games. Don't be shy, we welcome all who wish to join! This club (approved by Psi) has been remade due to lack of posting in the previous one. I felt that we needed another one because, who doen't love our flat hero?

Thanks to our GFX head of the club; flame fox. He's the mastermind behind this sweeeeeeeet picture, I just wanted Dark Craw to be the mascot. =P

Rules: Please Read before joining!
1. All SPPf rules apply (click here to see)
2. Please, no flaming or bashing or anything else like that.
3. Absolutely no spamming at all.
4. If you wish to be a co-owner, please do so in the form of PM. Co-owner spots for the time being however, are closed.
5. If you wish to use a banner or anything like that, please ask the maker first. If the maker wishes for you to give any extra credit, please do so.
6. Remember to read and fill out the form if you want to join. This is just so I know you read this post.
7. Have fun!​

Member list:
1. fuzzyqwilfish (owner)
2. Dark Dragonite (co-owner)
3. DawnOfXatu (co-owner)
4. Latios Legend (co-owner)
5. flame fox (Official GFX head of the club)
6. Trace360
7. Pamizard
8. FlamingRuby
9. Shadow Ichigo
10. swift arrow
11. pokeinuyasha
12. shiny charizard master
13. Fircoal
14. shirika2436
15. Chaotic Sneasel
16. water types rule
17. T Meister
18. Munchlax66
19. Shiny Blaziken
20. Chiming
21. Forretress Fan
22. legendary master Jose
23. ChocoFlamingo
24. mrhiyuck
25. BlazeShadow
26. Dragon Trainer EX

If you wish to join please fill out the following form:

Of the two so far, which have you played?:
Reason you like the PM saga?:

here's the current topic. It may be a bit old though, but you can still answer it:
None, just going over Super Paper Mario before it releases.

And again I say, have fun and thanks for your cooperaion! Don't feed the Piranha Plants.
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I'll join, I have both Paper Mario games, the reason I like Paper Mario is because its a fun game to play.
Alright, you didn't use the form properly but I'll let it slide now because you're the first member. Welcome! and now here's a topic for y'all to chew on:

Hardest Boss for you out of the two games?
King Huff n' Puff. Took me 30+ tries to beat! Then of course the next boss takes me three tries. -_-

~fuzzy out~


Queen of Charizards!
I want to join. I played the second one. I really liked it. It was fun.
Alright, again use the form correctly please Pamizard! Again, I'll let it slide but from now on, all who wish to join must use the form properly.

~fuzzy out~


The magic of Pokemon
Count me in too!

1. Of the two, I have played the original (N64)
2. I like it for its great story and humorous characters

Huff N Puff gets the hardest boss award for me too..I had to use a calculator to keep track of the damage I did. Every time I damaged him, I added how much HP I took off as the battle went on to determine how much HP he had...then the next retry I subtracted how much damage I did each time from that number.
Okay Flaming Ruby, thanks for using the form also. Welcome to the club! I see I'm not the only one who had trouble with the big guy either. Darn I hated him! But he has good music for the battle!

~fuzzy out~


The hardest boss would have to be Bonetail from the pit of a 100 trials, you try fighting him with only four healing items left, the good thing is that it only took me one try.

Shadow Ichigo

Left On A Journey
May I join the club please. I really like Paper Mario^^. I've beaten the first one like 10 times but I stuck on the final level of the second game. The hardest boss I ever fought is Crystal King, BoneTail, Anit Guy, Kent C. Koopa, and the Shadow Queen.
Shadow Ichigo, please use the form in the first post, that way I know you read at least some of it.

Also, would anyone consider Bonetail to be a boss? I mean sure he (it's he right?) is the toughest enemy in the game, but he doesn't need to be beaten to beat the game.

~fuzzy out~

Shadow Ichigo

Left On A Journey
My bad sorry. I didn't see it there at the begining.
which have you played?:
I have played both of them and I passed the first game
Reason you like the PM saga?:
The reason I like the game is because most of the characters are hilarious and the battles there are awesome.

swift arrow

I'd really like to join!
I've only got the second one though, but have played a little of the first one.
The best part about them is the style of battling, how the scnery and actions are just like paper, and when you first get it, it seems so long yet so fun.


The Lord of Xatus
I'll co own fuzzy I have played the 1000 year door and I love the games and the saga because any turn base paper mario game RAWKS. The hardest boss for me was groudus though it only toook me two tries.
Alright, thanks for filling out the form, Shadow Ichigo, and DawnofXatu, swift arrow, those are good enough. I'm going to put this in the first post, but I may as well say it now also, I'm looking for banners, if anyone can make one or can get someone else to make them, that would be appreciated. Not too many though, I'm thinking four tops.

Also to you co-owners, you can approve of a member joining, I'll add them to the first post though obviously. Just remember that new members must say something like the form, they must post the given information.

~fuzzy out~


Bonetail is a boss that you don't need to be, he is the final test in the pit of a 100 trials, by the way who are the co-owners?
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The co-owners are DawnofXatu and Dark Dragonite. And for all intensive purposes that's all we need now. Maybe if we need another I'll add another, but for now just two.

And I know about Bonetail and everything, but really would anyone (or everyone) here consider him a boss?

~fuzzy out~


The Lord of Xatus
K thank you for making me a co owner fuzzy.
I dont really consider bonetail a boss but If you have the guide at the end It has bonetail in a boss box and the word boss is at the top. so it could be a mixed debate.

And for the other members of the club fuzzy and I are making a new paper mario game for fun and we were hoping to have some Ideas from U guys about what some parteners could be give the name and what they are like goombini the goomba and give their primer ability.
De el Xatu salud mi amigos

Oh and fuzzy could yu please spell my name correctly on the member list notin major just capitolize the O of of
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Yup, that brings us to our next topic:

If you could have a partner of your choice, what race would it be, and what would the A Primer skill be?

But you can feel free to answer the other topic, I've decided that will be a universaltopic for all new members to answer if they please.

~fuzzy out~