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The Party Game Contest

Discussion in 'Games' started by Wind, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Wind

    Wind Beak gaurdin'

    *This is a party game/reality game show*

    This games is hosted by Bill the Kabutops. After the contestents have benn decided they are divided up into two teams. when they are they will play a huge party game and the losing team will lose a member of their team. Follow all serebii and game rules
    *I will need a co-owner to help*

    Owner: Wind

    Sign Ups
    Name: (Obvious)
    Speices: (Obvious)
    Gender: (Obvious)
    Team: (Put flower or Mino) (10 on each)
    Fears: (This is for your fears to be used against you, at least 4)
    Past Winners:

    Seasion 1
    Theme: None
    winner: Noespe (Hoblaph) the ;196;
    Extra Winner: Irregular (Shiny Arceus) the ;137;

    Seasion 2
    Theme: Canyon
    Extra Winner: Luke Rio (The Fad) the ;448;

    Seasion 3
    theme Jungle
    Winner: ???
    Current Theme: Canyon
    Current Hosting team: Kingston, Coach, Bella
    Current Terror Team: Bill, Toxi, Jeff
    Current Contestents:
    Team Flaming Boulder: Speedy the ;078; Bugger the ;267;,
    Those Who have lost:
    Psybolt the ;429;
    Jello the ;039;,
    Icy the ;461;
    Bogger the ;222;
    Banjo the ;424;
    Booger the ;222;
    Breu the ;475;
    Dark the ;197;,
    Breu the ;475;
    Linemaker ;264;
    Staro the ;259
    Luke Rio the ;448;
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2008
  2. Raptor ruler

    Raptor ruler Well-Known Member

    Co-owner right here
    Billy Jean
    out going but very good socially
    women, tug of war
    chatty people, people who hate competition
  3. swampertforever

    swampertforever Big ball o' Whims~

    ^ darn, i wanted to be co-owner.
    name:happy-happy the togekiss
    personality:she is always happy, optimistic and bursting with energy
    likes:everything positve. (happiness, forgiveness etc)
    dislikes:everything negative (greed, envy etc)
  4. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Since Lucy is busy...

    Emily the ;428;
    Personality: Nice, Calm, Relaxed, a bit of leader, Flirty, seductive, can have a firey temper
    Likes:Flowers, Motor Sport, Fashion, Video Games and Rock Music
    Dislikes: Hip Hop Music/Rap, Smoking, Stupid Questions
  5. This looks like fun ^_^
    Irregular the ;233; (Yes, the one in my avatar)
    Personality: Smart, friendly and energetic. He doesn't feel a lot of emotion, because he doesn't have a real heart (His 'heart' was installed when he was created, so he could be friendly to other people).
    Likes: Reading, technology and golf
    Dislikes: Strife, vegetables and bugs
  6. magic marker

    magic marker I climb twee!

    timmy the taillow.
    very helpful . very intelligent.
    anything challenging.
    anyone smarter than him.
  7. Evee11

    Evee11 New Member

    Emerald the Evee
    always happy\positive
    cheese !
  8. Wind

    Wind Beak gaurdin'

    (We will begin with 10)

    sign ups
    1. Billy Jean (Raptar ruler) Machamp
    2. Happy Happy(Swampertforever) Togekiss
    3. Emily (Treespyro) Lopunny
    4. Irregular (Shiny Arceus) Porygon 2
    5. Timmy (Magic Marker) Taillow
    6. Charo (Runka) Chrizard
    7. Staro (Marshtompman) Marshtomp
    8. Cinder (Sunraichu) Cyndaquil
    9. Noepse (Hoblaph) Espeon

    Eevee11 please give Emerald a different more senible like and a dislike because there is a reason for them and Raptar Ruler you are now Co-Owner
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2008
  9. swampertforever

    swampertforever Big ball o' Whims~

    my togekiss is called happy happy. 2 happys.
  10. runka

    runka Charizard pwns it!

    Charo the Charizard
    Personality: Always very calm and cool, also quite clever and physically able.
    Likes: Nothing in particular.
    Dislikes: Being teased, tomatoes, and most importantly, spiders. He's got arachnophobia...
  11. MarshtompMan

    MarshtompMan DestinyTrainer 10yrs

    Staro the Marshtomp
    Humorous, but knows when to be serious and very clever
    Jokes, water, coldness, a good competition
    Closed-in spaces (claustrophobic), bugs, heat, the easy way out
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2008
  12. theanime-dialgamazter

    theanime-dialgamazter Now with one eyebrow

    Name: thomas
    Personality: moody
    Likes:cooking, halo, wii, line rider
    Dislikes: people who dislike me, people who are over confinate, not bieng #13
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2008
  13. Sunraichu

    Sunraichu goldenslaughterer

    ;155; Cinder the Cyndaquil

    Fun, somewhat like a teacher, sometimes can be shocked if someone doesn't do something right, and smart.
    Singing, Cake, Harry Potter books, Comfortable clothes, and battles.
    Fashionable but tight clothes, people who are copycats, cowards, non-bendy straws.
  14. Wind

    Wind Beak gaurdin'

    All accepted but Umbreon can you change you dislike...thanks

    1. Billy Jean (Raptar ruler) Machamp
    2. Happy (Swampertforever) Togekiss
    3. Emily (Treespyro) Lopunny
    4. Irregular (Shiny Arceus) Porygon 2
    5. Timmy (Magic Marker) Taillow
    6. Charo (Runka) Chrizard
    7. Staro (Marshtompman) Marshtomp
    8. Cinder (Sunraichu) Cyndaquil
  15. swampertforever

    swampertforever Big ball o' Whims~

    lets go, happy happy! ;468;
  16. Wind

    Wind Beak gaurdin'

    Just clear thing up thisis a contest/elimnation game but, all the contest are Party/Carnival games...If you have an idea please pm me the idea...I think I know what I'm gonna do though.
  17. Gryoine

    Gryoine "Squawk!"

    Name: Noepse
    Personality: Clumsy, shy and afraid of the dark
    Likes:Sunlight, fish
    Dislikes: Dark, night, power outages, throwing objects
  18. Affirmative

    Affirmative STOP RESETTIN'!

    Name: Toru
    Species: Gallade
    Personality: Strong-willed, sometimes arrogant.
    Likes: Fights, dinner, sleep
    Dislikes: Ninjask, Darkrai, weaklings
  19. Sigh!

    Sigh! Bad Taste Everywhere

    Name: Zuzu
    Species: Swampert
    Personality: Nice Person , Good Sportmanship
    Likes: Contests ,and Cooking
    Dislikes: Bad Losers his stuffy nose
  20. Wind

    Wind Beak gaurdin'

    Okay I have added Toru and Noepse and now I will post the contest tomorrow and with 0 contest ideas sent to me I have decided to make the contest a simply game of Pin the tail on the ???(I'm still decideing) and in each game I will use someone's dislike against them and everyone and I'll use the like in someform.

    @Mitchlord, Nevermind Mitchlord I forgot to add charo to the team and so you are in the group
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2008
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